ARMYTV | Podcast series: Introduction

ARMYTV | Podcast series: Introduction

finally it is you know the podcast series that I have been so excited about for so long now for those who haven’t seen or don’t even know what I’m going on about the podcast series was gonna be a series where I have a sit-down with lots of different armies from all around the world and just speak to them about themselves you know see how they’re doing to see how the life is going under like just what they’re up to kind of situation in it it’s going to be extremely casual I’m not going to keep a professional whatsoever like I just want it to be like a normal conversation between two people but it’s gonna be in series so the first series will be in the fan base series and that will probably be like the most professional I’m gonna get like that one is going to be the ones where I like get into the nitty-gritty about running an account what it’s like to own account while struggling unis work and their everything like those I am then the second series which will be like the ongoing series it would be the one Weiss have a sit down low knees and just you know question them and just talk to them about when they first became an army what experience was like when they first heard that pts because I kid you know I think that’s the most interesting questions have because I’ve met so many people who just like met we just read so many different ways and it’s just you know it’s a fun thing to listen to him and also a lot of people have told me that I should be doing podcasters but I was like never confident enough to do it but you know we’re getting over that we’re working on it yes working on it and that’s it really also I just to remind you all to go follow on Twitter and to subscribe to a channel which is well be recording all of the podcasts the first one will be going up next Sunday and keep an eye for who that’s gonna be but I’m very very excited to share it all with you bye you

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