Are You A Sociopath? (QUIZ)

Are You A Sociopath? (QUIZ)

– The eyes are the
window to whether you’re a freakin’ sociopath. – Let’s talk about that. (fun theme music) (fire blazing) Good Mythical Morning. – Rhett, honestly, are you a sociopath? – I don’t know. (laughs) – Well I’m glad you’re honest but – That’s what this is about, right? – We’re gonna find out the
answer today because I’m gonna walk you through a regimen
and experiment to determine if you’re a sociopath by only
looking at people’s eyes. And you can play along. It’s time for Let’s Do The Math And See If You’re A Sociopath. Don’t panic, there’s no
actual math involved. Okay, Rhett. Professor Simon Baron-Cohen at
the University of Cambridge, who by the way happens to be
Sacha Baron-Cohen’s cousin. – You’re making that up. – No, I am not. He legitimately is. He created a test known as
Reading The Mind In The Eyes. – Okay. – And it determines how well
you can recognize the emotion or the motivation of other
people just by looking at this part of their face. And the New York Times turned
it into an online quiz because you know, yeah, no one
can resist an online quiz. – Right, that’s how you
get those ad dollars. – So, take a look at this guy’s face. I’ll just walk you through a couple. So just by looking at his
eyes, well I guess and eyebrows and wrinkles around his eyes,
is he terrified, arrogant, annoyed, or upset? – [Rhett] Mm. – [Link] Don’t over
think it, just, you know. – [Rhett] Upset, he looks
upset, he feels upset. – And you are right. Okay.
– Ha, I’m not a sociopath! Case closed! – Not so squick. – Not sco squick, man. – No so squick, man. Here’s another one. Take a look at this lady’s eyes. – [Rhett] Hey. – [Link] Eyebrows and eyelashes. Is she decisive, amused, aghast, or bored? – [Rhett] Well her eyebrows
are on fleek, first of all. – [Link] They are, man. – She’s either decisive or bored. I’m gonna go with decisive
because she seems like, “I know “who I am. “I know how much time I
spend on these eyebrows.” – Now, how close are you
to almost choosing bored? – It’s like a 70-30. – Okay so you’re a 30% sociopath. Case closed!
– (laughs) Alright then. – No, you’re right. It is decisive. – See? I’m emotionally intelligent, man. – And that is what this
thing actually tests is emotional intelligence. – Yeah. – Which is how well you can
recognize and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others. But some psychologists according to certain research
say that very low emotional intelligence is an indicator
of being a sociopath. – Oh. – Now, I will say that, you
know, other research and psychologists, they don’t
say there is as much of a correlation between emotional intelligence and socio-thpathy. – Oh, yeah that’s what it is. Socio-thpy. – But because I took the New York Times test and I did well, I tend to agree that I’m
not a sociopath and that the test is legit. The only problem is that
the test is kinda boring. 36 questions, I mean, those
are two of the questions right there straight off the test. – Boring. – So I’ve taken the liberty,
along with the help of the mythical crew, to create a
funner test to still holistically determine without doubt whether
you’re a sociopath or not. Are you ready? – I guess. Round one.
– Round one. Alright, take a look at
this first one, Rhett. – That’s Mike. Is that the question? – No, is he confused, – Oh. – Terrified, crabby, or scandalous? – Well, his left eye is
bigger than his right eye. I don’t think I’ve ever looked
Mike into the eyes, you know? – Well, I don’t think that’s
a permanent affixation of his eyeballs. I think that’s part of the expression. – I have the same issue,
Mike, don’t worry. – That hair on the left
side of his face is kinda scandalous, would you say? He’s got scandalous side bang. – I feel like it’s crabby. I feel like he’s crabby. I feel like he’s like, quit
messing with me, get out of my space. With a lisp like that.
– Unlike the New York Times test we do have the
liberty of seeing a wider shot so let’s show him the answer. (bell rings)
– (laughing) Hey! – You’re correct. – Yeah, ’cause I’m not a sociopath, man. – I’m not gonna act disappointed. It’s not like I wanna
work with a sociopath. – I didn’t expect a crab suit but… – You kinda lose one eye
being bigger than the other when you see the crab suit.
– Yeah. Yeah, that’s what I’m hoping for. That’s why I’m so tall so I
can be away from people’s faces when they’re looking at me. They can’t see the assymetry in my face. – Oh, yeah. – That’s why I’m tall. – Let’s show you another one here, bam. – [Rhett] Hey, Alex. – [Link] That’s good, you’re
recognizing your own employees. That’s a good thing. Is he fantasizing, is he flirtatious, is he frightened, or is he feeble minded? Based on the picture not
just your opinion of him. – Well first of all, I mean, kudos for eye symmetry, you know? Again, I never looked him
in the eyes either but… He definitely looks like he’s
dreaming about something. He’s like, “I’m thinking about
what I could be doing instead “of working at this place.” He’s fantasizing. A. – Let’s take a look. (bell rings)
– (laughing) Yeah! – But you didn’t say he
was fantasizing about crabby Mike.
– I’m so emotionally intelligent. (laughs) – Yeah, man. – What? – Alright, you’re doing
really good so far. – Yeah I am. – But you still might be a sociopath. Okay. Round two.
– Round two. Now we’re upping the complexity we’ve got two adjectives per. Take a look.
– Okay. – [Link] There’s Kevin. – [Rhett] Oh, that’s Kevin. – Is he creepy and touchy? You see how this is more difficult. – Oh, gosh. – Is he psychedelic and
tight-fisted, or is he constipated but well respected? Which is a great combo. You know, if I’m gonna be
constipated I also wanna be well respected. – Creepy and touchy, huh? – Creepy and touchy. Those could really go well together. It’s like chocolate and
vanilla or peanut butter and chocolate.
– I don’t think Kevin is a touchy guy, he’s never touched me. – Well you weren’t there
for the photo shoot. – He doesn’t really seem constipated. You know, he doesn’t seem… – That left eye is really relaxed. – Well, that’s what I’m saying. He feels like he’s super relaxed
in the face but maybe he’s got tight fists that I can’t see. So I’m gonna go with B,
psychedelic and tight-fisted. – Let’s take a look. Boom.
(bell rings) (laughs)
Look at you, man. – [Rhett] Hey! – [Link] You’re doin’ it! – I am so morally on point. (laughs) You’re emotionally in touch with psychedelic
– Oh, wow. – And tight-fisted Kevin. – [Rhett] Look at that. – [Link] And that’s not a wig either. Yeah.
– He’s been growin’ out those locks. – He grew it and then he
cut it and I never noticed. – [Link] Let’s keep going. Oh, Eddie. Look at him.
– Oh, gosh. – Man, Eddie. He needs a break. Is he overheated and over it,
is he lethargic and paternal? (laughs) I can relate to that, you know? Have kids. Or is he gassy and claustrophobic? – Oh, that would be a problem. Gassy and claustrophobic, huh? – Tap into that emotional
intelligence that you’ve bragging about. – Yeah. You know, he doesn’t seem
like he’s in a lot of stress. – Unless he’s in a lot of stress. – He doesn’t seem like
he’s in a lot of stress, he does seem bored. But it doesn’t seem like he’s
tired which would be lethargy. It seems like he is responding
to something and he actually has an opinion about it and
he’s like, I’m so over it. I’m gonna go with A,
overheated and over it. – Let’s take a look. No.
– Ah! – [Link] He is lethargic and paternal. – [Rhett] Wow, he looks… – [Link] Baby Chase is… – Is this an ad for some sort of cologne? – You see cologne somewhere? – I just thinkin’ that I’m
imagining what they smell like which is what most cologne
ads are supposed to evoke. – Sure, we can add some cologne to that. – This man and this man in
his arms smell great and you could smell just like them. – Baby Chase is very
needy but he smells good. – Is that a diaper? – I believe it is a man diaper.
– Yeah, it is a diaper. – Yes. – Okay, alright, maybe
I’m a little sociopathic. Round three.
– Round three. Alright now we’re upping the ante. We’re making the choices
even more challenging. Okay?
– Okay. – [Link] Check it out. – [Rhett] That’s Ellie. – Alright, here are you options. A, Ellie thought she wanted
a pickle, but as soon as she went to open the jar she was
overwhelmed by her sense of mortality and dropped the
pickle jar on the ground because nothing matters and we all die. Or B, Ellie is distraught by
a body-wide eczema breakout, and as she beings to lotion
herself whilst whistling she remembers she also suffers
from chronic whistling fatigue and the only antidote is
Mountain Dew Code Red, which Man Baby Chase just crank the last of. – Oh, wow. – Man Baby Chase. – You can tell a lot from a person’s eyes. But I don’t know if
you can tell this much. – That is a lot to tell. – Unless you’re not a sociopath. – Right. You have a 50-50 chance
of not being sociopathic. ‘Cause that’s how this works now. – I don’t think the
Mountain Dew Code Red is an antidote to anything. – But it could be a sponsor. – That’s right. – A very clever integration. – I mean, it definitely is a good time. (laughs) It’s always a good time
when it’s Code Red. – Oh, good time. Code Red is code for what? – Are they sponsoring this episode? – Yes. – Really? – No. – Code Red, always
bringing Ellie a good time. – So Ellie gets paid for that one. – I don’t think they are a
sponsor so I’m going with A. I think I’ve seen Ellie
with a pickle before. – Mm, so she’s having an
existential crisis while opening a pickle jar, let’s see. (bell rings)
– Yeah! That’s a pickle jar!
– She’s trying to open it. – [Rhett] I’m not a sociopath. – [Link] Look at her thinking. – [Rhett] Oh. Ooo.
– Ooo. – Yeah.
– Dawnin’ on her. – [Rhett] Where did that drop,
on a mattress or something? – Her foot. – She seemed so calm. – She had a steel foot and
that’s why it shattered. – She looks like a sociopath. Is that what’s up for grabs here? – You could still be one. Here’s another one. – [Rhett] That’s Lizzie. – [Link] Here’s your choices. A, Lizzie is trying to recreate
the Beatles’ Abbey Road album cover all by herself while
the real life ghost of John Lennon is watching her
and laughing mysteriously for some reason. Also, Lizzie is wearing 15 jackets because she’s always cold. Or B, Lizzie is getting
increasingly frustrated by her inability to tell the difference
between a rutabaga and a turnip while Eddie and
Micah are dragging Kevin’s psychedelic and tight-fisted body. Also, Lizzie is wearing 15 jackets because she’s always cold. – Ah, well Lizzie is always cold. – Mhm. That’s a safe bet.
– Never seen her wear 15 jackets but it doesn’t matter
because she’s wearing them in both of my choices. – That is an astute observation
unless there’s a third option that you can choose
that’s neither one of these. That’s not an option. – The thing about Lizzie, and
I see it in her eyes right now, is that she knows the
difference between a rutabaga and a turnip. She might be the only
person in this office who knows the difference. – And you now know that from her eyes?
– Just from her eyes. I’m going with A. This is a Beatles’ album remake. – Rewind! Alright, check it out. I’m sorry, Rhett.
(buzzes) – [Rhett] Oh. She doesn’t know the difference. – [Link] Look at her looking
at a rutabaga and a turnip. There goes tight-fisted Kevin.
– Wow. There he is, he’s so tight-fisted. – [Link] Riga mortis has
totally set in with that dude. – Wow, how’d you remain
so tight-fisted, Kevin? – Well he’s psychedelic, man. – (laughing) Oh, yeah, right. – He’s also dead in that scene. – Okay.
– So don’t acknowledge that he’s alive over there on that camera. – I’m doubting myself now. – Well you should be ’cause
it’s over and you didn’t get ’em all right. – Yeah. – Which I’m now determining
means you’re a sociopath. – At least the jury is out a little bit. – No it’s not. You even got a certificate
which I’m gonna sign. This award is presented
to Brett McLaughlin. You maybe could be a sociopath
– I’ve gotten those before. – But we don’t really know, okay? Great job, good times! – Oh, yeah, those are
the kind that I like. – I’m gonna sign that
and thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – Hey, I’m Mikey. I’m on a merry-go-round in
Kissimmee, Florida and it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality. – You know what my eyes are
saying to you right now? They’re saying that your lips
need to be hydrated and if they need to be hydrated, you
should do that with Link’s Peculiarly Perfect Peanut
Butter Peppermint lip balm. Available at and on Amazon.
– It’ll surprise you. Click through to Good Mythical More. We’re gonna play Googly Eyes. It’s a drawing game. – Oh, what are the coinkydinkies? – With some mail. – You said googly eyes and I
don’t want you to Google this. – Freakin’ awesome. – Animals with human teeth. Don’t Google that. Whatever you do. (laughs) It’s for your own good. Oh, he did it. – That one seems safe but ew. – He Googled it. – [Link] Click on the left to
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being your mythical best.

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