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  1. How long has the earth been in motion? How long has the sun been creating heat? One standing on a moving object that is running about 5,000 miles an hour is telling me there is no perpetual motion? And so it goes. What is perpetual, is people thinking that others have to observe and tell them what they are observing….

  2. 13.77 billion years ago i built an atom and the electrons are still whirling around the nucleus. I call it my perpetual motion machine.

  3. Just have a panel that absorbs solar energy that is connected to a UV flashlight so the solar energy powers the flashlight which flashes on the panel thus powering itself but.. you would need to put it into sunlight for half a minute or so until it starts to power itself

  4. You are obviously trying to mislead watchers and make them think you have no inner order knowledge of Alien Technology! The UFOs solve this by making the outside of the axile and the inner ring of the wheel of metal with the same magnetic charge. Like the north end of two magnets they will repell…and thus move over each other without friction!

  5. She is right nothing is perpetual motion every thing has a shelf life on it even the earth and the planets. For every motor there is a law of physics wrote for it that some one watch and then said there is no way any more energy can be made or produced by this object. The earth and sun are big magnetic repulsion motors that are slowly losing energy and going to stop one day. Designing a motor like that you have to know the law with magnetics magnets only move when there is a unbalanced or attraction to the opposite pole on the magnet that is how the planets work and they will stop some day too.

  6. So does the drinking bird never stop? Does it never find a point of equilibrium? If the energy source is something as permanent as the earth, I think that is close enough to consider perpetual.

  7. I did it with magnets on a small wind turbine, yes it will not last forever but it will last longer than my lifetime, just have to replace bearings in the turbine once in awhile

  8. Here's the secret design Johann Bessler used for his famous perpetual motion wheels:


  9. Perpetual motion machines – impossible!!! 'That' statement is ignorance based upon scientific intellectual codswallop! Simply put, no one has yet designed a real functional perpetual motion machine. But they will come, and ignorant scientists will have rotten egg in their faces.

  10. 1. Magnet-to-magnet motors produce eddy currents under load the wasteheat removed from output force from total input flux, complying with the 2nd Law.

    2. Neodymiums are 90% full flux 1000yrs hence, obviously NOT PERPETUAL.

    However, with such, a 1-Mw/1300h machine from technokontrol, the RF-5000, has a 50-year no-inputs warranty with normal upkeep.

    That's a half century of 27×7 electricity, zero emissions, tiny carbon-footprint, sparkless for use with explosives, a big issue as the main business case for a 17yr R&D.

    Now, it's not perpetual, yet, certainly the magnets seem to be to the tiny humans at 1000yrs, eh?

    The Kawai machine runs 'forever' until the magnets fade … truly a masterpiece of flux paths.

    So, many claims are made that magnet motors violate the 2nd Law from people who wave their PhD's at me, they become instant members of the Physics Dunce Club, ymmv.

  11. Y si te dijera que los combustibles de uso normal no son de fósiles? Que son extraídos de cientos y miles de debajo de la superficie terrestre? Y que si fueran fósiles no seria necesario cabar tanto para encontrarlos? Ya que los fósiles siempre son encontrados a metros y algunos ni están enterrados en el suelo? Que el petróleo es un fluido que la tierra misma genera?

  12. You still proved with that little bird that you can get free energy. Yes, the energy came from somewhere. Free energy buffs aren't saying that they can pull energy out of nothing. The idea is to be smart enough to do the little bird thing on a large scale using the laws of thermodynamics rather than burning fossil fuels or depending on the wind or the sun. It actually frustrates me when people make a big deal out of the idea of getting energy from nothing, like zero-point etc. rather than finding an inexpensive way to perpetually create energy from a simple or even more complex machine.

    So ya, your wrong because perpetual energy doesn't mean it comes from nothing as you propose. Stop listening to the scientists who haven't had the balls to scale the little bird…Come on people I know you are out there somewhere.

  13. The earth has been spinning for the last 4.54 billion years. I would say that is close to perpetual motion. Unless they are lying to us and it’s not spinning at all.

  14. Every thing is possible! You simply have to change what perpetual motion machine mean and then you have it. Sounds silly but this faulty reasoning is applied all the time. If you give a simple white lie in your scientifical approach then any answers is possible. Unfortunately this approach is unethical yet it has not stop people coming with the strangest scams like dehydrated water. 😁😁😁😁

  15. Perpetual motion is 100 percent possible . stars live and die off as precious metals Wich remain in motion as +charged atoms
    In space as battery solids of pure energy as infinite potentail power to give back atoms needed for gases to evolve in space Wich keeps stars charged as batteries that transfer atoms of – charges grows into gravity, as fluid friction enables strong and weak nuclie of friction and gases to bond into matter as earths weak nuclie to become attracted to the stars for life to build from as a part of strong and weak nuclie. This is able to give back atoms of its own charges to create – and positive magnetic fields of atoms that contains gases . .this starts a parrall universe with in 3 other elements of it's stars as charged elements of a force field that remain in a fractal pattern as a constant in motion Wich creates gravity..oxygen bonds with pure electrons as atoms to create time . Without electrons you wouldnt feel or know what time is yet you can still exist as matter that lives and dies off ..like trees . time is a feeling brought from electrons from gases of planets to bond into stimuli of feeling and motion . .time = atoms of electron bonded with gases =energy =time as a electron seen as a pure element of metals and gases of solid liquid gas is =time as a bond for life =electron .

  16. JUST BECAUSE HAVENT INVENTED A WORKING MACHINE YET DOES NOT MEAN TGAT IT'S IMPOSSIBLE. STOP DOING THOSE FAST CONCLUSIONS. Even if we had a perpertual motion machine that criminal US government would keep it a secret. Just as they did with Tesla's infinite energy inventions wich are still secret today.

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  18. how hard and for how long do we need to try fitting a large diameter circle into a smaller diameter circle on a piece of paper? :}

  19. Nikola Tesla doesn't work with the concept of impossibility

    always observed the full possibility of inventing by observing a dimension

  20. Perpetual motion is possible and Mt Rushmore is a natural phenomenon and you can land on the sun at night when it's cool and Trump has made America great again.

  21. Hmm, actually… (and I need to say "hmmm, actually" to get the points), say that you can't have perpetual motion is partially true. Yeah, it's impossible to create a perpetual motion machines, because a machine implies transformation of energy so, eventually the motion stops. But perpetual motion is not impossible: If there's no friction, you could have perpetual motion, like a rock floating in space in a specific direction that it doesn't get attracted or shocks with any other objet you could in theory have perpetual motion.

    And, yeah, I know that it's irrelevant because the video is very clear that it is about perpetual motion MACHINES, but indeed…

  22. What about nuclear fission/fusion? You don’t exactly create energy but you transfer matter into energy, but we have no way t transfer it back so ideally you’re creating energy.

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  24. Entiendo lo que es la conservación de la energía pero creo que para obtener energía libre, no contaminante y barata es suficiente con crear una máquina tan eficiente que aproveche la temperatura ambiente, la gravedad o algún otro fenómeno sin llegar a ser una maquina de movimiento perpetuo en todo el sentido de la palabra

  25. so, even two magnets with opposing polarities installed against each other on friction point, one to the base, one to lever the moving mill of the wheel, still wont do?

  26. Even if you did manage to get the machine to run, the instant you tried to get useful energy from it the friction of that action would kill the motion.

  27. From my point of view, creating a perpetual motion machine is not as important as creating ANY machine that works with a source of energy for which you don't have to pay for. The real world changing challenge in not creating energy from nothing, but discovering how the common man can use all that free energy the Big Ban is dissipating every day into the void.

    That would be me more threatening for the economical establishment than making that wheel with coins to rotate forever.

  28. Perteptual motion machine is impossible. But my method in harnessing perpetual energy is efficient and will work 24/7 by combining old and new technology. It works efficiently. Even the G.E. is afraid to develop it when I introduce it to them. Because it can virtually eliminate coal firef power plant.

  29. 0:07 law of conservation of energy states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it can only be converted from one form to another

  30. Laws of infernal dynamics ( attributed to David Gerrold)

    1. An object in motion will be moving in the wrong direction.

    2. An object at rest will be in the wrong place.

    3. The energy required to move an object in the correct direction, or put it in the right place, will be more than you wish to expend but not so much as to make the task impossible.

  31. I have built a perpetual motion machine!!! Take two figet spinners and then spin a magnet between them boom perpetual motion machine 😂😂😂 I should become a scientist

  32. To be entirely honest, if the machine is converting and essentially infinite form of ambient energy from one form into kinetic energy, which arguably, is the most usable form of energy, then it deserves to be considered semi-perpetual motion in my book 🙂

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