Are Light-Skinned People Too Extra?

Are Light-Skinned People Too Extra?

good afternoon good afternoon the title
is not clickbait and I am NOT trolling I’m as serious as colon cancer with
regards to that title or light-skinned people to extra in America I was headed
out the door this morning to the gym phone starts ringing I’m on the phone
with my accountant the next thing you know I’m on TMZ and I see entertainer
John Legend and he’s talking about the president commander-in-chief is a piece
of shit quote unquote calls him a piece of shit twice calls him a a blatant
racist now what do you think the president is or is it John Legend is
supposedly a man of God married a father and his high yella I’m going there today
this show might be a throwaway I might delete this file right after we’re done
let you know right now and well there’s a video it’s not just you know a written
transcript there’s video you can see John Legend’s saying he’s he’s a piece
of shit I don’t have to put Barack Obama on the table and say if a white person
would have called Obama piece of shit now because you know you’ve had white
people that have called the Obamas monkeys and other things so I can be
objective but I want to focus on light-skinned people let’s go there if
you like if your dog skinny you want to call in and get it light-skinned people
today feel free to I’ll fall the fuck back our light-skinned people in America
too extra mm-hmm I got a list here just bear with me I’m gonna get to some other
things as well it’s it’s the afternoon my morning was fucked up John Legend up
on you can see the video if you have not Jesse Williams I thought is
that Grey’s Anatomy or something like that
got up on B et did that jig I was a jig you know yeah black power and then
leaves his black wife the mother of his black children for a white girl huh all
that extra carrying on as queen Kyle would say extra carry me on let me go
for the jugular fast Minister Louis Farrakhan I say again Minister Louis
Farrakhan over the years always talking that hot shit huh rah rah rah
ray Ron ray never have I seen him at a civil civil rights march and/or rally
now I know he’s sat down with the gangs in LA once upon a time yeah brother we
got to come together you know Souma cosa 5 on the black hand side but
dr. Khalid Mohammed put boots to the ground once upon a time do you know this
do you know this hang on a sec let me just check in there and make sure
everything is copacetic with my stream and the video dr. Khalid Mohammed put
boots on the ground light-skinned man talking but the dark-skinned man walking
the talk and also if I can just add this to the to the conversation here fucking
him going there Minister Farrakhan once upon a time
there was a cassette that I listened to on numerous occasions catch this one the
hata misses nothing the cassette tape or the cassette tape of the speech is
called hard trials are necessary to establish the truth in that tape and
listen to it multiple times back in the early 90s mr. Minister Farrakhan said
with regards to Malcolm X and if we did kill him what the hell business of it is
yours our light-skinned people to extra in America phone lines open now just
give me a minute Angela ride
oh that extra carry gnarnia I met her sat next to her at the Black Caucus in
DC a couple years ago extra extra extra hmm she’s so goddamn extra common passed
on the pussy caucus said knowledge is the mouth ain’t worth the pussy pardon
me that was vulgar just in airport crying you know got a little nigga
wake-up call was that Tia what was that a couple years ago good it good
afternoon your live chat good afternoon that I just want to ramble our
light-skinned people to extra in America Angela rise she’s in Atlantic snippy
nasty she was nasty when I was sitting next to her something about my I told
the story before I want to go back into but yeah just nasty fuck Chris Brown
know that extra carrying on huh always always want to fight and Tulsa
with somebody and soldier boy wanted to get down for the get-down
breezy didn’t want to sign the paper extra Stacy – she’s another one I’ll
come back to her she’s as dumb as the day is long Cory Booker I’ve spoken about Cory
Booker before a hundred million dollars vanished so some people just they don’t
I guess they don’t give a shit a hundred million dollars given to the North Board
of Education under the Cory Booker administration when he was the mayor of
Newark New Jersey vanished vanished extra carrying on fun lines open I just
wanted to ask you your your opinion thanks Kim people to extra in America
and we’ll John Legend apologize for calling the president a piece of shit of
course he won’t of course he won’t he’s as nasty as the
day is long he’s the real arrogant one condescending
cynical huh and his wife annoys the fuck out of me Lord Jesus
annoys the fuck at me but I don’t know Kisan his wife right now you know but
that’s my just I guess a topic again I’m just rambling it’s an afternoon research
show my other question here on the screen how can white people help black
people okay so if you think that America does not owe black people reparations
okay well black people are still in a bad place for the most part how can ye
people help them well can they help them at all or should they help them if
you’re white you want to call in and say we’re all you nothin we don’t know use
nothin call in I’ll fall back and let you speak but if you want to say hey you
know pull yourselves up by your bootstraps so what the way the Irish did
the way the Italians did you know I’ll let you speak someone sent me at hang on
a second a video this morning thank you whoever sent me the email earlier
marianne williamson she let her prayer a white people
apologizing to black people and no i did not see the the democratic debate last
night i don’t know watch that circus again then watching those democratic
debates over the years what’s a dog and pony show you know yeah well the
programs in the inner cities yadda yadda yadda what John Legend is not mentioning
if I can just throw this in here real quick is all the money that the Trump
administration gave to Elijah Cummings huh billion folks this has nothing to do
with me voting for Trump and the fact that I will vote for him again I’m an
independent voter not a conservative not a Republican hang on a second let’s
focus on light-skinned people today I’m I’m light brown so I’m not that light
skippity I was on some light skinned shit or some biracial shit I was at them
at the Third Eye Blind concert let me put myself out there
oh fuck nut star what was that the 22nd was a Monday couple weeks ago I’m not
gonna disrespect the the young lady about 15 years younger
you know I didn’t tell you what happened at the concert because I left her I got
on that light-skinned chick she started asking questions the day of the concert
and I said what listen we’re just gonna watch the muse and great catalog we’re
not drinking when I get in hi I don’t do that should I haven’t that
wasn’t all the 80s all that drinking and you know getting height conscious I want
I want to enjoy the concert she starts asking questions I talked about her
friends yeah whoa whoa whoa I said hey let me play
right back I got a call from now I’m not gonna disrespect her because she’s not
up on YouTube shitting on me but yeah I left her I don’t that yeah at a high
yellow shit or light-skinned she let me just say that all right all right I got
some notes here all so I’m gonna put some respect on cardi B’s name she told
Karen Candice Owen to go fuck herself again this only wanted to debate cardi B
if you know the story we can talk about it Candice Owen took a fucking a hard L
in case you don’t know let me just double check from Blair white I wanted
to give you the date Blair White is a popular youtuber and she’s sharp Candice
Owens yeah Blair Blair white gave Candice Owens our hard fucking L but yet
until now she wants to uh debate cardi B with the $250,000 cardi B told her get
the fuck out of here take that money and go uh give it to charity all right go to
the phone lines I’m a little charged it’s light-skinned people are they two
extra an America good afternoon 7:27 are you there hey what’s up man are
you how dare you I’m gonna bullshit let’s go listen I can
I can be objective and and I’m just like brown skin I know I got a tan here
but you know I’m not a high yellow but are you are you dog skin light skin like
where do you fall Dora steel I keep it real are you extra bit with God do you
play on your light skin are you extra times way convenient you watching when
Kobe yes yes why not ok we’re convenient I’ll pull the car
out like yo I’m for the weekend in the black hood you them saying like no I’m
just like God but when I’m gonna eat them say what I mean certain areas I
gotta play the puck who’s spitting facts let me turn your microphone up let me
turn your microphone up you spitting facts let’s go home I work in a hospital
yo I work with different type of people I gotta I gotta act accordingly
depending on who wins right you an get oh I’m gonna teach you as such you act
you act like civilized I’m gonna change my tone it is what it is
you gotta know how to adapt to a world no it is it sounds Rachel yeah up on the
block’s right okay I’m gonna Bronx but I live in
Florida right it’s waking value so you gotta black right you really gotta like
yo you got a hole in tail he’s I’m saying I did no heart of a new okay I
love my people yeah for like this ain’t no but if they’re not in your tax
bracket you don’t want them living next door or going to school with your kids
let’s keep it real I would come on come on if you spending money so I don’t want
these niggas around me like that after Snoopy right I don’t want these niggas
inspection my on the active shooter but they you got white people war we here
that’s even more if you want to say there’s any more
niggers they may be okay you got white people out here that they try to keep it
under the rug but these more companies yo he’s more bubbly while out here too
so you gotta be so easy you got to go according you have to be accordingly act
like an animal I’m gonna treat you as such all right hang on a second I want
to ask you a question for the second part of the show so how can ye people
help black people or should they help black people should black people help
themselves before anybody else to help that’s the problem they too busy try to
compete with the white man stop trying to compete it didn’t help yourself you
don’t like each other so how do you expect somebody else’s have respect you
know you hate on each other and you don’t have shit are you hating on you
were fighting for scraps ago why do you talk about stop worrying about the white
man he’s never gonna give you that room he never gave me old acres he’s never
gave me nothing all he did was riding you and steal for
you so what you got to do is there’s your old shit like how you always say
right there’s no black there’s no such thing as a black community you don’t own
us you don’t own nothing can hang on a second art were you born in Puerto Rico
or were you born here you said you’re Puerto Rican
now born about to ask you about Porter Creek oh you know and all that goddamn
money both widows I’m so thankful you keep it all the way let me go rob me and
I’m gonna go they’ll steal the souls off you offer your shoes in Puerto Rico if
you have to that was wrong pardon me folks I was wrong right okay
you roll you wait you go to any fucked up place they will steal their
mommy’s drawers yeah don’t matter it is what it is get down
or lay there yeah it is what it is you gotta know how to Manu everywhere you go
period you gotta know how to get right is it get right or you get hooked on
it’s for me okay I’m gonna take more calls man thanks for checking in flew no
doubt yes you’re out peep okay peace if your dog’s skin you want to call in and
take a wet shit on my skin people now’s your time now is the opportunity you can
send it in cash at super Chatham just I saw John Legend and I say whoa what the
fuck now I’ve always thought his wife what was a beard for him you know I had
no proof but he just is always a fussy that’s where he’s fussy you know calling
the president a piece of shit do you care
oh dude give him a pass because he’s lying well you know he would know and he
wasn’t drunk let me just say that when he said this on camera I’m looking at
the screenshot right now he wasn’t drunk because he got into the to the vehicle
and he got behind the wheel to drive shortly he wouldn’t be drinking and
driving the paparazzi were there said it was a sober face and had to catch
himself he said piece of shit let’s go to area code seven three two oh good
afternoon our light-skinned people too actually
hey hey good afternoon Ronnie hey how are you alright I’m a little charged
right now talking about light-skinned people you’re yourself you’re light
complected yes Ronnie yes yes I it’s not my fault though I mean I didn’t
choose it that way that’s just how it happened to be yeah I’m not I’m not you
know saying that someone is necessarily to blame but you know can you be
objective or light-skinned people to extra in America
I can be more than objective I will absolutely agree and say you know this
light-skinned people are holding a lot of elves right now we can even go back
to a couple of months ago to April Fool’s
just you know beating himself up calling himself the new gay Tupac I forgot about
him just yet smaller uh-huh then you got them yes then you have the
married Ayesha curry looking for attention from other men on mmm
with another L we’re holding holding a lot of L star okay okay hold on a second
somebody just said that my sweet there’s my stream lagging what’s going on here
all right I’m so you were saying that yeah so now with respect to John Legend
you know I just like you I can’t stand the guy you know he got up on that
documentary for our Kelly but yet he is not a word to say about a Harvey
Weinstein and that was his buddy you know then pictures together max why
don’t we hear him talking about a Harvey Weinstein why does he have so much
Vitter all for the president but then we have an actual predator out here whom we
know is a predator and you don’t say anything nor your beard yeah yeah well
and what’s it um I want to you know point to some dark-skinned people dry
skin black people to make a comparison you know John Legend as you’ve already
said he’s not talking about Harvey Weinstein and he he’s quick to call the
president a piece of shit but if someone dark-skinned were to call the president
a piece of shit their career would be over what’s the guy’s name he was on
Grey’s Anatomy he called his co-host or co-worker gay
what was it Washington something right remember that guy’s name Isaiah why
Isaiah Washington out of here Hawaii out of here is that his career is dead he
drives over somewhere in San Francisco now it’s finished well you know he made
comments to someone even a part of a protected community so that’s where we
are now you know yeah well us I’m I’m a little charged
I’m a little extra right now I’m taking some calls
Hank I’m gonna write down just he’s smaller I forgot about him I was so
focused on other people and don’t forget Aisha yeah can we include Bow Wow
or is he not light-skinned well I think we can because didn’t Bow Wow say he’s
not black yeah so let’s throw him on there I wouldn’t mind if we could have
like a little interracial draft you know get rid of a few people take on some new
people nice you want to hang out for a second
you’re in a rush maybe I’ll bring a caller to in sure sure hang on a sec
let’s see who’s on the line area code nine one seven see if they can
be objective good afternoon nine one seven talk my
light-skinned people are they two extra America Hey oh okay let’s go yo this is
vitamin out of Brooklyn thanks amigo I’m gonna talk again
I’m West African I’m his daughter to get learn about here along das get respect
this now you know when I was growing up when I was in middle school in junior
high school but people that was out was by a while a little Romeo light-skinned
grades they called me Blackie they call me booty African booty
scratcher you know I mean yeah light-skinned girl in the class
spearchucker stovepipe Martin okay yeah everyone ever want to date my skin dude
I don’t want to get a light-skinned girl you know I mean now we’re 2019 it seems
like things is a little bit more talents I get a little bit more love out here
but I think this whole life game thing is has to do with just the light of your
skin you get closer to white so therefore you’re more superior in a
sense and when your quote-unquote biracial half black half white and have
the features of a black person the world loves the features of black people you
have the skin color of what is considered more superior in society so
it’s like the best of both worlds when hang on a second because you know a lot
of white people don’t necessarily fuck with light-skinned people they may give
them a pass and let them through certain certain doors but they don’t necessarily
cosign them you know you and especially a lot of females white females prefer
dark-skinned men in in terms of betting would you agree with that do you smash
well you smash white girls keep it real I don’t I don’t it’s not my objective
but I have okay so why did you do it because the person was nice to me they
treated me nice well um we had a lot of fun together
in the nightlife so did you ever get the feeling that maybe it was just part of a
fetish for her not at all not at all cuz that that didn’t even come into play I
mean there were cultural differences of course on my side they were certain ways
I did my thing and on her side you know at the family playing piano and shit
singing songs and she is you know that was what it was doing you know I mean so
how old are you sir are you married I’m not married I’m three years old
you’re star I spoke about this one the other episode about you were talking
about cirno’s well yeah I’ll call a couple Tom not married I’m single out
here well I’m saying that I think the light-skinned people just grew up in a
certain way where they want to recommend this for certain things they thought can
people would be recommended for so if you get that past about your life when
you go into your adulthood you’re gonna act a certain way you’re gonna act like
you’re exempt from right right then you talk reckless talk too bad I mean yeah
exactly yeah you know so that’s how it is
stay with me let’s go back for a second you say you say your dog skin and you
you’re smashing a white girl or white girls and you said that you were having
fun are you are you with the black girl now no I’m not with the black girl now are
you with the black guy now respectfully I mean I mean I mean I’m with the ladies
it doesn’t it doesn’t matter big black you see for Pakistan so you said you
were having fun when you were with the white crow so I’m just asking if you’re
having fun now when I’m out having fun was like you know going out to events
outing the club dancing white girls are fun that was I was asking if you’re if
you’re unhappy are you with the black girl no I’m not with any I’m not with
any particular race I’m with all the Rings well I’m I’m on that bullshit miss
I appreciate the call man thank you thank you so much thank you okay trying
to catch him slipping I sit tight Ronnie I’m gonna bring some more calls in area
code 201 John Legend calling the president a piece of shit are you up to
speed 201 okay but you know all these dudes
acting like whatever whatever whatever I mean – this black and white thing that’s
a more serious issue they’re calling the president piece of shit everybody calls
everything much much worse anyway so with that I don’t make no difference now
this black and white thing and it’s light-skinned privilege and and Chris
breezy and all that I see all it is you know we all didn’t go back to it all go
back to the baby test which baby you want the dark baby or you want the or
you want the right babe okay that plays out as you become an adult but all these
black women with all this gray hair with all this blonde hair with all these
lights with these uh what do you call them things you put your eyes the
contacts and all of that shit see all of that is trying to get away from what you
are to become something you not meanwhile everybody else is trying to be
you everybody wants a big lips in the thick but in the audience because I
remember when all that shit was not in fashion I remember when it wasn’t in
style when it was one cool to have big list
Nattie’s motherfuckers is putting all kind of stuff and they left making them
like ducks and it’s just crazy how to psychological warfare that black people
have to go through when dealing with this white world and we’re not the only
one we don’t want that go through it the word and have to admit some certain
things because of what we’ve been through and I struggle but listen these
Spanish Katzie lakhtin old they be on that shit to be and that’s just how bad
it is to be black be that you will claim or try to get the farthest away from so
these Porto Rican is black these Dominicans is black all your Camaro even
fragrance yep slavery through sexual exploitation to make more slaves and
became black like all that time you know Indian stuff all that’s gone that’s gone
I don’t care what they say your Island you you trying to go black I just heard
this dude I just heard you talking that greatness oh you got to get something
you got to go for this and you got to try to do this and try to get there’s a
couple Uncle Tom’s out there yet there’s no cool Tom’s that they wish they were
white or they want the privilege of a white they want white privilege they
want to be able to go places and feel free and straighten the hair and all of
that but try died and laid to the side treated yes that’s how bad we’ve been
treated that we were brought up to believe that it was so bad that if we
tried to look like you were act like you would be like you we would be accepted
and the pain would stop no no no no hang a second why need you and jump into the
conversation Ronnie are you there well I agree with a lot of the points
that he made but I think it’s important to note that colorism is not something
that prevalent only in the black community you know you know they have
colorism go over to Jamaica they hold on you know peace the Dominicans and the
Haitian they’re really on the same island but they can’t stand each other
and they think there are two different people which in reality they’re not they
were just colonized by two different groups of people see that’s exactly what
I was about to say when you mention the Indian if you go back and you look
wherever a white man had stepped foot all of these games or what is played all
of these these racial divisions against the old against the young the black
against the white the taller cat the short the man against the woman these
are the games that the white man played that where he divides you in your mind
they don’t matter what he take from you it can hang on a second sir if I can
just jump in now I hear what you’re saying I respect what you’re saying but
you know light-skinned people and you know I can be objective I’ve got some
associates more associates and friends and they do a whole lot of extra shit
and I know if they were dark-skinned they wouldn’t get away with it and if I
can also just throw this on the table just coming out of left field if Lil
Wayne had beat the shit out of Rihanna do you think he would be forgiven and
given a second chance in his career blowing little Wayne would have been
under the jail under the day because he’s black he’s ugly and he’s
undesirable as brilliant as Tupac was and put him in jail on a bullshit charge
bullshit charge that’s right they were coming to get him because even though
he’s not that dog he’s talking up the passport we gotta get this nigger up out
of here that type of that type of scenario that type of thinking and see
when you starts off like young people get afforded everything for when they
are a child when they are young and they got the light eyes and the curly hair
see all of that shit sauce for when they are baby so when they start growing up
all of these things are displayed out and it’s all hood yo he sex because he’s
light-skinned oh he did Oh leave that Oh see this Oh see that especially them
life in women thank you for your call thank you with the weight be thank you
Balu okay all right hang on a second guys no
asking people to extra in America and feel free if you dogs getting a lot of
things built up here hang on a second Ronnie stay with me if you have another
minute or so Ronnie area code 904 good afternoon
John Legend calling the president a piece of shit are you have to speed 904 how are you good afternoon
yo sorry you’re soon yo man hey Uncle Jack you little motherfucking Florida
I’m a light-skinned nigga myself 26 and I honestly feel like it’s a lot of
fucking dark-skinned hate going on Oh life get hate going on about
dark-skinned people and they don’t really understand you come up and a
light skinned person you are afforded to go in certainly dark if you can’t go
into we’re doing way but you still can’t go in the final room and get the final
answers from Caucasians just like black people you’re going through black
environment the darker skinned people and they treat you black but they don’t
treat you all the way black because they tell you like ten jokes there’s no you
don’t understand this you understand that so as a light-skinned person you
form a certain perspective that other races or even your own race as a black
person can’t really understand because as sad as it is
white people do please the Browns we were backpack pants I pass the brown
paper bag says growing up in the suburb and I’m letting you know right now there
is right see a nigga privilege and like people in America do waddle out I think
it’s more of a target because they are liked in and because there’s no life in
community or line that’s that’s strong enough to reprimand or chant with
anybody from making like the incumbent you could say light-skinned may be ugly
on Twitter or girls to think like what happened okay how of you you say you’re
late skiers are you high yellow right are you high yellow just fair fair brown
skin no no I’m not how unfair brown skin I can probably hang out and stuff about
two three hours maybe three days and I’ll be pretty on I’ll be on the browser
side I’ll have a warm already maybe later are you excellent from time to
time keep it real are you extra yes I’m extra I think it started going on
Twitter my ID I had extra sometimes like extra because large things people always
trying to like getting it to humble yourself right yes so hungry y’all know
fuck idea feel like you bug within the server shot either humble yourself I’m
not gonna humble myself for who for what because there’s nobody protect you look
so you could say something about jerking people all over in it
you rented camp you can say some about wife is the Jean Paul you can’t say fuck
like you’re neither ugly nothing go ahead we gotta fight for
ourselves they say we’re extra extra we’ll speak up nobody speak up for life
okay well you’ve said a mouthful man thanks for calling in salute thank you
yeah no problem okay shit he went 12 tones down Ronnie do you have
to go I’m gonna I just want to check on it keep it you have to do no no I’m good
but you know I agree with him there is sort of a double standard you know when
the pendulum has swung you know years ago you couldn’t I mean you you could
fat chain people you could make fat jokes you can’t do that anymore
but now you can make jokes about any people so back in the day you know
people maybe made jokes and comments about darker skinned people you can’t do
that now but you can make all the light skinned jokes you want so he does have a
point hang on a second Ronnie hustle sends in
his super chet star Kim Kardashian things she’s slick she’s setting her
found her foundation to be the first female president
that’s why she’s helping to free black people
yeah we’ve spoken about that before and thank you for your donation she back in
school or pursuing her law degree I forget the exact amount of time so on
and so forth but yeah and she’s a horrible speaker have you ever heard Kim
Kardashian you know speak in front of people
yeah oh my god and it’s Fugazi speaking of people who think they’re slick hang
on a second Ronnie did you watch the democratic debate last night I did not know I would rather organize my sock
drawer are you up to speed on Marianne Williamson Hsieh
some footage popped up of her leading a prayer yeah I mentioned her before when
we spoke about reparations I mentioned her that she wanted you know she had a
plan for preparation yeah she actually wrote a
book years ago I forget the book and she was breaking down she actually had
dollar amounts how much money should be allocated for reparations by way of
slavery and last night I just saw a little snippet with Hernandez and Cooper
and and supposedly she was one of the most google-searched people after the
debate and then I saw a video of her leading a prayer and white people
apologizing for being white did you see that no but I did see a couple headlines
about her today so she wants to give I think it’s 250 to 500 million in
reparation I think it’s closer to a billion if I’m not mistaken again I
didn’t see the debate last night but uh you know I I scan through her book years
ago and then I just had this she’s just you know a liberal hustling bullshit but
she’s running for the Presidency for those who you know those who want to pay
attention to area code 908 good afternoon I’m doing research I’m just
rambling our light-skinned people too extra in America 908 hey what’s up man
oh you know I’m good to answer that question yeah absolutely
a lot of light-skinned tools out there I mean right and you know I’m proud to get
brothers but I ain’t trying I’m not trying to bash my skin niggas I’m just
saying like some of them be sort of an extra to where I mean look at Cuba
Gooding jr. you know yeah did you see him put the KFC bucket on his head what
was that back in KFC bucket on his head he got so lit one night
did you see that picture Ronnie you got your watch oh yeah I saw the picture I
think he’s pretty drunk at some party now that’s probably who
deep down inside you know who he really is good guy you were saying Theo he’s a
wild man but even on that video that was no guidance great game Chris Brown I
thought that video for the other guys made a lot of noise in the background would you say that I saw the video for
no guidance with you know Chris Brown speech and Drake to lie skin niggas with makeup just
bullshit dan stop it just being light-skinned
electric yeah but the worst part of body was Chris Brown’s attire like I I get it
he claims he’s high rules no part of the set whatever play it was it was going
too much it was going way too much you know straight beans or a Drake beans
rage you know I mean I mean well I see niggas and I need some bad stuff a lot
of them be doing too much Cloudant be doing way too much a legend he never
likes wrong clean we know that and I could afford he said this about Trump a
year ago maybe not to diss expense but he has made remarks negative remarks
tours Trump in the past so doesn’t really surprise me it really does it is
his wife that they really be the one that become that shop the artist maybe
you know well the question now is do you think he
should apologize so do you think that he’s just gonna stand on what he said
and it’ll be a no big deal no you know you don’t know you don’t do anything
that’s how you feel yeah you don’t like strong just like a lot almost half of
the country doesn’t we like something I’m not gonna get on him for that
but we do have to acknowledge that why you niggas for the past several years
after doing so much on me Jesse been doing too much you know God you see
how it’s right hand with that Pusha T we forgot about
break with the blackface member Drake did the blackface pig here yeah and then
he tried to he tried to get his PR team to brush it off as if that was something
I did before the grass nice – yeah I tried being white it didn’t really pop
off now I’m a rapper you know nevermind nevermind a black
bean semi-nice shit before I let you go how you doing in terms of you know
working out unless – the Jazz are you respectfully you’re smashing your girl
more because you said you didn’t have the energy you know you weren’t focused
hey Mick no well the working now is wrong well I actually got a trainer now
Oh sign up for one like a year ago I mean I think you’re gonna week ago and okay well you don’t smash or somebody
else will man so you know yeah I wish you the best deal good to hear better
thank you uh take care all right Fiona check in claiming to be most cousin good
guy good guy hey Ronnie if you’re working imma let you go you
sound a little noise over there you’re right no I’m good I’m okay
oh yay I don’t wanna hold you up now I’m just trying to be respectful let’s bring
an area code to know I was actually driving okay
area code 206 or light-skinned people – extra in America I’m basing this on John
Legend calling the president piece of shit are you there 206 sigh you know hey
good evening oh good afternoon boy me sorry are you
know Ronnie how you don’t they hi how are you
no not that thank you your question well I wanted to what your question how can
my key will help black people yeah I currently I think they are um as
we kind of see that the separation where you know if we live in
economically we have two different device right so you have white police
police in a your own type of thing and black people Oh black people need to be
policing themselves or black police policing black people just that
separation alone would be enough to help and kind of bring the bridge kind of
help build themselves from interview and not the exterior you know I mean not
with the help of anybody else but themselves okay if I can just jump in
and if I can say that the privatized banking system here in America does
leave black people at a disadvantage so so racism is is very much a reality so
I’m not saying all racism doesn’t exist no it does and it always will here in
America not it’s not to say that you can’t make moves and you can’t better
yourself but let’s not get it fucked up that privatized banking system for those
who understand it and for those who know history the black man the black family
is always gonna be at a disadvantage okay
as far as American history is concerned that that’s never gonna change
I don’t think it’s ever gonna change man I mean this country is founded on you
know the Atlantic slave trade and you know in colonization that’s this also
with that understanding of bank point it’s more like banking being at the
center if you ask me I’m just a dumb dropout but the center of racism
how can why people help black people or can they help them at all should they
help them that’s a question I mean you’re referring to a difference to
monetary gains and money then I don’t think you know it will because you know
what you was gonna keep being money to themselves that’s end of the day you
know what I mean cuz you’re not gonna give up more than they want what they
need to what they want or what they don’t feel like I mean anybody would you
know should white people surrender some of their assets and their finances to
balance out the scale with you me punishing with you I don’t do
hypotheticals I’m asking you know they haven’t done it yet now think is gonna
happen okay actually Anthony with the whole life skin darkening in my I’m from
the Caribbean so it’s like you know I’ve lived in the suburbs I’ve lived in the
hood the biggest issue for me really is you know saying coming here was well not
a lot of interaction with white people hang on so we’re at in the Caribbean
let’s be specific where’s your family from see balloon
island so you sound like you’re stumbling and fumbling you you’ve
already said st. so it’s either st. croix st. Vincent st. kitchen one of
those places where you where you look when you look down upon Jamaicans let’s
keep it real you look down upon a fresh old yeah yeah look down upon Jamaica’s
you come here to the to the States America you’ve already got preconceived
notions yes your family your family tells you certain things don’t bring
certain girls into the home yes nah okay so we move we move straight into we’re
best time man we can’t well I can’t strict I so we’re already here even if
you’re in the hood sir those Old West Indians for most of those islands the
Saints they tell their children don’t bring those those dirty Yankee girls
into the home right yes the ones that are experienced that there’s done that
they usually go to like Eastern Parkway is staying the Caribbean neighborhoods
they don’t interact you know I mean they kind of enclose themselves nothing like
that you into now but thank you sir thank you
for coming thank you alright thank you he ain’t keepin it real those old-school
West Indians do not fuck with American girls
dirty Yankees deal deal with them outside they can’t
eat off of our plates it worse in some way people especially if they’re high
yella Ronnie are you there do you have any West Indians in your family I know I
don’t but you know I think colorism is more so it’s an insulated problem
whereas it’s projected mostly within the community I think if there’s a racist
white person and they encounter a light-skinned person they’re not going
to say you know I don’t like black people but they’re light-skinned so I’ll
give them a pass I I think it’s a problem more so within the community
between black people light-skinned black people and dark-skinned black people ok
I’m going to sink right so like I’m sorry you finish that but I want to go
to super jet you saying yeah like you know it’s if I get pulled over I don’t
think the cop is gonna give me a warning instead of a ticket because I’m lighter
skinned but it goes back to I think you know childhood and upbringing it starts
when you know everyone in the family is flocking to the light-skinned baby and
saying aw you’re so cute and you know they ignore the darker skinned child so
then they both grow up with the complex was the light-skinned child feels me may
be entitled and the dark-skinned person you know they feel demonized
they feel unwanted unimportant irrelevant yeah all right hold on a
second Ronnie let me read one of these super chats and folks you can join the
conversation if I don’t pick up the phone fast enough there’s super chat
cash at the links are up under the the video all right all right uh power
bottom he’s on the chicken hey star hey girl I
like my girls like you with the light cheeks let me put some red heels on you
honey he says I want those a butter biscuits ATL okay thank you power bottom
okay named Ozzie Ozzie ceases Ostara fuck
these red house niggas I stay the fuck away from these Drake ass crying niggas
hashtag over 40 and over okay 40 and over okay okay I read households hold on
a second guys Jase car says store your own point with
the tax brackets does Oprah or jay-z live where they were raised
I forgot what Oprah’s from you know she’s she’s always been just a
know-it-all to me you know just knows every goddamn thing he always has to
trump somebody else’s story with a better story
Paul Mooney said that about her to Oprah Winfrey okay okay who’s this sending me
a footage of ASAP Rocky’s bodyguard yeah we saw that thank you
grimey productions saw that already saw that thank you so the area code 773
Clapton owned do a little research here John Legend called the president a piece
of shit or you have to speed do you care yeah you lie sir oh hey Ronnie
that’s my baby tell Ronnie she’s my bitch Ronnie I hear you
yeah I’ll be in the last I talked to me that’s all baby but it don’t like him is
not doing too much I’m alive see a nigga I’m a victim that’s what I was thinking
song sohee life same guys you like three times and stuff not many times I think I
started in Chicago so some life and some black how the hell you sir you say you
you were shot at in Chicago how do you okay and let’s keep it real
let’s keep it real were you turning up you say you’re
light-skinned yeah I’ll turn up ahead okay
yes were you were you doing that extra shit why did somebody say we shoot that
high yellow nigga pow what were you doing keep it real were
you high were you drunk or just being you yeah yeah exactly to disrespect
around your larger enemy well sir can we focus on you being shot up you can come
back to zactly in the live chat and Ronnie I’ll let you finish up at Ronnie
but now why were you shot at we were you know acting extra or do you look like a
mark do you look like the type of light-skinned nigga that a darling guy
would say man fuck that hi Ella nigga how why do you shut it your phone sounds
muffled sir fix your phone I want to hear you you just said you have to act
like you’re better than the dark-skinned people yes okay do you think that you’re
better than dark-skinned guys so I’m having trouble hearing you can I fix
your phone goddamn it do you think that you’re better than dark-skinned males okay he hung around his phone dropped
out seven seven three oh no I might have been out there selling some boy cunt you
know some dark-skinned niggas again get you a box I thought he was getting ready
to declare that he’s better well he said I hate these niggas I heard him say that
I don’t say that I think I think he meant in general but hopefully he’ll
call back and give us some clarification area code six for six
I’m a little ratchet this afternoon are you there six four six I know I didn’t
get him up bad here there my tape Ronnie i’ma take two more calls with you oniy
then I’m gonna focus in another direction all right okay let’s bring in
area code 407 good afternoon did you see John Legend called the president piece
of shit 407 no I didn’t I didn’t see him call a piece of shit okay that’s wrong
okay but uh what I can’t appreciate is I can appreciate Donald Trump more than I
can appreciate Obama because Obama all that he did was for the gay community
Eileen’s president Trump is making denounce your ass like Michael may have
said about Ronald Reagan so if you know your black history I rather have a
fucking wolf in my face than the Fox right so I mean it is what it is we all
got our options I mean I was gonna shit but to get out with the shit and get all
personal I got an older light-skinned brother and a younger life Skinner
brothers and I’m brown like Noriega I’m 28
I took a picture where you sold me and I like Dominican but I’m full black man I
don’t have more ass whuppin to book them combined and I always tell my younger
like your brother if I ever seen you with a girl
you niggas look like two hot letters in the pencil box so no I I do it on my own
you know me and goes in my skin to get this office fuck Wow I mean so did you
get more weapons because you were doing the most or because your parents showed
preference no I was not no you’re saying your parents know my parents kind of so
little favors do them so their colorist that’s the one place you can say that I
mean bleep I’ve been the day man I feel like a
little bunch of LifeNet people doing keep PACs on a whole bunch of shit I
could do the same thing I’ll ask in person do but somebody’s
gonna put me out first because all his dark skin no I mean brown skin
let’s get him curse hmm you know what I mean so uh and also as a celebrity it
was tear or Tamera the one of my marriage to
the black guy but Papoose had post picture up on Remy Ma and he said black
love it was one of those sisters she said what about mix love that’s some
corny ass shit to me I missed that when did that happen say their game Papoose
it happen with purple top huh good Papoose posted something and what I
missed that no I post have posted a picture on
Instagram and Oxford it was last week or the week before that boy he has a post
Papoose has a post on his on this Instagram it’s either him or ringing ah
okay and you say it black love at the caption okay it’s either tear or Camaro
whoever’s not date whoever is dating that guy who’s not full black she said
what about mix love that’s a corny ass shit it’s kind of like sweeping under
the black love shoot you know the black clothes it’s like right yes yes I missed
that one well just going on oh then can white people tell black people to be
honest I don’t want their help I don’t and I say that because if you read the
book black fortune we will a powerful and have way more freedom the way more
money than we did white adversary and Berkeley College yeah but we’re talking
about America now cereal all that your history stuff is no I do not want the
help okay so real I do not want their help I’m doing okay with no college
degree and I’m doing just fine making $70,000 at least I appreciate the call
man thank you thank you okay thank you okay hey Ronnie I’m gonna sign off with
you I have to check something’s going on with my cash chef Ronnie can you hear me
okay yeah yeah I appreciate you being available I may have to shift gears here
unless I can figure this out but there thank you for your assistance and and
bringing Bow Wow and justice mullet to the table forgot
about Jessie SMO okay and when I and now that I’m leaving I just want to add one
more for the list raven-symone Wow when you
write there’s even some old Raven Symone that’s a good man I I met her she’s out
of here yeah she was really extra but she was very young when I met her Raven
Symone she’s still very extra ready yeah I’ll talk to later Thank You Ronnie
all right sorry thank you bye all right all right I have to uh what the is
something with my cash app settings cache apps are coming in I just looked
on my phone but I didn’t see them in my email Johnny oh good afternoon Johnny
Johnny’s cash out sends in a cash app thank you sir – Mario – Mario says I
love black people but I hate niggas okay why aren’t these coming through my
goddamn phone do I have to reset something okay Spaceguard eight five
eight says fuck light-skinned people pussy asses shit Jennifer green hold on a second Lisa hey
Jennifer how are you doing maybe I should do that right she says
boss nigga this Jen from SC get Luke okay thank you darling thank you so much
all right ain’t number nines on the lienholder said guys where is she number
nine is coming into town guys tomorrow Jean Richmond aka number nine good
afternoon sir hey hi how you doing hey done it so you
want to talk about life gym people being estrella but then you bring on a
light-skinned woman with a from the familiarity look like herself well I
thought you were working this afternoon I mean I just didn’t even realize the
time of morning and I just jumped on here to talk about John Legend did you
see him commenting what do you think when the
president called the peace I didn’t hear the car Oh John Wesson has always been a
proverbial metrosexual type I’ve never took anything from him with any taste
value ok minute a minute ugly it’s easy you don’t take shots at the man’s wife
slow down ok ok ok but he thinks he’s somehow smarmy and smart and stuff like
that but uh I’ve never took any he’s no Stevie Wonder in my eyes ok now I wish
you would see the video I mean if you have time I’ll just put you on hold it
you know are you at work while you man oh I’m trying to take care of myself
before I leave town that’s what I’m trying to do yeah I was gonna give you a
call a little bit later on today because I’ve spoken to my my arranger here and
she’s gonna be she’s gonna be here tomorrow for a little time and uh I can
put you up for one night I can’t do – what’s up on it well you know I was
thinking it’s going to be too much you know to have I don’t want to
inconvenience you I want to be downtown I was just thinking I can go right
downtown soon as I get in it I don’t want any convenience listen as a friend
I can help you in the downtown area but but I can’t give you two nights at my
place a place to crash ma’am I’m working man this does not play play time for me
and I’m working yeah so you don’t want if I was a woman I was a sexy woman you
would have treated me differently but honestly I don’t understand no
discussion before I don’t party at my home I don’t party my home but but now I
blow have you made arrangements for next week and you said you’re out of town are
you heading back Monday are you gonna be here next week in Atlanta do you know
your full itinerary no I’m leaving some all afternoon right on America airline
and I’m flying back Monday morning oh so you’re really just coming here for
the weekend you’re not coming to handle any business there’s no meetings you’re
just coming into town for the weekend you know wham bam minute back to
Connecticut you know well what then wham bam thank
you ma’am and you know four days four days of a little plan allo allo allo
unsolicited pleasure and then you know hanging up hopefully hang out with you a
little bit you know you and I will connect we will hang out and you know
just uh wherever you want to go in the daytime I’m not doing a nighttime
hanging out with you but um all right so now do you want to do it just a little
bit more honest with the listeners and the supporters are you on a certain app
is there a certain app that you’re gonna be on how do they find you when you’re
in town gene Richmond number nine doing they do oh you can find me on various
apps but I’ll probably be on a POF or something like that or Metro Metro calm
maybe I don’t know what is that mentioned or are we or we meet we meet
people need something I don’t know yeah I’ll be I’ll find something to be
on I’ll find something to be on trust me and you will be streaming live streaming
live on your Instagram page yes I will which is it for those who don’t have it
it’s n o dot 19 V on Instagram and OH dot nine TV you can catch me there so if
you want to see anything you have any questions for me or if you don’t eat
good spots in Atlanta I’ll be in to downtown Atlanta area reach out to me DM
me no.9 TV send me some information I want to have a good time tell me want a
good spots off come on Apple if you listen a good a good time if you know
what I mean man you are appreciated lets you and I talk a little bit later and
make sure that we coordinate for tomorrow okay okay yes sir
take care I number nine on his check-in he’s coming into town to party he’s not
coming in from the business hold on I said guys let me make sure everything’s
okay with I set up here you know I jumped on the
YouTube so fast maybe I didn’t even set things up right Julius Lex
good afternoon sir sends in a cash app okay okay he’s on area code five one six
he was having an issue with cash everything should be good on my end man
um Julius Lex good afternoon sir are you
there hey hey how are you man so are you like I wasn’t really sure like where the
question came from was it because of whatever this guy said it Trump or
wasn’t like another topic as I joined him John Legend on I woke up
this morning I was heading out the door and got busy and then I I saw him as
there’s a video of him calling the president a piece of shit not saying
that he can but I just think that he’s just going the extra mile he feels you
know he’s a privileged black man you know and I just said whoa what the fuck
and he’s a family man husband he’s supposed to stand for you know core
values have a real a high moral standard and he’s talking like some fucking a
gutter rat you know what I’m saying and then he gets into the car the driver’s
side so clearly he wasn’t drunk I’m just asking the question of light-skinned
people too extra in America yeah well maybe some you know I would say uh but I
really think color isn’t like it’s a thing that you know even since I was a
kid I always felt like there’s something that it looks it’s very real there’s no
doubt about that but I almost feel like I’m gonna feel like people whine about
it that have like a like a complex about themselves if you see somebody if we’re
both people of color and you see a motherfuckers sorry you see a guy who
thinks that he’s better then because he’s a couple of shades different than
you were or if you think you’re better than because you’re a couple of shades
different that says something about that person like you’re really young you’re
in la-la land like you’re fuckin taught it because of
racists don’t see you any different and to be quite honest even if you’re not a
racist if you have counted law enforcement to something they don’t make
you any fucking different so it’s like to me those are like people who it’s
like they got complexes like I know I’m not saying it right but I think you
could just know you’re saying it dead-on you’re spot-on and I’m not even so much
talking about how you know white people see it I’m talking about you know within
the black circles or the white skin people do too much at times you know
sometimes I get accused of not addressing these particular topics okay
so I’m addressing it now and I want people to speak freely I don’t want you
know my perspective to be the dominant you know a narrative you know if you
feel a certain way please but only difficult ah it’s too difficult
star you know that like you got it well maybe not for you but for us regular
people is too difficult to even have the public discussion because as soon as you
say like hey you need to get out of your feelings so you need to stop looking for
people to blame for your life as soon as you say that you start getting beat over
the head with you know you’re not being sensitive but not for you know maybe
you’re doing some type of Koonin or something like this and it’s not you
can’t even have to discuss okay and unfortunately I think when people talk
that community shit which I’ve never agreed with but when they talk that type
of stuff it’s hard to do that when the so-called community that everybody’s
been fostering it hates on anybody with common sense it hates on anybody with
reason do boy you gotta be prepared to slap a tooth out of motherfuckers head
every ten seconds just to be taken seriously good point
that type grateful and when you’re taking seriously by that type you gotta
ask yourself this a man a woman especially if your of means or even if
you’re not it means if you just got a head on yourself you gotta ask yourself
why you trying to fucking impress people who don’t want to act like people want
to act more like that you know what I mean I’m not hating on my own I’m just
saying not everybody’s the same just because they look the same right you
know you may look at someone who Spanish black Italian Irish Jewish whatever the
case is that don’t necessarily mean that that’s what they are you know you know
I’m not saying why I think you could say it better but I appreciate how you’re
laying it and you know I’m hearing what you’re saying and for the most part I’m
agreeing with you continue on so I just what for me I just think that it’s a lot
of complaining about those who often at least from my class I’m born in 1980
okay you know we had come out of the 60s but nothing like this we had all types
of opportunities right a lot of times from what I’ve seen you have tried to
you chose to fail you chose you had no opportunity you was too cool learn how
to read you wish to fly to go get a job you couldn’t be bothered to go to yada
yada yada now the tables have turned you’re starting to develop your first
few gray hairs and you got baby mamas all over the place felonies your fuck
your four o’clock Thanks you might get back to life any midlife if you make it
if you make it right you might get back to regular life and so in that lala land
in between your late 30s and you know whatever middle age you know 40s 50s
whatever in that lala land a lot of people come up with these fucking
excuses say oh it’s because I’m talking oh it’s because it is so it’s because of
that how can you say any of this when your vocabulary or mostly use is reduced
so like to it’d be worth basically film I think it’s like now you know I mean
like I mean it just it it proud to be ignorant is the term I think that that
fits with regards what how you laying this out proud to be ignorant how’d you
say that proud proud to be ignorant ignorant
I swear Tina yeah I swear Tina and I just wanted to uh oh
my god you know I know you do research in science but just as uh you know toss
my penny on the table once in it not even two cents right regardless of where
your political ideas ideations are like regardless of how you feel ideologically
you know left right sent out whatever cases
how people express themselves is gonna be a little extra because we’re
Americans you know Snoop was one of the first to
jump out and he came out and had like a mock you know God and everything when he
had a music video with chop you know what I mean and people made a little
noise but not too much right I’m wondering it whether this person is
that did that is a lot of smoke because that’s not a character for them almost
like Celine Dion getting into a fight with cardi B you something you’d be like
oh shit like you know what I mean I’m not a character part right like you know
what I mean like is that what it is or is it what he said because if it’s
what he said I must say personal I must say as Americans and you know you speak
or you teach about capitalism awesome I drop things that’s right and you wanted
it I don’t know anybody else he doesn’t wrote me up to be honest I’m the only
Brosius but you know what I mean like I don’t know anybody else okay TED
talks battle but you teach about capitalism and you remind people that
money makes this place go round and this is what it is isn’t it so in the
political game your money talks and bullshit walks
and you know most of us don’t have anything so that restricts people in
terms of how they can express their anger or discontent and what they see
politically I agree with everything you’ve just said yeah what regards to
that but and that’s exactly why I’m looking at John Legend and saying wow
he’s doing a lot right now and it just it’s it sounds Excellus I’m gonna take
some calls man thank you for your super chat and yeah hey I’ve just seen one of
the super charts winning so you should see it come up okay Thank You Man it’s
not the way to do it alright get it good okay take care okay Julius Lex on the
check-in good conversation you know sometimes we have to approach this and
say hey hey hey hey hey of course we can say hi you know black people can’t be
racist me that’s a lot of people claim I feel different I don’t know that number I’ve been
getting texts lately from strange numbers I answer all calls but if it’s
dumb shit I will block you my phone is for business uncle Billy good afternoon
sir sends in a super chat six dollars and 66 cents he says good afternoon star
some white folks help out black folks with 70 inch flat screens lmao Thank You
uncle Billy Jay s car 84 kind of say that name
number 9 looking for light-skinned brothers pay attention I don’t know what
number 9 is looking for to be honest with you a great guy but I just I’m
swamped this weekend you know just I gotta handle some business I gotta do
some filming Saturday probably all day Saturday and I don’t know what’s uh what
he really has planned I don’t think he really has a plan I mean and that’s okay
but I I can’t put him up for two nights so that I can’t do what’s he gonna drive
you know I’m up in the fucking a a wooded area I can’t loan him no goddamn
vehicle power boy bought me powder boy bowd er boy
proud to be ignorant can be monetized in America that’s not so bad right
question mark you’re right sir it is monetized I go to the grand
just to see the proud to be ignorant you know it brings a smile to my face thank
you very much for your super chat okay I think cash app is working I had some
fuckin issue I had to figure that out things got a little twisted around and
again folks out I’m just rambling this afternoon I just I saw that John Legend
thing I said what the fuck this guy have you code nine one nine good afternoon
John Legend calling the commander-in-chief of piece of shit what
say you nice yeah hey dear ajahn Chah is right
if you think about what do you I mean he says a lot he’s saying a lot less than
what you find people on the street saying for some reason people feel they
don’t need to know as much about what the policies and stuff that’s going on
in the government they’re just reacting a people’s tweets or stuff okay but I
think that your point about light-skinned brothers doing the most is
absolutely true I mean me I’m a bright skinned brother right so like back in
the day they would like refer to me as somebody who could pass right I come
from a long line of people who look like that so just in my experience you know
looking at looking at people who are my complexion or even slightly darker you
do see the brothers out there doing the most now when it comes to so black women
you know black will be doing the most period in general you kind of just you
kind of just see that but I think I agree with you on that one 100% go ahead
right so you hear the comment earlier about black people doing the most in
America I mean I think that has a lot to do with the history of America but one
thing I want to challenge people to do on is colorism topic is so like looking
at South Africa look at Dominican Republic where in our case in America
black folks decided a long time ago that we’re all black you know what I’m saying
but if you go and look at other countries like like South Africa the
mixed-race people are entirely different you know voting bloc or social group or
political body whatever you want to call it you’re not even on the same
motherfucking page as each other if I can just jump in for a second there’s so
many different layers here but but that’s why in my title I said our
light-skinned people to extra in America I didn’t want to branch out into other
countries or even continents because then that would be just very very
concentrated just more someone to talk about America and again John Legend has
the right to say whatever he won to say but he is a person of you know
who claims to be of a higher moral standard you know core family values and
things like that and I just looked at him like damn nigga are you okay yeah
okay yeah yeah that’s bullshit he took the opportunity to maybe educate the
public on why he’s a people should and not just based on his sweets but maybe
based on a political argument like you know Republicans opposed to be the super
you know capitalist small businesspeople but here he is putting tariffs on and
fucking up business for people so you know and then there’s an opportunity to
just just say shit and in John Legend’s took a minute to say shit instead of
educate people so that’s what I want to say sauna let you know I’ve been a
longtime listener blanket I mean uh sir and I appreciate you thank you sir thank
you okay okay yeah what do you feel John Legend’s right or not and if you wanna
call in and say yeah fuck you storage on ledges right that’s fine too
that’s fine too but I just you know what he claims to stand for for him to go
that extra mile as he was getting into his vehicle you know stop to sign an
autograph you know and I was a very good point that Ronnie put on the table his
John Legend openly called Harvey Weinstein a piece of shit you know is
he’s selective you know let’s bring every could 562 on the line
black to noon do a little research here five six know yo are you there hey
what’s up man who was that guy calling earlier talking reckless about you oh he
said he said he’s from Chicago light-skinned guy he he said niggas
niggas they’re shooting in the mouth here but he mentioned your name hey what up yeah yeah
I’m just here talking about that light-skinned man I think his black
people being edge them I’m there yet we’re not even black people is niggas
being extra come on you know cuz you can call e you can name just as many goddamn
people being extra you know what I’m sayin
code black like youngster you know I can go on and on
you know I think it’s just niggas extra and I think social media made it to
where everything are trying out extra each other
good point good point but again if I can just go back for a second we’re talking
about you know John Legend you know just doing the most and and for what it is
that he claims to represent I just said Wow now I want to see if he apologizes I
want to see if anybody calls him out or will they just give him a pass because
you know President Obama anybody who has called him to my knowledge no or
Michelle Obama a monkey or something to that effect they have you know been
called out and whether they apologize or not the spotlight was put on them oh go
ahead what yeah you know this I knew John
Legend been doing extra shit for a while so this should be no surprise to nobody
I haven’t Kanye West oh cool they so cool I’m not sure they probably are
still cool but look no no Kanye light-skinned he extra they friends they
both a two extra buddies you know if I wouldn’t call Kanye West nights in Coke
on us listen I said no I said he’s dark-skinned no don’t ya know see ya the
Dorff skin John Legend his buddy he’s like skin they both extra right
right good point okay this man good to talk to you exactly thanks for checking
it man thank you yeah salute okay so exactly on the chicken let me look in
the live channel Oh guys hold on a second Kanye West and John Legend are
they still friends King droopy says light-skinned in the
Congo I missed that one uh okay they said Kanye axe light
skinned okay do they still hang out I don’t know I
have no idea somehow I lost track that whole shit few more calls here area code
786 good afternoon talk my light-skinned people afternoon
are they doing too much in America hello how are you sir good afternoon let’s get
doing to the dumb shit yeah your homegirl running she pointed out already
fucking Raven say she ain’t even black but two guards to clean a race yeah II
had Trina say she was mixed with something since she expanded was she
from Daddy I missed that one Trina black yeah yeah
it was a whole thing over on the 305 Miami went over their shoulder say word
and did you know what we got her what thank you we’re getting to you that
light-skinned nigga you know even did all the type of sorts of things he’s no
extra yeah I don’t know did you see Cuba with the UH the KFC bucket on his head
couple years ago yeah I thought every thority don’t you see he was old he was
posing for the gambit imposing yeah and he was happy about it was awful real
monkey shit right yeah yeah and I wanna I wanted to say you know I’m
saying Ronnie made the most sense out of
everybody yeah a motherfucking Jessie smiley bean
is down so fuck man trying to get a bag or whatever the case he was but this is
this John Legend again he’s a funny nigga like
dr. Harvey Weinstein you say nobody help but you wanna break our are Kelly
yeah you know I’m saying they two T’s in the bucket yeah yeah he just paint her
into the motherfucking political gain and he won’t to get into office that’s
what that is yeah I would imagine at some point he’s
gonna try and flip this into some type of a political career I just I think
he’s very a fussy man you know just suspect if you will
you know tight pants we’re near stuff yes
need a white want light-skinned woman up on this all yeah hey can you answer the
second question how can ye people help black people or do you think that black
people have to help themselves or do you think the black people don’t need help
that’s my second question on the screen can you time in right now with a white
woman and not use up for a whole white privilege okay you know you gotta get
them back out a guy does you know you gotta make it work for you my father
used to say white women are like keys you put him in doors and they open the
door for you boy my father used to say and you know she
worshiped the ground I walk on she’s like this dark meat now are you married
to her respectfully you married to Mary no business edge okay okay I ain’t
marrying nobody could win so she could get half on the script to get my grip
I’m on that pimp yeah thanks I like the way you talk
are we talking hey I appreciate the call three cumin salute one more thing before
I go out I just want you know boatmen line you know II think cloud man check
me out on youtube subscribe and all that good shit you know I’m saying Cydia
sitting I say st. cloud subscribe okay I appreciate you man thank you
salut all right yes sir okay all right that’s where it is zillah’s on the
check-in hey listen guys I gotta check my cash app in my phone to make sure
what’s going through the phone I’m a second year what the fuck okay Brandon why didn’t Brandon’s cash
app come through my fucking email what’s the problem E now do I have to reinstall
this thing or something all right thank you uh Brandon I got your cash app give
me a second gots me trying to figure something out here
Jonathan I met work on break put me on I already okay I don’t see your number
Jonathan can I think I read de Mario’s Jonathan okay what number you’re calling
you from Jonathan I don’t see you man I don’t see you let me go area code 601
hey is that Jonathan good afternoon are you there hello hey Helen what’s
poppin birth hey what’s gonna give birth life scare motherfuckers
I think first they just kind of sensitive but they’re just overly
sensitive been most of the races that I’ve been in contact with you know I’m
saying that’s it but why not what I was experiencing that y’all saying cuz uh I
really wouldn’t know what the problem may be they don’t feel like they all the
way black but they not white they just they just emotional for no reason you
know no goddamn reason I’m hearing you out I mean I’m in no rush me and John
Legend’s not the only one you know Ronnie I don’t know how how I didn’t
think of Jesse’s small that but – Ronnie put Jesse small out on the table yeah he
tried to hang himself if you ask me and and defiant and still has not admitted
to anything losing everything selling a partner to us holy shit and still going
ten toes down extra extra hey man you got a that way
too much to keep up a lot at them but sometimes you got to take a fuck yeah
but yeah but with John listen Carla now truck everybody every fucking Liberal
Democrat motherfucker calls out from John Legend getting mad at Trump is
nothing new that’s just water under the bridge you know I’m saying like really
who gives a fuck you know I’m saying in our honesty okay
you know it’s not gonna it’s not gonna rush anybody to the motherfucking pole
to be like yo let me let me not vote for trumpet john legend says oh shit fuck
that means nothing you know how old you said were you calling from bees
hang on stay with me how old am i yeah I’m uh I’m 27 brothers in Jackson
Mississippi laughs okay okay hang on a sec Ronnie just sent me something else
here Ludacris are you Lucas fan I grew up as a Ludacris fan I can’t lie I
haven’t listened to his music in a while but his earlier shit you know I was I
was a fan chicken and beer artists hit I had all the mouth without that okay you
know I’m gonna read this story and then I’ll come back to thank you for the call
man thank you salute work yes sir okay maybe I better read this before cuz I
like Ludacris we’ve always been cool some type of comments Ludacris made
hornacek guys many people were offended by the word light-skinned did he say
something or was it somebody close to him hold a second and okay so people get knighted him I
don’t talk about nobody’s kids something with the kids kids said Thank You Ronnie don’t doing too much okay Zillah
good afternoon Zillah sends in a super jet star I’m 29 years of age dark skin
are the ones who are extra I moved about 20 times growing up and had to lay hands
on someone each time they thought it was sweet
okay you know maybe I should change the title our dark-skinned people – actually
I mean you think about you know world star the grand maybe I got a
fucked up – maybe maybe John Legend is just one of a few you know maybe the
examples I gave it doesn’t really compare thank you Sola hang on a second
now think about it Floyd Mayweather dogs you know that
monkey shit he does hell of a boxer but you know just monkey shit Conan sir
Timothy good afternoon sir sends in a super chat storm on area code three four
seven and get him on the phone here on the line hold on three four seven where
are you Nomad Nick in the queue Nick are you uh
do you want to get on the line man or what what’s going on here
he still hasn’t sent a picture in guys good afternoon three four seven is that
sir jtimothy good afternoon man thank you for your super chat what’s poppin
all right so I just kind of wanted to be following and touching a little bit on
this colorism thing as a whole so there’s like vs. dodging pain is way but
the thing that we kind of need to look back at is why we actually value as a
culture as an African American culture while we value life some people for them
besides dog people and I think when you give it back to each other then to one
and look white Jesus as a whole african-americans
had pictures of his white uses in their homes for years from the times of
slavery up until today we can go on traditional african-american person’s
house and probably find the pictures like Jesus and that’s so true as to what
define is the definition of such character and what we know is nothing in
which your father sounds a little muffled are you in a headset or
speakerphone what are you so you I like what you’re saying sounds a little crazy
we don’t know bluetooth what are you doing on that flying shit okay are you
just doing a shitty phone okay all right so glad you’re talking about white Jesus
continue on please I’m sorry so I think the biggest problem is when
we identified Beauty we have been traditionally identified that as a white
Jesus and I think that’s probably the problem that a lot of African Americans
as we look at that as a definition of beauty kind of tired back into what
you’ve been saying about individuals who tend to do a little bit more than most
you can even look back there like you know Angela Davis Shawn King there are a
lot of license people that really really go over the top when it comes to
defining their blackness nuns you feel like this may be a short fall with where
your skin tone is a lot of working people still somewhat insecure and
that’s probably why they go so are they go so hard and so extra Allah John when
it comes to matters of race yeah I forgot about Shawn King who did call
into my show months ago and an Angela Davis very good examples continue on
please so yeah that’s pretty much where I stand on that and I think the biggest
thing that we kind of need to do as african-americans is take away what you
see physically you kinda should have valuing what the person brings to the
table as far as their character it really doesn’t matter if your life in
the dark and I mean the same goes to Boston people there’s a lot of talking
people there looking like me if you won’t think that they’re automatically
soft just because you like because they have fair skin and there’s
not a fair assessment as a whole because people did not necessarily define by the
actual you know melanin in their skin tone that has nothing to do with the
character as a whole what about that light-skinned sister Rachel Dolezal do
you think she was a come on what about that Queen Rachel Dolezal she tried
didn’t did she she tried to help I’m just I’m now I’m told now I’m on the
bullshit he dies she died Hey Thank You Man thank you for the references uh I
appreciate you salute yeah yeah that Queen Rachel Dolezal she’s still
claiming to be black a light-skinned she was taking it to the bitter and not my
family they be lying they lying money what time is it okay I think I Maddy I
just wanted to just run this by yeah fucked up my guide their morning I
didn’t make it to make it to the fucking gym I’m heated shit alright hey Thank
You Ronnie for being available and those of you who called in sometimes I just
have to mentally massage these things you know and just make sure I’m not
fucking crazy you know where’s Ronnie’s banner hold on okay
here we go and we are gonna get some type of ps4
tournament going guys you’ve been hitting me with emails just bear with me
please I just I’ve been swamped and got so much going on down here Lana but
things are are happening at a nice pace I’ll just say that okay all right his
Ronnie’s banner up first and I’ll see you guys I might see you tonight I’m not
sure I gotta run out but I might see you tonight okay
be safe enjoy your day you

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