Apps missing from iPhone home screen

Apps missing from iPhone home screen

If the apps which you have installed in your
iPhone are missing from your iPhone then let us see how to fix this issue. First thing is to make sure that you have
app installed in your iPhone. In order to find that one, just simply pull
down on the iPhone home screen to activate the search option and then type the name of
the app and then search. So, if you have installed the app it will
show here on the top. so, just make sure that you have installed
this app. The next thing what you have to do is you
have to make sure that you have not restricted the app on your iPhone. In order to find that one go ahead and open
“Settings”. Scroll down. Select “General”. Select “Restriction”. Enter the restriction pass code and then from
here make sure that the apps from here they are not restricted. If it is restricted then you can not find
on the iPhone screen. Now the last thing what you will do is you
will go ahead and open “Settings”. You will scroll down. Select “General”. Scroll down. Select “Reset” and then select “Home screen
layout”.Once you select Home screen layout what happens is all the apps what you have
installed will be available on the home screen of your iPhone. Please note that when you reset the home screen
layout then the position of the app which you had adjusted will be changed.

55 thoughts on “Apps missing from iPhone home screen

  1. Excellent! Thanks my dude. Updated to iOS 12 and had some apps missing, none were restricted so I reset the home screen and it worked. Now I have to go through the pain of sorting my 6 pages of apps but at least I have them back.

  2. I've been trying to figure out how to get the icon for my iMovie app on my home screen and cam across your video. I should mention I have the iPhone X. So, I click settings, then general, but I don't have the Restrictions selection that you do on your iPhone. Any suggestions on how to get my iMovie icon to the home screen?

  3. thank you soomuch for this vdeo!!ived been stressing out coz i dl dis battery saver app and i change my mind , so i wanted to delete it anyway, suddenly i cannot find it anymore and not showing up on my homescreen. i do everything , thats when i watch dis and reset the homescreen ! tadaaa it shows there 😂 thanksss! 😁

  4. You are a life saver….or I should say….you are an appointment saver! Thank you it was very helpful

  5. Thank you for the video clip, thank you for taking the time to make it to help others ……………….Thanks.

  6. I just watched every app in my phone turn grey then turn back to normal. There was no update and nothing wrong with my phone. Every app turned grey for a moment then flickered to another one. What is this. Please let me know.

  7. thank you very much. it did not work the first time, because my english is not the language of the phone, but then…

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