Apple WWDC 2019 keynote in 13 minutes

Apple WWDC 2019 keynote in 13 minutes

(audience cheering)
– And welcome to WWDC 2019! (audience clapping)
I’m excited to share with you this morning
how we’re gonna make tvOS even more entertaining and more personal. We completely redesigned the Home screen with full-screen previews
of the best TV shows and newly released movies. (audience clapping)
Everyone in the Home gets their own Up Next list plus personalized recommendations for new shows and movies to enjoy. And it’s easy to switch
between family members using the all new Control Center. It works just like you
would expect it to hear. tvOS also delivers Apple Music. You’re gonna be able
(“Rainbow”) to see lyrics to your favorite songs in sync with the music. Now, Apple Arcade is also
going to look amazing on the Apple TV 4K display. We’re extending support to two of the best and most popular game
controllers available: Xbox One X!
(audience cheering) Yes!
(audience cheering) And PlayStation DualShock 4!
(audience cheering) Now, let’s talk about Apple Watch. – Now, across all the Watch faces, we’re introducing taptic chimes and when enabled on the hour, you’ll feel a silent taptic on your wrist and if sound is on, you’ll hear an audible chime like this. (bird chirping) First, we’re bringing
more Apple apps to Watch. The new Audiobooks app, and
Voice Memos, and Calculator. And we’re now making it
possible to create apps that run independently on the Watch, no longer requiring a
companion iPhone app. watchOs 6 now enables
the Streaming Audio API so you can go adjust your Watch. Now, to make it even easier
for you to discover these apps, we’re excited to bring the Apps Store to Apple Watch.
(audience cheering) You can purchase and install
an app directly on your Watch. – So in watchOS 6, we’re introducing activity trends.
(audience clapping) It’ll compare your progress over the last 90 days with the last 365. If the trend show that you’re
maintaining or improving, you’ll see an arrow pointing
up and that’s great! Keep doing what you’re doing. Let’s talk about your hearing health. The new Noise app uses a
microphone to detect decibel levels and can notify you if it’s reached a level that can impact your hearing over time. If you tap the Noise app,
you’ll get more detail, and you can use the complication to check which is to raise and arrest. Now, there’s one more new
feature in health and fitness: Cycle Tracking. So in watchOS 6, the Cycle Tracking app gives you a simple, discrete way to visualize your cycle
right on your wrist. You can log key aspects of
your period and fertility including symptoms, and you can be notified
when it’s about to begin. You can also choose to receive
a fertile window prediction so you are better informed and because we wanna make this available to hundreds of millions
of women around the world, Cycle Tracking is also
available without a Watch in the Health app is iOS. (audience clapping)
– iOS 13 is a huge release, packed with lots of capabilities, but we know that nothing is more important to our iPhone users than performance. Unlocking with Face ID, now 30% faster. We’ve changed the way
that we’re packaging apps on the App Store. You’ll see that your
downloads are now 50% smaller and updates, 60% smaller.
(audience clapping) We are bringing dark mode (audience cheering)
to iOS. Look at that.
(sensual music) A gorgeous dark wallpaper
and notifications look great. Let’s take a look at our widgets. Just awesome. We’ll start with News. Check it out with a
gorgeous, dark appearance and your Calendar. Let’s take a trip into Messages. You see how your images, your emoji, they all look just fantastic. (upbeat electrical music)
And some new tricks because now, when you type, you can swipe. Let’s take a look at our new Share Sheet. It looks awesome in dark mode (audience cheering)
but you notice in the middle, sharing suggestions,
intelligently based on who you share with and
who appears in the photos. Your Music looks great in dark mode. You go through some of my recent playback. Of course, start playing (energetic rock music)
some music here and now for the first time ever, time-synced lyrics. Now, Safari has new options
(sensual music) to quickly change text sizing and as per website preferences. Mail gets desktop classed
text formatting controls, (upbeat electrical music)
including support for rich fonts. And Notes gets this
beautiful new gallery view, support for shared folders, and much more. Next, Maps. – You’ll notice in the
upper right-hand corner, there is a new binoculars button. When I tap that, I get a brand new look-around window. Yep, this is the right place to drop in so I’m gonna go full screen. With look around, I get a
gorgeous high-definition 3D view. This is my favorite part. Turn your phone and hold on tight. Smoothly move down the street.
(audience member cheering) – Now, for the first time
you can share your location to an app just once and then
require it to ask you again next time it wants it.
(audience cheering) Next, I wanna turn to log in. We’ve all seen buttons like this, asking us to use a social account log in to get a more personalized
experience with an app. And so now we have the solution. It’s called Sign in with Apple.
(audience cheering) Tap it and you’re authenticated
with Face ID on your device, logged in with a new account without revealing any
new personal information. So, we’re introducing something new. It’s called Memoji Stickers.
(audience clapping) We automatically create
a sticker pack for you for each of your Memoji. Now, of course, you can
use them in Messages, but we’ve also incorporated them right alongside Emoji
in the system keyboard. I wanna turn the Camera and Photos. You can see at a glance,
all your settings. What’s really cool is
we’re bringing all of this to video for the first time. You can rotate a video. (audience cheering)
– I’m so excited to show you guys the new Photos app. I just tap down here at the bottom and you see Days is absolutely beautiful. The clutter of the similar photos is gone. I can just scroll and enjoy now. So you can see videos like this time lapse play automatically for me, really bringing my library back to life. So, let’s head over to Years. So Years gives me a high-level
overview of my library. What makes Years really
special is that it’s dynamic. And Photos knows I go
to Dub Dub every year. So now, it’s showing me all
of my Dub Dubs for the past. – Lets get started with AirPod. First, when you’re wearing AirPods, Siri will now be available to read your incoming messages to you as soon as they arrive and
you can instantly respond. Another great new
feature is audio sharing. We have all had a time where we wanted to share a movie or a song with a friend. Now you can with just a tap. We are bringing hand off to HomePod. Now, when you walk through the door, just bring your iPhone
close to your HomePod to instantly hand off your music, a podcast, or even a phone call, and you can just take it with you when you leave the exact same way. Today, we’re introducing live radio so you can ask Siri to play stations from iHeartRadio, TuneIn, and RADIO.COM. This year, we have our
biggest update to CarPlay since the beginning
with a CarPlay dashboard where you can now have your
music next to your Maps, and you still have room
for Siri smart suggestions. And it now works with third-party apps like Pandora and Waze. – You may notice there’s
been one thing missing from the iOS 13 story and that’s iPad. (audience cheering)
We’re calling it iPadOS and I’d like to give you a first look. So, watch what happens when I swipe over. I can now pin my widgets right on my home screen.
(audience cheering) We’re bringing multi-window
capability to apps on iPad. For instance, I have a single
note right here in Notes, but what if I wanna have
two notes side by side? Well, now I can. Now, browsing in Files, of course, you have icon view, list view. Well, how about column view? Great for digging through
deep file hierarchies. You get a great file preview right here and quick actions for
things like rotating images, making PDFs, and great rich
metadata right at the bottom. Now, also improving the
way you can share files. For instance, in iCloud Drive, we now support folder sharing.
(audience cheering) That’s right. You can now plug in a thumb drive.
(audience clapping) Thumb drives, external
disc drives, and SD cards all show up right in the Files app. But now, this one’s really great too. Sometimes when you’re
working with a camera, you like to import directly
into an app like Lightroom, and now you can. We’re also bringing in a download manager to Safari.
(audience cheering) So, navigating long documents, you can now grab the scroll indicator and jump anywhere in
the document instantly. Moving cursor is easier than ever. Just pick it up and drag
it where you want it to go. And selecting text, just
put your finger down, and drag out a selection. You wanna copy or cut? Just three-finger pinch to copy. Three-finger spread to plop it right down. – Let’s turn to the Mac! This is the new Mac Pro! – So, we’re using a brand
new Intel Xeon processor and it has up to 28 cores, six channels of super fast
ECC memory, and 12 DIMM slots, enabling an incredible 1.5 terabytes of system memory.
(audience cheering) So we’re bringing PCI
Expansion back to the Mac. It has eight internal PCI slots. Now this I/O cart has
two Thunderbolt 3 ports, two USB-A ports, and an audio jack. And there are also two
more Thunderbolt 3 ports conveniently located on
the top of the system. This includes Adobe, Autodesk,
Serif, and Blackmagic. We’re all announcing support
for the new Mac Pro today. SideFX, Red, Epic, and Avid are also announcing support today. – It’s a 32-inch LCD display
with over 20 million pixels. It’s a 6K retina display.
(audience clapping) And so we call this display
the Pro Display XDR. – Now, if you look at
other systems configured with comparable components, you’ll see that they cost around $8000. The new Mac Pro will start at 5999. It’s gonna be available this fall. The Pro Display XDR will be 4999 for the display itself.
(audience clapping) The VESA Mount Adapter will be 199 and the Pro Stand, 999. – It’s macOS Catalina. We begin with iTunes. The future of our iTunes
is not one app, but three: Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and Apple TV. And now I wanna turn to something new. We call it Sidecar. Now, you can use your
iPad as a second display (audience cheering)
for your Mac. Now, Voice Control, let’s
you control your Mac entirely with your voice. We’re also bringing it to iOS as well. (upbeat music)
– Open Maps. Show grid. Long press it 20. Open App Switcher. Four. Tap share. Tap Tim. Tap send. – And next, I wanna turn to a new solution that helps you find your Mac should it ever be lost or stolen. It’s called Find My. Now, Find My combines Find My
iPhone with Find My Friends, and it’s not available on the
Mac and iOS devices as well. But also for the first time, we’re bringing Screen Time to the Mac. We’ve been working on a new project and internally, we
called Project Catalyst, and it’s new technology
that lets developers quickly and efficiently create apps for the Mac based on their existing iPad apps. An ARKit is a major update. Now, this is insane.
(audience cheering) What used to require
painstaking compositing by hand can now be done in real time.
(audience clapping) Motion capture, just point
your camera at a person, and we can track it in real time. – This is Minecraft Earth. – [Man] This use Motion Capture and make your character wave. Try to one wave. Let’s try to trick it to double wave. Cool. – And of course, all
of this great software will be available to
our users in the fall. Thank you! – So we’ve never seen
this before in Logic. I’ve got 300, 400, 500.
(audience cheering) We can now have a thousand audio tracks and a thousand software
instruments in Logic.

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