32 thoughts on “Apple Podcasts – What Would You Ask For?

  1. As a listener: Better episode history availability. Often they are not available and some weird things happening. As a podcaster: no idea, not one of them. 👍

  2. As a listener and subscriber to many podcasts, I listen to many different types of categories and that’s what I’d like to see in my playlist. I would like to see tabs or pages to separate or create my own pages to keep and find the genre I want to listen to. When you have a long page of new podcasts that stack up everyday, you have to scroll through and find what you are looking for and it’s not a good user experience .

  3. "Ways to improve podcast" feature. So, Apple through AI would be able to use things like metadata, # of plays, title, description, etc and give you insights to areas you can improve to create engaging or more discoverable content. Sorta like what VidIQ and Tubebuddy do.

    Let me know if you want to work on something like this!

  4. The app is atrocious. I am an Apple lifer but I refuse to use that thing. I know there will be people that argue, but it's only bc humans are good at ignoring painful and crappy things if they have to deal with them every day. I know there are many more people that do agree, and use one of the many other podcast apps. And THERE lies the game-changer.

    If Apple wants to stay king of the hill (Spotify obviously spooked them), then they should open up an API for podcast and episode reviews to all the other podcast apps, for free. Be cool about it and also include a 'source' indicator and maybe a link back to the App Store. If they play it right, there are even some interesting Android cross-over marketing angles they could take. But, more importantly, they will immediately and forever cement their place in the pod-o-sphere as the primary source for reviews and ranking of podcasts.

  5. I want a listener to have the ability to search though my episodes using a search bar instead of having to scroll through dozens of episodes looking for a particular one.

  6. Apple should have a way for us to send text notifications to our audience. Maybe constrain it to one message a day. Give us a way to check in with our audience and allow the audience to respond back.

  7. Hey Pat, here's my wishlist:

    1. Comments (make podcasting more social)
    2. Improved CTA abilities (rather than linking to show notes, freebies, or products)
    3. Playlists (so subscribers can browse evergreen content by category)

    Essentially, I believe if podcast platforms replicated YouTube a bit and translated it to podcasting, podcasts as a content medium could have way more growth. As you alluded to, iTunes is missing out on monetizing their platform and incentivizing content creators to invest in it.

  8. Why are you focusing on just Apple Podcasts? Of all of my iOS friends, no one is really using the app. Overcast seems to be the go to player now. Of the 15 or so podcasts that I subscribe to, zero of them were found using an app… They were all recommendations from friends or mentioned on YouTube, Facebook, etc. That’s my experience and it may not be applicable to others 😉

  9. I simply want them to get out of the podcasting game altogether and issue a formal apology for trying to force all the other players out of what needs to be an open standard with a generic name.

  10. I wish they had better categories. In the business area, I see finance, real estate, investing and a ton of other tips that should be their own category. They should also have that advertising network. Companies would pay Apple some great money to have their products, shows or services promoted on specific podcasts. But I think creating more elaborate categories would be beneficial to podcasters. Look at Amazon's book categories. There aren't nearly as many shows yet but there will be soon. Apple has to keep up. Spotify might add reviews and comments and then the game is over!

  11. I wish they would just make it simple!!! Go back to their roots, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

  12. I'm in the same boat as you Pat. When I tell people about my podcast they can't find it with a simple search. I have to give them the rss feed. So a better search engine is what I would like to see and perhaps something to promote more of their newer podcasts.

  13. As a podcaster, I'd love to have statistics and transparency about how the charts come together! As a listener I'd dig an overhaul of general usability in the desktop app!

  14. As listener: (1) making lists (f.e. favourites episodes) (2) making notes for episodes (ideal solution: notes with marking this parts on timeline like likes on SoundCloud app) (3) 15s forward – for easy skipping ads – with these option it will be ideal for me 🙂

  15. 1. I want each podcast to have its own personal search bar so you can find the episode not only by the number, but also by the name of the episode or individual words …
    2. Each episode must be numbered, because it is very disappointing when you have to look for a specific episode by scrolling all the rest.

  16. As both a listener and a maker, I'd love for there to be an easier way to share a podcast episode on social media (or in emails, or whatever.) I'd love for sharing audio to be as easy as sharing a photo.

    Also – as a maker – I'd love some more transparency with the process of submission. My second podcast was somehow rejected for reasons that are still unknown to me. I had to change the name of the podcast and resubmit and I still have no idea what's going on and there seems to be no way to find out. Taking some mystery out of the process would go a long way!

  17. In the Browse section of the Podcasts App, adding a "You might like…" section. This could be similar to Amazon's "also bought" suggestions, where the system suggests new podcasts based upon your listening behavior. Browse currently has Featured, Top Charts, All Categories, and Featured Providers. Actually being able to browse a list of content that is curated specifically for that listener would be huge.

    It would also be great for the independent podcasters (crazy that I have to describe us that way now that big money publishers have come into the space) to have the option to advertise or get a chance at being listed in the Featured Providers section of the Browse tab, not just NYT, Wondery, Gimlet, NPR, etc. I would gladly spend money on ads to get my podcast title in front of listeners in my niche.

    Oh, and I echo the sentiments of everyone else asking for more categories.

  18. Make it easier for those of us who don't have apple devices to comment. I've itunes for pc but navigating it is slow and clunky. I try to like and review shows on itunes but its tricky and sometimes just not easy at all to do that. Once I couldn't get my password to work. It took about twenty days to get a new one as I dudnt have an apple device. I get that they want to sell apple products but a lot of folk don't want to do that. I moved from apple 7 years ago – I dont want to go back. That said I recognise that the only place where reviews seem to matter is on iTunes…

  19. I think besides findability; I want them to actually use new and noteworthy properly. There're shows on there that are over two years old. Maybe have a rotation of brand new shows featured for each category every day. Maybe some better keyword search on there too?

  20. Making the app available on other platforms!!!!! Specifically android and something cloud-based are on my wish list.

  21. As a listener:
    1. Being able to save soundclips
    2. Search within a podcasters library with a searchbar

    As a soon to be podcaster:
    Knowledge on how new and noteworthy actually works

  22. Actual search functionality that works – across all podcasts, within shows, based on better search options and filters. Also – easier access to links within descriptions.

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