Apple CarPlay Review! iOS on Your Dashboard!

Apple CarPlay Review! iOS on Your Dashboard!

I’m in a new Chevy Colorado, and I’m gonna
give you my first impressions and look at Apple CarPlay.
The system that brings Apple’s iOS to you car’s dashboard, stay tuned! Hey guys, welcome to Bleeding Edge TV! I’m
Andru Edwards. This is the show that brings you news and reviews through the acts of, and today I’ve got something more unique for
you, I’m sitting in a 2016 Chevy Colorado Z71 that Chevy lent to me.
And the reason why I’m doing this for you is because this car comes equipped with Apple
CarPlay. So if you want a car that basically brings
iOS to your dashboard, it allows you to access those key features that you would
usually reach for your phone to view, instead you can do it in your dashboard, making it
safer, less destructed driving out there and things like that.
By accessing things like your phone, your text messages, maps, music, etc. it’s much
much much easier with a car that has CarPlay. Google does make a version of these for Android,
called Android Auto, and most car would support both of them. It just allows the phone to send a projection
of either iOS or Android to the dashboard. So let’s get started and take a look at Apple
CarPlay. Now, i’ll just walk you through and show you
what it can do. And by the ways guys, if you haven’t entered yet you still have time, we’re
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and you can enter right there. So, first Im just gonna plug in the lightning
cable and there you see the projection button turned into an Apple CarPlay button. I tap
that and it brings me to the CarPlay Interface, the first icons, the phone,
music, maps, messages, now playing, podcasts, audiobooks are all from Apple. Rdio and Stitcher
and Overcast are three apps that just happen you have on your phone that are CarPlay compatible,
so they just show up here in the menu. Here on the left hand side, you it has the
current time, my phone’s signal and my phone’s WiFi signal so I could see those things right
there. You see on the bottom left, there’s a home
button, so for example you happen to be in Podcast and you wanted to get back at the
home screen, so I just hit the hime button like you would
on iOS device. So let’s get through some of these, let’s get into the phone. “Whom should I call for you?”
“Andru Edwards” “Calling Andru Edwards” Here i can see the list of my favorites, recent
calls that have come in, a list of my contacts, keypad for when I dial out and make a phone
call, and I can go into my voicemail and listen to voicemail. That’s what it looks like, you
can play it, you can skip back fifteen seconds, or you can call them back right there.
and then again, i’ll just go right back up to the Home screen. So let’s go in to music, we’ve got some of
the featured radio stations that you may have setup based on music or a song that you like.
It also plays Beats 1, so I can just tap on Beats 1 and it’ll start playing Beats 1. Anyway,
we’re gonna stop that because we don’t wanna have 3rd party music that
I’m not allowed to use on. Still, it’s cool you can scroll through the different radio
stations that you setup. You can also play with support, which includes a playlist that
you may have setup yourself, as well as playlist from Apple music that you downloaded and subscribed
to. We’re going to a playlist here, I can see
the music that’s in that playlist something I can tap on the song I wanna play. There’s
also artists, which can become a really long scrolling list, if you have a bunch of music
on your phone, which I certainly do. Song, which is an even longer list has a shortcut
to now playing list when you’re in the music app. As you can see, there’s also a random
button, a heart button, and a repeat button. Let’s get into Maps, a map is convenient because
of the infotainment system. Here we’re able to bring in the map app from your iPhone.
This is an Apple Maps, so you can’t switch it out for something like Google Map, her
ways, or anything like that. Apple Maps can zoom in and out, so you can see here you can
zoom in, zoom out. You can move around the map if you want to,
bring yourself back to the center, you got 3D. To get a more 3D view of the map itself,
you can look at destinations, if you wanna go into one infinite loop in
Cupertino you can tap right there, and as it shows you here. I go ahead start. “Starting route” And it gives you Siri, to walk you through
where you need to go. So this will give you your actual turn-by-turn directions hearing
it also. People map over there on that side, or you can hide that and turn that side and
just have the map showing or you could use it to get directions somewhere. “Give me directions to the nearest Starbucks.”
“Getting directions to Starbucks” And there you go, there’s Starbucks right
there. I can hit start and be there in five minutes. I’m gonna hit end. Anyway, to stop
that music from playing, stop it it’s pretty good music though, and you can do this from
anywhere. You can use Siri, you don’t have to be in the app to for that app. For example,
I can be here on the home screen, I can say. “Play Nicki Minaj”
“Looking for Nicki Minaj” “Here are some popular Nicki Minaj songs” And then it’s gonna take you back to where
you were, if you wanna know what’s playing, you can tap on Now Playing, you’ll see that
it’s playing the song “Pound the Alarm” Messages, it will read your messages out loud. “Would you like to hear your unread messages
or create a new one?” “Unread messages”
“You have a message from Jason Diaz, sent today 9:04 a.m it says “Thanks” would you
like to reply?” “Sure”
“Ok, what do you want to say to Jason Diaz?” “No problem dude!”
“Your message to Jason Diaz says “No problem dude!” ready to send it?”
“Yup” “Done” So my friend Jason the text message said he
hit like on the last video I did with the iPad Mini 4 review.
If you haven’t seen that, please check it out it’s on my YouTube channel,
and then he said he already subscribed to my channel, which
I also appreciate. It keeps talking so let’s hear what it’s saying. “Would you like to hear your Unread messages
or create a new one?” “Unread messages”
“I don’t know if I want to associate with someone w 3 dislikes.” And last message says”
“That’s a lot of dislikes” So we’re talking about the facts that my iPad
Mini 4 videos has 3 dislikes on it, so I think there’s 40 likes and then 3 dislikes.
So if you see it and you like it, please do hit the like button, same thing for this video
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the like button, it helps out a lot. It helps counteract the haters out there. And there you can see where it starts getting
confusing and weird, I already paused the music but you can still play it. Podcast,
if you use the Apple official Podcast app, this will
show you your podcasts. So I have a bunch of unplayed podcasts here, I could listen
to or I can just resume what I was listening to before, I’m
listening to the TAZ show. You also have the Top Charts by the way, so you can tap on Top
Charts and see what’s trending in the top chart podcast,
you can listen to it right there. Audiobooks, if you have audiobooks, which I do not
you could listen to your audiobooks here which is cool cause there are a lot of people who
loves to listen to their audiobooks. Overcast, don’t have any podcasts in there
right now but if i did, I can access my playlist and podcasts. Switch over to the Rdio, subscription
service again it keeps showing the podcast menu there, but there you could change if
you’re fluent with Rdio,it tailors in a station to your listening favorites
based on what you like, based on your favorites there. So it’s a competitor Apple music it’s
something similar in that kind of CarPlay a nutshell for you,
basically takes the features that you would use most from your phone, then puts it in
the dashboard for you. Now there are some bugs as you saw, there
are some things that are confusing like I paused the music a few times but it just start
playing again, it doesn’t usually happen when you pause the music from other device,
it won’t start playing again when you start doing something else. The menus it kept showing
the podcast menu when I first went in to audiobooks and overcast and Rdio and it
would take a few second to catch up and refresh and show the actual menu of the app I was
in. So there’s a couple things in there that they
need to fix, but overall, I like it, kinda makes you feel like Michael Knight seriously
way better than most if not all of the in-car voice command system, because you have to
know exactly how to phrase your command which is
Siri is just using natural language. That was your look at the CarPlay in the car.
If you have any questions or comments, leave it here or in the comments below. And as I’ve
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we do that multiple times per week, so if you’re into gadgets or tech gaming, and cars,
this is the place to be. Thanks for watching guys! I’m Andru Edwards.
This was Bleeding Edge TV, the show that brings you news and reviews through the acts of
Thanks for watching and i’ll see you on the next video!

43 thoughts on “Apple CarPlay Review! iOS on Your Dashboard!

  1. Another awesome video Andru. I don't know if this time that wrestling reference was intentional or coincidental with the podcast 😛

  2. Thanks for the info.. don't know if CarPlay has evolved yet in order for me to be a buyer yet, but your video adds some insight

  3. I'm looking at the Colorado and ran into this review. Thanks for doing this! I wasn't sure what the in-dash app even did.

  4. i have a 2007 toyota camry with navigation radio able to take car play but I don't know how set it up could you help me please

  5. i have a 2007 toyota camry with navigation radio able to take car play but I don't know how set it up could you help me please

  6. How tough is it to scroll through large music libraries? Are you able to search by letter using the ABC between the up/down arrows? Thanks!

  7. Is it true , that when your iphone is connected with your car via apple car play, that its locked / frozen and you cant use your PHONE at all?

    Bmw told me so.

  8. Can you use siri without having the wheel controls? Like can you hold on to the home button within carplay or on your phone? Or do you need the wheel controls?

  9. The carplay is good but they should really update the maps or let waze come in.

    Apple maps are not information pack as google. Example on a street of ABC … google normally shows every building or registered while apple only shows the street name or a government building

  10. Quick question I'm looking through the App Store and through my apps and I can't seem to find the CarPlay app. Is it only on the IPhone 7 because I have a 6s.

  11. Hey Andru, great review of CarPlay. Considering an aftermarket stereo with CarPlay for my car. Just two questions if you don’t mind.
    1. I have a convertible which might be to noisy for the microphone with the top down. Are you able to prompt all the same commands with the radio touchscreen?
    2. I mainly use Waze for nav. Is the CarPlay map effective for gps purposes? It looked good in your video just wondering if you thought it was a good pick for a main gps option. Thanks.

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