Anuel AA Talks New Music, Karol G & More On ‘El Factor Latino’ Podcast | Billboard Latin

Anuel AA Talks New Music, Karol G & More On ‘El Factor Latino’ Podcast | Billboard Latin

To be honest, I knew
you were going to do well. I had a lot of faith… I never imagined it was
going to be so fast, I always had faith I
was going to be great but it was very fast… And the way we’ve
worked on everything, the way we’re working
and how we’ve evolved. At first I was sort of lost, disoriented, I wasn’t exactly well
prepared for the interviews, for a lot of things. I didn’t know the impact
the things I said could have and– the things you
say matter because I still didn’t realize I made a lot of mistakes
at first but now… We’re doing things right. I’m going to make
history, I know that I… I know how to make
all kinds of music, I know how to talk the
right or wrong way… And make music for
everyone because– because I know I have a
lot of fans who are kids. My biggest hits have been
commercial, clean songs. And I wanted it to be that way but that it could also… That even though it had strong
words, that the discos could play them as well. I always have a plan. I had patience and I
put my trust in God. And thank God I got out
and released the album and thank God it’s number one and
everything has a purpose in this life. And… I learned to talk
to God in prison, I learned from the bad things,
to look at the positive side and to always make something
positive out of the negative. I am a very spiritual person,
and to me, that’s in my soul. My relationship with
God, between me and God. Between me and God. That’s it. I don’t like talking about
those things in my music. For the shows… I need to sleep a lot. Every time I have a
concert I lose my voice. Do you listen to anything
before going out? Do you pray, what do you do? Yes, I started listening to
music that makes me hyped. -That makes you pumped.
-Yeah. That makes me pumped and before every concert I always– when I get to the venue
I always say a prayer. The people you met in
prison who are still there the people who are about to get
out and think that their lives… have been wasted because
of being in that situation, because I imagine you
thought about that many times while
you were in there, like, “it’s gone,
my moment is gone.” Yes, I’d say to them to forget about the streets
because that life only brings you, it only brings hardships to
your family and your own life. Where I’m from, where I grew up, relationships are not so healthy there’s always
fighting and doubts people don’t trust each other but despite all those things
people stay together. Show me the rings. Let’s see, tell me which is
which, once and for all. This one’s from Karol. Yes,
this is the engagement ring. -That’s the engagement ring.
-Yes. And did she give that
to you as a surprise? It was a surprise. How was it like? Because I asked her to marry me and a while later,
on her birthday, In February, right? Yes, on her birthday we
sang Happy Birthday to her, I gave her all
the presents and– I gave her a car and when I gave
it to her she said, “don’t go.” And she gave me the ring in
front of the whole family. Aww! And when’s the wedding?
Or are we not allowed to ask? We don’t have a date yet. We’re doing so many
things at the same time. She’s in Europe now. Yesterday, she– When she only has 4 shows left
in Europe I get to Europe. So I’m going to be there… Will you meet,
will you see each other? Yes, yes. We’re doing a
thousand things at the same time, we’re taking it easy. We’ll set some time apart. Between now and
the end of the year we’ll have the schedule set up. But right now we’re taking some
time off, at least a month And… We’ll get on top of that. I was always… strong-minded, because if you’re weak-minded
when you’re in solitary… you lose your mind. What is solitary confinement,
for those who might not know? Alone for 24 hours. Completely alone? Nobody talks to you? No. How many days? 90. 90?! -Yes.
-Anuel, no! I’m from the streets
and people think I’m bad ass but I can’t
ride a motorcycle. -You don’t?
-No. Do you mean riding a motorcycle? Two-wheeled motorcycles,
I know how to drive a three-wheeled. And a bicycle? I have ridden them
but I’m terrible. I don’t like riding them. People look at me
and think I know how. But I thought you and
Karol rode them everyday. Those are just fake
Instagram videos… Karol drives them,
she goes out on motorcycles, I can’t drive them. She says, “come so we can
show off in social media.” And I sit there like… Oh, so that’s all… That’s all fake. If you notice in the
videos, Karol drives them but I just sit on them. Pretending I don’t
want to drive them. So you only use cars. Yeah, yeah. Real until death means… Everything I’ve lived,
what I’m living and what I’ll live. What I’ve been,
what I am and what I will be. What’s in my soul, that pain. The suffering. The happiness. Real until death is me. I always take a moment
to thank the audience and I talk to them. I thank them for making
my dreams come true. Is that important to you? Yes, yes. Sometimes I get emotional and I
have to shut up and start the song. Yeah. So, trap but still
emotional ’till the end. Yeah. -Real until death.
-Exactly. Is that still your motto
“real until death”? Yeah, that’s forever. To hear more about
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