Antonio Conte’s Inter Milan Tactics Explained

Antonio Conte’s Inter Milan Tactics Explained

Inter have made a strong start to the Serie
A season under coach Antonio Conte. Conte, who has won Serie A three times as a manager
with Juventus, as well as the Premier League while at Chelsea, has instituted the three
man defence that served him well at both his top flight title-winning stints. After seven
games, Inter have scored the third most goals, behind Atalanta and Napoli, but conceded the
fewest, as Conte has built his defence around incoming veteran Diego Godin, talented ball-player
Milan Skriniar, and Stefan de Vrij. Inter’s 3-5-2 usually sees top men up front,
Romelu Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez, with two dynamic midfielders ahead of a sitting midfielder.
These are flanked by wing backs, generally Kwadwo Asamoah on the left and Andrea Candreva
or Daniele D’Ambrosio on the right. The sitting midfielder, a role in which Marcelo
Brozovic has so far excelled this season, is there to drop deeper and help build-up,
especially against teams who look to press the centre backs. Inter generally attack dynamically, rather
than through a patient build-up involving the pivot, although his role in spreading
play or helping the centre-backs bring the ball out should not be understated. In Lukaku
and Martinez, Inter have two excellent and complementary forwards who thrive on direct
balls. Lukaku especially can be used to win aerial out balls, hold up the ball, or drop
off. Inter can and will play very vertically, especially if the centre backs can bring the
ball out and then look to play the strikers in directly. Otherwise, Inter look to use width to create
chances. This functions in several ways. Candreva is more of a natural winger or midfielder
than Asamoah on the left, and so he often looks to push high and isolate his opposite
man. The inside midfielder will then push outwards to create overloads in the wide areas
of the pitch, assisted by a striker dropping off – the other striker and midfielder are
then available to make runs against the opposition centre backs, either to collect the ball for
shots from the top of the area, or to make deeper runs into the box. Stefano Sensi, who
has been superb this season, scoring three, is a particular beneficiary of this approach
pushing up from midfield. Inter will also look to attack this way on
the left, as Asamoah has the ability and engine to attack and defend his flank very capably,
but Candreva is more naturally suited to the attacking side of the game. Against AC Milan, Conte also withdrew a striker
during the match to bring on the winger Matteo Politano – he effectively played up front
but wide on the right, which further allowed Inter to overload that flank and target AC
Milan’s left-hand side of defence, creating more space centrally by forcing AC Milan to
adjust. It’s a good example of how Conte intelligently adjusts a basic pattern to exploit
specific opposition weaknesses. Defensively, Inter’s 3-5-2 will become a
5-3-2 during the game under periods of sustained pressure, and Conte is also happy to start
with this deeper line against some teams, as he did away to Barcelona in the Champions
League. Generally, Inter will look to press man for
man higher up the pitch, and often try to shepherd the opposition into wide areas by
allowing the opposition full backs some space and leaving them as the easiest options for
a pass. This allows Inter to stuff up the middle of
the pitch, making them hard to play through, and also means when they do engage the press
out wide, there is often space behind the opposition full backs into which they can
attack. It’s a similar ploy to that which Conte used at Chelsea, and it’s particularly
effective against teams that play 4-3-3 as Inter can go man for man easily across the
pitch and then counter into space out wide once the ball is won back. And with Conte’s typically formidable and
organised defence keeping things tight at the back, Inter have an extremely solid foundation
from which to attack. In Nicolo Barella, Roberto Gagliardini, young
defender Alessandro Bastoni, and Sensi, Conte has talented young Italian players – Gagliardini
is the eldest at 25 – supported by experienced leaders like Godin, Asamoah, and Handanovic,
while Martinez and Skriniar are also excelling. The summer acquisition of Lukaku already looks
smart and the squad has enough depth to sustain the title challenge, especially in midfield.
While Juventus in recent years have seen Lo Scudetto as theirs by right, Conte’s Inter
will push them all the way this season and could well have enough to take the title.

100 thoughts on “Antonio Conte’s Inter Milan Tactics Explained

  1. I think the midfield is our weaker area despite having 3 very good starting options (brozo-barella-sensi).
    The subs aren't good enough; while gagliardini can be a valuable option if there is the need for a tall physical player, Vecino and Borja are such a downgrade from the starting 3. Our most critical role is the attacking midfielder: sensi is the only one that can play that role effectively and now that he's injured we are going to have a tough time scoring in the next few matches.
    Great video as usual.

  2. Sarri will take time to adjust again after Chelsea shenanigans but I think Juventus will not be dethroned of their title any time soon.. Sarri and Juventus are both too good to be dethroned of their No. 1 spot.

  3. 4:11 that's the problem, as an Inter fan I don't think we have enough depth especially in midfield as seen against juve when Sensi got injured. Vecino and Gagliardini can be good subs when we need physical midfielders, but we also need a sub that can be used as a regista otherwise we are too dependent on Brozovic and Sensi, we still have Borja Valero but I don't know if Conte likes him and he definetely can't play a whole match. Other than this problem we are finally looking good.
    Sorry for the bad english

  4. Enough depth in midfield is bulls**t
    Vecino seems only have a brain to play football after 70minutes
    And gagliardini is "sometimes maybe good, sometimes maybe s**t"
    Brozovic is key for inter midfield in build up phase, when he press by oppoenent or have an off day inter midfield practically dead
    Sensi too is equally important in attacking phase, just look at juventus game after sensi out injured inter basically pinned down by juve
    Barella slowly fit in into this inter side and perform quite well, but he cannot singlehandidly carried this team
    Valero can only play for 20 minutes to help the team control the ball more

    Need one worldclass player in midfield to increse chance against juve in serie a

    Afterall only sanchez who have ability to singlehandidly decide the game for inter

    Scudetto is still juve to be losed, inter finish second and progress to knock out stage in UCL is a good season and improvement than last season (best after mourinho)

  5. Please do a video on the football field size and measurements for FIFA standards and how it affects the playing style of different teams

  6. I think Conte will go down as one of the most underrated managers of all time. He brings success to whichever club he manages yet people don’t praise him or appreciate him enough.

  7. ANTONIO Candreva and DANILO D'Ambrosio…. how unprofessional can you guys get!?!? Not even checking the names of the players but talking about other shit like you know shit?

  8. can you make one on Atalanta? They quietly finished third last season and no one noticed; Also beat Inter (although icardi fell out of favor, which was huge). But I think it's important to see how they finished third.

  9. Being an Italian fan is becoming more and more frustrating, I support Roma in serie a, I hope for the wellness of the championship that somebody different from Juventus will win.

  10. Midfielders are the weakest components of inter's squad together with wingers. Inter also needs a playmaker full back like Bonucci or Hummels. It's quite clear that tactically Inter covers the field magnificently, the problem comes when they need to create something outside of Conte's brilliant attacking schemes.

    Definetely my favourite coach (not the best, by far) but he still needs to improve, being less stubborn.

  11. Aside from the butchery of the Italian names 🤣🤣🤣 this is an excellent video, I'd also like to bring special attention to Stefan de Vrij, by far the best defender in Serie A this season, his passing accuracy is at least 90% each game, part of the reason why Inter have the strongest defense in the league so far 💪🏽

  12. This video is pretty accurate, but there's a little mistake: if there is something Inter Milan is lacking is depth indeed.
    The proof of that is in Inter – Juventus. Untill Sensi got injured, Inter was playing very well, but then was clear that Inter's bench is not at the same level of the Juventus' one, nor of the Inter's starters. Vecino isn't someone who can carry the ball like Sensi and Brozovic, and Bastoni is good, but not ready yet for these kinds of games, so Inter struggled a lot.

  13. I m glad to see Conte and Sarri back in Italy. Italian football needs a revival in the CL to make the competition in Europe more interesting!

  14. Thanks, we may have lost the derby with Juve, but I feel with Conte at the helm we have some real moment and will be there with Juve at the end. Forza inter.

  15. Sensi has been incredible so far this season. They looked blunt against Juve after he went off and could do with another midfield to provide that sort of attacking threat in January imo

  16. Inter’s first half against barca was one of the best I’ve seen. Playing from the back and then moving the ball forward in the counter was seamles… watch it! Is worth it

  17. The problem with Inter's title challenges the last couple of years was the second half of the season. Form and fitness levels dropped drastically with Mancini around February, and it could happen under Conte especially as he demands much more in terms of work rate. But, structurally Inter looks good because they have a great back line and look solid in the defensive phase, which Conte prefers in most of the big matches. Great video !

  18. As an AC Milan fan I can only sit as stare in awe of how a simple change of manager albeit a world class one, can take a side trembling for a top 4 spot into a side challenging for th scudetto and looking well and truly on their way to being a world class side. Wish them then est of luck going forward this season.

  19. It's funny how people hyped up Inter when they played against weak oppositions but choose to ignore the utter failure the second they met decent sides in Barca and Juve. Conte will lose his toupee by the end of the season. Inter will be 2nd just cuz there has to be a team at this spot. Also pretty interesting how Tifo push so much Inter content .

  20. Ik it’s basically impossible but I would die to see conte at Leeds
    We would easily stay up in the prem if we had him

  21. That is why Conte is my favourite. He sticks to the basics and changes tactics according to the opponents. He is a strong believer of the philosophy that "defence wins you matches".

  22. Can you please do Maradona's time at Napoli from 1984-91? It's one of the extraordinary stories in world football.

  23. Inter should get wanyama. He ain't doing anything at spurs and serie a isn't the quickest league.. I think his physicality would be good to have as a back up option and if he can get match fitness on form he will always get a good option.

  24. They need some more depth at CB and in midfield, also more quality in wingback areas. If Conte has another year, he will have the team to win the title.

  25. Andrea Candreva, Nico Bareia, what a joke of a channel. If their graphics weren't so good, they would be so bad. Their tactical analysis is usually ass, and can't even get the names of the players right

  26. Never wanted Conte out at Stamford Bridge. It’s a damn shame the way he was booted. I love Frank and the youth, but I can’t lie, I also loved the Italian energy from the side. Plus he gave chances to Moses, which as a fan, was happy to see.

  27. As a Chelsea fan, I enjoyed both Conte and Sarri's tactical approach. But gimme Conte on Gameday any day! It's a pity he and Diego Costa didn't get along.

  28. Now with Sanchez out injuried, what is Conte going to do? Maybe getting back to 3-4-3 as he did at Chelsea? I think however that a striker is gonna be signed in january. Maybe Giroud would be a nice deal.

  29. Probably the best video on the channel since summer.

    Conte looks even more genius with every passing season and one of a prime contenders to win continental trophy during next 5 years.

  30. Great video as usual
    I have request
    please please please
    Can u make video about özil
    I believe in hia quality and im against let him leaving arsenal
    I believe he will benefit the team
    Can pepe özil auba and Lacazete
    Playing together
    In my opinion i don't think so
    I think that Lacazete should go
    And playing double 6 in Midfild
    I think özil need player like kante
    To release him not xhaka or Gindouzi for god sake
    Please answer me i beg you
    It hurt when i see özil not playing
    Man i believe he is useful to the team it doesn't make any sense
    Thank you for your reading

  31. I think Lukaku is rather poor aerially and he doesn't like the ball into feet. Dzeko would be more suited for the role Conte wants his strong and tall striker to play.

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