Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: Geopolitics of Capitalism [Clip]

Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: Geopolitics of Capitalism [Clip]

Giovanni Arrighi had an interesting kind
of theoretical argument. He said, you know, capital reaches a point where actually
it’s got real difficulties of expansion in its production form. And it’s
commodity form is kind of getting very sluggish. So, when that happens,
there’s likely to be a push to create a more fluid financial system. And he
documented that historically by kind of saying, “well actually, if you look at
Venice and Genoa you will see they got to a point where they became basically
financiers and as financiers they started to actually then be much more
interested in the movement of money.” And I was always thinking about this, about the Game of Thrones, just to go back to that, because the Iron Bank in the Game
of Thrones at some point has comes into negotiations because they’ve got the money, and they therefore come into
the thing. So the financialization that went on played a very important role in
the movement of power in capital from the Italian city-states, northward into
Holland. And so the second period, if you like, of this was merchants
capital focused on the Netherlands and the power of the Netherlands. And so, you have Amsterdam and, you know, and all of the power of that. And then
that goes reaches its limits and you get another phase of financialization which
actually moves capital to Britain. In the sort of 17th or late 18th century, and then of course there is the move a financialized move from Britain to the United States. And the United States
started to reach its limits in terms of its productive capacity, in terms of
organizing in the 1980s and so we start to see this strong movement into
financialization, and the big question right now is: where’s the finance
actually going to go? And of course, it goes to wherever the production capacities are best. And that happens, of course, to be China.
Which I talked about a couple of weeks ago, and I think that this is actually
one of the situations we’re in where a financialized capitalism it’s very fluid
in terms of, you know, which flower is it going to light upon and
where are conditions optimal for that development…and so this is the
situation we’re now in. So again, it’s it’s the money form of capital now, which
is actually reterritorializing structures of economic and political

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  1. Well if someone's anti-capitalist than their anti-everything LOL socialism relies on capitalism communism relies on capitalism well someone sent I capitalist another anti everything lol socialism relies on capitalism communism relies on capitalism, Corona capitalism relies on capitalism corporate capitalism relies on capitalism feudal Lord ISM requires capitalism. Ancient free markets for the poor also require capitalism. Capitalism is basically the utilization of resources energy and putting it together to create Goods for consumption. I guess people have to decide which form of capitalism they prefer oh, of course in order to subscribe to a specific economic theory one should be very thorough and all the different types of capitalism's then to make an informed decision based on a good working knowledge base all the different types of systems because after all your morals your values your ethics your entire frame of reference will hinge upon that system you subscribed to. What are the rules one or two or several of those systems require the initiation of force, coercion, manipulation and aggression in order for those systems to operate. One would hope the people would choose one system that is freest from these human Spirit damaging and injuring systems.

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