Announcing the Lookout app (with audio descriptions)

Announcing the Lookout app (with audio descriptions)

Scott: My first experience
with the labyrinth was this amazing piece
of canvas art that we’re being allowed
to walk on, kind of in this
swirling choreography. I was so excited
to experience this new thing. My name is Maia Scott. I am a theater
and art instructor. I was born visually impaired. I kind of see like
an impressionist painting. I’m often scooching around,
working with my supplies, and they don’t always end up
where I want them to be. And I can’t find the scissors. [electronic tune] robotic female voice:
Scissors at 12 o’clock. Scott: Both as an artist
and a teacher, building a labyrinth
was the next step for me to invite people to have
a physical experience with art and not just observe it. Very much in our lives, we’re invited
to watch or listen, instead of witnessing or doing. [electronic tune] robotic female voice:
Lavender at 12 o’clock.

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