Hello internet, guess what? I’ve started a podcast, and it’s called Hello Internet. It’s with me, and Brady (he, of the very many YouTube channels) And we’re talking about life, and work, and YouTube, and whatever happens to catch our attention. So if you want to check it out, (which I really hope you do,) you can click this gigantic button right here, or the link in the description below to head on over to the website and have a listen. So go ahead and do that right now, because I can’t wait to see what you think.

99 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENT: CGP Grey Podcast

  1. I really like the podcast, but I think there is something wrong with the streaming. I can only listen to about two minutes of the audio and then it just stops. Also, I can't skip forward. So if i listen to half the the podcast now and want to listen to the rest later I have to start from the beginning. Maybe find another way to stream….

  2. I'm not a podcast person, but I took a chance and loaded up my phone with all three for a long train journey — I loved them. Do make some more, I enjoyed them thoroughly.

  3. I watched 'Everything is a Remix' by Kirby Ferguson, which I thought brilliantly explained Grey's position on copyright. Love the Podcast!

  4. I've very much enjoyed the podcasts I've been able to listen to. However, my audio always stops just over 25 minutes into the third podcast, which is a shame because I struggle with my own spread of wattage over my four lightbulbs. I'll check on a different computer in the morning to see if it makes a difference.

    In the meantime, keep up the good work!

  5. I really liked the podcast, I like the point counter point style. The only thing I don't really like is sometimes it feels like Brady is just interviewing you.

  6. Here's a review from the Philippines, because you want to catch 'em all.

    I was sewing while listening to the fourth episode, which is an hour and 36 minutes long, and near the end when you were talking about feedback from other countries, I lost my needle. So that really bothers me, but I guess it means I was paying more attention to the podcast than to what I was sewing.

    I also agree with the whole not really commenting because I feel like I'm not contributing anything. If I really like something I just click the like button, or tweet about how much I like it. I don't like YouTube's comments section, so I use feather beta, which doesn't show the comments.

    And lastly, I think it's unstructured and you let it flow naturally, and I think it works. I can't tell you exactly what makes it work, but I like listening to it the way it is.

  7. Usually when you do something with someone on youtube, it's nice to leave a link to their channel. Like this idea though- I'm excited.

  8. Around the 1h14min mark in the 4th video, you talk about people accusing you of being condescending.
    That's bullshit. 
    You are not.
    Don't take it personal, people are ignorant.
    Please be more condescending, it's your best way of explaining complicated topics, thx.

  9. Very very good podcast. I mean. A team-up between you and Brady was a winner before it started, but it's better than even I expected.

  10. Hey,
    I'm Mhemad Masoud and i watched all your Vid's i think and loved them. I wonder if you can make a Vid' about "Israel-Palastine Explained" which in it you Explain about the Struggle/Conflict that goes here in Israel-Palastine. Because it's not just me that don't know facts about it well Enough also a lot of People all over the world.
    I think it would get a lot of Views Exposure and even all kind of Comments.

  11. CPG Grey. Honestly love your work. Would you consider doing one on the NSA and the USA becoming a surveillance state? To me this is one of the top ten issues of our time affecting not only the US but many countries. I don't have the time or the skill but if you made it I'd love to share it.

  12. Cool, I will quickly check it out. 
    Btw, is there still a way to purchase your T-shirts somewhere. The link on the older Videos apparently does not work anyway.

  13. Hey Grey, I'm not sure if you know about this, but I had an error on your site where the podcast stopped playing, and it seemed like the player just froze. I reloaded the page and then it worked fine. 

    Just a little bug report, love the podcast!

    Edit: Just kidding, sound stopped again. I disabled adblock, that didn't seem to change anything. Is anyone else getting this?

  14. I'll give it a shot, but the run time is not encouraging. I've yet to hear a "two guys talk about whatever" podcast that had more than ten minutes of worthwhile content per episode. The other fifty minutes is just open-mic rambling.

  15. Watched all 4 episodes on one sitting!
    You always motivate me to learn more.Keep pushing our hunger to new boundaries.

  16. Well, it seems like Reddit is the only place where one may suggest a topic for a new CGP-vid..

    As I don't wanna join reddit for just a suggestion (Yeah, I'm lazy), then I'll make my suggestion here:

    CGP Grey, would you consider making a video about the different laws, pros/cons about different drugs? Maybe more specific why some parts of the world allows cannabis or public drinking, while others can safe one jailtime for doing the same?
    Was looking at your movie about coffee drinking, and while coffein boosts several cognitive capacities, it still reaches a limit. Thus, a question could be, why the next step in cognitive enhancing has not been taken, though been considered.

    (Don't know if the articles is still up, but found an article descriping the usage of drugs, amphetamine and others, to boost the performance of students and research. This could of course be related to Paul Erdõs, though is sounds like a long shot.)

    So there you have it. So in case that this will never be a movie, I thank you (the reader) for reading such a long post.

  17. Hello CGP Grey,
    Have you considered making your podcast available on Stitcher?  That's where I keep all my other podcasts.  
    Thanks!  Keep it up!

  18. two of my favorite things CGP Grey and poscasts. I'm there. Also, if you need a interesting topic that touches many other points I would look into Aleister Crowley.

  19. Can someone pleaseeeeee. Do a segment on how the states got their flags. And what do they mean. While you're at it. Some other places in the world would be cool. And post it on YouTube. 🙂

  20. Grey,
    I love your videos and find them all very informative, especially the ones of political nature.  There was so much I didn't know about the city of London, the nature of Great Britain, or the US/Canada border.
    I was wondering, given recent events in the eastern part of the European continent, if you could please make a video on the political data of Ukraine and its relationship to mother Russia.  There are surely plenty of people anxiously watching, awaiting some definitive results from the conflict in the Crimean peninsula.

  21. Definitely going to watch. LOVE YOUR CHANNEL! Just found it strolling through youtube. ITS GREAT! I encourage people to watch it. 

  22. Lol I don't see why people are complaining about the length when it's a PODCAST. The minimum length should usually be 45 mins – 1 hour anyway.

  23. I've just finished listening to the fifth podcast. I very much love it. That's the second podcast, that i actually listen the whole time with pleasure. The other one is Ray William Johnson's. I love not only the strong direct Q&A, but just the random talks here and there. I love the way you express yourself and that we can see something more of you, than what you show on Youtube. Keep the good work!

  24. Hi CGP! first, I LOVE YOU!! second, any chance you could make an obamacare video??? i know that would be allot of info but just something small and basic to let us all know how the meat of it works. thanks

  25. If you had called it "HI Internet" instead 'HI' would have been a recursive abbreviation.
    An example of a recursive abbreviation is 'GNU' which is short for "GNU is Not Unix".

  26. Please do a video about the Sovereign Military Order of Malta next. I wanna know how I can join them as a Knight 🙂

  27. hi, i was just wondering if you could make a video on how you make videos. ps. thank u for all these great videos , u r the

  28. There's a channel out there called WonderWhy which is similar to your channel, you should go watch their vids too!

  29. Fucking hell people, stop whining that he hasn't uploaded a video in a while. As he has said himself countless times, his videos are extremely time consuming to make. I don't know where people get this false sense of entitlement from; you are NOT entitled to videos, so stop acting like you are and be grateful that Grey puts in the huge amount of effort he does to make his videos. </rant>

  30. Hello Grey, I would like to know what america would look like if a second civil war broke out. @CGP Grey 

  31. I don't remember subscribing to your channel but I'm glad I rediscovered it today. Great videos and podcast. Also I love your voice

  32. I don't remember subscribing to your channel but I'm glad I rediscovered it today. Great videos and podcast. Also I love your voice

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  34. Have started doing my maths homework to the sound of your podcasts- your voice is so american and chilled, and somehow turns stats into a total breeze! 🙂

  35. After listening to the podcasts I decided to try find a picture or video with Grey's face. And I failed! I couldn't find one! NOW im am VERY curious . . .

  36. hi Grey , i have a question, how did Japan and the USA became allies, i mean as bad as it is. The US bomb japan big time, why then would japan gravitate to the US and not China ?

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