Android Developer Story: Shifty Jelly — Building a No. 1 Podcasting App

Android Developer Story: Shifty Jelly — Building a No. 1 Podcasting App

this point we thought, if we don’t make
the jump now, when are you going to have another
opportunity like this? So, yeah, we decided to
start our own company. I’m Russell. I work at Shifty Jelly,
and I’m a co-founder here. But, more importantly than
that, I’m one of our developers. PHILIP SIMPSON: Hi, I’m Philip. I work at Shifty Jelly. I’m a co-founder, but
also an Android developer. RUSSELL IVANOVIC: We decided we
wanted to get into mobile apps. So we’d see each other
every day at work, and then we’d to go home
on the couch, sit back, and we start coding. PHILIP SIMPSON: And we
did that for two years. It’s been worth it, the fact
that we can actually go create our own company off of it. RUSSELL IVANOVIC:
Shifty Jelly is an Adelaide-based mobile
development company. PHILIP SIMPSON: And
we’ve grown now. So we’ve got our
designer, Chris. We’ve got Monica, who
helps us with support. We’ve just taken on
another developer. So the team’s
growing and growing. RUSSELL IVANOVIC: We’ve
always wanted to create apps that we want to use our self. We really got into
podcasts in a big way, and there was no
good apps for it. And we thought, what’s
the first brand new app we can bring out now that
we’re working full time? And that’s where
Pocket Casts started. PHILIP SIMPSON: I
just really wanted to sell one bit of
software to someone. But now we’re number
one in the chart and people are actually
using it around the country. RUSSELL IVANOVIC: One thing
that was really exciting that happened recently is
we actually cast $1 million worth of Pocket Casts hours. And that’s a really
big milestone. To put out just one
application on one platform? And there’s half a million
people using it now. We’re always looking for new
features to give our customers. They’re always
saying, what’s new? What’s new? And, with the pace
that Android moves at, we’re always able to
give them something new. PHILIP SIMPSON: So we’ve
added the Wear support, we’ve added Chromecast support,
Android Auto, and one of them was material design. And we think it’s
really paid off and made our app much better. RUSSELL IVANOVIC:
We found that when we switched to material design,
when we updated our app, when we embraced all these new things
that Google was giving us, we found our sales actually
see increased by 30%. And the reception
we had was amazing. People love it. They see this brand
new design of an app they’re familiar with, but
just a different take on it. PHILIP SIMPSON: We recently
implemented media sessions. It allowed our users to have a
consistent playback experience across all their
different devices. And it made our life, as
developers, much easier. RUSSELL IVANOVIC: One of
the most exciting things we got to work on was the
Android Auto platform. So you plug your phone in
and, bang, play your podcasts. It’s just really cool. And there’s a really
nice forum around that. So you can just jump on the
forum and within five minutes, someone’s on there saying,
have you tried this? Have you tried that? And we found that
really different to any other platform. It seems like, in the Android
space, you do something good, you put it out to the world,
and they make it even better. PHILIP SIMPSON: Google’s
always improving their software, their
APIs, so that really helps us out as well. And it makes our
life a lot easier. Just this new technology
coming out all time is really exciting for me. So I can’t wait to
see what Google’s going to bring out next.

29 thoughts on “Android Developer Story: Shifty Jelly — Building a No. 1 Podcasting App

  1. Just graduated from highschool, been taking Web design and Programming courses (mainly C++ related) and I have to say, the Android Developers page has hugely been a big influence in guiding me towards what I want to achieve in my working career.
    I've always been a tech enthusiast, following all the Google I/O and wwdc conferences all the way through, but mainly what has always struck me is the recent work that Google's been doing to making an even better platform for developers. Constantly improving their native Gapps, adding in new innovative features to Android, releasing their design philosophies (material design is simply stunning), constantly driving for a unified OS feel, its really been amazing watching what they have been doing.
    But always seeing these videos on the Android Developers YT page continues my wish to one day work, or start up a small company

  2. The only app I use everyday. I started using this app way back when it was in the Amazon store for free. Then I bought it in the play store after hearing their story on All About Android.

    The thing that I love most about this app is the developers. They listen to your feedback and respond almost immediately. IMO they pioneered the whole snaky "what's new" posts.

  3. One of the great things is how often I'm listening to a podcast and people on it will just mention using Pocket Casts in passing as they're talking about their device use.

  4. I loved Pocketcasts after the version 4 (?) design overhaul, then the Material update launched it into the stratosphere for well-designed apps. No wonder sales jumped so much after the Material makeover! It's an excellent UI on an phenomenal app!

  5. I left  I os for Android and my main concern was finding a good podcast app. These guys really developed a great app and am loving it.

  6. My bluestacks will not launch so looking for an alternative programme that play my usual game and still be logged into google play

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