Android 11 Developer Preview 1 is Out! – What’s New?

Android 11 Developer Preview 1 is Out! – What’s New?

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech
and Android 11 made a surprise debut yesterday with Android 11 Developer
Preview 1 now this is a very early preview version and Google actually
recommends that you don’t install it so it says if you’re not a developer but
you want to try Android 11 please wait a little bit longer we’re expecting to
open Android beta enrollments in the next several weeks so this particular
update has to be installed using a computer either side loading it or
installing it using fastboot installing the things like baseband one by one so I
would hold off if you want to try this out unless you have an extra device now
this is only available for pixel to 2 XL 3 3 Excel 3 a 3 a XL 4 and 4 XL no other
devices supported at this time but they will be later on now the nice thing
about Android is we know the actual release timeline so we know that it’s
going to come out in q3 of 2020 so here is the entire layout of when we should
see those releases they don’t give an exact date but it gives us an idea of
one to expect the next one now this particular version you’ll see here it
says Android r or r PP 1.2 0 0 1 2 3 that’s 0 1 6 that’s the actual build
number and this has quite a few little tweaks and changes expect bigger changes
though later on with Google i/o so let’s go over some of the changes now one of
the first ones I’m actually not seeing and up here where we have all of our
different quick settings unfortunately I don’t have this one but there’s a screen
recorder built in for a lot of pixel 4 & 4 XL devices it’s not showing but for
other devices it is so I’m not sure why it’s not here it’s not showing up but
it’s just not there hopefully it will be there in the future now one thing that
they’ve updated is you’ll see I have pixel buds connected so I have these
connected right now and if I turn on airplane mode it will leave the pixel
buds connected so if you’re on a plane and you want to listen to your music via
bluetooth it will still do that so that’s a new little change that was was
not there before so we turn that back on it will just reconnect everything else
now another thing they’re making a change to the
in the notes and I’ll show you more physical changes in just a moment is the
hot seat down here with your different icons there’s some information in the
notes that say or in the code that say that this may change based on what you
use most in the future so this may be rearranging itself later on or have the
option to do so right now you can’t do that now a change they’ve made is
conversations have a dedicated space in your notification drawer so let me show
you what I mean if I text myself it’ll take just a moment to pop through here
there we go it says hi you’ll see it also shows a bubble I’ll show you that
in just a moment but we have a dedicated converse space conversation space here
at the top and this will allow us to use it as a bubble now as well if we turn on
notification bubbles now we saw this a little bit earlier with Android 10 but
it didn’t really show up the way you would think and right now it’s showing
as a conversation that’s dedicated and then if you long press on this you can
turn on bubbles or turn off bubbles but you actually have to turn the bubbles on
within the developer options so if you’re looking for that it’s there and
the way that looks is here is a conversation bubble so it will pop up
similar to what Facebook does with messenger you can move it around if I
tap on it it opens the conversation tells us a little more information here
and then we can drag it off the screen if we want or we can just swipe up home
and it sticks to the side so again it has these nice little animations and if
we tap on this and then swipe off the side it’s kind of neat that it just pops
back and forth like that so it’s just one of those little updates you don’t
have to use it but it’s there if you’d like to also from messages in the
notifications you can send images as well so if I say hello again and it pops
in we’ll wait for it here just a moment we can reply and within here we can put
an image if we’d like to or we can reply with something else
depending on what we’d like to do so in future versions will have more controls
but right now as some of the things work great some of them don’t now one of the
things I thought was pretty interesting is frame rates so if we go into our
developer options here so in the developer options there’s actually frame
rate so scroll down and I’ll find it here I’m
not exactly sure where they put it and there we go it’s show refresh rate if I
turn this on you’ll see the refresh rate in the upper left at all times telling
us what the frame rate of the display is or the refresh rate of the display so if
I go into things like camera it switches to 60 if I go back home it will switch
to 90 so you get the idea at which rate the the screen is actually
running at it’s just a little developer option I thought was nice now there’s
some new gestures that pertain specifically to pixel 4 and 4 XL and
they have to do with music so if we go into music and I hit play on this song
and I set this down here and I bring my hand closer it will pause the song as
you can see down here if I bring it back again it will play the song and then
swiping through songs seems to work even better now so we can just go through
them pretty quickly or go back the other way and it seems to work really well now
and they’ve just updated this to be more responsive in general now in the share
menu maybe you want to share a photo or maybe share a website they’ve updated
your share menu options so here maybe I want to share this webpage we’ll go to
share and it pops up and you’ll see down here if I scroll up you’ll see I have
different applications I can now pin up to four different ones right here so
maybe I want to pin ingor for example a tap and hold tap pin and it shows up
here so now it’s allowing you to pin four of them that you like that you use
most often and then it gives you suggestions as well now if we go into
the settings again and we search for share or battery share there’s an option
for that now or at least a little blurb about it so we’ll go to share and you’ll
see there’s battery share so if I go to battery share it says your phone’s
battery will run out faster when using battery share battery share will work
with compatible earbuds watches phones and more so now it’s built into Android
to do the reverse sharing but the phone has to be equipped with that so if you
want to share using this with say future pixel buds with maybe a pixel 5 or
whatever they do in the future you’ll have that option there’s also a new
option for touch sensitivity so if you use screen protectors it should help you
with that so if we go to display advanced
and at the bottom you have increased touch sensitivity improves touch when
using screen protectors so this is just a new feature that’s there and if you
use a screen protector it could help if you’re having issues with touch
sensitivity now they’ve updated the accessibility menu a little bit so if we
go into accessibility we can scroll down you’ll see it’s changed a little bit
we’ll just keep going and down by sound amplifier or below that we have
real-time text now there’s nothing here yet but in the future we could have an
RTT option and it’s just something they’ve added but there’s nothing there
now for those of you saying why are using the light theme well Google is
updated this with Android as well so if we go into say display and then we go to
dark theme and we turn on dark theme we can tap on dark theme and now we can
change it to turn off until sunset or turn on and off based on time of day so
we’ve seen this before but it’s a nice little option to use so you can switch
back and forth so I tend to have that set so I can turn it off until sunset
and now it’s on the light theme until sunset so it’s just something that’s
really nice a little added extra that’s there now also there’s a nice option for
when you’re using the camera and when you get notifications and it shakes the
phone or it pops in you can now stop that and that’s actually found under
your settings as well under do-not-disturb settings so let’s go to
that if you’re looking for it you just go to do not disturb access then you go
to camera and you turn off allow do not disturb or turn it on or off so
depending on whether or not you have do-not-disturb turned on gives you
access to the camera and you can go in here and change the permissions and
speaking of permissions there’s new permissions when it comes to individual
applications so similar to what they have in iOS where you can only allow the
application to use your location once you can now do that with this particular
update now if we go into an application such as maps and I’ve changed the
settings a little bit so you can see this and try and locate myself you can
see that we now have the option for only this time as far as allowing location
information to be used on your phone so not only do we have while using app or
deny we have only this time so it’s a nice little addition and some added
of security and privacy now there’s some updates that you can’t physically see
that we’ll see in the future with different devices for example better
support for 5g so if you have 5g it will know more about the amount of data that
you have available and things like that it will also be more updates for
supportive displays with hole punches or foldable displays such as the Galaxy Z
flip or those sorts of things so it will have better display
compatibility with those devices in the future
there’s also updates to security and privacy such as scoped storage for
example which sort of sandboxes apps similar to what is does but does it a
little bit differently sort of disallowing apps to interact with one
another but that can also be changed as well so you have a little bit more
granular access to that and then in addition to that we also have more
biometric updates for about three levels of security so you can have different
levels of permission based on what you’re doing and whether you’re using
fingerprint or face identification and things like that
now there’s other things in the background we can’t see as well such as
call screening improvements for stir shake and verification so we should get
less spam calls there’s also scrolling screen shots
coming so if you take a screen shot you’ll have the ability to actually
capture more than just this but you can have a scrolling screen shot that’s not
fully working some people have actually found it but it’s not fully working yet
there’s also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enhancements so for those of you having
issues with the Bluetooth in general the Bluetooth stack has been improved then
there’s also new machine learning controls and low media encoding latency
so there’s all sorts of little things that they’ve tweaked in the background
and again this is an early preview and not really meant for day-to-day devices
so I’ll probably be reverting it back on my pixel 4 XL to the public version just
because I use this regularly but if you have an extra device maybe a pixel 3a XL
or something and want to try it out go ahead and do that the only problem is
you won’t get all the features with the soli radar and things like that that are
specific to the pixel 4 and 4 XL so that’s it for a first look at the
Android 11 Developer Preview I’ll be sure to do different follow-ups when the
next versions come out as well if you’d like to get your hands on this wallpaper
of course I’ll link it in the description as I always do and if you
haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and if you enjoyed
video please give it a like as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll
see you next time

64 thoughts on “Android 11 Developer Preview 1 is Out! – What’s New?

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  7. I’m still on the first public beta . I have bee getting a message saying moisture has been detect in the charging port but it hasn’t been anywhere near water and I get it two or three times a day . I can reset it and it will charge

  8. Google seems to be adding more features that Samsung has now. Every update brings it closer to the Samsung UI with a cleaner look.

  9. Great in-depth explanation and video. ✌️

    Agreed, this is definitely a pre-alpha beta release. It's pretty obvious and very early of Google to be a realising Android 11.

    Hopefully by May at Google's I/O, we'll have more exciting user-facing features. I think of Android 11 more of a 10.5 update. Or a part three of Android 9 & 10's major updates. Android 9 and 10 felt rather incomplete and a bit unpolished. Lot of feature promising, yet we did get all of them. And those damn gestures, still need some work. So to me Android 11, is going to be a update of what users want / have been asking of Google for the past few years.

    Hopefully there'll be some neat, surprising UI / UX design features to come down the pipeline. There's a lot of talk on XDA's site with some potential major UX changes. Which would be great. I'm looking forward to this year's Google I/O. To be honest, I was rather underwhelmed and disappointed with last year's I/O event. It was boring and pretty uninspiring. Yes, they did showcase the Pixel 3A's phones and Pixel 4's new assistant — but honestly who cares. So please Google, surprise us and spark some joy for this year's I/O.

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