Andrew Yang is Ahead of His Time – Kai-Fu Lee | AI Podcast Clips

Andrew Yang is Ahead of His Time – Kai-Fu Lee | AI Podcast Clips

– I’m not sure if you’re
familiar with Andrew Yang? – [Other Speaker] Yes I am. – So there’s a candidate for
President of the United States who’s platform, Andrew Yang is based in part around job loss due to automation and also in addition the need perhaps, of universal basic income
to support jobs that are, folks who lose their
job due to automation. So what are your thoughts
about his concerns, him as a candidate, his ideas in general? – I think his thinking is
generally in the right direction, but his approach as a
presidential candidate may be a little bit ahead of the time. I think the displacements will happen, but will they happen soon enough for people to agree to vote for him. The unemployment numbers
are not very high yet and I think he and I
have the same challenge. If I want to theoretically
convince people this is an issue and he wants to become the President, people have to see how
can this be the case when unemployment numbers are low. So that is the challegne. I do agree with him on
the displacement issue. I think the main issue is retraining. So people need to be incented not by just giving a monthly
$2,000 check, or $1,000 check and do whatever they want, because they don’t have the
know how to know what to retrain to go into what type of a job and guidance is needed,
and retraining is needed, because historically in
technology revolutions where routine jobs were displaced,
new routine jobs came up, but with AI and automation the whole point is replacing all routine jobs eventually and AI will create jobs, but
it won’t create routine jobs, because if it creates routine jobs why wouldn’t an AI just do it. So therefore, the people
who are losing the jobs are losing routine jobs. The jobs that are becoming
available are non routine jobs so these the social stipend
needs to be put in place is for the routine workers
who lost their jobs to be retrained and then take
on the job that will last for that person’s lifetime.

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  2. Good video! Andrew has already considered this point. As one of his 100+ policies is to distigmitize vocational training so people can pursue plumbing as an example which is currently non trivial to automate. Lex would you ever consider having Andrew on your podcast?

  3. Historically retraining doesn't work very well.. For for some reason people get stuck thinking they can't or don't want to learn anything new. I have no idea why. But I'll never let that happen to me!

  4. You're an idiot. Andrew Yang wants to use his UBI proposal as a stalking horse to get rid of social programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. He has literally said this as his specific goal, to eliminate social welfare programs by luring people to leave them for a UBI. So guess what happens after that? Tech people are political fools.

  5. AI is more hype than reality. Most Futurists have bad track records. If the economy stays dynamic and is not boggled down by increased regulations, burdensome taxes, and government nationalization, you will see new industries and jobs rise up. You can’t automate most technical vocational jobs and opening up space to commercial industry will significantly increase the demand for highly skilled vocational technician jobs. I don’t care how much you believe in AI, it will never replace plumbers, electricians, skilled welders, industrial technicians, and even many mining and day labor tasks.

  6. It's normal for Mr. Lee, as a foreign entrepreneur, to not distinguish the difference between the U.S.' (un)employment rate and labor force participation rate. However, we shouldn't make the same mistake here in the U.S.

  7. I'm not convinced Andrew Yang's hypothesis is correct. Tesla's autopilot is still regulated, and there's nothing to suggest that's going to change. Of course if you talk to Elon, he'll tell you otherwise, but I honestly think Elon's perspective is flawed in this regard. Elon is entrepreneur. He doesn't see boundaries. That doesn't mean the boundaries don't exist. Elon's own lawyers don't like the idea of Tesla taking on the financial burden involved with the company taking on the responsibility of automobile accidents and becoming criminally liable. No other car manufacturer has to deal with such a burden. Tesla are learning all of the things other car manufacturers learned 50 years ago. When you put robots out into the world, you assume the responsibility of said robots. To contrast, if I buy a Ford Focus, I am responsible for the vehicle. Assuming there are no mechanical flaws as a result of negligence on Ford's behalf. Other accidents or defects are not criminal liability. This is why Tesla's are likely to remain "driver assisted autopilot" forever. Full automation would make Tesla criminally responsible for what their cars do, especially if the car is doing what it's designed to do. If a Tesla kills somebody while it's executing a task it was designed to execute, that's murder. Or at the very least, manslaughter. That's not just a class action civil lawsuit. That's prison time. Just like if I were to design a robot to cut my yard, and "oops" it ran over the neighbors kid!. I don't think truck drivers are going to lose their jobs to self driving Tesla's. MIT's own research shows that AI/Robotics are the most efficient in combination with humans. Not one or the other.

  8. Retraining doesn't work in 95% of cases. You aren't going to train 3.5 million truck drivers (and thousands more workers in jobs that support this industry) to be coders and CEO's and entrepreneurs.

  9. The HEADLINE unemployment is not very high… because it doesn't count people who are not even looking for work.
    Work participation rate is at an all time low, lower than many struggling almost third world countries lol
    Maybe do some research lol who is this guy?

  10. Kai-Fu "Uninformed" Lee.
    Wouldn't trust anyone who's so happy to talk confidently about things he doesn't understand.

  11. Andrew Yang is not ahead of his time. He is needed now! A 2024 president will be too late to fix the exponential increase in job loss. There are too many bureaucracies that will limit the implementation of a safety net, and those are the thing that need to be chipped away at first. For more detail, visit

  12. Research shows retraining doesn't work. The success rate is 0% to 15%
    It is better to give people money ($1000 per month) for them to create their own creativity.

  13. UBI is basically an admission of defeat. The notion that the American Dream is dead, the country that used to provide it is 'gone', the monthly pocket money buys off everyone cursed with a sub 120 IQ and hopefully prevents them from revolting as they face economic irrelevance.

  14. It's hard to even retrain people to do the same job correctly.

    I think one of the most common mistakes intelligent people make in formulating solutions for others is projecting their capacities onto them.

  15. As the people who will be dealing with it the hardest, we shouldn't let politicians and the rich who will be protected from job loss due to automation, decide for us that they will let us be replaced and struggle for years as the job market will continue to shrink before they decide to do anything about it and Yang's freedom dividend or another form of UBI starting between 2020-2024 will preemptively help hundreds of millions to find work and not starve before the inevitable meteor that's going to hit the job market that we ALL see it coming in less than 10 years. We need to vote for the Andrew Yang who is addressing EVERY issue of the 21st century, stand up people

  16. Retraining is great and preferred but training people who don't have the intelligence, mindset, or passion etc will be a great waste of resources and cost, imo.

  17. Ephemeralization, a term coined by R. Buckminster Fuller, is the ability of technological advancement to do "more and more with less and less until eventually you can do everything with nothing," that is, an accelerating increase in the efficiency of achieving the same or more output (products, services, information, etc.) while requiring less input (effort, time, resources, etc.).

  18. Thorsten Veblen 👌🙄 you dont need Jobs but you need structure
    100% of Jobs can be automated

  19. A job that will last a life time 👌🙄 exponentials
    You cazy yo!
    Jobs religion LoL
    Get her wet is a good Job!

  20. "I am not a futurist. I am a presentist" — Andrew Yang. As much as I wanna agree with Mr. Li about job loss, Yang's arguments are compelling. That and many other reasons why he should be president should make all of us stop and consider it hard the consequences of not being able to see the situation now and in the near future.

  21. It is not true in general that people need a job to have meaning in their life (I'm glad he mentioned the lack of meaning in assembly line work). It might be true for someone but not everyone. People also don't need a government to "guide" them – some might, so a flexible system that is capable of dealing with all types of people is what we should want. UBI would allow people who are not incapable of finding meaning in their own life to actually do so (some people apparently do nothing but watching the wall or Netflix when they are not at work or with family and for you I am sorry but we are not all like that).

  22. I'm ahead of the archetypes 👌🙄

  23. Ultimately business should be designed around the people and their culture, people should not be designed around business. Maybe AI will be the tool of abundance that will force us to consider this for once, and hopefully the government(s) that exists only for the people, and only by the people, will properly audit and regulate businesses so AI is good for everyone and not just a few parasitic entities. Perhaps general AI is too powerful for business use and will only be allowed in certain areas, I hate to spoil the party but a malicious company could do a LOT of damage with AI, maybe its up there with F16's, nuclear weapons and eugenics… we just should not be allowed to have it.

  24. That's the whole point homie.. he's on record saying it'll be better to get out ahead of this than to fall behind and react

  25. Whether or not you believe retraining works or not (usually doesn't), people are still going to need a UBI in order to survive however long that training or new job/personal growth period takes, especially if they are starting at entry level wages again

  26. Technology will come at a faster pace then Mr. Lee suggested. Andrew to become President in 2021 might be a little late but if he does it right, there’s still enough time to save Americans from destruction.

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