Andrew Yang Accuses NBC of Cutting Microphone

100 thoughts on “Andrew Yang Accuses NBC of Cutting Microphone

  1. Make Ubi for all disabled people. Stand behind your word as a candidate and put ALL of HUMANITY FIRST not just a select few!!! OTHERWISE ANDREW YANG IS JUST ANOTHER CANDIDATE WITH BROKEN PROMISES AND AN EMPTY SLOGAN!!!!!! DISABLED IS DISABLED!!

  2. Yup I was so frustrated with the fake kamala "star" moments. The calculated biden moves . Dnc is fucking up … again… this is how trump wins you cucks

  3. Why are we still pretending the MSM and our political parties are honest at all. They are controlling the narrative and who's voices get heard. We are getting screwed by everybody. It's time to smash this motherfucker system and try something else. Yang may be telling the truth but I dont feel sorry for him . The DNC and MSM have been caught so many times rigging and lying that if, no when it happens to you dont get mad get even. They dont ever fight back. look at Bernie Sanders they fucked him over last time and the MSM and DNC are doing it blatantly again yet he doesnt say shit

  4. Yang acting like the selection process is rigged
    Just ask Bernie he will tell you the democratic party is fair and just.
    Who am I kidding the democratic party will FUKING tell you who you are voting for

  5. i just hope people see past kamala. shes not the best female candidate in this thing. by a long shot. she seems dishonest. you have about 4 or 5 good candidates to choose from really. bernie, warren, yang, tulsi and maybe de blasio or williamson too. no need for the others.

  6. It was like. I was like. Public speaking is like….. Not using "like" in every sentence. Like, good luck.

  7. NBC has just been weird about Yang. It's like their anchors are under orders not to mention his name.

  8. LOL, sure, buddy. They did it just to you, no one else. Because you, the person who looked like he shit his pants when asked about his signature issue, was doing so well they had to stop him in his tracks. God, the Yang Gang is one of the saddest, most delusional political cults out there. Face it, guys, he done fucked up. And only people who are morons think they had some great conspiracy against him.

  9. When he did talk he didn't say anything convincing but I admit I had already done the research and decided his solutions is not what I feel best for our country! IMO which I am entitled to have he is just trying to buy the presidency. He doesn't even have the experience in all the DIFFERENT areas it takes to be president!

  10. not to mention msnbc cut him out of ALL their graphics leading to to debate and even in the intro to the debate. i hate to break it to y’all but MSNBC is deciding who Trump gets to fucking destroy in 2020

  11. Yang all the way. No other candidate is aware of, much less informed on, AI and automation. The other candidates are also mostly feel good rhetoric instead of policies.

  12. It is sad that Yang would make up a story about his mic being cut. If that was the case he should have shouted that out during the interview. I watched the interview and you could clearly see him standing there quietly.

  13. That's what Trump claimed to have happened to him back then. In this case however, it seems to be true. If it was intentional or not, is another topic…

  14. I didn't notice. I watched on mute. Democrats talk about change but never take action. Blexit is the greatest thing to happen as a result. Thank you Democrats! Republicans want freedoms and Constitutional rights.

  15. Should've reached over to grab another mic, my boy Trump would've done it without hesitation

  16. A) As far as his question, his response was "Excuse me?"…. He simply wasn't prepared to back up his policy with a plan. B) If he can't force himself into a debate with similarly/like-minded individuals, how is he going to go up against Trump and his mud-slinging tactics? C) How many times did he say "like" during that short video? Are we suddenly choosing between a valley sorority girl and everyone else on the dais? D) When you perform that poorly in debates and interviews and your first excuse is a conspiracy theory against you, you lose all respect and credibility in my book immediately….

  17. I kinda feel like it's even more malicious than what you are saying. I hate to play the race card and bring up Asian American stereotypes, but cutting off that man's mic made him look passive, quiet and overly rule abiding. Some of the moderators comments and questions didn't help either like the China question or the facetious "Thank you for staying in your allotted time" thing.

  18. Yang is still at fault. he should have made a big scene about having his mic cut on the stage and calling out the moderators. Disgusting that the debates were artificial in such a way. The media is trying to tell us who to vote for in a way.

  19. Too bad he didn’t interrupt everyone all night like Harris did. Everyone is saying how powerful and inspiring she was. To me, she just came off as rude and arrogant. But hey, that’s what won the last election, so what do I know? As an Asian-American, myself, we are raised to weather adversity and persevere without complaining along the way. This mentality may come across as weak to others, but it keeps us humble and focused on the things that matter. In Andrew Yang’s case, what matters is his message: “It’s not left or right…It’s forward.” 👊

  20. IMPORTANT: If you want to vote Yang in 2020, you NEED to vote for him in the democratic primaries. That's the only way he's going to get on the ticket.

    In some states that even means registering as a democrat in order to participate. If you don't identify as dem, hopefully you'll be ok with it since it's a means to an end and you can always change later. Look up the rules in your state so you don't miss any deadlines! Also make sure that you're registered to vote!!

  21. I think Andrew Yang was fortunate enough to make it to the debate stage and get his 2 to 4 mins of national airtime to talk to the American people. I think he’s just bitter he didn’t get more time to answer questions.

  22. They did cause they’re a portion of the most corrupt organization in America the DNC. MSNBC is a sham “news” organization.

  23. Yes there is crooked he is the best ! Andrew yang is my president! MSNBC are scum are this fuck them ! He is my president yang2020 vote yang is the only way ! For a real American dream!

  24. Well, I guess they want 4 more years of Trump. No one's going to vote for any of the hacks in the Democrat if party.

  25. Then why not raised his hand and call their attention to it during the debate?? Was he just going to stand there and let his mic stay muted??

  26. All you pro Yang all of a sudden rooting for an Asian. You bunch of racists piece of shit. You don't care about his policy whatsoever but his 1k offer. Trump has the best interest and policy for this country. If trump was an Asian man he wouldn't be president. Racist pos!

  27. The Democratic Party keeps doing this kind of crap and acting like no one notices. I have no faith in this process. This is not democracy.

  28. MSNBC has proven themselves to be dishonorable. They lost a lot of credibility especially when they try to point out election meddling on the part of the right. With no sense of hypocrisy? They are trying to engineer the election.

  29. absolutely NOT a conspiracy wtf you guys had the debate recorded i bet .. joe biden even looked at him wile u can barley hear him say excuse me

  30. Wouldn't be surprised, after all the DNC is the most hostile roadblock to real left-wing policy makers getting into the white house.

  31. I kind of doubt that would be intentional, I mean they were having technical difficulties on the first debate the night before, and if they were gonna intentionally do this sort of thing I don’t think they would do it to yang, they would probably do it to Bernie

  32. Obviously they don't want Yang as their candidate. He's a smart, calm voice that actually has real solutions. Unfortunately, real solutions don't win you anything in the Democratic party. Lol

  33. I urge everyone to contact NBC about Yang’s mic at:
    They can’t silence us!! #yangang2020

    Apparently, you can also dial (212) 664-4444 to speak to someone at MSNBC news.
    (but that’s from "" and I'm unsure if the number is valid)

  34. I like, think like, my mic was like off, and like the moderators, like didn't care that like, my mic was off.

  35. NOT an accusation. Now that OLD Joe Biden is sinking himself, Kamala "Republican light" Harris will be shoved down our throats along with Warren… Gabbard/Yang 2020!

  36. "Accuses"

    I see y'all are literally fucking retarded, just here to drop my thumbs down and move into some content worth watching

  37. How does anyone still have faith in elections? I’m not saying don’t vote, im gonna vote myself, but honestly the political/media/capital class pick the people in charge, you don’t. If you want change you gotta take it directly, just look at the strike wave.

  38. I love Andrew Yang, I am in the Yang Gang. However, he really needs to stop using the word "like" so many times. He needs to be much more controlled and assertive in his speech, which is going to be extremely important for him if he will become commander in chief.

  39. I thought MSNBC was RUDE to Yang. There were 5 things that really bothered me. The Telemundo guy didn't understand VAT. I'm a Boomer and part of YANG GANG. YANG 2020 / FREEDOM DIVIDEND

  40. Obama didnt nail the first debates either. I know it's different because Yang isnt with the establishment but I'm trying to stay optimistic. This is my first election and I've been with Yang since the Joe Rogan podcast, it's unfair if he isnt given a voice and it honestly says something about our "democracy".

  41. One thing you forgot to mention is that Yang is actually polling higher than almost half of the other candidates, has many more individual donors, and yet had the least amount of time.

  42. The fix is in folks!! its scientific dictatorship at work . there telling us Joe Biden is our next president.

  43. Wait, was Tulsi Gabbard not at this debate? She's not even on the chart of speaking times. I think I missed something…

  44. the American election system appears to be just a facade. it's more and more obvious now with media exposés

  45. oh mr. Andrew Yang, thou protest too much. If Andrew wanted, he could've gotten notoriety easily. For one, it was LIVE TV, simply move to another candidates podium(Biden's if you want attention) and say that your mic is off. ITS LIVE we will all see it, and they will have no choice but to "fix" it.

  46. He did accuse MSNBC new media as corrupt, this commentator is a class one lunatic psychopath and he is twisting the facts , he is associated with TYT than he is playing games, Corrupt political games, what is New?

  47. Another candidate confirmed their mic was off as well. #LetYangSpeak
    NBC is a propaganda machine, nothing more.

  48. Honestly, I love that Yang's got this country talking about Universal Basic Income, which is way past due, if you ask me. However, if Yang wants to be POTUS, he's a) got to stop saying 'like' every other word & b) got to be MUCH more assertive than he showed at the debate. IF his mic was indeed turned off at times, then WHY wouldn't he take his chance when it was turned on to bring THAT up? Why wouldn't he bring that to the attention of the moderators so they could fix it? There may've been others whose mics were turned off (or just not functioning, however you want to look at it), but you can damn well BET if any one of them had the guts to speak up & SAY SO, then it would have been remedied. How are we supposed to think these folks can be LEADERS of the free world & stand up for democracy & this country if they can't even stand up for themselves in a Democratic debate??!! Politics are a DIRTY business. You can't just whine about it. Get in there & FIGHT or go home. P.S. So far, I'm on board for Warren b/c she's not afraid to scrap with ANYBODY. But, I'll vote for Mr. Potato Head if he gets the nomination. Anyone to beat that The Dotard currently defiling the People's House.

  49. The Corporate media is not going to let yang spread his message, Its up to us "the people" to spread the word, all you have to do is ask someone you knoe is this question, Have you heard of Andrew Yang?

  50. Yang sounds too timid to break through . . Like, there were times, like sort of my mic wasn't working sometimes I think

  51. 2:05

    Wow, these are two gross looking nerds. How in sweet Jesus's name did I end up on a Young Durps video lol?

  52. I think as Asians we need to be more vocal about the issues that is going on. Not being ignorantly vocal. But stating facts that are visible whether it's TV, movies, or in our daily lives. It's always unpleasant to think how movie industries portray us asians. I don't watch much movies but take these superhero marvel movies as an example, they always find these Asian stereotypical looking or at least make them look stereotypical to make us look unattractive. I can really see how Andrew is using these stereotype and owning it like in one interview he said: "You know I'm Asian, so I work hard". And when he says it, it has a positive connotation. We gotta own these stereotypes and use it in a positive portrayal. Not letting others abuse this and this it's funny.

  53. The Party Establishment is obviously afraid of him. He wants big reforms that they are not allowed to make.

  54. Let's get serious tho.
    Yang would not have a chance with Trump even If he had his mic on or even If Yang would have got nominated.

  55. Main stream media will always silence the candidates most favored by the People. Be it Yang , Hubbart..or Trump.

  56. Oh wow, the Dems are just figuring out that the DNC rigs their own internal elections

    Good job. Have a cookie XD

  57. I wished the government gave me 1000 a month but I don't think it is a good idea.
    There is people abusing the system right now with the EBT cards and every other government assistance.
    And I don't mean those who really need it. I have no problem them getting all the help they need.
    But imagine the ones that are abusing the system now getting cash…..

  58. I like Yang. He's genuine with a good heart and solid ideas, and this is coming from a guy who voted Trump. But, he's TOO SOFT and lack assertiveness. I know a lot of people think we voted Trump because of the "automation issue", but the truth is, he had the most conviction in his ideas to help America (whether you agree with those ideas or not), is assertive and fought tooth and nail to rise up from virtually the same space Andrew is in now to President of this country.

    You don't get to be President based on merit or ideas alone. Politics is a dirty game, and if he has the balls and convictions, he needs to go HARD in the paint if he wants anyone to take him seriously and give him air time. Life ain't fair, Yang. No one's going to 'turn on your mic' if you complain about it. You need to pull a few Trump moves, interject, and be unwavering in your beliefs. We have to be convinced that you deserve to be President as much as you claim.

    I would vote for Yang if he became the nominee, but, I don't know man. Against Trump, with his timidness, if he makes it as the nominee, Trump will run circles around him worst then Clinton who was a seasoned politician. He needs charisma and energy and he lacks that certain "presence" that would bring him to the forefront. I wish him the best.

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