Anchor Podcast Tutorial | New Feature!

Anchor Podcast Tutorial | New Feature!

brand-spankin new feature was just
announced on how to connect with your podcast audience and I’m gonna tell you
all about it in this video welcome to apps that roll I am the
fantastic Joe bringing you the best applications for your mobile device if
this is your first time here make sure you hit that subscribe button tap the
bell that way you know when the next video drops so today I was standing
around swiping through my Twitter like most of us do every day and I saw this
tweet pop up by Ankur and they announced officially as of May 16 2019 that they
were implementing a new feature called voice messaging so what does this mean
exactly it means exactly as I said your listeners can send you voice messages
from any mobile device any podcasting app Spotify Apple music anchor itself
any of those apps or any web browser the coolest part of this is that not only
can you get some feedback from your listeners from your fans but you can
also include these voice messages within your podcast all through the anchor app
it’s amazing so I’m gonna give you a quick rundown quick details on the blog
skim through it real quick um what anchor announced today and I’m also
going to do a little how-to a little tutorial real quick through the anchor
app on how you can receive those voice messages from your listeners through the
app itself and also if you’re just a listener and you want to send a voice
message yourself to another podcaster on how you can do that through the anchor
app and also through the Spotify app as well so Ankur basically came out with
this blog where they discussed this and made this a really easy bridge to cross
on how to connect with your audience and how you could connect with your favorite
podcasters it’s basically anchors voice messages feature it exists to solve this
problem and abling listeners to send their favorite podcasters short audio
clips that can be easily added into any episode before today listeners needed to
download the anchor mobile app in order to send you a voice message which was
still way too much work today is that’s changing with an update
to anchor voice messages that makes it easy for you to collect messages from
anyone anywhere in the world now listeners can leave voice messages right
from any browser even on mobile via any podcast app without having to download
the anchor that’s pretty awesome if you ask me so as they mentioned in the blog
you could already send voice messages to your favorite podcasters through the
anchor app but that was the only way you could do it but real quick I’m going to
show you how you can do it through the anchor podcast app just in case you’re
unaware then we’re gonna jump over to the Spotify app so within the anchor
podcast app it’s simple here’s a button you hit voice message you can hold the
phone to your ear as if you’re talking into the phone or you can just press the
report button and simply record a message and send it off alright let’s
jump into the Spotify app so I can show you guys real quick how to voice message
your favorite podcaster all right here we go we’re gonna jump in to fork in the
road by one of my good friends my good pals Andy Marshall he has an awesome
podcast I’ll put a link to it in the description go check it out click on any
of the episodes you want to listen to go into the descriptions where it says see
more you’re gonna scroll all the way at the bottom basically all it is is it’s a
link it says send in a voice message click on that it’s gonna take you over
to the anchor website basically you can also get the anchor app while you’re
there or you can just start recording from within the actual website the
webpage that’s listed right here as you can see it start recording press the
button and there you go I just think anchor is crushing it this year earlier
they hooked up with Spotify I did a video on that I’ll throw a card up real
quick for you guys to watch if you’d like to see anything about that and if
you enjoyed this video do me a favor hit that subscribe button if you haven’t
already done so watch some more videos on podcasts right here or you can watch
a video that YouTube’s recommending to you and I’ll see you guys next time

14 thoughts on “Anchor Podcast Tutorial | New Feature!

  1. This is an awesome feature. I think Anchor really understands the importance of connecting with your audience, which is something that's been lacking in the podcast realm. Great video dude!

  2. Do you use Anchor for your podcast? Have you tried the voice messaging feature from a different app?

  3. I'm really excited about this feature! Makes me want to get cracking on my podcasts ASAP ๐Ÿ‘

  4. I'm really excited about this feature! Makes me want to get cracking on my podcasts ASAP ๐Ÿ‘

  5. #viewedthis sent me. Very interesting concept. To be able to have the audience connect with the podcaster opens up so many opportunities.

  6. This is very cool. You could do voice messages from within Anchor but not through the other apps. That sounds fantastic

  7. ๐Ÿ˜† thank you so much for the guest appearance of my podcast ๐Ÿ˜ thatโ€™s awesome ๐Ÿ‘

  8. I personally choose not to own a smartphone, but most apps work on other devices right? Thanks for the informative content

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