Amy Brenneman Launches An Emotional Podcast Inspired By Her Special Needs Daughter

– So what made you take on something emotional as this? Like ’cause it’s not
like a flipping podcast. What made you wanna really take that on? – I like to talk to
people, and I think that, I have a daughter with
special needs, and she’s got a very rare chromosomal abnormality, and again I feel like
in special needs world, and especially when kids
are younger, it’s like, “Oh we’re gonna pour services into it,” but at, in the back of
your mind, it’s like, then they won’t have it anymore, then they’ll be normal, and
I feel like being her mom has brought me into the
neuro-diversity and the disability community where
the people are awesome, and changing the culture, and are brave. – Yeah. (crowd applauds) – And so as my dad, my
dad was a sober alcoholic for 35 years, and he always used to say, “Listen, do I wanna be an alcoholic? “Not really. “Am I glad for going into
this community and all “of the tools and people
and amazing journey, yes.” So it’s like a little sliver lining-y, and people are super articulate about it. And I feel like it’s a
conversation we all want to be having, and I’m just
happy to be a part of it. – I think they’re conversations that need to be having, and you just never know, like all the struggles we all go through. – Well and I sort of
articulate it like it’s the kind of goth cousin of
Oprah’s “aha” moment, it’s the “oh crap!” (crowd laughs) – Yeah. – It’s like it’s my turn in the hot seat, it’s getting the call,
it’s like you, that person, it’s like eh. – My friend who had
like galloping leukemia it’s like you get the call, it’s like, “I didn’t want that call.” you know, but then it’s your turn, and then what happens?

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