Amazon FBA Private Label: EP1 – Introduction to AM/PM Podcast and Manny Coats.

Amazon FBA Private Label: EP1 – Introduction to AM/PM Podcast and Manny Coats.

Warning the following podcast has been classified
as insanely lucrative listener discretion is advised I love hearing both the success
and failurestories so we can essentially improve as we go on I think there’s more to to be
learned from a failure than there is from success right your attention please please
listening to the am/pm podcast may cause recurring revenue streams and unfair unfair advantages
over your competitors other side effects may include fatter wallets fired bosses and longer
vacations listen at your own risk here’s your host seven-figure entrepreneur and online
marketing madman Manny Coats hello hello and welcome to am/pm the podcast having everything
to do with Amazon private label I am super excited to have you guys with me I’m calling
this the ampm podcast because the whole idea for me is to create passive and recurring
income at all hours of the day 24 hours a day during the a.m. during the p.m. so therefore
there’s the name am/pm by the way I should probably introduce myself my name is Manny
Coats and I’ll be your host through all of these episodes I want to talk about a few
things that we’re going to be covering in the coming podcasts things like how to source
products including the email templates that you’ll send out to suppliers or customers
or if you’ve got some complaints bad reviews things like that how do you respond to those
how to set up your company name and brand names these are way more important than you
think the tools and services that you can use to save tons of hours each day right so
using something for one hour that can replace eight hours worth of work how to get your
products inspected before they’re actually shipped out to you or to Amazon the best ways
to get your products shipped to you and why you should use those what else let’s see making
sure you’re you’re protected financially with your first order when you’re using a new supplier
right it’s always a kind of a nervous scenario when you’re sending thousands of dollars to
some company you’ve never done business with so what’s the best way of coaching that and
handling it on what products should you avoid and why you know at all costs are some products
that newbies beginners should probably just stay away from so that they get their feet
wet and and start with something that that is on a positive note how tooutrank your competitors
on Amazon the tactics and techniques and the steps that you need to do to do that how to
outsell your competitors even if your price is higher right it’s not always a low price
game you don’t have to sell something for a dollar to dollars ten dollars less than
a competing product if you employ certain strategies the amount of products that you
need to order how many should that be you know a lot of people ask well should I order
you know 100 products a thousand products there’s there’s things you have to consider
before ordering your products to kind of factor in how many you’re going to get and we’ll
talk all about those things another question would be how to ship the products in terms
of it should be shipped directly to your house or to amazon you know the pros and cons to
that how about your product ideas they might be getting stolen from you withoutyou even
knowing about it i’m going to show you one of the ways that i’d say nine out of ten people
make this mistake and they they’re just kind of giving away their product ideas without
even knowing about it how to know down to the dollar what your competitors are selling
each month on their products this is good to keep an eye on keep track of your competitors
as well as finding new markets you know you can find out hey this product here is making
ten grand a month or 15 grand and it’s something I want to get into what do all the acronyms
stand for right it’s going to be really confusing for people that are just getting into this
what does FOB mean and PPC and BSR and all those other acronyms we’re going to talk about
all those Amazon hijackers most people don’t probably have never even heard of this term
but what are they and how do you prevent these guys from taking over your listings and it’s
happening more and more every week now what are the hidden costs that you should know
about when your private labeling there’s a lot of little things right so we’re going
to go over all those details mistakes many people make when creating their their packaging
there’s so many things that you can just mess up on you forget to add one thing and then
the product can’t be imported or Amazon rejects it there’s a lot of things so talking about
that the stickers right the stickers and the codes that you need on your products do you
have to have a UPC code do you have to have other very specific codes on the product packaging
we’ll talk about that and geez man I can go on and on and I will in future episodes so
let’s just say this right now if you can just tap that subscribe button click it make sure
that you don’t miss any of these podcasts and I promise you there’ll be a golden nugget
and at least one of the podcasts that you listen to so Who am I an and why does it really
matter well I’m a serial entrepreneur probably just like yourself and I love challenges both
for fun and for business maybe that’s why I’m an adrenaline junkie and just love being
involved with you know really challenging sports and I think that kind of transfers
over to the business side of things I’ve jumped into multiple industries pretty much with
no experience and so I just I’m self-taught so to speak right I was in I had a nice cushy
finance job before I started my own business and then there’s it’s a whole another story
that i’ll say for another episode but i decided to start my first business which was in the
3d animation sector and this is back when there were no real courses on the subject
so again i was self-taught there I built up several businesses in this market and I ended
up selling them moved to San Diego and then later I started an online sales and marketing
business with no experience I built that up to over 50 people in that company here in
the US and about a dozen or so freelancers outside of the United States the company we
built it up to about five just over five million dollars per year and it was during this time
that I also started dabbling with Alibaba back before pretty much anybody knew what
Alibaba was this was almost what about 10 years ago so after that I started an online
supplement company again with zero experience in the health supplement industry that company
went on to generate just over six figures per month in revenue so was very happy with
that after selling that particular company I started multiple mobile games companies
developing gaming applications and I still run that that one’s still going again I had
no experience with this this particular industry and it took me a few years to get it to where
it is right now it’s it’s essentially on autopilot where I have a team of programmers and designers
making games on a monthly basis I’ve got two offices overseas that are split again for
the programmers on one side the designers in another and we’ve made over 200 games so
I’ve also done some speaking engagements in the realm of mobile applications at some high-end
mobile app conferences so I’m always crazy busy I always have something going on I just
love it i think it’s it’s awesome but you’re probably asking well hey if you’re you’re
so busy and you’ve got a successful app business why why are you jumping into something else
the amazon private label business or or this podcast well honestly I want I want the challenge
I think it’s fun and like most of you who have you know a primary job I’d imagine right
you have a primary job and you’re going to be doing this part-time I have another business
my apps business so this will be done alongside that and I think together we can find the
time to make them both work I also love to learn and this time though with Amazon I’m
not going in blind you see I can apply almost all the previous experiences for my other
business to this because I’ve what I like I mentioned I’ve dealt with Alibaba for close
to a decade the online marketing and sales experience that I had my other company is
going to be invaluable that was just tons of pay per click marketing that we were doing
back in the day with AdWords over two hundred thousand dollars per month just on buying
traffic and even the mobile side of things will help since everything is now going mobile
I’ve been dealing with outsourcing to free up just a ton of time now for for many years
and that’s also going to become valuable or very very valuable in this new Amazon private-label
venture I’ve got friends as well that are just crushing it I mean they’re killing it
with Amazon and they’ve been doing this for a while so I’ve been masterminding with those
guys and it’s just constantly opening my eyes to new and creative ways of doing things with
Amazon and honestly it’s almost an unfair advantage when when I’m hearing some of the
stuff one guy for example has over a million SKUs I didn’t even think that was possible
but believe me he’s got this so doing the podcast it forces me to stay current this
is one of the main reasons why I want to do it I need to know what the best tactics are
the best tools to know you know what Amazon allows and doesn’t any of their terms of service
updates and essentially just to grow my business as quickly as possible with the podcast networking
with hundreds or even thousands of like-minded individuals it’s going to it’s going to help
things I’m going to I’m going to learn new things and every podcast i think i’m going
to walk away with something new and valuable and i hope you guys will too right there’s
always going to be as i mentioned earlier that golden nugget to be found so i love hearing
both the success and failure stories so we can essentially improve as we go on I think
there’s more to to be learned from a failure than there is from success right everybody’s
talking about if they’ve got a podcast or they’re selling a course or their training
or ebooks or whatever it is there’s always the success stories oh I made this amount
i did this but they don’t typically talk about failures and i think that with the failures
come really valuable lessons and then you apply those those newly learned lessons to
your business and then you do a lot better and with this podcast i’ll be documenting
and sharing those successes and failures and hopefully you know way way way more successes
than failures but at least i’m not going to hide anything you’ll you’ll be able to see
it real time as we move along so i’m all about as i mentioned earlier the tools of the trade
finding tools that you know allow me to do eight hours of work with just maybe one hour
and i’m already using some tools that are pretty amazing so i’ll be covering some of
that stuff and well I think we should set a goal I think goals are important and so
I’m going to say it now my goal here is to generate 25,000 dollars in sales within the
first 90 days of starting as of this first podcast right now so it’s on record me saying
25 grand first 90 days and I think it’s totally doable my second goal a a little bit more
long-term goal is to have the business hit a quarter million dollars in sales by the
end of the first year okay so it’s going to start off slower in the beginning but as you
know it’ll less per month is what I mean but by the end of the year it should be you know
much larger amount and I want the total to be a quarter million and I think it’s totally
totally doable and i’ll be sharing this all with you guys again the ups and the downs
the tactics that that are being used the tools how everything’s being done and man I just
hope that we not only reached that goal but we can crush the quarter million dollar goal
by by a ton by the end of the year by the way guys I mean those are my goals you know
you need to set realistic expectations based on your resources and i’ll be talking about
you know how much i’m spending to do what I need to do so you can adjust from there
and and I think everything will work out by the way i’ll be doing things that in many
cases are the opposite of what the big training courses that you might have heard about teach
you you’ll see why I’m going to be doing this why they work to generate more money with
less work and yeah it works in so many other industries I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t
work here so once this gets out I think you’re going to see more and more people doing it
but those that are listening to the podcast and applying it early on are going to have
that you know that the first movers benefit I guess you could say so stay tuned and find
out what those things are and since I love challenges in addition to good products that
I’m going to be sourcing and selling right we always want those best products I do kind
of want to throw in a couple really tough products or things that people have said you
know definitely stay away from I’m not talking about bad products that are going to get you
potentially sued because of liability or something you know because they can get hurt but I’m
talking about a product maybe in a super crowded market that it’s just it seems like it would
be impossible to to get any kind of good traction and I want to get those and I want to apply
some tactics to it and these might be some things that don’t do so well they they might
actually even fail but if we can apply some really cool techniques to it and they do well
imagine the doors that that opens up right I mean if you can get into a super crowded
competitive market imagine what you can do on on this the the low-hanging fruit stuff
that that has almost not competition so stay tuned again for that as well so that’s about
it please do subscribe and you know click that subscribe button if you’re on the podcast
page now and you know your ratings do help as well if you can just rate this I’d really
appreciate it and remember these podcasts I know we’re super busy but you can you just
pop your ear buds in and while you you know driving to work or taking the dog on a walk
or you’re working out taking a shower whatever it might be right and I mean that’s what I
do I swear to God I have a little bluetooth speaker that sticks to the wall inside the
shower and when I get into you know I punch it up and listen to some podcasts or at least
a portion of a podcast i should say i’m not in there for an hour but i’m doing my part
to conserve water here in California I promise so anyways it’s it’s easy I mean stay stay
fit right jump on the elliptical machine or treadmill or whatever for 45 minutes and listen
to your podcast so that’s about it guys again if you can just subscribe and then rate the
the podcast I’d really appreciate it yeah I will talk to you guys next time bye bye
you’ve been listening to the am/pm podcast hosted by Manny Coats for more information
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  2. I'm so glad I ran into your channel! Thank you for doing this..I'm about to binge watch/listen to all of your podcasts and youtube video.

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