Akilah Hughes Came Unhinged on Acid – Tales From the Trip

– [Akilah] It was
like Ren and Stimpy, I could see every like
hair follicle, every pore. It was heroine. (upbeat music). – Hi my name is Akilah
Hughes, and this is the story of when I dropped acid and
watched Freaks and Geeks. (laughing). The Postal Service’s
album, Give Up, Which had been out for 10 years was touring and so
we decided to go. We went, it was dead. Pitchfork gave it
a perfect score, like everyone likes this album, but for some reason, no
one was at the concert. But we wanted the
night to keep going, like we wanted to
have a good time. And so my friend Tim was like, “You guys want to do some acid”? And I was like, “all right”. So, we went back to
Williamsburg to his apartment and we, we dropped acid. I was on the roof
of the building, and I just started
like ugly crying, like, it was like
Kim Kardashian, just like her diamond earrings had just fallen in
the ocean, like. Some other people who
lived in the building had got upstairs, they
were a little freaked out. They were like, “what’s
going on with your friend”? And I’m like cool let’s just
get back in the elevator. You know, we decide
that we’re going to watch Freaks and Geeks. So I was like, I don’t know how you’re
going to find it, I’m gonna go to the bathroom. I was in the
bathroom for an hour. I stared at the toilet paper thinking like if I was
going to start unrolling it, it might unroll forever. Like I didn’t think
that I had the ability, like the strength in
my body to stop it, So I just sat
there like dripping in the toilet waiting
to find the courage. I eventually wiped. After I was done
washing my hands, which assumed took
like 25 minutes. I looked in the mirror
and I swear to you, I looked 200 years
old (laughing). It was like Ren and Stimpy, like where they did those
crazy hyper realistic drawings. It was like I could see every like hair follicle, like
the one weird chin hair, like every pore. It was harrowing. Like it was bad,
I looked haggard. So I start crying again. So I cried looking
in the mirror, I like touched the mirror like it was a jail. Like I was just like
holding my hand there, like oh no you’re so
old, you’re going to die. So, I went and sat on the couch and so my friend was like, “I’ve got a bunch of oranges, and I heard that
oranges taste amazing when you’re tripping”. And I’m like, “what is
it about about them”. He was preparing the oranges, like slicing them and like
making them good for us. So we were like why don’t
we draw what we’re feeling. So I just started
like drawing circles. And then it started
to get really intense, like a kid in a horror movie. Like you know
those unhinged kids who are for some reason,
always drawing a circle. So I look and my
boyfriend and I’m like, you’re not even high. Like you guys are
all pretending. And he picked up
what he was drawing, and it was the ugliest
drawing of a cow. It looked like a kid who
had never seen a cow. But I knew it was a cow because he wrote the word
moo next to the drawing. Around this point, my friend
Tim brought over the citrus. I was immediately
transported to like a 90s Fruit Gushers commercial, where the heads
turn into the fruit when they bite into the candy. So I’m eating like six oranges, like for some reason,
I’m going ham and cheese on these oranges. I can’t get enough oranges. I don’t know what, why
I decided to do this, but I was like, I am
allergic to oranges. I’m not allergic to oranges,
for anyone watching this that’s a lie. But I wanted the drama of like everyone caring in that moment, (cheering) and no one cared (laughing). They’re like well
you had like six and you’re fine (laughing). I could die at any
moment, and they’re like, “I don’t know how to be
there for you right now”. And my boyfriend was like, I think we should probably
go back to my apartment, like we gotta get outta here. And we went back
to his apartment, and then eventually, like I would say
maybe two hours later, after just laying in the bed
and staring at the ceiling and like not talking
to each other. we had sex, (upbeat music). and then we went to sleep. (laughing). (clapping). Tales from the Trip. (upbeat music).

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