AIB Podcast : feat. Shah Rukh Khan (Part 01)

AIB Podcast : feat. Shah Rukh Khan (Part 01)

Hey guys, how’s it going? So we decided to bring the podcast back to the channel in a big way in 2017 so we decided to do a little test shoot in the office the other day to see how it works, where we can shoot in the office, etc., etc. Now that podcast is not ready yet. It’s with Biswa and Sumukhi. It’s not entirely edited yet, and we will put that out very soon. We shot another podcast today with another guest which is the one that you guys are going to watch right now. However, to enjoy this podcast to the fullest you guys need some context so here’s some footage from the podcast we shot with Biswa and Sumukhi to give you context for the current podcast that you guys are about to see. So here is a podcast flashback- One year when we wrote Filmfare, We told him this by the way when we wrote Filmfare At some point in the night, we are hanging out with Shah Rukh and he’s also cool and all like He’s like “Come see my house” This is when he’s five drinks down Yeah, and he has a lovely auditorium in his house Again, he’s not here but I want to tell him It’s lovely Say it to me
Pretend I’m ‘Raees’ And now… we’re in the auditorium and he’s like “This is where I play PlayStation” “You know, I play FIFA and all” FIFA and all, okay… And Rohan is plastered by this one And Rohan is like “Oh, we should play FIFA!” And Shah Rukh’s like “Yeah, we should play FIFA” Rohan’s like “I’ll get my PlayStation” and Shah Rukh’s like I have a PlayStation I have an auditorium, bro… Why would I not have a…? I’ll give Shah Rukh Khan credit for this He wasn’t a dick about it He wasn’t a dick about it He just sort of looked at me for a second like “Oh peasant!” For one second, in his eyes it was there but then after that he moved on & very polite about it In my head also in two seconds I’m like, forget FIFA yeh literally, actually call Messi, Ronaldo I call him
He plays in my lawn This can happen, forget PlayStation This can happen with him This was my embarrassment Now it’s Tanmay’s turn because after we get out of the this thing There is a two hour period where we are both sort of like Was it one of those celebrity things where he was being nice or do you think we’ll really play FIFA with him tomorrow night? My logic is see Biswa, if I call you home Okay, and I show you, see this is my hall This is my bedroom, it’s fuckall Look I have this – this sink Look this is how it works And look in my fridge This coke woke is like this And I tell you we’ll hang out tomorrow, okay? And at night, I have not called you at night you’ll feel a little bad little bit, mildly, you’ll say “What is happening”? Okay, so next night Cut to next night We’re sitting, okay Waiting for the phone! It’s not like he has our number Nothing I’m assuming he went out of his way He put a calender invite He went out of his way He got around and said Right, yesterday there were those 4 guys Tell them I want to play FIFA today I had told them I had told them I’d play with them But now it’s 11:30pm and we’re also like Now it doesn’t seem likely But at the same time we also have hope because we’re like last time the meeting was scheduled for 7:30 and it started at 12:30 He stays up till late at night Always busy
He’s a night owl So now at this point I have opened my twitter I’m like let’s see Shah Rukh bro – what is he doing? I open and I go and he’s tweeting He tweeted a picture of him with Madhuri at his house saying having dinner with old friends this that whatever And I replied to that tweet And I just said FIFA NIGHT in all caps saying FIFA night bro This was literally Tanmay’s version of Fuck, she’s showing online Why isn’t she replying to my messages? Yeah, the blue tick is showing! Hello and welcome to the AIB Podcast Khamba say hello Hi Always upset Just perpetually So the last podcast Rohan, in the last podcast we discussed There was a- Deeply personal story Personal story About a man who invited us to play FIFA on his PlayStation And then the next day He ditched us! Like we were absolutely no one We’re here to confront this man, Mr. Shah Rukh Khan Why? That’s all I need to ask you Why? I’m wondering why today also I mean, you know, my worry My disturbance is much more than yours You’ve not been called is your problem Me calling you again! How low can I go? So that’s the thing, right? Like after the roast All our fans just began to assume that we just hang out with you guys all the time Like we hang out with Karan Johar Like on Saturday we phone-call Shah Rukh- Can I just tell you You don’t put me in your roast team at all I have nothing to do with the roast I completely agree I was not there in the country Actually, I was not on the planet Wow! I distance myself completely from roast I only know chicken I eat chicken everyday I eat everyday I really like chicken And PETA-people I don’t even eat (chicken) actually No no no How many layers of political correctness? Because no matter what answer you give Something can go wrong I’m going to be very politically correct That brings me to my first question Usually when we do a podcast But I want to ask you You really thought I am going to call you next day for FIFA? No, you can’t Yeah There is some kind of a dream in life I’m just like that- how amazing would it be if it happened It’s like when you buy a lottery ticket there’s at least a one in a trillion chance that your number will come Anyway, you said he’s going to be politically correct It’s simple I won’t say anything wrong today Yeah You know, Shah Rukh you don’t have to say anything wrong for things to go wrong I’m born this way How like how does this work? Where you wake up one morning and you put on the TV and you see that some politician somewhere has said something and you are now the news of the day You’re now the debate of the day Yeah and mostly and with due respect I’m you know this I’m fumbling Suddenly I have become I love you kkkkk-Kiran has happened No, I’ll tell you what happens I wake up like this in the morning So last night, there was some news about the honorable President Donald Trump I use proper names for everyone Mr. Donald Trump had done something in America And there was this whole news something is happening something I don’t know what it was but something was happening I don’t want to mention any ethnic and religious groups about this So I’m lying down and I wake up in the morning and my first thought I have nothing to do with that world! I don’t even think right now I have a valid visa and I may never get it after this! Yeah I was lying down there and I pickup my phone with this speed in the morning I wake up And I am very- I used to be very fast you know when I was… when these things never used to happen I used to wake up like this Come on! You know, King of Bollywood Now I wake up like this What King? What Bollywood? And then my hand goes automatically to my phone and my prayers are happening inside in every language I do prayers in every language to every God that you know please I have nothing to do with what’s happened in America today I hope not Day before yesterday some of the filmmakers and rightly so or wrongly I don’t know! It was their point of view But they all They all got a little angry with some disturbance that had happened up north somewhere in India related to something and uh… I love the specifics I’ve heard of multiple choice questions this is the first multiple choice answer I have ever heard And they started talking about how this is wrong You know, somebody should not be physically violated xyz and all and I first thing I did in the shooting is has my name come up in this? Because I have not said anything I have not spoken to anyone My name has come up? And this gentleman was standing with me He said, yes There are 100 retweets in your name I’m not there I didn’t make a comment I made my personal uhh… love known to the person who was involved in this… activity that may have happened up north somewhere due to whatever but and I genuinely went and checked! and it was about me suddenly and it was about me selling some gangster and badguy and some religion and all and I’m like Why? Why? Why? And I can’t make calls anymore So I have decided Anyone says anything about me wrong, right, good, bad, ugly I’ll just go their house I want to go to their house because at the end of it all it’s all about a selife Yeah oh! That’s what it’s about Selfie fixes everything I mean, at least I leave the place with this whole idea that Only a selfie had to be taken Now you leave Now nothing will happen to you So if I went and took lot of selfies So one day I have decided to take 7 days off take selfies with everyone who has a mouth to speak of, fingers to write I’ll be the most powerful man in this country Does it actually start factoring in now? In terms of choices Do you read a script and you’re like 5 on this – Yesterday, I was sitting with my co-actor Anushka and my director It was the funniest sequence So there’s this guy who’s getting angry at us He’s kidnapped us or something like that Semi-comic scene So like he would say that The thing with me is so he spoke in some dialect or some accent I said don’t use this man Those people will get hurt I don’t want He said but… I’m not using this This is my accent! I said no, you’re not speaking like this You’ll speak like I speak The problem with that is now people will watch that scene with that guy and will say Man his accent is not natural Yeah, that would be a problem Which is why the book is it really and we found out, incredibly important One of the jokes we used to do was After Manmohan Singh left as Prime Minister Like the first thing he would have done is gone home and just gone to an empty room and just yelled for 8 years worth of anger Like I feel like we Like at what point will Are you worried that at some point you will be like Enough of this I cannot take this I do take this with a little bit of disturbance you comparing me to the honorable ex-Prime Minister Not like that I meant the level of Really… I’m not so silent Of course not! We read that Meryl Streep piece also Yeah yeah That one, yeah, that one I got so confused talking about it because again, halfway through, I realized am I hurting too many people with this? So should I be trying to cover it up and all? But yeah, I genuinely want to do it You know there’s a There’s an actor friend of mine who I can’t name but He has a padded room in which he goes and speaks for voice to make it more powerful So Farhan is out and I I have a feeling that at the end of my career I will be in a padded room One way or the other Yeah, I was just going to say I mean I will make a padded room but this house is too small so I’m trying to earn more money Get that one room But genuinely, man, there are days You know, when I’m sitting and I’m like I want to goo somewhere and just scream, man Yeah! Yeah, I did it! Yeah, I also said this! And yeah, I’m also saying this! And yeah, I’m… I’m Shah Rukh! Yell it out I really want to do it, yaar Earlier I used to do I used to remove my anger at the award functions Where Say what you want Joke around Then so many people’s emotions were hurt Now we can’t do that also, sir Once you had done it, yeah No, now not at all Now… Now we have discourses Meaning… I mean, like genuinely Our award function This one what we did together was like a Satsang With each other so politely It went on till 4 at night Today we’d like to call on stage Respected Honorable So and so who has done such great things Now at the award function nobody has done a bad thing Everyone is so nice Each and every person is so nice I was I was going to ask like when the whole Meryl Streep thing happened, right? My question to journalists writing saying why can’t Indian actors I was just little amazed that how the thing with us is meaning, now I’m not saying anything wrong The thing with us is When we were young it was we used to say The British left but left their children behind I don’t know if your parents used it Yeah My father used to say The British left but left their children behind So these people over there Some woman And she’s saying a wonderful thing I think there’s only one woman in this world that I ever want to spend a second with also Meaning I’ll feel my life… and I never say this about anyone I’m not a fan because I am such a big star But… We’ll get to that question There’s a question there Meaning that’s true So how can a big star be a fan? Such a big star Really stupid It’s a dichotomy So… I am… genuinely a fan fan, fan, right… I am Gaurav for Meryl Streep And I think what she spoke is wonderful There’s an age and stage she has reached She can say anything I mean, genuinely She can be the President of America if she wants to be but why should somebody sitting here hearing something which is so beautiful! Instead of enjoying it Instead of you know… applauding it, say Why isn’t anyone saying it here? Here- She’s said it, right! If you liked it so much Rewind it Play it again Play it again and again Keep showing it Why have you gotten to this point You know first thing in the morning So I saw Meryl Streep saying and there was an amazing one if you guys have seen the Madonna one When she speaks at the award function Beautiful, man And she has spoken from the heart that people hassle others break down houses behave shamelessly Now after reading this why should I say Arey! Why doesn’t Madhuri say this! Why isn’t Juhi saying this! Arrey, Madonna said it man She’s saying something nice Meryl Streep has said it and it applies to the whole world I wanted to write actually to all the journalists Do you know what happened? This time I didn’t get a Filmfare award If I had I would have made the same speech I didn’t get one so I fired Meryl When the bloody award I didn’t get How will I give a speech? First present me an award! But can you make this like a drive? Next year give me all the awards I have some amazing speeches to say Yeah Make it trend Coming to the next question right Like what I’ve observed in whatever little time that we’ve managed to spend with you that You are extremely self aware How do you How do you find that when you are constantly surrounded by people who are going to say yes to you Actually, I don’t have anyone who says yes to me Meaning, genuinely I am saying this including my Three and a half year old Little runt Runt is a good word na? Yeah, runt is fine You can call your child runt We’ll find out after this It sounds like a bad word It’ll do Correct correct Some people get angry at at me for even saying something about my own child Yeah People take offense at that What do you mean three and a half? It’s insulting to the three year olds who are watching this Nobody says yes to me and everybody knows I’ve always been like this I come from theater Where the first thing you’re taught is How to fall on your own Get up How to make fun of yourself And not to take yourself seriously As in A true actor A true performer The first thing you’re supposed to know I say this to everyone The first thing is The only person you’re supposed to know is yourself as an actor As a performer And if I know myself I’m I mean apart from being sexy, cool and good looking and really intellectually smart Modest and modest, yeah now that it’s come out of my upbring, my parents’… Modest toh when you said that my small house Then I…
-Already modest In my head, I straight went for
These Delhi people na Yeah In my head the guy who lives like this in Bombay These Delhi people na But I am telling you this is a Delhi thing This genuinely is a Delhi thing and so I know myself and I know my frailties and I know my non-sensical things and I know my issues and I know I snore at night I can’t deny that So I can make fun of it I can make fun of myself also people who make fun of themselves actually are the most confident You know, it’s like the real macho guy doesn’t have to beat up anyone includes me now which kind of…so I am not really macho I’m kind of little patsy boy But you don’t have to do it so I find it very odd that you know people get all and specially in the west and the British left and left their children Their people are okay with that, man I mean you see their programs I mean, their roast also It’s a regular thing! Yeah yeah It’s fun! You guys do one and your career is over! Well
-Yeah, I mean It’s not over! It’s on the downslide but it’s not over Talk of the next hearing has begun But I am so happy that just like how America and India that roast was your Fan Good performance But completely dying I was so happy Really, I mean, I saw you It’s like watching Trump I’m like man Fan didn’t work Fan didn’t work Arey, that AIB roast! And I’m happy There’s one guy who really loves That’s good to know What are the cheap thrills that you take? Like for example I know that when Rohan said that he’ll bring his PlayStation to play FIFA you went like The first PlayStation in India comes to my house Yeah, this is what he said So like for us the cheap thrills is like if if I want some new shoes or whatever it is I’ll just be like find someone who can try and get me one pair of shoes And I’ll put one photo on social media On social media it will be found So what is the level of cheap thrills that you are operating at What are your cheap thrills like What is the level of cheap thrills that you’re operating at? My biggest level of cheap thrills I’ll tell you is while shooting advertising because I am really really in advertising I sell everything and I remember I was doing an ad for a biscuit and there are only couple of ways even the most beautiful actors varied kind of an actor can eat a biscuit There’s not many many ways to eat a biscuit You know you either eat it like this You can be in love with it You can be angry at it I mean I tried all that The biscuit is not eaten with any emotion The biscuit is eaten you know biscuit emotion Like that Even this is unreal This is acting, yeah Too much enunciation on the lips for a biscuit Too much crunch And it was a nice biscuit It was dark and chocolate and I liked it also It’s not one of the products I don’t use I like that biscuit, you know So I was to do it And I find it odd I’m a little shy so having to do things like dandruff on my shoulder and all is awkward for me so I always say the whole idea of this ad is that this doesn’t happen to me So people will take it because it doesn’t happen to Shah Rukh because he uses this If you show me This happening to me I’m a normal regular guy I’m not a regular guy I’m Shah Rukh You know, so I don’t do dandruff For me, you know I don’t feel prickly heat itches Those other graphics, the red one The red ones, to the crotch Just like there’s an airline signal He’s itching his spot I’m standing like this and I’m getting an itch with these red lines And in the ad it’s shown that I’m sitting like this Many a times it happens that A man or a woman comes along who gets emotionally involved with their product, and rightly so And they come out to me to give me the expression Uhhh… Sir, I want you to eat the biscuit The feeling of homeliness The feeling of years gone by The feeling of who you are and the achievements that you have done in that one bite You know, and I My biggest cheap thrill is that everybody around me my team, they’re very protective that no if that much of a feeling came He’d get a Filmfare Somebody so point So my whole team there is like Don’t do this Don’t tell sir this Even his father doesn’t know this much They come to protect me such that Not much acting can be done by him But I really enjoy it I say okay okay and… So what happened twenty years ago… Do you want my school part also to reflect? There was a teacher I had hots for So should I? No, we don’t need to go so back, sir! This biscuit is for children And it should only be you know you know It’ll have a bad effect on the kids, sir So just Let’s just keep it like this Really man But you know there was this whole episode that happened to me you know when I was growing up and this producer threw me out and at that time I was really angry My jaw was tight Do you want that feeling also? No, let’s avoid the failures This is about success This biscuit When you have the feeling of success Shah Rukh Khan stands for success, sir I have my biggest cheap thrill listening to them and at the end of it all I just go and And I look at him You know the first guy I saw I don’t look at the director I don’t look at him because the director has also worked with me and he’s like They know So they are all sitting like I said two minutes more Two minutes, I just have to understand Keep talking to me, just keep talking to me Can you just keep talking to me while I’m doing the biscuit Keep talking, keep saying The emotions The feelings And this thing, this thing… And I go And I don’t look at anyone else Was it okay, was it? No? No? They get so happy! I want to know what he goes back home because 90% chances are the director’s not even going to choose that okay cut of his But I want to know what does he think like Today thanks to me Shah Rukh ate that biscuit in such a way You know all emotion He’s a good actor, yeah I had my reservation I want to hear what he says He goes back and he’s like Today, Shah Rukh Kham must be thinking, man Shouldn’t have met Baary John I should have met this guy No, today he learnt what acting is What is he doing moron Chak de phak de shak de and all man I mean same thing for 25 years! I taught him What I did today, you see What of us? Our biscuit should sell And I am not sacrificing at any cost At any cost That is my biggest cheap thrill At home, go to LinkedIn and on Other skills Made Shah Rukh Khan act Taught Shah Rukh Khan how to eat a biscuit That biscuit is his Bajirao Mastani That’s his magnum opus in his head Why are you saying Bajirao Mastani? I… Why did you take that name? I’m sorry for offending You had it written here na that you’re going to say all this You’re going to say all this I knew it When you dance at weddings What is What is that like? Is it weird being the one to steal the spotlight away from the bride and groom? I mean they should be happy I’m not stealing the bride away Fair I charge extra for that 50 lakhs I will take the girl and run away They might consider that I actually yaar Pretty shamelessly I’ll tell you man Okay, let’s do this deal Okay, on this podcast Let’s accept it Even if it’s going to diminish some of your followers for doing this cheap thing, okay? Honestly man Let’s do one wedding show with me Wedding show? We’ll write it Let’s do it
-Done You know you will have so much fun! So much fun! I write a whole play and it’s a skit and you know because it’s obviously at a very big level and because the money is spent and you go there, you rehearse and get the time and you make sure you… people like it They enjoy it And you belittle the whole family I have to tell you, man One wedding show I went They were going to put a police case on me I didn’t realize You know, I met this These friends of mine and they met me in the morning and they were like in track pants and stuff, you know They were looking really sweet Most unlike track pant kind of people You know, track suit kind of people and most unlike people who’d be jogging early in the morning So I had gone in They being old friends of mine and as in they I love them I won’t name them I love them And I met them in the morning so I just found it very sweet And I told them that sir You’re looking pretty suave What are you doing? We’re going jogging and all Anil Ambani! but you know and they were wearing orange pink The colors They were like Lululemon and you know the ones with what ladies wear with Juicy butt Juicy! You know like that and that Girls please stop wearing Juicy It’s written on your bum! I mean, for what? And some juicy? Put Mango Frooti on the front while you’re at it You can write anything on it Frooti yeah, Frooti Frooti 6 think pieces just landed on this Good one I have no beverage Since Pepsi got taken I’m like Frooti Frooti yeah Frooti As in and if Rasna is listening just in case Frooti goes So we were on this So you met this couple They were looking a little completely out of it like not… It wasn’t made for them Juicy and such such Neither was made for them and they were both like All 3 of them were going so I laughed at them on their face I said you’re looking incredible man You’re fooling around All that they said So I went down the stage then at night they were in tuxedos and they were looking as well turned out as they could be and I made a joke about it Okay, I made a joke about it and it got so offen- I made a joke about meeting them in the morning and of course it’s not as vegetarian as I am saying right now I did it And it got so big! The whole wedding aside and it became that I have humiliated them I had to apol- and they are my friends Their wives are my friends and like old people I had to apologize to them and stuff like that So since then There also there’s a problem But they are more fun people at weddings because you can make fun of All those things they do in ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’? Yeah Hum Aapke Hain gone cool because it’s AIB So it’ll be really really cool But please do a wedding show with me Done The dancing- It’s a whole play We’ll do a play We write it We perform it Tell the story of the bride and groom The story and genuinely The rule is I will not be disturbed by anyone At the end of the evening Of course you will feel like dancing with the whole family and I’m saying it really I mean I haven’t done it for a long time I don’t know They’re not calling me for weddings anymore Shah Rukh did demonetization affect you? Did you stand in line, sir? So okay Okay okay Another thing that Like weddings is one one like off Bollywood thing that you do that’s fun But you’ve also been touring a lot, right? Since the 90s These international tours and so just like a lot of people don’t know what really goes on in international tours especially from the 90s to now What has that been like? The change Something that NRI market for the NRI market With the picture tickets you’re minting money anyway Yeah Now we want more in dollars But what was the scene in the early 90s Now at least it shows up on insta winsta The first time I’d gone for shows okay Take any actor’s name today they’ll research it on YouTube I’m from theater, man theater meant one month of practice and you had fun I have two aspects of world tours I have only two thoughts One, I’m back on stage I’m doing theater This is my impression When I signed up and I still remember the people I signed up with They still work with me Till date They’re the biggest show people-Cineyug And I went to them I said you have to take me and all And I’m thinking I’m back to my theater days You know how they say when an actor gets big Don’t you miss the theater? There’s always a question like this My second thought was I’m a rockstar You know that people Yeah! Do you love me? Do you love me? These are the two impressions I have got of a world tour So the first time I have gone there My impression of the world tour is that First of all There are things called peanut flights So all the big stars who are bigger than us I didn’t know there was a first class in… in a plane Right So I am sitting in a plane These are first few years for me going abroad You know, I am going abroad and all This guy is cool man Bags on my shoulder like this I had that camera Had the waist pouch Everything Those days we’d even buy the passport cover Yeah! All set and all I’m going and all you’re worried are your socks smelling Yeah yeah Those days- I don’t know When you’re poor, socks smell worse you know so- So we’re sitting there and that so the food used to come and in the food they’d serve peanuts That’s why they’re called peanut flights It was very crammed 8-9 hours before rise they call and shit and one day after After 5-6 tours And I could tell that my everybody was really screaming and shouting when I used to go there and all and I bought my first Tommy Hilfiger before he became racist Shirts and all So I wore this Are you wearing? Okay, no So I wore this shirt and all and I am sitting and I I don’t know why I walked up in front I thought I’ll have a look at the cockpit But I went and there was a different world There were broader seats There were televisions on Meaning it was a It was like a spacecraft Yeah So I am looking at my promoter that I’m… I’m eating peanuts here And they’re eating a roast there Why this difference man? So my first thing was that What happened to me? My stardom I had gone with feeling that I’m Michael na Do you love me? What love is this I’m sitting in a lower class I go on stage prepared rehearsed with my lines and everything So I’m asking so when do I enter The promoter says Whenever Whenever meaning? Who’s entering before me? Don’t know! Whoever is less drunk, you know means haven’t they prepared something? And I won’t tell you! The actors used to come They were the ones who would say “Do you love me?” and that’s all they did! For 20 minutes on stage They used to be like this and they used to just be Do you love me? I love you! Active voice, Passive voice So I am like watching that he’ll do something He has to do something right Build up Jet propulsion will come out of his butt and fly off! Oh my god! They did nothing! They did nothing! Couple of actors with me on the show They were so high They fell into I’m falling… So I got very very disappointed man very very disappointed because I thought no I have to bring a new culture It was a comple-yeah Even that thing Do you love me? By the time I reached because I was a small star You know, by the time I reached on stage which was Do you guys think that Filmfare and all the award functions… Yeah yeah! There’s no time boundedness There was no time boundedness I think some people went home changed, came back Stuff like this yaar So by the time you came There were not many people left to love you They all want to sleep and they were tired of answering this question and mine was prepared mine was read up Do you love me? and they would say yes and I would put a joke and then I say I and I would say I love you I have a full prepared script Do you love me? I used to! There was one enthusiastic person One Gaurav One clap of used to come And I was so disappointed yaar And I took up run And I said no I will change this whole system So just like I have changed the weddings I have changed the Live tour So you have to come on a world tour also with me Because that’s fun That’s really fun now It’s organized, it’s two hours and in that genuinely you can say what you feel like Yes! Yes! Live shows! You can say what you want You can have fun At expense of each other And I only take friends So you can joke with each other Nice And yeah We still do do you love me I love you And we still fall off stage sometimes drunk but rest of it has become much better You’re saying all these things We’ll do a wedding and this thing and all The FIFA betrayal from earlier, remember that? Tomorrow you’ll get a tweet from Tanmay WEDDING! WHERE IS WEDDING! WEDDING NIGHT WORLD TOUR No, I genuinely This is not… You know FIFA I got a little when I saw you guys and the script that you had written and all, I was a little disappointed I’d heard a lot about you guys But you’re back with the roast Now that you’ve done the roast and all At that time did AIB exist? No, back then it didn’t That work was independent Everything was new What did you call yourselves then? We were writers Just writers Yeah… Hey guys if you enjoyed that Then do hit like Click on the subscribe button and leave us a comment There’s a part 2 to this video So check that out And if you enjoyed it Then tweet to @iamsrk Tell him to play FIFA with AIB And if that happens we’ll turn that into a video I hope you guys enjoyed that Thank you very much for watching Check out part two And see you guys next time

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  5. Srk I m not fan but he is a player! He knew he had to tackle AIB and their most creative outspoken gang- Srk brought the home ground leverage by holding the interview in HIS house! The AIB guys look intimidated, smitten, and out of place! Srk starts hesitant and fumbles but quickly makes the whole space his own again! Notice how he almost physically intimidates the guys who asks about Bajirao mastani… almost like he will get into a fist fight with him and that guy quickly retreats behind a string of sorrys ! Unlike in Rabir Kapoor interview where AIB surrounds him and almost bullies him the entire interview.. srk is truly an actor , and is an experienced man.. people can actually watch and re watch this video and learn about space reclamation, hierarchies and imposing body language.. AIB fangirling hard! Tail between legs…

  6. 6:08 if you notice, there’s a book called Muhammad on the front table with a Quran underneath. And yes, this is Shahrukh Khan’s own house. Felt good to see this.

  7. The Nickelodeon Award is placed equally as the filmfare in the shelf behind, this shows how much SRK loves kids.

  8. Can you for fuck sake use Dynamic Range Compression, this will deliver the speech at the same discernible level. Sometimes the volume is so high.

  9. SRK being modest about he has not a huge house haha nailed it SRK…love u SRK and AIB guys U all are awesome…my all time fav #khamba
    huge fan of SRK and khamba…lots of love from nepal


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