AIB Podcast : feat. Ranbir Kapoor (Part 01)

100 thoughts on “AIB Podcast : feat. Ranbir Kapoor (Part 01)

  1. 00:38 – On Nepotism
    02:27 – Jagga Jasoos
    04:57 – Bombay Velvet
    07:55 – On Media Stories
    09:40 – Cringiest Thing For Love
    14:57 – Dating Actresses and Tinder
    15:20 – Channa Mereya
    15:50 – On Mansplaining
    17:40 – Roles of Self-Discovery
    21:38 – Script Narration and DVD
    23:05 – Sanjay Dutt Biopic

  2. These hosts could have easily carried out the interview with Ranbir's mute poster without calling him here himself. Clearly shows these guys lack interview skills and none of the guys had the patience to allow the other to finish a question as well as the guest to answer.What a noisy and nosey video. But hatsoff to Ranbir Kapoor for taclking it with utmost elegance and humility. The hosts were having their lucky day otherwise if there would have been any other celebrity, these guys would have been taught a nice lesson of humility.

  3. I don't know why but I at times I feel that he is wearing a patek philippe 5230R world time on his wrist, like in this video

  4. Rohan Joshi apni hoshiyaari har jagah chodega! Bhale hasi aaye, naa aaye! And apna Tatti joke and liners maarni h wo b gala faad ke! Laudu! Khamba & Ashish are still Humble and good listener unlike Rohan Fuddu!

  5. Maderchodo.. Interrupt kyu kr rhe ho.. He literally at 21.00 asks you guys to let him complete.. What a bunch of losers

  6. "Ranbeer Kapoor won't be coming to AIB again"…. Sala film ke lie mehanat kro and ese L-fakiro ke sath matha-pacchhi kro…

  7. 1:20 45 seconds?!
    I won't even need half a second to start complaining about my life.

    PS: I love u ranbir plz marry me❤❤❤

  8. You guys are asking about #nepotism ….Really
    Puch bhi kisko rahey ho… He is the best example of Nepotism… #aib the bunch of #useless_people 🤓

  9. Why are these guys trying so hard to be funny? This had the potential to be a really nice interview/podcast with Ranbir (arguably the best actor of this generation). What a waste.

  10. I'm holding back a very apt Bob Dylan quote here. I'm guessing AIB will figure it out because they're oh so smart.

  11. I didn’t like how they were treating Ranbir.. he is a hardworking, respectable actor.( not a fan ).Tanmay came to “Tu-Tadaka” and his gang followed the suite… you should watch their podcast with Srk the whole AIB had quite a different subservient disposition.. they all had a tamed body language and sitting style too! Only tanmay was able to question SRK and that too in a meek, yes man, I m a fan, I don’t have guts to make fun of you on your face way… I hate it when comedian make fun of others and they take it a step further in the name of “roasting” if it’s not consistent and same for all it’s just stupid

  12. Ye 4 chutiye jinhe koi knowledge ni h,, na industry ke bare me na hi study ke bare me…. In 4 chutiyo ko bas pta ni q bhej diya bhagwan…..

  13. Look at the body language of the loser in green pants. Show some respect. You are no where close to the person you are interviewing

  14. madarchodo acha hua bhosdikey
    …arrogant ho toh isey hi hota..ab karo comedy behenchod teri maa ki…meri behen go harass karta hai chutiya

  15. This guy in white sitting next to Ranbir sounds very irritating, cocky and useless. Pls keep him distant in future episode.

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