AIB Podcast : feat. Ranbir Kapoor (Part 01)

AIB Podcast : feat. Ranbir Kapoor (Part 01)

Hello and welcome.. To the AIB Podcast. Khamba say hello Hi! We are.. We are doing a.. New podcast today guys.. And our guest today.. Comes from the family of.. Prithviraj Kapoor.. Raj Kapoor.. Rishi Kapoor.. Randhir Kapoor.. Kareena Kapoor.. And Karishma Kapoor.. How come you mentioned.. Randhir Kapoor of all people. It’s there in Wikipedia! My question.. What about like.. Shammi Kapoor and Shashi Kapoor? Sorry Shami Kapoor and Shashi Kapoor… My question to you Ranbir is.. Do you believe.. Nepotism existed.. In Bollywood, agreed? I am a disarming.. Product of it! Of course it exists man! I mean I am sitting here next to you.. It would be tough for you to say no.. Ya! It would be.. It would be awkward.. Ya see I have a simple. Take on.. Nepotism. I believe that.. My great grandfather.. Worked really hard to.. Give his children a platform.. And so on and so forth.. And also Chembur a platform. Yes! Ya! Yes! Yes, all of that together.. Ya! Exactly! So ya.. I mean I am.. I became an actor.. Because of my family.. Because.. I got the opportunities and.. So the thing is that.. You don’t really get credit.. For your success.. Because everyone just.. Looks down upon your success.. You know they are like.. He is born with a silver spoon.. It has taken you exactly.. Forty-five seconds to start.. Complaining about how.. amazing your life is. Wow! Fourty-five seconds, guys. New record on the AIB Podcast! Quickest victimhood on… Very nice. You were saying the right things and You are… You are widely regarded… As one of the best actors.. I mean see this is my Prototype answer for nepotism.. I have to say. That’s just the staple answer.. Okay! So, this is a mugged up answer… But then when people say.. That it doesn’t exist.. Do you look it like? Do you call them and say Like what really? You know the thing is very simple.. I believe that every actor which Talks about anything serious.. Is pointless. Because people don’t take… What actors say that seriously. It is just for effect and Show business and it’s you know.. Amitabh Bachchan! Sorry? Polio! Why would you mention his name? Polio! People listen to.. Ya! Okay, must be but I feel.. All this like… If a star kid is talking.. About nepotism.. It doesn’t matter what he says man! Ya! Fair! Fair! Good save.. Good save! First complain and then say.. Then my answer doesn’t matter guys! It hurts! I am a big promoter of the film Ranbir. Thank you man. Ya! So you are typing alot. The thing is it has.. Taken so long.. That if the trailer hadn’t.. Been amazing.. People would be like.. What exactly were you shooting? No! No! Forget trailer had not being amazing.. It had gotten to a length of time.. If the trailer had not come out.. It would be like Ranbir’s playing a joke.. And he is actually chilling for three years! Like no such movie exists! Actually the inside joke on the film was like.. Because Abram was born on the.. Time the shoot started… We were counting the time.. It took by his age.. You know how weird it is for you… How is it? When people asked you three years ago.. And ask about what’s going on.. Just shooting Jagga.. While everyone has already released like four movies.. Bro, I used to lie.. Whenever I am shooting for Jagga in the last two years… I used to lie about some other film… I never said, I was shooting for Jagga.. Because people used to ask me.. Same question and I can’t really.. Defend the film all the time So I used to say no… I am shooting ‘Tamasha’ patch work… I am promoting Bombay Velvet.. One of those like, when you get divorced… It’s like where is your wife? Oh.. She is.. Busy you see? Coming from the market.. She has a new catering business… Ya! What’s this process like though? That it takes him this.. Barfi also took cause.. I remember working on the Filmfare.. When you were doing Barfi.. Even that also felt like.. Two Filmfares happened.. Before it came.. What is this process? I mean it’s… it’s… Its disorganized chaos.. There is no AD system.. Then there is no script.. There is no schedule… He will cancel us A forty days schedule..
He will cancel us A forty days schedule.. On the third day because.. He feels that it’s not working.. Like when Barfi started… The character that I was playing… Was suppose to be very intense and serious… After ten days he suddenly comes to me… And says I am not satisfied with the shoot.. It’s becoming a serious film, so… Let’s try and make it more fun? And that’s when Chaplin and all started coming.. So that’s how he is! See the thing is that now… Barfi was successful… So we forgive that process. So if Jagga Jasoos doesn’t work.. I don’t think it can be.. This process can be forgiven.. Because it’s irresponsible… Ya! You know? For other people’s.. Time, money, there are other producers.. Waiting for you.. You’re also producing this time? Ya. Big mistake.. First and last time… And am the wrong person to produce the film with.. Because you have no control.. And it just makes you feel useless… Because he’s running the production.. He’s running everything… I am not sure if you are… Promoting the film that great… You just said that there’s no script.. And we just wasted the starting ten days.. Like I don’t know if this is… Ya! Because the thing is, I can’t take credit.. For anything the film has.. Same with Barfi because.. When I saw Barfi a week before.. I was shocked! I didn’t expect to be good.. And I didn’t expect myself to be good… So I am expecting the same.. To happen with this one also! You know Basu’s process There are two different processes… Because his music… And his CG and all completely changes the film… So I am very happy… I am very happy that I produced this film.. I don’t know much about me acting in the film… But like, if I am good or not.. But, I think I am happy… To produce a film like this in India. But actually how was that like? Because then Bombay Velvet… The whole fucking bruhaha was happening.. How do you go from that to… Going on set and saying holy shit… I have to do this and it’s looking fucking awful too… And it is my fucking money which is riding on this… How did that process go? That period was very hard because.. You know to be honest I never like… I never felt… Success at the same time, I never felt failure… But specially during Bombay Velvet… Like messages didn’t stop for like… At least a month, you know? And they were.. Condolence messages you know? Like we are with you.. So after a week… I got scared you know… Then I asked remember asking… Katrina listen, am I that badly screwed? Because I am finding it’s fine.. But you had your moment of fuck… What the fuck is happening? Of course you know then… Aamir Khan is coming to my house… Karan Johar coming into my house… Dude, the second Aamir Khan comes… You know it’s serious… The only thing left was a candle light march! We are going to dedicate one episode.. Of this season to you Ranbir. especially you! There is an extra hug of thirty seconds… You know? So you are finding all this weird… You know like what is happening? But to be honest like you know… I am very spoilt also… Because of the kind of people, I am working with… So I have not taken that pressure… That I am screwed… You know I am very happy with it.. The kind of work and if I fail… I’d still have some opportunities… I will still try but… It has never come to a point saying that… Oh! I am really fucked now! What’s going to happen? You know thankfully… That has not happened to me… But this happened back to back… So (Bombay) Velvet happened and… When Ae Dil happened… Then everybody came home again saying… I am sorry about the Fawad (Khan) thing.. Did you ever called Fawad and.. Say why the fuck were you in this movie? Not at all! I love Fawad as an actor.. I love his contribution to the film.. And I remember before the release… There were all this Fox meetings.. Now what should we do? Fawad and.. You know this is happening and.. You know everyone was coming.. Out of anger and all. Listen this is talent man! This is art! This is art.. You know there is no politics and there is no… He has not done anything… We’ve not done anything you know.. Not saying like you felt like… A vendetta, but like… Before going to bed… At 3 o’clock in the morning… For one second… Why? Like… Bro, its not that… I know its okay… Was really fun when we did… Before Hindi Medium we… We were recording a podcast with Irrfan (Khan) sir… It was really funny, I was like… Didn’t anyone turn up? Like say a co-actor from Pakistan? He’s like ‘Don’t say anything okay?’ Same thing happened during Raees.. I remember a week before release that.. People were really considering, I mean.. Telling Karan (Johar) very seriously.. Let’s re-shoot his portion.. Now people don’t understand filmmaking takes time.. Even that portion has taken like… Three-four months, so people say lets re-shoot it.. But its fine nothing happened, he is a great talent.. And I think his contribution is also huge.. He has got a huge fan following irrespective of.. The political climate.. And ya.. I never felt like.. You know.. Like he fucked us over and all.. Do you feel like the less hotter person.. In the room while he is there? For sure and specially.. Karan, Karan’s obsessed with him you know.. Like you have no idea the kind of love he feels.. For him you know when like.. Suddenly when he was on set.. Me and Anushka (Sharma) were pushed aside.. And suddenly, he is giving him direction.. And suddenly slip turn to me and Anushka.. Ya, go ahead! That was it But with Fawad he was giving him layers and.. You know like, his costume must be worked on.. And his beard.. Just trim this side… Give his hair a little bit of body… You know all that shit was happening.. And he just had like ten minutes screen time! Ya! We were badly treated on the film.. But you of course are now doing.. Promotions and we are the first in line thankfully.. Because the rest of the day is going to be.. How was it working with Katrina after break-up? Eleven times over.. Yes! What is the worst like.. Is it annoying to deal with media after a point? It used to be.. Now I am actually having fun with, you know? Because.. I don’t care that much anymore… You know at one point I used to care.. What I will say? How my words are going to.. Misconstrued? What people are going to take from it? Now I have realized irrespective of what I say.. I am going to be misconstrued.. You know just don’t care about it.. Ya the questions I am asked all the time.. Is about Katrina and how is it working with her? Nepotism.. About my flops.. You know I am still talking about Bombay Velvet.. and Besharam and Roy.. There are more? You know thankfully they asked me lot about.. Sanjay Dutt and now the biopic.. At least something about my work.. And about my dad’s tweets.. You know these are like the.. And why am I not on social media? These are the prototype questions I answer all the times.. and I try you know to make a new… Screenplay out of things you know… New answers… No matter what it comes back to the honest truth… That what it is you know… Because see our process is like all journalists.. Read it on Wikipedia first.. Find some keywords.. Strangely, Wikipedia has… Shah Rukh Khan headlining Jagga Jasoos… I don’t know why? I was asked this question in Abu Dhabi… Yesterday that , whether Shah Rukh Khan is in the film… Your Tight! No! No! Because… Today I just looked up Jagga Jasoos… Just a google search for Jagga Jasoos… You know those google characters credits that come? Shah Rukh’s is the first thing.. That pops up on that. Ya I can tell because… Shah Rukh was in Tubelight, now lets just assume… That he does cameos in about 10-12 movies.. Now I think what we have to do.. Do something different now.. The pressure is on us… So we have to go somewhere else.. Okay! I was like, I just killed six questions of yours! Ya! And we had marked them in bold and stuff.. Now it will get wrapped in an hour… We thought you’re being original.. Cringiest thing you done for love? Cringiest? Clingiest thing you did for love or to get laid? We will go across the room… I remember… This was in the seventh grade… you know at that time? Big thing was that terrace party and all.. At someone’s building… Where everyone comes… Together and there’s biryani made… And mix tapes and you know.. Out of like… Eight of your friends, you’re are the only person… Who’s dating someone, so you are the hero.. You were dating someone in seventh standard? Ya! I was like love in the seventh grade… So I remember at that time… A woman used to tell me that if I… She was also in the seventh grade… That if I don’t cry, I am not mature… That only if you cry, you are mature… Otherwise you are immature. So I didn’t get that… So, I remember sitting on the ledge… And I hadn’t even held her hand… As I was so shy, I used to make my best friend… Call her on conference, So I could talk to her… Like I didn’t have game to like.. Call her and say what’s up? So I remember at that time I didn’t even hold her hand… And she is crying and she is saying… I don’t know why I am doing this? And… I don’t know what she was saying… And then.. The most… Cliche way I was… lLke this on the ledge and I looked at her… I gave her my hand and said… Now do you trust me? *Excited Cheering and Wowing* Guys it was so cheesy… But she fell for it man… I kissed that day… You had your first kiss? First kiss, seventh grade… Nice! One is… That when we were in the seventh grade we used to play ‘Flames’.. Yes! not this. Third.. Sad thing about terrace party that… They are cool parties.. Ya, agreed! I don’t go to bars… Two layers of sadness have just immersed… Cringiest thing to get laid or in love? Cringiest thing in love? I can’t think of anything particularly cringy.. But I do remember… That in all my attitude… At the age of fifteen.. I got into long distance relationship.. Oh! Wow! Tender age of fifteen… That’s mature bro.. Very mature, so all the emotions… None of the.. None of the, these thing Great and I remember, I had this thing of… Fifteen before mobile, so what I… Used to do is to lie to my mum.. Saying I am going for a walk for my health… And then visit the STD booth.. And I used to do that, cause at night it was cheaper… Right STD? So I used to stand… And used to talk looking at the ticker… Over there and the second it got to… Twenty rupees, done. Done! Is it weird? Like we are all fans of literature… Okay? We are all… Literature? Well read, voracious reader… Well read people.. Like one of Rohan’s favorite book.. To read is ‘Blind Item’s’ ‘Blind item’s’ by Rajeev, love it! Have you… You seem like a fan of ‘Blind Item’s’ ? Are you? Do you read ‘Blind Items’? Of course I do! Because what happens is… Nine out of those ten blind items… People think they are me… Of all those ‘Blind Items’.. I mean literally anything.. If it’s like,if its about two girls If it is about two girls… Then also people will think that it is me disguised… You’re the young actress who got married… The son of a film financier who hates paper? Ranbir! Actually I’ve been asked you know like stuff which… And it’s not even true… But ‘Blind Items’ is like really… The scum of the earth… You know I can understand when you hide… Behind a source and a question mark… And then you give names.. But ‘Blind Item’ is like.. You’re so shit scared that.. Because you know it’s coming from… It’s all a lie! Sorry Rajeev! Ya and you know.. I have messaged Rajeev many a times.. Because sometimes it is very clearly implied… That its me… Like once there was a ‘Blind Item’ about this.. This new star kid… Who has a red sports car.. Who was caught.. Outside reclamation.. Buying drugs.. And then he called a builder friend.. To bail him out who paid.. Twenty five lacs of rupees.. I sold my red.. Sports car long back.. Oh! No oh… Do you feel weird when you see.. Your family or loved ones written about.. Because you are quite at the center of.. Of the industry… Is it weird to constantly see gossip? About you and family all the time? There is no gossip about my family like… I know like people..What I find really weird is… When they get my parents… Involved about my relationship like… My mother is disapproving or my father’s.. Said this or my mother is getting some arranged marriage.. Fixed in London, you know? That’s when it pisses me off you know.. Because I think my dad and my mom.. Have worked hard enough to kind of.. Garner some respect.. In their life and.. It’s not worth it you know, not to like… Rag them! Write whatever you want about me.. But not them.. Is the gossip ever true about anyone? It must be? Its not anymore.. And it is also because of.. Paparazzi, social networks.. And umm… I loved that you said it’s social network.. That’s when you know you are not… On social media.. And because of it, everyone’s shit scared! So people are not doing shit… People are not having affairs, People are not having fun, so now.. You need to fill pages right? So people are making up shit.. So.. Currently.. Everything that’s written most of it is untrue.. I don’t know whether you are being naive or.. Covering for your friends because.. People are not having affairs.. Like affairs have ceased to exist! It has, I am telling you. It’s.. Its strange like, people are.. Really just going to work and coming back home.. They are not going out.. Okay! You mean you were not in that red car buying drugs? And paid twenty five lacs.. Calling your builder? Big difference being single at mid twenties.. Being single mid thirties… See the thing is I have never been single in my life.. Since the age of thirteen in the seventh grade… Till now, like last year.. I have always been in a relationship.. This is the first time I am actually single… And it’s amazing.. You know you have a lot of time for yourself.. And.. Are you mingling? Does the fame help? Like it helps us in our level.. Can’t even imagine at your… Mingling, as in i am taking advantage..
Can’t even imagine at your… Mingling, as in i am taking advantage.. Not taking advantage. Are you meeting… You should. I mean what’s the point to be.. Whats the point being single? The thing is I am not! I am not meeting anybody.. You know the only people we meet are the… Film industry people and eventually the only.. People you start talking to are actresses… You know.. Aren’t you tired of dating actresses? No! Not exactly, you can never get tired of dating actresses… But I am not meeting people you know.. I feel that I should.. I’ve been told there are… Quite a few people who use my picture on.. Tinder. So might as well I should come on Tinder… Right? Its double jeopardy so.. By the way, now.. They’ve started verifying.. Even on tinder… But how do they know? You need a verified profile. Really? You know when I went through a.. Break-up, I used to listen to Channa Mereya.. How the fuck do you deal with sadness? Listening to Channa Mereya.. I don’t listen, I perform to Channa Mereya… This is the way I picturise it.. Oh man! Do you think people are nice to you.. Cause you are famous? Is that ever a worry? That you are surrounding yourself with ‘Yes Men’ ? Of course but the thing is that I am not.. A people’s person so I don’t really.. Meet a lot of people. I am quite isolated in my life… I have bunch of friends who I am always hanging out with.. So I am not around many.. People so I don’t have ‘Yes Man’ or you know.. Who do you call for no bullshit answers? Ayan (Mukherjee) And Katrina. Katrina is quite frank with me. She doesn’t take any of your shit? Ya! Which we saw recently when you were speaking.. Over an interview and she is just like.. Oh fuck who is this guy? Some of the worlds.. Spectacular eye rolls.. It’s called ‘mansplaining’ and apparently… BuzzFeed wrote some article which she was.. Very happy about, because it was.. Dissing me but, is that true.. Does that exist? Yes! Mansplaining as a term, as a concept.. Exists, where a man.. Talks down condescending to a woman… About something very basic… Which she probably knows.. Or its assumed that she knows… Okay! So can i explain my self on this thing? You can. Ya of course.. This is not called mansplaining right? Ya! No no not at all! This is plaining.. So these were the first round of interviews.. That me and Katrina were doing.. Yes! And it takes time to kind of you know.. Get your answers and rhythm of like.. What the character is. What the film is.. Now when she was talking, I thought she was.. Drifting, because she was getting bored.. In the interview, so I thought okay this is.. A good time for me to take over.. Because I have seen the film, I know the film.. I am the producer of the film.. Let me talk about her character.. And I came from the intention.. But..Okay… Is it fixed? But.. Is Katrina mad? No she was very happy! She was very happy because of it? Ya! Alright! Interesting!
Alright! But.. Still mansplaining.. Oh! This is why you are not on social media! Which is fair.. This is a work related question okay? Ranbir how many times more… Are you gonna.. How many times do you have to see on… Screen.. Go on a journey of self fucking discovery? Last! And find your self.. This is the last of my coming of age films.. Is any country left? I hate walking out of marriages with… Bags and maybe tears in my eyes.. I am not coming of age in movies.. I am done with it man! May be these were the parts which I connected with.. All these years, you know? And these were the parts that were… Offered to me which were nice.. Or this is what your friends were writing? Ya! Ya! Basically.. But I am done with like this.. You know I mean, I don’t need a woman… To remind me that my work sucks.. And I need find another job.. Script mansplaining! Ya! And I am not being selfish about like.. Following my dreams and then eventually realizing.. Oh my dreams gone, I am done with it… There was this interesting bit in ‘Tamasha’.. And an experience, because while watching it.. I had gone with some friends and.. True story okay? Being very real there, I didn’t connect with the movie.. And there is a guy next to me, crying.. Okay? So.. I just had that moment of realization, oh! I already do what I love… Correct? So I am good.. And that guy is like fuck I am.. An accountant. I am screwed! I would like to be here.. So I think Tamasha the intention was.. To kind of give you a.. A reminder and a warm hug.. Not to like show fucker do what you do.. You know it eventually went there… Ya! Like my dad hasn’t seen Tamasha.. Like he refuses to see it… When my dad saw Rockstar he.. Called me after the film and said.. That when at the end Nargis appears.. Is that her coming out of the coma? Or is it like her ghost or something? You know so he doesn’t like me doing all these.. Esoteric films. I don’t think they are esoteric.. But for him he regards them as esoteric.. ‘Wake Up Sid’ was actually a good Bombay movie.. A few good Bombay movies. Mumbai!
A few good Bombay movies. Mumbai! Yes, Mumbai! ‘Wake Up Sid’ was one of the few good Mumbai… ‘Wake Up Sid’ was definitely a Mumbai movie.. Ya! It was.. My favorite of course because totally not biased.. Is ‘Rocket Singh’. Rocket Singh? Ya! Rocket Singh was best… You must get.. It was one of those… Movies where my parents.. Said why did you cut your hair? You are a Sardar? Ya! Really? Ya! It was one of those which was like you could’ve done it.. How did you feel after Rocket Singh.. When it didn’t do… Thing is Rocket Singh was what like my.. Third or fourth release and I thought.. I had a ‘Munna Bhai’ … Like I am going to kill it… So what happened that year is that.. August- ‘Wake Up Sid’ released.. October was ‘Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani’ .. And December was ‘Rocket Singh’. So, I thought ‘Wake Up Sid’ is going to change Indian cinema.. ‘Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani’ is going.. To be a disaster and my career is going to get screwed.. But ‘Rocket Singh’ is gonna come and like.. Change it for me, its going to be ‘Munna Bhai’ … And exact things… Exact opposite things happened! ‘Wake Up Sid’ did decent you know.. Decently well.. ‘Ajab Prem..’ was quite a… ‘Ajab Prem..’ was a huge hit! Ya!Because of the movie, Tanmay.. IStill sings ‘Shining In the Sun’.. Like I used to get pissed… Holy fuck! We have used it a lot on stage! Ya! God dammit! That doesn’t even make sense! That was old school mad cap comedy… Like you really nailed it! Screwball comedy.. So I didn’t I didn’t see that coming and… ‘Rocket Singh’ people just didn’t go.. You know, I think people just got fed up by… Seeing me in August and September.. August and October.. That they just didn’t go to the theater.. I mean I meet a lot of people who like.. ‘Rocket Singh’ but where the fuck were these people… When it released man? A – Two questions: One – Do you.. Is there any movie you were offered you said.. No to it and regretted it? B- When your friends come with.. Shit scripts how do you say it’s shit? See to answer the first question… No! I mean ya there are many movies that.. You know, I regret not doing.. But its unfair talking about it because then I.. Don’t want to snatch somebody else’s.. Correct correct.. You know because they are a part of it.. Two, to answer your second question I have a.. Prototype message typed.. On my phone.. Let’s read it? I can’t I can’t.. Because then, I will get caught.. But it goes something like.. ‘Hey Tanmay’ .. ‘I just finished reading the script’ .. ‘Its unbelievable I think’ .. “its something which is really pushing the boundaries’ .. ‘Unfortunately’ .. ‘Because of my predicament’.. ‘And current scenario of the time’ .. ‘That my films are taking, I don’t think I will be’ .. ‘Able to commit right now, thank you’ .. ‘For the offer and I look forward to seeing it’ .. ‘On the big screen. PS – ..’ Or in some cases you get Luv Ranjan to.. Call and.. Tell people that.. You don’t want to do it… You know we had pitched a sketch.. Didn’t it come with the same reply? That’s what I am saying! Ya! That’s why when Luv Ranjan.. Had to call us.. For those who don’t know we had pitched.. A sketch to Ranbir which all of you must now.. If there is any media watching this.. Yes! please ask him this during Jagga Jasoos.. Promotions that when will you do a video.. with AIB because they had pitched a.. Sketch which he (Ranbir) had liked as well.. Yes! Yes! And then he didn’t do it.. But because of his predicament.. Ya! Ya! Courage, we would love to watch it.. On the small screen at some place.. At some point. We would love to watch it.. On our phone.. So that’s my prototype message to.. Everybody and anybody. Tell us worst script you’ve been.. You can’t tell us what’s the worst, you can’t.. No, but I can tell you one.. Like hilarious… This happened to me you know I had.. This ‘Director Duo’ .. Were coming to meet me and.. I was very excited. It was like probably the.. Second year of my… Were they wearing white? Career. I am not talking about.. What they were wearing… Everybody was thinking that.. I had kept you know, four hours in the afternoon.. Knowing that there is going be a narration and all.. I am excited you know, because they are.. Quite good directors.. So they came you know said ,’How’s dad?’ , you know… ‘Very good, very good. You are doing very.. Good in your career, let’s start’.. Ordered the green teas and coffees.. And biscuits and all and sat for the narration.. So let’s start with the narration? And I am like yeah, okay. They opened their bag. They took out two DVDs.. And said this is the first half and this is the second half.. Take a look and tell us if you want to do the movie or not.. It was as simple as that. Yeah! Really? That was the narration… Got to appreciate the minimalism and.. Clarity of thought. Clarity of thought is amazing.. Honest narration… I think is you shouldn’t have done this film.. We are all thinking of the duo.. I was like Abbas M… Who else! I didn’t know the DVD things.. Still happen! It happens… I figured its very one of those.. Which use to happen in nineties. You hear one of those.. See now people hide it also.. To show the cinematographer to take this shot.. Fast before the actors come you know.. It happens. I have seen it around.. Who’s the director you want to work with? I want to work with? You want to work with. I am already working with them.. And I want to work with them again like.. Ayaan(Mukherjee) , (Raju) Hirani.. (Anurag) Basu.. Even though he takes a lot of time.. I do want to work with him because I really.. Feel like these guys are.. Really amazing at what they do. How were the… The Dutt photos look.. They look great, he gets the look.. Really well… So one of the questions which Ashish wrote.. This, I am not.. He was asking as to how did you prepare for Dutt? Did you fire some bullets? Ya see the look.. Which got leaked and all is great you know.. Ya sure it got leaked! No! It did, it actually got leaked.. It really got leaked. The thing is that.. Ya people like the look but which is great.. Because you know its the make up, hair.. Its the superficial part of the movie you know.. But that’s not half the battle won.. Because like to play Dutt on screen is.. Quite scary you know because.. He’s still so relevant in peoples mind..
Quite scary you know because.. He’s still so relevant in peoples mind.. Talks, how he looks, you know.. He’s so controversial, he’s so loved… So I am very scared about that film you know.. Its not that I am very arrogant or.. Or very confident… I don’t know how I have done… Are you worried it might be caricature..
I don’t know how I have done… Are you worried it might be caricature.. Like are you doing the whole Sanket Bhonsle? No! So we constantly stayed away.. From that. You know like I didn’t want to like.. Make it a caricature performance.. I am just trying to make it more very real.. Like how Sanjay Dutt would probably be in the.. Eighties, Nineties, Two Thousand… And people are going to know that its me.. Playing him so after the first scene you.. Have to forget it you know then.. You have to just follow the.. The person who’s.. Playing the part… You must have got a little scared? Little? I was so damn scared… When he said to do this.. No! No! Raju sir messaged me like.. Listen, hey Ranbir, I have a film.. To narrate to you.. When can we meet? My message to him was I hope its not the.. Sanjay Dutt biopic because somewhere.. That news was floating. I was like you can’t make a film on Sanjay Dutt.. Ya! Not somebody who’s still relevant.. Who’s still alive, who’s still doing stuff,.. Like.. But then what was it that attracted you towards… I mean Sachin, Dhoni.. Like what was? The story man you know I mean.. It’s like a science fiction movie, how can.. A person have such a life.. Its crazy you know, I mean and.. And the good part is that he is not.. Making it a propaganda film… He’s very honest about his life.. You know, you know like he’s done the wrong things.. He is showing you that these are the.. Wrong things I have done and.. I am the product of these wrong things that I have done.. And it’s very inspiring you know to.. To tell a story like that. Hope Raju Irani has a Subhash Ghai moment where.. In Sanjay Dutt story.. He comes to narrate Munna Bhai.. Then Munna Bhai… Well there is something like that Really? That’s… But it was very weird because of.. First time I heard that Raju Irani is making.. Munna Bhai.. Oh sorry.. Sanjay Dutt biopic.. Like how will it be with the… Sweets and baloons.. No! No! No! Like how do we show a gun? Very strange man.. He gives him a rose and throws the gun.. Problem solved Gooood mooorning.. Dubaaai! Like how do you.. Wrong wrong! You guys are going to go to hell. You are…

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