AIB Podcast : feat. Lipstick Under My Burkha Cast, Sumukhi Suresh & Kaneez Surkha

AIB Podcast : feat. Lipstick Under My Burkha Cast, Sumukhi Suresh & Kaneez Surkha

Hi Guys! And welcome to the AIB Podcast.. Today we have with us.. ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ cast Welcome ladies Thank you so much for being here We have Plabita, Ratna.. Konkana and Aahana. Guys, thank you. Did we get it right Kaz? Great stuff guys, I mean.. I mean amazing movie. Wow! Yes! But like.. Its kind of regular.. Like, what’s the big deal? Yeah It’s something we have seen Ya! I’ve seen.. Movies like this.. Like once a month Once a month.. Yeah, absolutely, once a month! In fact I was telling Konkana.. Not Konkana, sorry. Konkana has made another of those very regular kind of.. Yeah ‘The Gunj’, I know, I know.. Let’s not talk about that. But yeah, so boring. But we were telling.. Alankrita (Shrivastava) all the time.. That you know.. Really? Is this the script you want to go with? Yeah I mean. Every second script is like this.. I know.. Addressing women issues I mean You’ve done such diverse roles.. I feel like.. This was a.. It’s bit of a miss. Here.. So average too! Ya! Older lady.. Reawakening sexuality, what is that? You know there are certain things one just has to do For the money? So one grins and bears at you, you know what I mean? Since we were paid shitload for this. Yeah! You know, she has brought herself.. A BMW. What is that? Congratulations! Thank you. Only out of the money she earned on this. I am sorry, that is my breaking point! You bought a BMW! This is women empowerment right here! Buying a BMW! That’s it! You can’t.. That’s how we were empowered! This.. This story is really stuck with me for so long.. Is that a woman.. Who’s at a later age or.. Older age and she’s reawakening her sexuality. Insane! Like.. Cannot believe.. I don’t even know! Have we ever seen such a script? Even after forty, Like I remember some of my friends.. Who are forty, forty-two.. That is young! Yeah, exactly! Sixty five, seventy five.. See forty, forty-two, forties where it gets better, I’m guessing.. Fifties.. Sixties.. Exactly! Untill your back is brokens-ties. That’s what you do! That’s what it is! Ya man just keep going with that. Yeah, I mean Even then.. Why stop? It’s always a good happiness or somewhere around.. Desire is very unheard of.. You know, you just cannot have a desire. And get away with it. And we have desires guys! And there will be a revolt.. Towards the end of every film of.. Like any film that you watch.. Take any film about women.. There has to be a revolt! Like always in the end she has to do.. She has to do something like.. Throwing some spice in his eyes.. Or like run after the guy with a rolling pin in her hand! That’s true. But why? That’s true. Wonderful. Buy why it’s true? But the thing is that you know, we don’t need to show.. Revolt in a way like that.. And that’s what I think is really interesting. Special about ‘Lipstick..’ You know actually.. Each one of us had a conclusion.. We all had shot our separate conclusions! But when we watched the film, we didn’t think.. There was a need for it. Because the film ended there and you know.. We watched it in Tokyo at the same time.. Koko and Ratna ma’am were watching it in MAMI, here in Bombay. And I think all of us, you know.. Somewhere the only point.. Thank God! That the film ended. Very good. Thank God that shit was not there! I mean it just having that.. Little moment you know, and it’s just about.. Life is the same.. Ya! It’s the same.. Tomorrow morning we wake up and.. Face the same problems! We don’t and it’s not.. And it’s not this happy.. You get a happy ever after and then.. And then what? And then there are other problems. That come out. It might end nicely but there are problems okay. That’s what I am saying. And live happily ever after.. Have you ever realized boy and girl are married.. The parents are ready the they are there on the stage And the wedding rituals are done What after that? Ya! In law’s problems, I have always wondered ‘Dilwale.. Dulhania Le Jayenge’ He took away his bride, now what? Like he is jobless He has a well to do father in London You have a child and it’s a great experience.. And then that.. Not to like take I mean.. All there are beautiful experiences but bring.. Along their own like problems and.. Their own challenges. For sure. Then to the child.. Before the child comes on the.. Scene, the stories is over. That way to.. Simran and Rahul having child is like wow Are you watching but they did.. But they did in that other film which one was it? The one that came after Dillwale.. ‘Kuch Kuch’ ? One with other.. Not Kuch Kuch.. There was another film in which.. There was family, family, family, family. ‘Hum Sath Sath Hain’? ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum’? ‘Hum Apke Hai Kaun’ ? Kabhi Khushi.. I loved it. Guess the movie. We are playing “Guess The Movie’ game Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Ghum, that’s when.. Raj and Simran grew up, went to.. London and had their kids. Yes, and you know.. There’s this boring bit in the film. Have you noticed that? Nothing exciting, nothing really happening here you are waiting.. Kareena Kapoor and the other story to start.. So that you can have some fun because these guys are.. Just going to have the problems you know. That’s the mood that we look at.. Marriage. Ya! I know something very interesting you said. I brought out the two movies I brought out but.. Do tell us how are each of your stories been responded to? Like because we were part of a sketch.. Which was about women besties how each of.. You know a girls best friends are her Body parts. Sumukhi is vagina. They were like ohh As a chubby person.. How could you play a vagina? Have you seen my vagina? It’s chubby. Have you seen enough vaginas in general? Exactly! So vaginas can only be skinny. Clearly.. And also fair apparently! Like are vaginas supposed to be. Why? Excessive.. There are like these washes.. And then.. Thank God, I was born when I was! Bleaches My favorite, I play clitoris. And also the comments were like.. Who is Kaneez? What is clitoris? What is.. All these sixteen year old boys are like.. What is.. Who is Kaneez? What is she supposed to represent? Of course this is an educatonal show. My goodness. Yes! Yes! And that is such a small level that we received in In terms of a sketch. You know like.. Did you get any feed back? We went yesterday to a place where there were some.. A whole bunch of.. Of women, who were watching the movie.. They would, they could quite Able to talk about my character.. And talk about their mums like that.. Which, I thought.. But again, I thought it was because it’s a.. A private circle almost.. You know, it’s a bunch of women talking to each other.. We’re used to saying things to each other.. The men don’t know it you know? The kind of things we do say to each other.. A lot of things that has happened for I think.. Many of us is that we have.. Seen many male characters and had to.. It’s so interesting when you completely internalize.. You know, patriarchal norms and conventions So we are actually looking at Men, looking up to them.. Embracing those ideas.. And wanting to emulate them, that is also happening.. I mean. Yes! Yes! That’s true. Very rarely.. And what are the songs? “Aapke nazron ne samjha, pyaar ke kaabil mujhe”
(The gaze of your eyes found me worthy of love) Very nice “Mill gayi manzil muzhe”
(And I’ve found my destination atlast) “Ke Tum gagan ke chandrama ho, main gagan ki dhool hoon”
(Like you’re the moon up in the sky and I am just mere dust on earth) Ya! These are the songs! That we all grew up listening to.. That’s almost like How can you find the role models in hindi movies… For women. Thats what you learn. Oh god! I mean that.. Meena Kumari? Haha, your expression! I mean, that’s my only option? Or Madhubala? Who’s so out of reach. I mean, her whole.. Mood.. I am talking about my generation, you guys have other problems.. Worse problems, I’m afraid! But my generation We had these two options.. This woman, who’s just a God given Goddess.. And.. This woman.. Who’s just the most weepy wimp in the world! Now where am I, I don’t.. I can’t be that and I certainly don’t want to be this! So where am I? Who am I going to find? You know which is, what I loved about ‘Wonder Woman’. I don’t think I saw.. Oh ya!. And its was.. I cried.. I cried in the movie because I was like I didn’t.. Have this growing up. This really powerful woman. Who will have so much.. Empathy, and so sensitive and that’s.. How I’d love to see myself, some of lot of empathy.. And I will kick ass when I need to. You know and I cried in the movie theater I was like I.. Why hasn’t this, I am so happy.. My children get to see something like this cause I never saw.. This growing up, not once. I except for maybe ‘Power Puff Girls’. You know ‘Xena The Warrior Princess’. I loved her. Who? ‘Xena The Warrior Princess’ Oh ‘Xena The Warrior Princess’. I don’t know the character. She use to come on Star World. Was she just powerful? How powerful? She was like really cool.. She use to kick ass, she use to have really big thighs.. But I really.. I loved her thighs. Her thighs were like.. They were like cut each inch nicely anyway.. Sure. Then it also depended on books growing up right? Is a.. Ya! We read also lot of. ‘The Little Woman’ and Anne Of Green Gables.. All of that Jane Eyre, you know where everything is.. Jane Eyre.. For me not so much. Also not to terribly proud of it but Scarlett O’hara for me. I was reading the book and.. she was.. My first role model in fact if ever.. From literature. Even the film, though the film takes out some.. In some nice things in the book they said like the fact she has three.. Children because when can you have a protagonist who has three.. Children. We have! We have! You know.. I mean. Ya! She is. Now we have.. But technically. But I am saying.. Like we saw that growing up. Do you think it’s just.. Like okay now that you have made this movie.. Or women are just exploring ideas.. Be it director be it actors.. Somehow it has to be a successful product.. Somehow failure for women and their.. Ideas is just not allowed do you ever feel that. Ya! Exactly. Even if this movie with even slightly sub par would have been like.. Failure. We knew that from before why did you do it. It’s like lady driver man! You know these fancy restaurants, once upon a time.. Used to have two menu cards.. One for the woman and one for the man! What? Like separate. No! Separate menu cards! The one for the woman didn’t have prices.. Only the one for the men, had the prices.. Really, which were these restaurants? Ya! Ya! The first time..It was The Taj. Hello hello this was. Really? If I am allowed to say that! Anyway. So the first time, the first time we went there together.. And we had all of like, four hundred rupees between the two of us.. When was it? Ninety? Nineties? Seventy seven.. Before you were born sweety! So.. Ninety three born.. So anyway.. So we went for this dinner and we were You know we had just started out in life etcetera.. And we had hardly any money And I got the menu card with the money Naseer (Naseeruddin Shah) got the menu card, without the money! So he was ordering, right left and center. I was like.. Dal makhani and three butter naans. No soup please. But how interesting that they gave it to you. It happened by mistake. It was a mistake. It was a mistake. After after the waiter went, we had.. Tension. No! He was ordering like anything.. Bring double scotch.. ‘Get me a scotch, please?’ And.. Finally, when the waiter went away, I told him.. And then the panic set in.. Because then, we were counting ten paise, fifteen paise.. Everything together you know.. We should be prepared, Because we have no idea, how much the bill will turn out to be. You guys already have played enough characters.. Would you guys have in the past or now.. Some character in a movie that.. You wished, you had played? Annie Hall! I would have given my eyeteeth to be in that film! Diane Keaton if you.. Need a role model. If I need a role model, Diane Keaton! Ya! True. She changed the perception of women on screen, for me! It really sort of says Okay! A woman like this is possible.. She doesn’t have to be tragic, she doesn’t have to be a hero She doesn’t have to be Spectacularly beautiful or intelligent Nothing! She can just be A normal, conflicted human being And intelligent! Many years ago, this film ‘Masoom’ was made What a beautiful film! And I loved every bit of it Except for the role of the girlfriend Here’s this man who’s in marriage with a particular kind of a woman A fairly, regular and middle class kind of woman Tends to break into tears quite often Which all women tend to do you know in India! We’re only crying all the time, we women! So there’s this So there’s this woman And he goes out and has an affair And it’s a very brief one night stand It is not a serious affair And who does he choose? Part two of the same thing! Would you do that? If you had the chance to have an affair.. Would you go for the same thing again? Wouldn’t you like to try something different and have a variety? I mean freak It’s like buffet or what.. Truly ya, little bit.. Pattern thing going on. Absolutely So it has to be this dreamy woman And she’s also crying all the time What man! What is it with Indian men. You guys just like to cry? Do you only want crying woman? Oh God! That is what I was saying. I couldn’t believe it, how can a person.. I mean if I were the directer of that film I.. Would have had a completely different type.. Something exciting or maybe.. Trekker. Oh my God! Trekkers are exciting.. You know something as.. Different from the wife as possible. Yeah! Listen I never seen a trekker having any kind.. Affair apart from trekking.. Ya! Because she is rarely seen.. She is climbing the mountains.. We don’t see trekkers in films. We have a fixed.. Fixed thing which we see. They can do these these jobs.. Interior decorator or whatever.. Can not be Bikers they cannot be anything.. Very rarely. Unimaginable you know which is.. But the trekkers but then we see them only at home. They come back from a trek.. And then.. Forget. That’s what.. I will make you tea, I just came from the trek, no problem. I will also make you hot parathas, no issues. You know even in films mostly you see, okay.. She must be doing something but then.. You only see the part where she comes back home and she is.. You know most of the actress.. Coming back.. From work.. Always pretty.. No one is shown at work.. How do you look.. Pretty after work? We never went to offices ya! I don’t even come to all pretty.. My hair would be like this. I would.. Love to play over sexualized, like someone who is.. Loves sex but everyone is rooting for.. Like.. Very cool. I have already done it Kaneez.. Beat my score. People are like.. Yeah! And girls be like yeah I want to be like her.. That’s exactly what I liked about my character.. That she really enjoyed having sex. Sex. And I was like how do you.. how often do you see this in.. Hindi films where a girl is out there like.. She is the one who’s recording.. With the selfie.. She’s the only doing everything. It’s always you.. See the men are recording everything but.. She is the one who is.. Such a unusual frame.. It’s just changed it completely.. That frame has not been seen.. Even that scene you know when I am like in the car with.. My fiance I am like you know unbuttoning.. He’s just like can we wait till wedding night and she is like.. Why? You know Aahana’s expression. Very true. Why? I loved that scene.. It was such an honest cue. But I.. Loved that seriously.. Thank you Lakni for writing this. You know this brings us to like a.. Like this I want to touch upon before we wrap up is that.. A lot of people.. We have the good sides of.. Spoken to friends ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ great movie.. I’ve had a few friends who are like but.. Do you really want to see a feminist type movie.. It’s.. Its a little.. Jarring cause I am like but.. We are almost.. Went through the whole podcast. We didn’t say that word.. You know the question that I wish to ask is.. I face this personally someone will say. Are you.. A feminist type person? Quite right I am.. Actually and so should you.. Even if you are a man or a woman. Ya! And what is feminist type person.. And also ya. Literally everyone is a type and I.. Really wish and I don’t know how.. Is to regularize that term. But.. I am trying to see another approach because people.. Soon as you say that word they shut off half my audience.. Shuts off as soon as I.. And my thing.. That I want to.. Want the end goal. Yes! I want the equal rights and I want.. Equal pay and equal opportunities.. Man and woman we are equal. Fifty percent of world each.. Ya! So we need to share.. We need to have equal rights, I mean.. What’s wrong with that it’s such a perfectly.. Logical Idea. Exactly! Any woman are.. Or even men many of them.. Said are actually feminist but.. But they want to say.. Or they don’t even realize that they are.. They.. Associated with.. It’s so much baggage it becomes such a.. Negative term that many of us have to own that.. It’s just a question of wanting to.. Understand each other a little better? Better. Like for example there are films.. That have helped me to understand men better.. Because I see the world from their eyes. And I see ya that’s true, I don’t.. Think of the world like that but men.. Do. So I am curious and I want to.. Know how the world operates from their eyes. It’s not a me versus them issue Similarly I can’t understand why men.. Don’t want to be interested in how women think.. I mean we are living together, all of us! Aren’t you curious what we say to each other About you guys! It’s a promo. Thank you so much for having you guys.. Konkona, Ratna & Aahana..Thank you so much for being here.. Thank you. Hope you guys.. Had a great time! Signing off from AIB Podcast.

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