Achieve More Scotland Podcast ep 5 Role models, Mental health and much more.

Luna: Welcome to the new podcast. We’re gonna follow up with the stories that we were talking in our last podcast about female
empowerment and female role models in communities. We have here today four
beautiful women that attend to our activities and our coaches as well and I’ll let them start introducing themselves and continue the conversation today.
Hi, my name’s Kiera, I’m head of dance at Achieve More Scotland.
Hi, I’m Toni and I’m a coach at Achieve More. Hi, my name’s Nikki and I’m a coach at Achieve More Scotland.
I’m Jen and I’m a coach at Achieve More Scotland. My role model growing up was my dance teacher and she really inspired me to go and learn how to dance and become a teacher because she’s struggled and she went through some life battles and she had
bowel cancer while I was attending her dance class and she actually used to come and
teach us in a wheelchair and I just was really inspired that she was still able to
come to teach us class while she was so poorly…and she basically, she was, she
like pushed us to go and do our teachers and just before she died she bought us
like books and stuff to make sure that we would actually go and study our teachers so she was my role model and she inspired me to go to dance college.
I think like your mum’s the obvious one but apart from your mum I don’t really…I don’t know.
You with Kiera.
Aw, that’s cute. *Group laughs* Why am I your role model?
I think it’s cuz of the stuff with *?* and I was scared of you at first. *Group Laughs* Toni, when she was younger she used to be so shy and then she met her pal Kara who also comes to Achieve More Scotland
and then we actually used to have a laugh with Tony and say right Tony
back and your shell today cus she used to be so shy and now she’s so outgoing but she’s better this way, so… Thanks. *Group Laughs*
Nae bother. I would say my mum is definitely my role model for growing up because going through school I always used to get…picked on because of the colour of my hair and she’d always be the one telling me everything’s alright to help me with stuff and obviously I think, she kinda stopped buying me *?* as I wanted to play football for a long time so I was playing football right up until I was like 16, years later everybody else at that age was like hair, make-up, into all that stuff so… *Group laughs*
Definitely my Mum I would say was my role model growing up.
I’d say the same. *?* but I’d say the same older then and tournay like we don’t
care in the same age bracket and I think social media I just came I started to
become a bike Stegman when I was a teenager aim I need that need to be
talked to the hint you knew that much she knew her second I was ready to be on
mm Rihanna was but I don’t think for me yeah that never captain Hank I wanna be
that person but I know a lot of people never this good idea baby do wanna be
like a makeup artist incinerating wrong with being that but I think because it’s
social media that has brought brought that to everybody’s attention rather boo
me where younger readers are just saying it clean that was now you meet all these
people often getting some think oh this is some people could work then they may
get to that stage but a lot of the time people just got lucky
yeah that’s and but I just think like social media so much to do actually
can’t want and be these did you ask them what it would be in there would be a
makeup artist other way the work yes they know anyway like I don’t know that
it’s like always been I do think for those as well but it’s more yeah in yes yeah thank people that help in being a
good role model are people who when and they’re just basically to get money and
people don’t see that as I can’t I have kept a many sevens coming in and saying
or did you watch love island last night no I’m an adult so yeah I mean if watch
are available I say because it hasn’t obtained in some times but instead we
need a child should not be watching that because that’s just like the worst the
worst peptide pain for a child that is not when you want it be a nice like well
that’s not what I would like to be I mean but that’s so many people Stephens
these days and it’s just it’s like how far away for you from new life you’re 11
on social media like your buddy it must be be emotional in this is malli and vibrational my context that age is
like sky high because of Tyler and even when we were young leaders potatoes is
move so like you were growing up yours fit was that she had to be kind of this
tiniest he’ll make us beautiful that’s what the best but no everybody’s like
that to get likes on Facebook machine you know but something that idea was
that think I get really bad is only fans of torn a missing until name is tell me
about last thing that would be that I had no clue ever and nobody would write so basically only fans as like teenagers
getting naked right move naked or and laundry clothing and take pictures
people are paying name to going a few tests so basically nobody came here and
they should pay a subscription every month so
they’re just selling yourself short it’s basically just could not like gonna be
poor no it’s not important saying oh I’m going to be hard watch I reduce that’s
what ass and my quote there’s also teenagers and all that didn’t that name
and they were telling me I would actually having a look you know Michael
this our thing like it’s just like ever did these people like make money off of
people factors like for instance like they basically have proof a oh and some
of they has to pay to see their pictures so at the end of the day they obviously
I still want to make money and it’s easy money I make they’re not gonna do it do
not mean and maybe they do really need that money like I can understand like
like I can understand like for instance like poke dancing and clubs and stuff I
can understand by young females do that if they’ve got a town and they want to
make money and fair enough like one day I mean I would never be for me and I
would never promote some day it does that but I just think it’s no good to a
whole new level there’s like for instance like you can like walk like
like a peach and peace I’m their money and that’s you’ve got pictures like I
would fuck deals or whatever that you get with us back in the day that Shasta
cool summer and yet no no I mean I still I still do think it was wrong but I just
think I understand that if somebody really needed to make money or whatever is that to be fairly obviously eyes as
youth workers and it is like the conversations I have with Tony and Cara
or like the younger ghettos and like avid the abbot hope that I might to get
in them and like for instance like contraception like we’ve had
conversations a bit like get this like making come and speak to me and all that
they come come and speak to me a bit stuff like that but for these ghettos
are doing that they make no have that we may not have anybody can go inspected so
I understand that kind of view on Israel but some of the younger ghettos of just
many first year do not mean like there because of me know that and like
wouldn’t we were good at that age we used to have pink washer and like I feel
like shadowy doesn’t know they’ve cornered and I know some highly or stuff
like we didn’t have any of that so actually yes I feel like after but they
look the same as you know like with that I can I make up like everybody does look
the same like all the younger who just they a say one day LeCoultre they can I
said with that makeup on but if they didn’t get their makeup done and that’s
what I have to put it on sees this and it’s just that mean that’s what
people actually love this is how people live in everyday life everybody’s got
food like I don’t think I’ve came across the fence in a nice four years it says
new whenever I think that’s crazy because when you take the back I used to
back to you like that was my first wouldn’t even have a Nokia and everybody
must eat yes they might not care I was like dad please get out yeah I don’t
care like do not mean and it’s like they have phones like cats come on our summer
camps are not a nice food it’s hard and you’ve got that one to me she’s like actually she used to like you
know like all the you know there is always no comeback because we and was in
transition when she was 10 – because he was named we and this is a professional
dancer so I think buddy overseas years you need to be
sorry sex to be a dancer and he’s getting away and they inspect the dance
grooves and be successful did I receive the toe that be on sit down
what was that I was it was like the back line and it was Coachella that she done
that for the Facebook and she had dances and she has like that sort of icon that
was like wow that was what I was like because you don’t see it and that’s it’s
a glass this is what people put J like skinny dancers like if people can move
even though they like Jesus goes for that – and squared should be seeding of
quite a person that I’m fine I’m no bunny back in do so doesn’t even have
quite any good inner – and I have fake time here make up this
dance in the reader a table obviously as like I think the dancing at me dig more
into most kind of popular these days like we normally do have four pocket
empty and I think obviously when you’re done contains a dance or let it go down
so every year actually telling a story the dance is actually meaningful and
then I think a pop is just fun and energetic click so I feel that they
Tuesdays at me actually teaching from today young people are I like good to
like for instance like you know taking desk with Dan Tamaki taken cats the desk
go down some computations where where they do have to do ethnic Italy actually
have cancer I’ve got two half days like I will
actually see you listen can you doing after all pretty close and that’s why we
got them t-shirts and whatever than objects like that
yeah we’ve got when I said think they were disappointed but the thing is like
we dead let them do that and teach a class because it’s so popular these days
like huge classes became so back and there’s a huge class on like every
weekend class kujan I mean and the caps can access so we were just letting them
experience a definite stay aim but when it came to actually performing the dance
we took the he was off they stopped that the damn shirt off but he took the he
was off because just just yeah it’s just some of them I’m too young for that this
with us and it’s if choices they wanted to really my love like never ever asked
me put the heels on but they all wanted to do it because it’s something about
death a man officer Bureau of asset I’ve run
with the tanks as well we’re not gonna see nobody’s Canada like oh my goodness
that actually came to the floor like that is no we’re cutting them Ben Sasse
they were I think obviously with s coordinates
it’s a sport they like you need to be fat to do it like run round the food and
kept your leg and do all the taxes they can do like as definitely useful skills
that they’re learning but just the way that the whole thing is set up there
nononono floor the point in the potent poison to you and in people’s feces I
can’t get just the teachers i hack it teaches bad managers really why would
you ever want you what is somebody’s face to get a point off them I mean they
should I just hang it this motor little and usually I was about to me that the stuff that
they didn’t really dance like it’s fading it started all people at the
everybody’s they don’t really acting is that that although the actual others
should just be enjoying being a child trying to be something else but you if
we ever see the desert dancers coming and the peanut comp that weekend it’s
like that a young I’m see under theer teens like there’s some maybe I tend our
camps not obviously didn’t best go down to me us but the command I don’t have
their nails done who have feet town on Brando neck like it’s just actually have
our skins getting ruined like that actually when you have sports none that
are teenagers because they’re scandal day they’ve been from fake tan like just has to be efficient presentation and
then that’s when they get the confidence in the sass and those have to be saying
it I think should be so that’s what this talk to them think when screw that noise
actually they act all the time so if you’re a and you see that that’s your
attention so you know Mosconi have as a teenager like we all loved and I
think obviously there’s a big massive stick writing-desk good dancing and the
dancing that we promote it’s a safe place for the young people who come and
like that is a way we want it to be a stuff cool guns and just does it clear
that that horrid and I own personally we can see yeah like we all teach dance and
I mean and we see them coming through the door of the vineyard escort dancing
class you can see it’s Jerry I’ve got the pony now I chose the meeting feces
that you’re like if you say you can’t do that Billy get ever lived in the back
and so I think going forward for young people like I would advertise it try and
be and if I do and be her they won’t be instead they follow in the code aim and
look up to something that it does actually physically inspire you and for
what you wouldn’t be in life and stay there just somebody who don’t answer even if I saw a green stuff like that
the way these look in the really are as we’re gonna be here at that point we may
get that when they pop joint sank because France is b10 we have arrived
hop yeah I feel like she 15 reasons way to make sure that they
walk can happen in what has happened instead of just using a platform and
they get all these legs they can using it today and SW belief I’m like I’m that
program at some point in time you can watch it because it is so graphic but
it’s good to watch because that’s what Cygnus young people achieve morally and
beaten both young aging came through the other side and get into the teenage
stage and you can see them growing in nice young women and we and this makes a
few predators really obviously you’re never going to make everybody like
change everybody’s life but I think as people don’t even wanted to always have
a robot they can come and speak to it we’d always about aim and it’s nice for
them you know and I don’t know how many young girls
I’ve said doesn’t like Fe ever need me I’m like mmm ethics away because they
don’t always want you wouldn’t speak to their mom that as a shoes you don’t
wanna couldn’t speak to your mother like I was lucky my mom that my mum well my
mother says it me my sister don’t shave too much but I was lucky that I could
that because it’s hard that you can’t keep everything here so you need
something that you speak dude I think with the young girls if you got
really carried always and college doesn’t become inspectors because not
even involved answers because we’re never gonna know all the answers but at
least if we can speak to them make him happy he’ll and not even have a negative
stuff like a low- come and tell me but with of god we can get a glass of fun we
love it like I said it’s good fun and it’s part of the job and it’s like part
of the job so aim I would just hope that they always know that they’ve always got
something here take home and speak even though sometimes I know something
something they may be stuck beneath been a safe safe identity is anything how good does it know that we can
actually look back and that meme is to come back to you though you Stephanie I
don’t know but they can’t do that in work because I put up and know enough
people I kept this I just love people just enjoy remember that that’s actually
photos eight social media and there’s actually people that you can speak to it
really cool we are here that’s our fifth podcast finish please
leave your comments and let us know what you thought about it I think it was a
very rich interesting conversation hopefully we’ll see you in the next one
thank you

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