Abby Martin Exposes Zionism & Israel on Joe Rogan Podcast (Strong Language)

100 thoughts on “Abby Martin Exposes Zionism & Israel on Joe Rogan Podcast (Strong Language)

  1. The world will never see peace without the complete destruction of the devil zionists! Many jews know this very well!

  2. History has shown us that there's always an end for injustice and devil. Palestine will one day be fully recovered by Palestinians 100% inshallah!

  3. Us is supporting because of the evangelist control. The Evangelist believe Jesus will not come unless the Jerusalem is in the hand Jews. what an evil intention. by the evangelist.

  4. they invert truth so what they said the nazis's did….semites are arabs. they want to follow the revelations narrative and that requires ww3 and everything that could possible go wrong all at once! the conflicts so far have ruined europe with migration and destruction of people and cultral identity is what communism is all about 🙁

  5. She's just exaggerating and lying
    If you check the facts you would see that Israel gave Gaza to the Palestinians there is no Israel I army presence in Gaza more than 13 years, but they instead of living their life raising their kids and building home they prefer to lounch rockets to Israel and always start a war,
    And multiple times Israel tried to make a deal and give the Palestinians the west Bank but they refused,
    And the reason for the check post in the west Bank is because in the past those places were without army presence but since the 90 the Palestinians started terror attacks, so this how they trying to stop the attacks,

  6. Free Palestine🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸from Zionist rule and oppression and racist colonial foreign Israelis whose parents weren't even born there!
    And Fuck you Joe for saying "I'm Islamophobic" as if its nothing. And for inviting racist Muslim-hating people who give ammo to future racist terrorist Mosque shooters. Not once have you invited a real Muslim whose actually knowledgeable on the subject. You would change your mind in 15 minutes about Islam if you only invited the right guests. I'm saying this because I'm a disappointed fan and I don't think that Joe realizes how large of a Muslim fan base he has. Invite more people like Abby Martin.

  7. Hooo my god im an israeli and i dont agree with some things my country doing.. but this bitch was a month in israel and she talking like she know everthing lie after lie after lie holly shit

  8. All white in america first ethnically clean the native and every life of white american should return to europe and hand over the land to native american

  9. This the most bullshit video iv ever seen im a liberal israeli. First of all you paint a picture typical left picture. "why did they give israel in the middle east?" you said well why not if we are soooo fashist dont well do the same shit in europe or wherever? Well we wont its not us! Second of all your friend thats got beat up allegedly i have not the most popular point of view and i NEVER got close to get beat up and im pretty vocal about it. Listen now im 18 and i had to wake my bro and mum too much times in the middle of the night becouse bombs alarms and lost to many friends for a dumb american girl who never experience a war in her life and built an opinion with stupid ideaolegy. Typical fucking left. im offering you now to come to israel and see how free and equal it is here.. I have tons of more things to say but it dosnt fucking worth it.. Just remember dont judge until youv experience both sides

  10. “Mass invasion in 1967” Are you fucking mental?! In 1967 6 neighbouring Arab countries invaded Israel! What are they meant to fucking do? Sit and wait for their country to be burned down? Of course they’re going to fight back. The Arabs invaded and lost. That’s how a war works. Shouldn’t start a war you can’t win. This woman is a moron and speaks out of her arse.

  11. Two sets of people believe that a scrap of ground is theirs because a book tells them it is.
    Fuck-em they are both idiots . Get a grip people..

  12. Israel was always the land of the Jewish people, Arabs invaded it 2000 years ago, learn some history you idiots

  13. What an awful load of shit, condensed biased ignorant shit! This is half of the truth, what about what leads situation to this point to begin with! This is bad, evil reporting and anti Semitic to say the least.

  14. Terrorism was made up for an excuse to invade other countries and steal their natural resources!

  15. Wow so much lies and BS, Israel deserves all lands in the middle east after what they have done to the jews for 1000s of years

  16. Hey everyone. I was an Israeli soldier and i thought mybe someone want to hear a different voice.

    Here is my perspective:
    1)00:45 the west bank is occupied this is correct. Even though the land is ours historically, the people who lives there should have good life with all full human rights. This is not normal situation, but i think the reason we dont solve this conflict its because the Palestinians leadership didn't accept any peace offer, and we gave them really fare offers more than 90% of the land. If they was samrter they could act like the Egyptians, we gave then the whole sini penensola for peace agreement and this works great till today

    1:17 if Palestinian share photo he goes to jail…. I never heared about it and i was combat soldier in the west bank about 2 years.

    1:33 i dont know about conviction precent but i know that kids don't torture this is flat lie i challenge her for evidence for that

    2:30 since many soldier get stabbed in the checkpoints the policy is that if someone runs to you and he dont stop you should shoot to the air to warn him and i think this is resonable.

    3:20 i simply dont believe that someone just got shot with no reason. I just think this is false. Again what is the evidence? What's her name?

    4:30 ok you like hamas… Good luck with than

    5:55 there is not different licence plates for Arabs and jews. The difference is between the Palestinians authority and the Israeli government. If a jew would buy his car in Palestinians city(wich he would die imiddietly if he enter to) he get also Palestinian licence plate.

    6:55 i don't agree with that discription at all. israel is clearly not white supreme contry. As the time goes by most of the israelis are actually a mixture of ethnicities. My grandmother born in iran my grandfather born in Germany most of the people i know are like this. Yes there is hostility because of the situation but i dont think its realte to race at all.

    8:44 you cannot be serious. Israel didn't invade. Israel protect itself from arab armies that tried to invade israel and take the land by force.(and kill all Israelis) the reality is just the opposite of your claims

    10:45 this s a lie

    12:00 ok about eleor azaria
    What happened is that a plaestinian terrorist stabbed his friends and almost killed him. The terrorist got shot and after he was on the ground eleor was.overwhelmed by the situation and shot him to death. Well this is very different from execute "innocent" "unaramed" Palestinian. But still just to be clear, his act was wrong. all combat soldier acting accordingly to "open fire instructions" we hear that every morning that we shouldn't shoot unless there is a immediate danger. He broke the rules and he was 2 or 3 years in prison. But still this is a touchy issue in the society because in Israel there is mandatory miletery service. So the government sent the boys to very harsh situation and as a result of it the soldier made a mistake and now he need to pay for it. And some people thinks that his act was ok what leading to big argument in the society. Nevertheless this is not the policy on the ground.

    This is enough for now im happy to answer any questions

  17. The biggest Israeli Occupied Territories? The U.S.Senate, Congress & House of Representatives.
    Thanks, Abby for exposing the truth behind these evil Zionists.

  18. , , Uhm, I'm supposed to start hosting a weekly English-language radio HOUR beginning this Wednesday. I think I'm walking into a hornets' nest. Yikes.

  19. Just FYI. Everybody in the west bank knows they cant get 200 meters away from the wall. Warning shots do happen. Because there are still people crossing the wall somehow. Much less than before the wall. This wall was the one single thing that stopped 5 terror attacks a day.

  20. UNO should now be dissolved and shut down. The purpose of UNO of creating unjustly Israel state has been achieved.

  21. So this bitch thinks leaving the land in muslims hands things would be better? LOL. All religions are shit, but islam is far worse than judaism. And the fuckin promised land is a lie, but an original jew lie. Muslims have no business trying to claim that land for themselves. They came 1400 years later. This bitch is mad.

  22. I wish mossad/cia dont kill her. She is speaking the truth. When i was 20s i loved watching documentaries about israeli occupation in Palestine. Its exactly what she says about the situation how evil is israeli jews treat palestinians.

  23. Shame on you Joe Rogan. Why give a platform to such an utter ignoramus without at least challenging the gross inaccuracies of her statements? Why did you not even attempt to query her false claims? In this interview you have completely abdicated your role as unbiased journalist /interlocutor.

  24. So much fake stuff and half-stories and everybody actually believe her… man this is just sad and pathetic..
    The extent of bullshit in this video is just incredible.
    Just because someone said something does not mean its true.. god I wanna puke

    she only talks about one side of the story, and focus only on the extremist.
    Yep, not all of us is stupid and racist.
    wanna know what no one tells ya? (hint: Islamic terrorism)
    no one tells you about suicide bombings by the Palestinians terrorists against innocent men women and children
    no one tells you it happened 2-3 times a week for few long years, each time MURDERING 5-20 civilians on busses cafe and what not
    no one tells you about random Palestinians go out and stabbing civilians to death only to die as 'Shahid' once every few weeks
    no one tells you about Palestinians breaking to family houses and slaughter every one inside – women men children!!! it happened more than a few times!!

    we have military marshal regiment on the "occupied" areas because of mass murder of civilians against Guerrilla terrorist
    i want to know what USA would have done in situation like this.

    USA invades and conquer another country for oil. not lives of civilians or soldiers. Oil . maybe they need to save the world idk.
    USA had segregation laws until the 50's – Yep past Hitler. and we are racist?
    USA butchered 90% of native Americans on arrival.
    ISRAEL did not killed every one and we are dealing with the consequences.



  26. Maybe it's because Israelis are not Semite. They are Yiddish. Maybe it is because Hebrew Israelites are DNA E1A1A-y. Maybe it's because his name is not Netanyahu. It is Mileakowsky. Who killed JFK? Who put copper in your quarters? Who put your children $73,000,000,000.000.00 in debt with fake money to attempt to pay it back? Want the rest of the story?

  27. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Nobelprize winner and himself victim of the Bolshevikparty in Gulag.

    “You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred, they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media in the hands of the perpetrators.”

    “We cannot state that all Jews are Bolsheviks. But without Jews, there would never have been Bolshevism. For a Jew, nothing is more insulting than the truth. The blood maddened Jewish terrorists have murdered sixty-six million in Russia from 1918 to 1957.”
    – Alexander Solzhenitsyn

  28. Google, owned by jews.
    All Western Media channels, owned by jews.
    All banks, owned by jews.
    Earth, owned by jews.

  29. It’s definitely a mess over there and tying to get actual unbiased information isn’t easy. It truly seems everyone has agendas these days. Like The Zionist party vs the actual average Israeli person of actual faith. They seem divided in many ways. I agree it’s getting scary there and here. Almost like they forgot why they found their selves needing relocation after WW2. Its almost like they’ve become the nazi regime in some ways. Not all but definitely seems their forgetting their historical repression under the German nazi regime. Not in any way meant to be anti anything except hate. Peace and love.

  30. Im an Israeli living in israel, abby is full of lies, she is simply motivated by blind hatered to israel and jews in general, she is not alone, there are plenty of anti israel and anti semitic people out there, bottom line is nobody here cares what antisemetic people like abby think and say, life goes on here, its beautiful here and we will keep living here safe and free regardless of of people like abby.
    If you want to see the truth come and visit see for yourself.

  31. yeah yeah you can write a fairytale for disney!! hahaha keep making up bullshit you cant even go to that areas in israel u dumb ass u can only stay in the area of israel fucking liar

  32. This is ridiculous….. 56 islamic countries, 23 muslim arab countries, 1 tiny hebrew jewish country


  33. “No one shall be able to resist you as long as you live. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will not fail you or forsake you” Joshua1:5
    You’ll never take the land of Israel away from the Lord’s people get over it.

  34. The Zionists are currently paying Congress to pass laws to stifle your right to free speech. They will silence you under the guise of, "hate speech" soon enough. AIPAC is very rich and very powerful. Also, an alarming amount of our Federal government, including Congress (the literal law makers) are Zionists since they hold dual citizenship with Israel and the US. Also, former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney exposed how one must take an oath/pledge to Israel to remain in power. The USA has been infiltrated and subverted a very very long time ago and we are literally on the brink of collapse. A new regime awaits in the shadows of our existing system to take over. Are you ready?!

  35. RIP Rachel Corrie, Free Palestine and Fuck Racists Zionist rats who are illegally colonizing another people's land.

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