Aai, Privacy & Me | #BhaDiPa

Aai, Privacy & Me | #BhaDiPa

Mom.. Why do you clean my room everyday? Not everyday, only Saturdays. Was I born on Lord Hanuman’s birth anniversary? Why? Then why Saturday? Storytel and BhaDiPa presents Mom, Privacy and me. Mom don’t open my cupboard, please! Why can’t you sort your clothes? Used, new, old, ironed.. you should segregate and arrange them Is it a clothes library? You go to Tai’s room, don’t mess things here.. It’s smelling bad.. Do you have a bad stomach? I’ve stopped answering such questions in 8th grade! Tomorrow is a holiday right? Yes Should I give you a spoon of Castor oil? Mom, have you gone mad? Mom see this.. Is this enough? Yes. Jui, are you seriously taking castor oil? What do I do then? I agreed on drinking it then only she left the room! Otherwise my room would be in a upheaval! Upheaval? What horrible words are you using? CLEANING is the word for it. But are you going to give us any privacy? Grab this, open that, throw that.. What’s going on? Privacy? Yes to you guys? YES! I have wiped your bums in your childhood. and now you want privacy? now if you are going to get my childhood bum in the discussion.. ..then what do I say? Bum! Mom’s cross connection No, let’s go to Imagica. They have a Mogambo ride Are you mister India? Ok Are you on phone? No, no.. It’s the TV noise in the background.. I know you’re talking on phone ..but its been half an hour phone heats up, it can burst also Mom, please! I know it’s all fake, but I thought why to risk it.. Mom, please go. I’m on a call.. when to go then? next weekend? Don’t just nod your head.. No, please Babbu, just hold on for a second.. Rose? What? Rose? then do you expect some vegetables in my bag? get it sometimes.. At least Curry leaves! Is it only one? If there were more, I would have made Gulkand Babbu, whose hair-clip is that behind? No, not there.. Behind you.. that white one, I know you can see it [Door knocks] Yes, coming.. What’s wrong? First you tell me.. Coming! [Door knocks again] Is it Diarrhoea? MOM! What’s wrong with you? At least don’t be so loud. How long? Did you take Castor oil yesterday? Mom! Shit! That’s what.. What is this? I’m removing the door. what? So, you’ll hear me when I call you! What are you doing? Watching Narcos. Oh.. Okay! Don’t worry, nothing like what you think. Ani, are you watching Narcos? No, I’m working Ani, What’s the score? Ani? Where is Toor Daal? Ani? Where is that childhood photo where you wore frock? Take this! You complete this now Take this. You sit and finish this.. Take it.. Babbu, now enough of No Shave November. What is this? This.. this. It’s just Green tea, nothing else Then why didn’t you make one for me? Go and make me a cup of it, and add some sugar.. Mom! Natural.. Go. Babbu, I’ll be back.. Babbu.. Have you bathed? We should get deleted from mom’s radar somehow.. I’m feeling she’ll soon install CCTV Camera in our rooms and why do you need privacy? ..this basic qustion doesn’t seem have an answer. Hey! I think there’s one thing where she can engage herself What? Stoytel App! You don’t go to library these days, so we have downloaded the whole library for you. Storytel App So, you don’t want me to trouble you No, see this.. In this you can listen to Hindi, English, Marathi audio books. So, when you’re walking, roaming, cooking.. While driving also you listen to these stories. In this? Yes! See this.. Play. Mrutyunjay. [Audio Book] [Karna, tell your life story to everyone.. everyone..] Where? Walk! Walk while listening to stories and breakfast? make it if you want to.. [Audio Book] Back to square one.. Mom, what are you doing? Im not dressed. Gandhari had also seen Duryodhana naked. ..to save his life. I’m reading the same book I mean, listening! And still he died! You also die. Spoiled the suspense. Suspense? You only have told this story to me. mom.. Mom! What are you doing here? Your father has an issue with the fan my diary.. Where is you phone? Battery is dead [Message alert] You’re not supposed to touch children’s phones. Its a sin. Who is Babdu? Babdu is my friend. And what is Muaah? And Muaah.. ..is a spelling mistake. Ani.. I want privacy. Mom Mom What? What are you listening to? Mryutyunjay Mom! Mom! What now? Who’s the author? Shivaji Sawant Listen. Give your phones here. Take this. I have downloaded Storytel App now give me some privacy!
Go for a walk.. Walk? GO! Ani, mom forgot us. What to do? Should I act like being sick? or.. or.. Or should I shave my head? I’m saying we’ll make her drink Castor oil. or.. We should.. Do something different.. something amazing Different.. Something different What’s going on? nothing.. if you liked our video.. Like, Share and Subscribe to BhaDiPa and for unlimited collection of audio books download.. Storytel App. Jay BhaDiPa! Bharatiya Digital Party. Jay Hind BhaDiPa Jay Maharashtra! BhaDiPa.. Bharatiya Digital Party.

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  2. Bc 1 million + view ani Like 30 hajar
    Bc unlike kara kiva like kara video bagitlyvr kahi tari pratikriya dya..

  3. omg! I came across this and i'm currently studying in canada and I got so homesick watching this. also, I THOUGHT IT WAS JUST MY MOM smh

  4. व्हिडिओ तर छान आहेच पण माझा बबडू ला काळ t-shirt awadla शेवटच्या scene मधल. कुठून घ्यावं लागेल ते? 😁

  5. Excellent indeed! I have subscribed and far from regretting it, I am loving all the videos. Keep going guys!

  6. मुलांच्या मोबाईल ला हात लावायचा नसतो ,पाप लागतं 😂😂😂

  7. व्वा फारच छान सर्व घरात असेच वातावरण असेल तर कित्ती छान होईल खरच

  8. लहानपणीची ढुंगणं आई कधीच विसरू देत नाही 😆🤣

  9. Faltu aahe re he khup bore hote mitra pls change subject get some interesting topic it's suggestion this time next time ……………….

  10. This is so ridiculously funny!!!! I have seen this video nnnnnnnn number of times and laughed my heart out !!!!! Good work 🙂 keep it up

  11. मा चोद सल्यानो मुलगी आई समोर लफडे करू शकत नाही जय महाराष्ट्र करत आहे

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