A Real Life Haptic Glove (Ready Player One Technology Today) – Smarter Every Day 190

A Real Life Haptic Glove (Ready Player One Technology Today) – Smarter Every Day 190

Hey, it’s me Destin, welcome back to Smarter Every Day. I love Ready Player One. It’s a fascinating book about this virtual world called The Oasis, based here in Columbus Ohio. If we’re ever gonna get to a virtual world, We have to have ways to interact with that virtual world with our bodies. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) So this is the first episode of a series on technology like this, here on Smarter Every Day. We’re gonna go test-drive a virtual haptic glove. It’s not virtual, it’s an actual haptic glove, But it’s a way for you to use your physical body to interact with a virtual world. So let’s go to California, to a company called Haptx because there’s an engineer, I have questions about how such a glove would work. There can only be a certain amount of resolution that should… Yeah, questions. Let’s go to California – You’re Kenan, right? – I’m Kenan. – So what’s going on here? What do we have? – So we have our glove prototype, which is called Glens, And we have a HTC Vive and a computer to drive the experience. – You’re tracking where the glove is in 360 degrees. Okay. – I think you should just try it. – Just try it?
– Yeah.
– Okay. – It’ll make so much more sense to you if you…
– Alright. Let’s do it. – Put your hand in it like this, keeping your fingers tight. And then once you kind of pass like, this area, you’ll spread your fingers out and… Into the finger sockets.
– Okay. – Alright you’re not officially doing VR until you have a bucket on the head, so now that we got that on me, We are ready to go. Let’s enter the simulation. – [Faint] So you hear things through the headphones. – Yes, I hear…
– Music?
– I hear music that makes me want to take a nap. – Do you hear the rain and…
– And I hear lightning. – Yeah. This is good, stick you hand out and.. [Voiceover] This is the exact moment I realized that they’ve done something amazing. I’m not a VR believer, but you can actually feel each individual raindrop in your hand. It’s not wet or anything like that, but it’s perfectly timed, perfectly positioned, and your brain accepts it. – Feel free to explore the environment – I can pick which finger I want to feel it on, Hold on. I’m trying to I’m trying to feel individual raindrops now. Hold on. – You definitely can.
– Can you really? Okay, so it’s directional, So you’re having to do… You’re doing a coordinate transformation for the hand, Oh look at you, you put a logo on the back of a hand! You guys are clever.
[chuckles] Oh I moved it! 😀 Okay, I feel like a kid, this is pretty cool. Alright, so I can move… – You can just explore and anything, feel free to touch anything that you can see where it is. – I can just touch all this stuff.
– Yep. – So I can move this lighthouse. Oh, I’m not… Oh! I’m not far enough in the 3D world. That’s crazy. Oh it’s getting harder to… That’s the force-feedback you’re talking about. It’s pulling on the back of my finger. – Yep. – So you have to model the curvature of a finger. Can I actually… What’s that noise I hear? Do I hear static? [Voiceover] Up to this point in the simulation, I’m just feeling things with my hand. But this glove has something called force feedback. If you look on the back of the fingers, There’s this tape that can hold your fingers in one position. And when I finally picked up a rock, This is the moment where everything clicked. – So, can I come over here to pick up a rock? [laugh] Alright. Alright I’m cool. Alright. I heard a tractor. Hey! Alright, You don’t have gravity in your simulation? Oh, that was… OK, that was rad dude. This is… Alright, who made this simulation? – Kenan and Johnathan. Both of whom are standing over here. – Kenan and Jonathan made this?
– Yeah. – Okay, this is really cool. What did you make the simulation in? – Unreal Engine. Four. – Whoa, whoa, leave my sunflowers alone. – You might need to re…
– No, we’re good.
– …re-grow them. – Regrow the sunflowers? I need a cloud or something. Can I shake some water out of it… Yeah, I can! [laugh] Ken and Jonathan make the simulation?
– It’s Kenan. – Kenan! I’m sorry I’m having a hard time hearing you I got the headphones in. So, good job Keenan for this. Oh, what’s up? Hello, guy. – So if you reach your hand out palm face up close to the fox he’ll actually jump in. – Can I stand up?
– Yeah. Okay, so I’ve got a cable here I’ve got to be careful about, right?
– Yeah, you’re good. – Okay, so I’m gonna submit. In Zelda, I’m used to killing every fox I see, so I’m gonna be really nice to this fox. – You can try to kill it, it’s pretty hard tough. – Oh, you can feel it walking around! You’re a genius. Did I point to you Kenan?
– Roughly. – Kenan you’re a genius. I really want to use my other hand. You guys need… That is cool as mess man. What’s up ? I don’t, like… what do you… I mean like if a puppy is sleeping on you you’re not allowed to move. – How do you feel about spiders?
– Spiders? I’m cool with virtual spiders. Spiders are not my favorite. – But you are cool with virtual spiders.
– Yeah, have you had people freak out doing this? – Yep.
– Have you really? – One time we didn’t ask… big burly military guys like a rocket bombing – The haptic feedback is incredible, so…
– The spider man blurred the line between hurtful and real. – That’s… okay, so what’s so cool about this is… How many different sensors do you have in the palm? Because I’m feeling every leg. – A hundred and twenty in the total glove.
– A hundred and twenty? – Some of those are in the fingers. – Okay, so how on earth… How on earth are you controlling 120 different bladders inside my palm? Without just crazy… So, these are not bangbang actuators, these are… These are… what was the term? It’s like they’re infinitely variable actuators. – They’re pretty continuous, yeah.
– Continuous, thank you. – The nice about air, we can control the pressure of them. It’s way cooler than I thought it would be, I’m gonna be honest. I thought it would be cool, but it doesn’t take long for your brain to just totally engage with it, does it? I’m gonna sit this spider. Oops, my bad, spider. Gonna sit you right here. – So now that you have become appointed with our virtual farm, are you ready to defend it? – Defend the virtual farm? Heck yeah, let’s do this. – Alright. Smack, squeeze…( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) – Oh, you actually have to get there. This is like way cooler than I thought it would be. There’s no way this is gonna translate to video. And I’m totally against VR. Just to be clear, I don’t think it’s gonna catch on, but this has changed my mind. – That’s awesome.
– Seriously. – So go ahead and reach out for that confetti. It should feel a little lighter than anything else you’ve touched so far. – Yes, you’re right. It is a continuous actuator. You’ve gotta tell me how you did these bladders. I have to know that. [Voiceover] Okay. That’s pretty much it. That’s the experience with the glove, but I’ll say this: in the next video, We’re going to talk to every single engineer that was in the shop that day. We’re gonna figure all this stuff out, so it’s obvious there’s motion tracking. It’s obvious there’s little bumps happening on your fingers It’s also obvious that something’s making your fingers resist motion. So in the next video, We’re gonna cover all this stuff. I’m gonna be straight up with you. I thought VR was stupid, and this changes it for me Because It’s another layer on top of the other stuff going on in your brain. So I always thought moving around in a virtual world didn’t make a lot of sense. But I think this is gonna matter, so I don’t know exactly what it’s gonna look like in the end But this is a really good base concept. And I’m excited to see what they do to get this to market, Because all the variables are being taken into account at this point in time, And I don’t think they were in the past, so I’m excited about this. Anyway, If you enjoyed this episode I would appreciate it if you would support Smarter Every Day By supporting the sponsor, which is Audible. You can do that by going to audible.com/smarter And getting a 30 day free trial of Audible. It’s fantastic I recommend Ready Player One which is obviously why I started thinking about haptics in general. So if you want to support Smarter Every Day you can also, to the number 500-500, text the word smarter And you’ll get that 30-day free trial of Audible. That’s gonna help Smarter Every Day if you do that, and that’s going to help me continue to fly places like this To make really cool videos like this. Okay, this is the haptic glove. I have another piece of man-machine interface technology that’s in the Oasis and Ready Player One type stuff in an upcoming video. So feel free to subscribe to Smarter Every Day if you want to see that. I think you’ll enjoy that as well. Anyway, I’m Destin you’re getting smarter every day. Have a good one. Bye So real quick I’ve been talking with Leigh, and you you’re in charge of this this whole facility, right? – I’m one of the people who helps make things happen, yeah. – Okay, so he was telling me that people can actually come work here. Because you need engineers? – We do.
– So you’re gonna give me a link and I’ll leave it below. – Uh-huh.
– And people can come work on this project if they want to. – Yeah haptx.com/careers
– Okay, we’re here in California. It’s a it’s a rad place. This is real-deal engineering. So anyway, I’ll leave a link for you. Awesome. – Pull that knob out.
– Pull it out? – Yeah. Uh, yeah. And then…
– Oh god, I though I broke it for a second, I though that I’d broke it! [laughs]

100 thoughts on “A Real Life Haptic Glove (Ready Player One Technology Today) – Smarter Every Day 190

  1. I don't think these moving pictures are gonna catch on. Most people prefer to look at things that are still and peaceful.

  2. “I’m totally against VR …. but this has changed my mind!” I love hearing this kind of stuff happen.

  3. Perhaps in a few decades people will be transported inside the game kinda like the matrix
    That would be INSANE

  4. It's so cool to watch the VR hand move, it really makes you appreciate how much our hands do on a daily basis (typing this comment for instance)

  5. Its beautiful. But it is still a prison for the mind. A wonderful distraction. We will be putting on our own handcuffs and its amazing.

  6. Do you agree that the Ready Player One movie left a lot to be desired? The movie was good (and came out on my birthday, so that's pretty cool), but there were many elements in the book that I think would have improved the movie a lot.

  7. VR will not become main stream until they can reduce the size and weight of the devices considerably and by then Nerolink may have figured out how to use BIM to transmit directly to the brain and you won't need any external device except maybe storage. No one is going to ware 100lbs of gear and be hooked to 30 different wires with a big control box and power supply for each piece of hardware.

  8. Dustin – I love Ready Player Ready One…
    Me – OMG Same it was pretty good movi….
    Dustin – It's a fascinating book
    Me – Very good book, yep loved it, read it, I read books.

  9. My only issue is that it doesn't look like it's being developed for gaming – it's focusing mostly on VR training for engineers and things like that. Which is totally fine, but that also means that this technology may take a little longer to come to home VR systems.

  10. Did anybody else want to see him rip the windmill apart?

    Weirdly, I wanted to see him virtually hulk smash everything. Lol

  11. He said he's totally against vr and that it wouldn't catch on lol. Well it's starting to catch on really quickly now…

  12. The other day, I played an hour of Beatsaber without stretching and pulled muscles in both thighs from crouching under obstacles. I find it amazing that I got a physical injury from a videogame. Think about that. A videogame gave me a physical injury. A VIDEOGAME!

  13. This is totally cool. I'm 63 and would likely try to buy this when it's available. A full body suit like this could provide total immersion. Then, content creators can, and likely will, go crazy.

  14. I have found a general link between people who say that VR won't catch on, they all seem to be people who can't afford VR.

  15. How and why could you possibly think VR was not going to catch on? It literally is the future and everybody knows that. There are so many different uses not just video games. You can train students to perform surgery on virtual bodies for one and yeah its not the same as the real thing but it would be a great starting point for doctors in training.

  16. So we have haptic suits, haptic gloves, multidirectional treadmills, VR headsets, and ready player one being developed and tested as you are reading this….my god

  17. Force feedback has been in Joysticks for ages so that's old technology. Also look up the nintendo power glove which is a Very very early version of that glove.

  18. Oh wow.. there's a glove like this that actually works? And the movement pad from an earlier video…
    I grew up almost expecting this to be part of our lifetime, and it's actually becoming a reality?!? That's crazy! Technology advances so fast. Every idea can be the spark for even more great ideas, even in seemingly unrelated fields.

  19. You didn't think vr was gonna catch on? Was this your first time in a headset? I'd NEVER play no mans sky without vr, but being inside the game makes it a whole new experience. Vr is gonna be big, it already is. But it's gonna get bigger. 😉 unless of course war sets us back to the stine ages

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