A raw emotion podcast ? anxiety before travelling solo.

A raw emotion podcast ? anxiety before travelling solo.

hi guys so it’s been a while and it’s actually been such a while that I decided to record a sort of podcast for you because honestly I just do not have the time right now to film videos so instead of uploading nothing in English I decided to upload a podcast because I really miss talking to you guys even though almost all of my recent French videos have English subtitles by the way feel free to like if you are a native English speaker if you get the meaning of some subtitles but you think they could be a bit more natural whatever feel free to correct them or modify them we are also grateful to the French people who put subtitles to my videos but sometimes you know when you’re translating you may miss a few things here and there and yeah it’s a team work I suppose so yeah I wanted to talk to you a little bit and as I am flying to a surprise destination on the day after tomorrow as I’m recording but probably since I’m uploading this tomorrow I am flying tomorrow as you’re listening and I am very anxious I am flying solo and travelling Sullivans I’m gonna meet at least two people in the place that I’m going to but my anxiety is not so much about being in a foreign country and being alone and having to navigate you know being in an unknown place where I do not speak the language and I’ve never been there before and I don’t know anyone and I don’t know what I’m doing I don’t get really anxious about that because I just I don’t know I just don’t get anxious about that and quite frankly I’d say that in my daily life in things like entering shops and eating restaurants on my own or just being outside and interactions with people I suppose even the most like insignificant I suppose you could say ones like saying hi to your cashier and that kind of things I get a lot less anxious when I’m abroad than when I am in Paris at home I don’t really know why I think when you’re traveling maybe you know you especially when you’re traveling solo but I suppose II can be the same for me at least at the same and I’m travelling with someone else just being in a new and different environment it kind of reset reset reset you know your parameters I suppose in a way and for me it really like lightens the anxiety and also I know I have to rely on myself and I also expect I suppose people to be kind and friendly because they know I’m a foreigner and I’m kind of vulnerable and helpless sometimes I don’t know it’s just a different feeling but what I get really anxious about journeys whether it’s train bus flights or even taxi or either rights I get extremely anxious about those and I get anxious about those even in France like whenever I go back to the stuff if you’ve watched my vlogs you may have noticed that a couple of days before I actually get to take the train to get back to the South of France I get really anxious so anxious that I sometimes miss my flight so miss my trains because you know your subconscious makes it so that because you’re so anxious and don’t really want to leave in a way you eventually end up missing your flights or trains or whatever so yeah I get really anxious about journeys I think it’s quite logical in a way because you know you have to go for security you have to go for customs you have to go through so many things you have to have your papers you have to you have to make sure your bag is not too heavy you have to make sure you’re not carrying any forbidden stuff in your bags as well and for me personally I have noticed as well that my hand my anxiety has very much something to do with being in a narrow and closed space like the Train is kind of fine and I actually used to love being in the plane I actually really really really loved the time spent in planes I felt like it was the perfect time to reflect on things and you know take major life decisions kind of like when you’re in the bathroom but lately I have noticed that the fact that I knew that I am locked up in such a confined environment where the air is not you know changed and renewed you know that I am surrounded by other people and it gets really really stressful for me that happens as well in the metro that happens in classrooms or let’s say I’m going to a restaurant if I see it small and crowded I just cannot feel comfortable so yeah I would say it’s not specific to you know flights or train rides but yeah it’s definitely that kind of moments where I have to focus on not thinking too much about these things because my anxiety really kicks in at those moments I think it also has to do with and I knew it’s maybe surprising to some people to my digestion as well because whenever I take the train or the plane my digestion gets up and I just don’t like that and Beast I mean even more than I don’t like that I think it is a huge cause of stress for me even though I know it is completely silly because yes everyone everyone perhaps but a lot of people feel bloated you know maybe a day or a couple of days after they have taken the plane or maybe being been on a train journey and it’s nothing bad like it’s nothing dangerous or anything scary the it adds to the anxiety so I have the pre-existing anxiety of having to go through all the security and everything a heavy anxiety of being surrounded by people I have the social anxiety that’s a big thing for me I have the sort of claustrophobia I suppose which is kind of accentuated by the environment of course and then I have this being with digestion and not being able to hydrate enough and having to pee all the time and all of those little things that may seem very trivial and very like not so much of a big deal I suppose they really make me feel extremely anxious before I leave and I kind of wanted to talk about that with you a little bit because I get comments quite frequently especially since I’ve been traveling a bit more too you know faraway places or traveling solo I get so many messages from you guys every time I post about this bit on Instagram or a video on YouTube about you guys asking me how I deal with anxiety and traveling so I thought I could just chat up a little bit about that with you so yeah as I said I don’t feel really anxious about being in a foreign place by myself especially if I have the Internet actually the first time I did have the internet like some data on my phone was last summer when I went to Poland and Romania and Turkey before that every time I travel be Kazakhstan young Motty pan I did not have any internet or service on my phone I was relying on the Wi-Fi and that’s something I wouldn’t mind doing again if I were traveling with friends but as I’m traveling solo I feel like for me to not have anxiety I need the internet it’s like the first thing I look for when I am at the airport I am looking for a SIM card and that really really eases just everything and makes my anxiety is so much lesser so that’s my first tip the second tip would really be to not compare your style of traveling you know a lot of people who travel to places that I travel to all we have some sort of the same mentality when it comes to travel they are backpackers which means they will stay at guest houses or youth hostels I mean why did I say you for sale or sales or even maybe just to capture thing extensively and I did all of that before but I have realized now with my age and just my anxiety and traveling solo I need my own place of course if I’m like staying one night or two nights at a friend’s that’s fine you know but if that’s not it I want to have my own place so it might not be as adventurous and as exciting to talk about but that’s the way I feel the best so you know whatever you need to do for yourself do it another thing for example is yes I take taxis from the airport to my accommodation to my accommodation now well from my accommodation to the airport I I mean unless I’m in a place like let’s say Budapest for example that I knew very well and I know where to go and how to get places but like if it’s a new place I am definitely take the easiest way especially when I travel to places which are cheaper than friends and it’s easy to find cheaper places and friends let me tell you i’ma gonna complicate everything in cozy anxiety to myself just because you know it seems like a luxury to take the cab or I could save a little bit of money on transport so you do not compare yourself if you don’t want to hang out too much if you don’t want you to eat out alone and restaurants just don’t you know or if you like to join tours just do it do whatever you need to do to feel comfortable because ultimately that’s your own trip and you know yeah we live in a time I suppose where you want to share it and you want to upload pictures and videos and blog posts or even send texts and whatever to your friends family and followers or whatever and sometimes we may be afraid that you know we’re gonna get some commentaries or criticism but yeah it really is your trip and that’s something you should really really keep in mind I believe and that’s something I have definitely done and it has changed everything for me so yeah that’s that’s quite important also and I bring things to keep me occupied and things that make me feel safe even though it may seem absolutely ridiculous to some people for example why bring the whole of Dukes I bring my computer even though some people may argue that I don’t in my computer yeah I guess so but I still bring it now I sometimes even bring a small blanket that I’m used to sleeping with because it makes me feel comfortable there is nothing and I just really don’t like the feeling you get sometimes when you’re traveling solo at night when you’re in an air B&B and sometimes and there being or in a hotel room that doesn’t feel really nice and you feel so lonely at night I hate that so you know whatever will make your nighttime comfortable because for me personally I feel like nighttime is sometimes the moment when we feel lonely and a bit down and you want to avoid that even though it’s also a normal part of your trip especially if you’re traveling for a long time but you know it might even be two days or three days every trip is different than everyone is different so yeah and yeah for the journey the actual journey but I like to be organized I like to be in really comfortable clothes I like to have earplugs because I hate hate no it is I like to have essential oils that I can smell because it’s just nice some wipes to feel kind of clean because that’s also a huge part of just feeling refreshed and relaxed I like to have Dux I like to have things to write because it’s just a nice way to get your feelings out and sometimes when you see things written down on paper you realize how small they are and how okay and fine you actually are and you don’t need to worry too much this time around I’m actually gonna take a few snacks with me too because I want to I don’t know I just want to be able to snack and that’s feel guilty about it honor how to rely on bread which is usually the one thing they will give you and I don’t digest bread very well so that’s the thing and yeah I think that’s really about it so another thing is and my final piece of advice as person could say is I accept the anxiety and I accept the stress to be totally honest with you until the very last minute I want to cancel everything and I’ve done it before and I’m not really proud of this I don’t even really want to think about it too much but that’s the truth my anxiety has been so strong in the past that there have been two instances where I cancelled my trips altogether because I just didn’t feel like I could make it but yeah until the last moment I feel so anxious and I get those crazy scenarios in my head and I come sleep and I feel sick sometimes like really sick and I have yeah those crazy scenarios where I’m thinking I’m never gonna be able to get back home I might die that silly of me to go so far away why do I need to travel but I knew and I remind myself that it’s a part of my brain that’s playing tricks on me and that it’s also maybe a sensical and logical reaction to something that’s definitely different from your everyday life we are creatures of habits we live in the same place we are not nomads and we are also for the most part social creatures and we like to be around people so when you’re traveling solo it’s a lot to process especially in the beginning and especially if you’re someone anxious so yeah I try to remind myself that it’s just some something that my brain is doing and he doesn’t have to change everything change all of my plans I also think back on all of those trips that I did that we’re amazing and the people I met and the feelings I had and how I didn’t want to come back home so that’s something I try to focus on and I have I’m very grateful and lucky that I have a community that I can talk to you and I mean you guys because I helped this podcast was perhaps inspiring and relatable for some of you and inspired some of you to travel solo it’s also just a really nice way for me to well deal with my anxiety tonight and I think that having a group of people that you can kind of complain your I mean it’s such a negative word I suppose just people that you can express your anxiety to without being met with a but just don’t travel if you don’t want you or don’t complain you’re so privileged to travel Oh next time you just have to you know stay at home for the holidays or whatever having people that you can express the anxiety to and people will just listen or who will understand or give some critius advice it’s such an important thing I believe personally for me it really is so you may join a Facebook group for travel or search for people who have similar interests we like tags or whatever on Instagram and yeah I find really helpful too I like that so I’m gonna stop now because this is already very long I hope I didn’t remember too much I hope you got something from this and yeah I’m gonna ask you a few questions guys as you know it’s probably interesting to me to hear from you so do you get anxious from traveling and which part especially gives you anxiety or stress because you know not everyone has anxiety but I’m pretty sure everyone has some sort of stress when their trouble do you travel solo and if not why and if yes why and yeah I’m looking forward to reading your answers and I’ll talk to you soon bye

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  1. I can relate to you so much… worrying about so many things at the same time about the most trivial things that many people don't even give it a thought

  2. When I travel I get the most anxious during the time I board the train/bus/plane until I arrive at the city center and the way back to my homecountry. I am normally were chilled while sightseeing and staying the night in another city but the other part😪 And all of that happens when I don't even travel solo. I can't even imagine traveling solo and the anxiety it would cause me

  3. ❤️ ça va aller Emy! je t’envoie toute la force possible et toutes les bonnes ondes imaginables! je te souhaite un merveilleux voyage, profite en bien !
    (pour ma part, ce qui me stresse le plus c’est la veille, le moment de partir, le trajet en quelques sortes et j’aimerai beaucoup voyager en solo 😍)

  4. Seems like we can actually manifest… because this video was exactly what i was needing to listen to. I was travelling solo around bolivia, and my plan was to go from bolivia to colombia by bus, ive read a few online blogs of people that have done and watched some youtube about it as well. I had solo travel before (in europe, for 7 weeks, but that time i met up with friends in some places, so it wasn’t completely solo travelling, or it was but i had some time with friends too, i had a great time but i by the end of it i was feeling pretty drained and mentally exhausted) but i dont know what happened to me this time, i dont get anxious about being alone or being in a new place but my i was having serious stomach problems and that made me had some of the worst anxiety episodes ive ever had, anyways i was planning to travel for about 3 months but by the end of my second week i booked a flight back home out of a panick attack, after buying the flight all my anxiety disappeared but a couple of weeeks after having arrived home i feel like im such a failure and that i have created all this stupid situation that couldve been solved if i knew how to control and/or dissolve my anxiety. So I completely feel u when u say u cancelled ur trips cos all those imaginary situations u set up in ur head…. my problem is once i get inside the vortex of anxiety i can stay there for weeks and stop being grateful and not enjoy what i have/what im doing. I send u good energies from madrid and hope you enjoy your travelling without experiencing too much anxiety, but i think its a must when u travel… u r one of my favourite people here in youtube, im getting my french back thanks to you! Take care

  5. I get anxious even just ordering food to my apartment so I relate so much. I have never travelled solo but the thing that gave me the most anxiety was when I stayed at someones house who my family knows. Them asking me what I like to eat and not letting me wash my own dish, having to socialize the moment I woke just gave me a lot of anxiety. Your advice of getting your own place to stay is so accurate. Good luck for your trip! I have exams in a few months that will decide my future and all I want to do is travel and get away

  6. Ce qui me stresse le plus en voyage c’est l’avion et le fait de me perdre (maintenant avec Internet ce deuxième problème est réglé, merci Google Maps…), sinon j’ai voyagé seule une fois mais j’étais en famille d’accueil et avais des cours d’anglais donc j’ai rencontré des gens très facilement, j’aimerais énormément partir en voyage seule et me tâte à le faire cet été mais j’ai encore beaucoup d’interrogations et d’inquiétudes…

  7. Merci pour cette vidéo, je me reconnais beaucoup !
    Le pire pour moi, c'est de manger seule à l'extérieur… J'adore voyager plus que tout, et à chaque fois que je surmonte mon anxiété je me sens plus forte, mais manger seule, c'est juste impossible. Il suffit que je passe une journée un peu fatiguante et je n'ai plus l'énergie d'aller chercher quelque chose à manger, même à emporter où je n'aurais pas à m'assoir seule à une table haha. C'est vraiment une grosse source de stress, mais je ne veux pas que ça m'empêche de voyager, donc je me répète qu'un jour je finirai par y arriver ! (en attendant je saute tristement des repas)

  8. Hi Emy, thanks as always for your honesty. I am originally from the US, but I lived in France for many years and I now live in Argentina. I have noticed that in the US most people are pretty accepting when you say you have anxiety (a lot less so with depression); it’s a little less well received in France (at least in my experience) and generally poorly received in Argentina. I think it’s still really important to talk about anxiety, depression and other issues to get rid of the stigma. I sometimes have panic attacks on public transport as well, but not because of claustrophobia, because of sexual harassment. My anxiety also got worse after the November 13 attacks. Anyway, I agree with you about having a SIM card wherever you are. It really helps me knowing that I can get in touch with family or friends at any time. I just have a word of caution for solo female travelers when it comes to taxis: make sure that the taxi service in whatever country you’re in is reputable. Sometimes drivers in ride sharing apps are more accountable as they have comments and ratings. I was sexually harassed by a taxi driver in Croatia. He kept saying how beautiful I was and when he noticed I was uncomfortable, he said “don’t worry I’m not going to rape you and murder you and bury you on the side of the road”. I arrived at my destination safely, but I was really upset and anxious for hours after he made those comments. I know that this is not a common experience and I don’t want to worry you any more before your trip, but I do feel like we have to take extra precautions as women. I do travel solo pretty frequently, which I find liberating. I am completely comfortable eating at a restaurant by myself and sightseeing by myself. As selfish as it sounds, I like being able to see and do all of the things I want when I want. You have to make a lot of compromises on group trips. I only have a couple of friends who make traveling in groups better than traveling solo. I have been on some trips where I quickly learned that certain friends of mine, whom I love dearly, are just not great travel companions. Emy, I hope you are able to manage your fear of transit for your peace of mind and so that you don’t have to cancel any more trips. Don’t feel guilty that you had to do it in the past, though. Have a great time!

  9. Je te comprends dans le sens où j'ai aussi une anxiété sociale avec en plus une peur de l'avion vraiment très très handicapante, donc si je dois voyager en avion juste avant je me dis que j'ai envie de tout annuler et pourquoi je voyage si ca me fait si peur ? Alors une fois chez moi je me dis plus jamais je prends l'avion mais ca me limiterait énormément dans mes voyages, mais est ce que je préfère ne pas faire beaucoup de destinations rêvées ou souffrir avant le voyage et avant de repartir en me disant que je vais mourir etc et ca me gache toute facon une partie du voyage… en tout cas je t'admire tellement je ne serai jamais aussi courageuse et je suis sûre que tu vas adorer ton expérience. Il faut se dire que les transports sont un mauvais moment à passer je sais facile à dire au vu de ce que je viens d'écrire…je penserai à toi avant que tu prennes ton avion, tu es peut être déjà dedans ^^ !

  10. All the security measures at airports has enhanced anxiety for all of us today. I hate where you have to put all your important stuff in a tray then they distract you with questions. I can’t stand airports any more.

  11. Merci infiniment pour ce podcast Emy, il tombe à pic. Tu donnes de bons conseils, je les garde dans un coin de ma tête! Je pars bientôt en voyage seule (ta chaîne et celle "Damon and Jo" m'ont donné envie de le faire ahah) et plus la date fatidique approche, plus je stresse…Je ne pars pas très loin de la France mais j'ai peur de me perdre, de rater mon train, de ne pas savoir utiliser les transports correctement, de perdre mes affaires..les seules personnes à qui j'ai parlé de mon projet trouvent que je suis trop jeune et qu'être seule à l'étranger c'est triste. L'anxiété est une vraie galère dans ces moments parce que je remets tout en question mais je sais que sur le trajet du retour je me dirai que j'ai bien fait d'oser voyager seule alors que j'ai de l'anxiété. J'ai toujours un livre sur moi et mon casque, ça m'aide à me couper du monde quand c'est nécessaire. Merci encore, ce que tu dis me conforte dans mon choix et me soulage tellement, si tu savais. Bon voyage à toi et courage avec l'anxiété. 💕

  12. It can be difficult to travel alone as a woman – but it also can be rewarding in that you meet people who want to ensure you happiness and safe. Take care always. Thanks for sharing 💜

  13. Ce qui m'angoisse le plus quand je voyage, solo ou pas, ce sont les transports. J'ai toujours peur de louper/me tromper/avoir oublié mon passeport ou ma CNI… Pour le moment je n'ai fait qu'un voyage solo, à Berlin, et ce qui m'avait vraiment aidé avait été de baliser un peu le truc avant. Trouver un Airbnb bien situé. Décider la veille au soir de ce que je ferai grosso modo dans le journée le lendemain pour ne pas me sentir désoeuvrée, contacter des gens des réseaux sociaux qui vivent là-bsa pour leur demander des conseils voire les rencontrer…
    Merci de partager tes émotions et ressentis ainsi en tout cas.
    Ça va le faire ! Je te souhaite d belles vacances <3

  14. I travel solo mainly because no one else wants to go as far as I do. Most of my friends sadly have not even been out of their state :/ I wish so badly I could talk even just one of them to come with me. I do have thoughts of why am I even doing this when I'm about to go but It's never about where I'm going , it's how I'm getting there. The taxi/uber is the part I want to skip ( just magically beam from the airport to my room now please )

    I guess ill put in my guess as to where I think you're going Southeast Asia In a country that starts with either V ,T or L ? If one of them is right super jealous of all that great food you'll be having 🙂 Courage for the day ahead! May it be swift easy and painless

  15. Thank you for the honest podcast, it's not only extremely relatable for me but it gives me more strength to give it a chance and travel alone in the near future as well ! I have never traveled alone before ( I'm 19) and it's something that has caught my attention for quite some time now. I too, suffer from anxiety for the most trivial of things like going to an overcrowded café, missing the bus or even just going to the grocery store because the moment I get in line and have to type in my code, I tend to forget it, and get very panicky. And to be honest I always thought that it was normal to be like that, that everyone was panicky from time to time but now I realise that I can't draw a clear like between my paranoia and what is " supposed " to cause anxiety to any individual. I don't know when I'm overthinking or ruminating either it seems like second nature to me, I can't be truly rational about that and it scares me in a way. Only Taking the train to my parent's house can make me sick because I'm constantly worried that for some reason the train is not gonna arrive at the right destination or that I am in the wrong train. Anyway, even tho I have these issues, I wanna travel more than anything and now I know that it's okay to have anxiety and be curious about the world at the same time, there is no shame about trying to make yourself comfortable. I hope you have an amazing trip 😁

  16. J'ai très très peur de voyager hors de l'Europe. Ça m'a fait bcp de mal de le reconnaître. Je voyage toute seule mais seulement entre la France et l'Allemagne et je me rends compte que je suis angoissée à l'idée de partir en Afrique ou en Asie ou en Amérique du Sud et encore plus pour ce qui est du moyen Orient, pcq je n'ai aucune idée de comment la vie là bas se déroule. C'est très égoïste mais j'ai vraiment peur pour ma vie si je pars seule….

  17. coucou emy! j'ai écouté un podcast sur france culture, et cela m'a beaucoup fait pensé à toi. Ton angoisse, ton absence de plaisir dans ta vie etc… je te conseille donc d'écouter cette émission, et j'espère que cela pourra t'aider à te sentir mieux et peut-être prendre conscience de certaines choses… en tout cas Nietzsche a essayé d'apporter des solutions à ce genre d'angoisse constante, me semble-t-il, grâce au concept de l'oubli.
    Bon courage pour ce beau voyage, profite, tout simplement <3 je te souhaite de merveilleuses aventures!

  18. Hello, thank you so so much for your video…
    I’m feeling very anxious bc tomorrow I leave my place for a solotravel, and I didn’t know how to handle my anxiety, especially, how to remember why I’ll enjoy this beautiful experience.
    I’m thankful for my privilege also to hear you
    You can’t imagine how your work on your channel helps me to be the real me ❤️

  19. I travel solo often, sometimes by hitchhiking. Hitchhiking alone sometimes makes me worried a bit but not too much. I love travelling alone cause I get to think, reflect on what happened in my life, listen to the music (best part!). The only thing I don't like is crossing borders and having to carry heavy baggage. Anxiety about travel I don't have at all, but what makes me anxious is coming "home". I don't like to live where I live and it's always a huge stress to go back, feels like a nightmare.

  20. I love your podcasts so much xx your voice always makes me fell better somehow, and I relate to you a lot
    Love you, take care 💚

  21. Hi, I am about to open a whatsapp group to chatt about travels and foreign cultures, of course everyone interested by this project or curious to meet new people is welcome. Feel free to texte me, whereever you come from 🙂
    (I personnaly come from France) +33750429919
    Have a nice evening 🙂

  22. I haven't done much travelling. My OCD and anxiety make it difficult, and travelling alone is impossible. I can just about cope with going to London on my own (about 60km away) but no further, and even that is very stressful. For most of my life I was unable to go abroad, unable to stay in a hotel, unable to eat in a restaurant. For the last few years I've been able to travel a little, now that I have two friends to go with (for most of my life I had no friends) and I'm making my fourth visit to Paris with them next month (just before Brexit – Oh, for fuck's sake!). From past experience I expect to be sick with fear for a week before going, and I won't get any sleep the night before departure. In the runup to my last two trips I also got eczema from the stress. Once I'm on the Eurostar the anxiety will diminish, but it won't go away completely. Being in a different environment, with a break from my usual routine, does help with my OCD though.

  23. Hi Emy, I prefer traveling solo, cuz when I travel with friends , I always have that feeling that I only talk with them and that I don't meet new people. Also, I like learning new languages, so traveling is always an oppotunity to practice.( I noticed that I always use my mother tongue to comunicate when I travel with friends :). )
    So yeah… I would rather travel on my own:)

    Of course this is a source of stress for everyone because there is no "coming -back" possible once you are in the plane so I'm always affraid about forgetting something important , but no need to worry about it.
    In fact you will always find a solution at the end,
    I'm sure that you gonna enjoy your trip wherever u'll go :)!
    Take care of urself ❤

  24. Coucou Emy, j'aime écouter tes podcast. Je suis moi aussi anxieuse lorsque je voyage. Je pense que beaucoup de personnes le sont, car voyager c'est rompre avec ses habitudes et aller vers l'inconnu… quitter son confort. En fait pour ma part ce sont plutôt les départs qui m’angoissent, plus que le « voyage » en lui-même. Plus vite je suis arrivée à destination, mieux je me porte. Voyager seule je le faisais avant d’avoir un enfant, je suis même partie vivre un an seule à l’étranger. Je trouve que lorsqu’on voyage seul toutes les émotions sont décuplées, car on est plus ouvert. Bon voyage à toi 🙂

  25. I've had travelling anxiety, I think I still do because I used to love road trips and now I get nervous if I have to travel more than an hour away from home I hope all is well though

  26. I enjoy traveling solo, but I have to have some kind of a plan to what I'm gonna do there. And of course I must have internet on my phone.
    What gives me anxiety the most about travel is the preparations part, because it's not easy to get a visa, or at least it involves a lot of steps and paper work. But once all that is over, I begin to enjoy the experience.

    Happy travels.. Hope you enjoy your next destination 🌸

  27. I love listening to you speak Emy, you have such an amazing energy and I always appreciate you opening up so much to your audience. I have always had problems with anxiety, especially social anxiety, that was severe at one point but under control now. I absolutely LOVE to travel and take photos but it mooooost definitely triggers my anxiety badly, especially when my body is out of whack as well from jet lag and digestion issues. Usually I'm fine once I've been there a few days, just my normal nervousness here and there, but the process of getting there and home is a lot for me and the first day is usually very hard. I haven't traveled solo before as it makes me quite nervous (especially as a really small girl hahah) but I've realized that if I want to get to see all the places I dream of, it won't work out to wait until others can travel with me which is very rare! So who knows what's in my future 🙂 Wishing you an amazing trip!

  28. I really enjoyed this podcast! This format is great. Thank you for your English subtitles on your French videos, and all your English language content. Much love and wishing you well, Emy.

  29. I get nervous traveling to countries where the language is very very different from western languages. I understand English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Italian – but places where Asian languages are spoken I get uneasy traveling alone. I'll be a two months between Korea and Japan (mostly Japan) and I'm very anxious about the trip though I know I will enjoy it, still I get very anxious. Since I can work from anywhere I tend to stay for months at places and it's very difficult to take anyone with me. 😔

  30. Not comparing your trip style to others is great advice. I’ve traveled a lot but I also really need my own space, for sleep and also just introversion! And that’s fine.

  31. Even hanging out alone in paris people give you the impression that you're weird even if you want to eat at the restaurant alone people stare at you as you're an alien, it's totally true. French society is like that and unfortunately it will not change soon

  32. There was only one time where i was travelling solo and i noticed that when i am forced to speak english and ask for advice(i didn't have internet most of the time) in english i kind of become a different person. My code switches to some anglophone super confident person and i adapt. So i was really surprised how well i spent my short trip abroad and can't wait for many more – solo or not

  33. Je me sens tellement comprise en t'écoutant, comme si j'entendais un bout de moi à travers toi. Je t'avais poster une question sur l'expérience sur le voyage, seule. En réalité, ce podcast m'a totalement touchée car je vis exactement la même chose quant à l'anxiété. J'ai de l'anxiété sociale, de l'anxiété des espaces où je ne pourrais m'enfuir (magasins, salle d'attente ect…), des phobies quant au contact physique et la proximité du corps. Je fais des petits pas quant je m'en sens capable mais je sors pas beaucoup, juste rarement (j'ai réussie à aller au fleuriste l'autre jour yes). Quoi qu'il en soit, le sujet que tu abordes, le voyage, m'intéresse. J'aimerai voyager seule, mais cela me semble insurmontable. J'ai bien aimée la passage où tu dis que ton cerveau te joue de tours, que c'est ainsi qu'il fonctionne face à l'inconnu, c'est bien vrais. Cela m'a fait réfléchir. Avant, plus jeune, quand j'avais 16 ans, je partais seule en voyage à travers la France pour rejoindre des amis, aujourd'hui, la perspective de prendre le train ou même l'avion me tétanise, tout comme l'idée de parler à quelqu'un en face à face (si je ne le connais pas). Je crains l'idée de partir, sans mon confort, mon chez moi. A la fois, j'aimerai en sortir. Mon cerveau comme toi, me fait des scénarios les plus aberrant, ce qui m'effraie souvent. Je pense souvent au pire : mourir, se faire tuer et j'en passe… C'est une crainte de sécurité comme toi je pense (et réalise actuellement). J'espère, comme toi, voyager un jour ET surtout te souhaites d'avoir de l'apaisement concernant cette anxiété, qui je sais, bouffe la vie. Merci pour ces sujets, qui à travers l'écran, me font me sentir moins seule ! 🙂

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