A Majority Approves Of The House’s Impeachment Inquiry: Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “A Majority Approves Of The House’s Impeachment Inquiry: Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. When are the Americans and the world going to see Trump's 8 years of tax returns? He promised to release them in 2016, once he got into the White House, he makes every effort to block release of them.

  2. Let the voters decide 2020 Keep America Great Whistle blow on something that's open for public knowledge hows that work look at the transcript. Don't need a whistleblowing trader!

  3. The twelve percent who state that it is fine to allow foreign nations to help with election campaigns just have to be Russian, Iranian and Chinese nationals,

  4. Isnt that what democrats are doing? extending the right to vote to illegals under the guise of "human rights"?

  5. Donald Trump lives in a arena somewhere on a campaign trail and believes that the crowd size in that arena represents a majority!
    LOL Lol small minds and short stories….

  6. Congratulations DemocRATS. If you go through with this impeachment you sealed your fate for 2020, another embarrassing disgraceful loss

  7. The phony “whistleblower” scandal surrounding President Trump supposedly strong-arming Ukraine to look into Joe Biden’s corruption just keeps getting dumber and dumber and dumber. Case in point…If you want to gauge just how desperately stupid a Trump scandal is, there are three tried and true methods: 1) Turn on CNNLOL. 2) Is Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) appearing on State of the Union with former journalist Jake Tapper to scream about having the goods to impeach? 3) Is the disgraced Carl Bernstein appearing on Reliable Sources with Brian “Tater” Stelter to scream about Worse than Watergate?

  8. Those so-called polls which "approves the House's impeachment inquiring" are fake and manipulated by the CNN, MSNBC and its affiliates mainstream media engaging to undermine the Trump's administration; therefore, as usual, siding with the corrupts Clinton, Obama, and insane Nancy Pelosi cartels to lie and manipulate U.S. Citizens and public opinion!

    The Deep State, the more dangerous criminal organization on the U.S. history has boldly emerged from out of the
    shadows to steal our democracy right from under U.S. Citizens. The Deep State
    is financed by Hungarian George Soros who’s funneling billions of USD since
    2016 to undermine President Trump administration, endangering U.S. homeland
    and Citizens security. George SOROS (born Schwartz Gyorgy), was forced to leave
    this country because his unlawful and treacherous actions to control government
    and Hungarian life. Besides this entrenched treacherous behavior, he has other
    particular connotation as [email protected] asserts: “Soros is
    tormented by his inferiority complex and desperate sexual orientation, and to
    alleviate and gratify those anomalies he looks for people like him to take
    revenge on normal people without complexes,” which is ratified by Citizen
    KHarrisa who says: “George Soros is also on the hunt for countries to destroy
    its noble and honest governors and its Citizens. However, he is now more
    desperate to executive his massive destruction because he is dying.” As a
    corollary, Soros’ hunting the U.S. as the place to blame and destroy, colluded
    with anti-Americans from Democratic Political Party, among them former
    president sexual predator Bill CLINTON and an hybrid African nationality called
    Barak OBAMA, and a vast of treacherous and corrupts so-called Democrats in
    Congress like Nancy PELOSI, Dianne Feinstein, Maxine Waters, Adams SCHIFF,
    Kamala HARRIS, and many others.

  9. Implementing SOROS’ conspiracy
    to destroy U.S., during 16 years of Democratic Political Party government (8
    years from sexual predator Bill CLINTON and traitor corrupt Barak OBAMA former
    presidents), anti-American and personal SOROS’ LACKEYS, and others Liberals in
    Congress servants and beggars, have allocated al their efforts to perpetrate
    unlawful and corrupt actions and loot the public treasure to destroy the U.S.
    Economy, among them corruption crimes perpetrated by Nancy Pelosi, Dianne
    Feinstein, Kamala Harris, Maxine Waters, and others by  entering in alliance or confederation and
    receiving multi million bribes from foreign powers and countries; also using
    unlawful procedures to create and implement the “Welfare State”  giving unlimited benefits to illegal immigrants
    and criminals and terrorists migrants from Central America and Muslim
    countries, while leaving Americans Citizens crippled in the wreckage and
    without health, social, and housing assistance benefits; furthermore, U.S.
    Citizens were denied from their elemental U.S. Constitution rights, as a
    corollary that the unlawful Deep State has boldly emerged from out of the
    shadows to steal U.S. Citizens’ assets, savings, retirement benefits,
    everything Citizens have worked so truly hard for, they democracy rights, and
    destroy U.S. which national debt is approaching an astounding $23 trillion,
    with no end in sight.

  10. When President Trump was
    elected on 2016, the became “The Great Disruptor,” the man who interrupts the
    treacherous, unlawful conspiracy process against U.S.; he became the man who
    drastically alters and destroys the conspiracy structure from U.S. enemies from
    Soros’ Clinton’s and Obama’s cartels; he became the man who is putting a risk
    the Democratic Political Party planned catastrophic destruction of U.S.
    Republican Democracy; therefore, the Soros, Clintons (Bill and Hillary), Obamas
    (Barack and Michelle), and their servants and  corrupts Democrats in Congress Nancy Pelosi, Adam
    Schiff, Dianne Feinstein, Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Joe
    BIDEN, and others anti-American are trying to destroy “The Great Disruptor”
    though an unconstitutional procedure they are calling “impeachment” for a crime
    that  former democratic vice-president
    Joe BIDEN’S BIG PAYDAN perpetrated during the OBAMA administration, as a member
    of the Ukrainian parliament, Andriy Derkach, claims that he has documents
    that  show that BIDEN profited from his
    dealings with Ukraine to the tune of $900,000 USD, crime which corrupts Democrats
    in Congress is covering and instead implementing an unlawful and
    unconstitutional impeachment against President Trump.

  11. In fact, House Speaker Nancy
    PELOSI colluded with House Intelligence members Adam Schiff and Elijah Cummings
    are engaging in this unconstitutional trip impeachment, as the White House
    counsel Pat Cipollone accused them of engaging in an impeachment inquiry that
    “threatens gave and lasting damage to U.S. democratic institutions, to U.S.
    systems of free elections, and to the American people,” stating that the White
    House would not cooperate with the outlandish demands of the House of
    Democrats. Is remarkable that Nancy PELOSI is a corrupt Congress member who
    have entered in alliance or confederation and received from foreign countries’ millionaires
    bribes to pass amnesty legislation for illegal immigrants and criminals and
    terrorist migrants from Muslim countries, as U.S. Citizen JJRomero says: “On
    1996 and 2013 Dianne Feinstein (Senator-CA) got 
    anonymous accusing Nancy PELOSI from receiving a $200,000,000 BRIBES
    from Mexican government and its drugs cartels to pass a legislation giving
    amnesty to 26 million of undocumented Mexicans immigrants for DACA and DAPA
    programs. On 09/2014, Obama signed  executive orders but these legislation never
    passed and are pending in Supreme Court, however, PELOSI, Feinstein, Kamala Harris,
    Chuck Schumer, and Maxine Waters kept the dirty money, while CNN mainstreaming media
    hidden this incident and details.

  12. Nancy PELOSI and her cartel
    are engaging in unconstitutional impeachment against President Trump while
    unlawfully refusing to impeach and 
    remove from office those liberals treacherous, anti-American, insane
    seditious, terrorists, racists, anti-Semitic, and anti-Americans Muslims IIlan
    OMAR, Rashida TLAIB, socialist Alexandria OCASIO-Cortez, smuggling de human
    cargo Veronica ESCOBAR;  corrupts Kamala
    HARRIS with criminal background exploiting Latinos with limited financial
    resources and receiving three contributions to her 2016 U.S. Senate campaign
    from Heather Podesta, whose lobbying firm worked for Herbalife; and Maxine
    WATERS who dozens of times was caught in camera renewing her vows for seditions
    and unlawful actions, admitting she did before and she’ll do it again to push
    for violent actions by her supporters against U.S. Citizens. She and her family
    have profit directly from her position in Congress since 2005 until today they
    have been involved in dozens of unlawful scams controlled byWaters’ daughter Karen
    who have received hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce the mailers.
    Recently continuing new scam fraud Karen Waters collected more than $200,000
    for heading a slate mailer operation for her mother’s 2018 re-election
    campaign; therefore, PELOSI has become guilty by association and must be
    removed from Congress.

  13. Deep State impeachment’s creators and manipulators Hillary and
    her husband sexual predator Bill CLINTON and traitor corrupt Barack OBAMA,
    former presidents), anti-American and personal SOROS’ LACKEYS, MUST BE
    INVESTIGATED. Adam Schiff must be removed as Chairman of the House of
    Intelligence Committee for with strong hatred has slander and inventing fake
    quotes and blatantly lying to the U.S. Citizens, while two of his
    aides worked with so-called “Whistleblower” at White House.  Also, Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden, who CIA
    whistleblower worked with them, both must be investigated for their corrupt
    relationship with Ukraine.
    Nancy Pelosi who has let radical socialists anti-Americans and pro-terrorist
    Omar, Tlaib, Pressley, Cortez to take control of Democratic Party, must drop
    the Impeachment Witch Hunt and work with President Trump of behalf of American
    people; otherwise, Nancy PELOSI must be removed from Congress, as
    Representative Ralph Abraham from Louisiana has introduced on 10/12/2019 a
    resolution to REMOVE the House of Speaker Nancy PELOSI because her vicious
    crusade against lawfully-elected President, which is nothing more than a
    politically-motivated which hunt, and it must be stopped. Nancy PELOSI must be
    declared to be vacant, in accordance to Article I, Section 5, Clause 2 of the
    U.S. Constitution.

  14. “WE THE PEOPLE” must REVOLT and REMOVE from

    Office these corrupts Congress members; We the People must REVOLT against the
    strong authoritarian rule of Speaker Nancy PELOSI and remove she for her
    dictatorial styles and centralized control of House procedures, unlawfully
    covering these pariahs corrupts Congress members criminal actions against the
    government, homeland and U.S Citizens security, exploiting illegally the  Democratic  party’s control of the House and obstruction
    the Trump administration;  therefore, Nancy PELOSI must be REMOVED for unlawfully covering corrupts members of her
    Democratic Party, removing her is based in the Article I Section 5, Clause 2 of
    the U.S. Constitution and on The Rules of the U. S. House of Representatives
    which provide a device to remove a Speaker from his job. The closest example in
    history occurred 105 years ago when Speaker Joseph Gurney Cannon (R-IL) had his
    leadership challenged by a member of his own party George W. Norris (R-NE). On
    St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 1910, the progressive wing of the Republican Party
    staged a successful revolt against the strong authoritarian rule of Speaker. Then
    the House followed with a resolution to vacate the office of Speaker and elect a new one.

  15. quid pro quo only for national interests but not for using government machinery for personal interests, that is corruption and illegal! the Ukraine call is a crime, illegal and corrupt; it's was for help against a rival in the coming 2020 elections.

  16. The democrat party and HRC's election committee were involved in the creation of the Fusion GPS report, which was full of Russian-sourced misinformation meant to bring down Trump´s campaign. It was eventually used as justification for FISA warrants. So, this report did meddle in the 2016 election, and was used in a government function, to obtain warrants so as to spy on Americans. After years of the Mueller report, no Russian collusion by Trump was proven, yet no one seems to point out the fact that Democrats actually were involved in a Russian- made report that did end up playing a role in the election. I really want someone to disprove this with facts, and not call me names.

  17. I really don’t understand why these news channel are not CONSTANTLY HAMMERING the point that *soliciting foreign interference in ANY US election is illegal.*. Like, I want to hear this repeated several times an hour. People need to understand that it’s not just an issue of something being ‘not okay’ or unethical, it’s flatly illegal. The fact that more than 10% of people (at the very least) seem not to understand this is terrifying.

  18. Trump thinks the American people are stupid. WRONG! He assumes that he can just lie his way out of this. The Dems, when they make accusations, and indictments they are backed with documented facts to do so. When trump talks it all down, he has NOTHING to back it up with! NO legal documentation in print! NO legal(by law) examples of legislation to support his side of the situation! He has already, many times over, been caught knowingly and INTENTIONALLY fabricating LIES to the America people! Keep on digging the hole deeper and deeper trump! McConnell, your corrupt ways on bringing communist oligarchs into Kentucky will come to an end one way or another! You had better stand up and do the right thing for the American people, as time is running out for you. The American people are SPEAKING LOUDLY NOW! No more communist corrupted traitors and trumptrash in our country!

  19. Entire world if you're listening I think we'd all be better off if you shared all your Trump dirt with the media. Right about now would be a great time

  20. This is No Watergate! these Fockers are dreaming up more BS & lies…  MSNBC & Fake News go  hand in hand with No facts! it is all a fabricated Demo-Rat witch hunt!Now for some really fun News & The Polls are Just IN!Give Pelosi a granny britches wedgey  over her head for lying to the American people…110 % Voted YES  to giving her  a public head high wedgey.     9% Voted No because it could star a bio hazard  plagues in the USA.100% Voted they don't give a flying f**k what MSNBC Fake News reports, it's all hearsay lies & fabrications of more lies.Time to mop up the Swamp with the corrupt dirty laundry of the stinking Demo-Rats.

  21. Thump doesn't want or need votes as the next Presidental election is already rigged in his favor! Demand paper write in ballots or face 4 more years of thumps attrocities!

  22. This impeachment inquiry is a Kangaroo court. How can you morons be proud of that? Trump's driven the Democrats and you Lame Stream Media fools out of your minds.

  23. the majority wants medicare for all……..Pocahontas, traitor trump and status quo are 100% against medicare for all…….Sanders is the only choice

  24. “Crazy Joe Scarborough and dumb as a rock Mika are not bad people, but their low rated show is dominated by their NBC bosses. Too bad!” -Trump

  25. MSNBC are communist . Trump was / is aware of "you" and "them" and anyone can hear and see (unless they are communist) he is not worried about an election THIS HAS AND IS ABOUT FIGHTING CORRUPTION WITHIN THE UNITED STATES GOVERNEMENT that no one in the government is doing anything about, even the FBI is corrupt, Read: https://communistrulesofrevolution.blogspot.com/2019/08/communist-rules-of-revolution.html & my books https://www.pinterest.com/OldBrownTurtleBoat/books-by-perris-jackson-available-on-amazoncom/

  26. I would like to see a poll asking the public if they think that Donald Trump has made America Great Again yet. I will make the first Vote. NO

  27. This is why a Westminster parliamentary democratic political system is superior to a Presidential-Republican co-equal branches of democracy.

  28. dumb donald might get impeached in the house but wont be convicted in the Senate…and Moscow Mitch will make sure of that…."Don't Impeach…Defeat"….#anyone but trump 2020.

  29. This president is a good man, those that don't like him don't know him, as the main media lies about him
    The mainstream media is corrupted by some of the democrats in top jobs

    The media tell these stories to people they and the left think are stupid.


    Stupid Nodding heads that never look to any other source but mainstream media, or celebrities with PhDs in everything is that you?
    They think it is!
    It's all about redirects! Listen carefully to mainstream presenters, no news, just Trump-bashing!
    The swamp knows that those people that only watch MAINSTREAM MEDIA are the swamp voter base.
    These are the people they think are too stupid to fact check on the internet


    They believe the thick voter base will take on board the words of their political idols and vote accordingly!
    Even on the internet, the swamp tries to gorilla tape the mouths of the conservative thinker.
    The swamp is stupid, not all people will go on the internet for the truth, but all who do,

  30. Stupid question.
    Trump was not looking for help in his re-election campaign.
    He is looking to take down the deep state. Big difference.
    Also, Biden has zero chance against Trump. Biden is not Trump's rival, he is Trump's lesser.

  31. If someone is elected because of foreign intervention……is he president of America or is he beholden to the foreign country?

  32. I hope KFC and Pizza Hut are sending over free "food" to the Moron ensconced in the Whitest House so he may saturate his pores and arteries with fats and heart clogging , life-changing, or ending, substance abuse.

  33. The contrived polls say the American people agree with this FRAUD ???
    Travesty of justice  is  when the  democrats  hold these impeachment  hearings   in private  –  If a party/group   continually  hold these  closed door meetings  then they are preparing  to LIE / SHAM / DECEIVE   the public – they are giving the Law  and the legal process  a bad name –

    Looks like the DON is correct  and that group /party  is being  exposed /unveiled and unmasked on their own ??  Who will write  Nancys /democrats  eulogy -Shifty-colored girls ?? Voting will be a privilege  

    Mitch Mc Connell does not have to  entertain  the Impeachment charge  because  the democratic inquiries  have no Basis  because of no Due Process , Vote  and   no Transparency  ??  Nancy  knows this so she  wont bring impeachment  to the Senate  but will use the  investigations cherry picking to smoke up /sizzle  the MSM and public   ?? But  the public and DON  is cognizant and recognizes  this  One way street /SHAM ??? Nancys house is a  Hate full , LAWLESS  house ?? The House ’s  political leader is running  a FRAUD within  their Racketeering   enterprise  ???
    Are you believing this ?????

  34. FAKE NEWS??? The Fox poll sampled 48% of Democrats but only 40% Republicans!!! How many other polls are so skewed against Trump???!!!

  35. Humpty Trumpty sat on the wall Humpty Trumpty is taking a fall All of his henchmen and all of the liars couldn't save his ego from the legal quagmires

  36. I'm a republican and even i want them to vote for impeachment then that way it can go to the senate and be shot down. End this BS once and for all.

  37. 3 years of crying that Trump committed impeachable offenses, yet they are too scared to vote on their so-called truths! Bahahahahaha, Demolosers are so stupid!!!

  38. Wow … I wonder if anyone REALIZES that if a major news outlet decided one day to choose a no name individual randomly for no apparent reason other than they happened to be “there” at the moment and run a false “story” positive or negative about said person the news outlet could have the whole country believing this fabricated story about this person or group in less than 5 minutes. People would believe it because the news always tells the truth? Right.

    When there is a monopoly on who owns the rights to world information and how it’s dispersed and they unapologetically make it known or it’s revealed as such to have biased feelings about any one group, any one policy, any one country, one political party, or any one person and this does happen how can we be confident that we’re safe not just collectively but as singular individuals?

    Ohhh sure if what they’re saying fits your narrative then it’s all rainbows and unicorns right? But what happens when it’s against your narrative and giving “you the advantage” what if your narrative is the correct one…now what?
    I’m just trying to get people to objectively get to the truth…Ohhh wait ding ding ding ding ding ding…Truth means being held to being accountable.

    Perhaps that’s the #1 problem.

  39. So stupid, how can the "whistleblower" be receiving death threats when he/she is anonymous? ….. no one knows who he/she is?
    I'm not even sure there is a whistleblower, I think this is all made up, fake, invented by the crooked democrats.
    Anyway, there hasn't been a vote so this isn't an impeachment, it's another democrat fake "investigation" AGAIN.

  40. False. Trump is our DULY ELECTED sitting President. His accomplishments & results in under 3 yrs are extremely impressive. The results our 93% Democratic donor & voter media refuses to acknowledge or report. It's easy to research them on White House websites.

  41. He asked the Ukraine to look into a guy who comes from a very crooked family. It had nothing to do with the election. The whistleblower is the one breaking the law. He had no right being there.

  42. MSNBC FAKE NEWS What does it matter what MSNBC pimps? This sham inquiry will be dismissed in the Senate, if it ever gets that far, & this one sided impeachment inquiry will come back to bite the Socialist party in the future, remember, Harry Reid brought us the "nuclear option", & it came back with 2 Republican Supreme Court judges, & come the next Socialist president, you can rest assured he'll be on the impeachment ride from day one. What goes around comes around, & turnabout will be fair play! I hope it's Bernie, he'll "blow another gasket".


  44. So, 46% of Americans do not approve of an impeachment inquiry into the repugnant president Trump? It's important to highlight this because it shows the utter lack of moral values, integrity and honesty of nearly half the American people.

  45. President Donald Trump is the best POTUS is U.S. history. Especially, because he has to continuously put up with the lies and slander from the leftist fake news propaganda networks, and a multitude of concocted witch hunts. Why is Adam Schiff getting away with his fake Ukraine transcript that he created, which Trump never said? The real transcript proves the Dems are a pack of liars. Since the real transcript proves Trump did nothing wrong, the Dems gotta concocted a new lie… thus, the behind-the-door fake impeachment inquiry Witch Hunt. Trump/Pence 2020.

  46. BTW… remember when, according to the polls on Nov. 8, 2016, Crooked Hillary had a 90% to 95% chance of winning the election? And you guys still trust in polls?

  47. You morons deserve the current crop of Democrat filth lording it over you.However, I don't think you are going to get what you deserve.Trump has kicked the lid off the sewer and the roaches are running.

  48. Craig Melvin is not to bright as he was so excited to correct the POTUS when he said that 1/2 of the country had stocks -Craig disputed that claim ??? Craig Our and your retirement is links to the stock market ???? So Craig you are wrong ??? Check oil your retirement plan and also check out a lot of many of the UNION transactions are also tied to the stock market ??? Craig is stupid ???

  49. She always says =lets check out the latest poling ???
    Your spirit is riding on CONTRIVED polls ?? if the gas goes out many Dims will die ???
    CNN fixed the debate  as they gave the big 5  the most time   -They were pushing anti American  themes  and  economic plans that will not work 

    Warren 22.58

    Biden 16.27

    klobachar 13.14

    Beto 13.13 

    Sanders 13.04 

    Pete 12.57

    Harris 12.24

    Booker 11.45

    Yang 9.37

    Castro  8.25

    Tulsi  8.21

    Slyer 7.12 

    Looking  at this  it seems  that the MSM   ENTERPRISE   was manipulating   the process  deliberately  ???Like what they are doing with the House Impeachment   SHAM ??There is NOT one  leader amongst  any of them ???  Pete and Yang and AMY are the smartest  but the left  hates them ??

    Booker  Harris ,  Castro and Beto are just tokens and dumb ??? Lizzy /Biden and Bernie   are just too old Slyer  is an indication  of how the impeachment  MYTH is going ???? They never mentioned  immigration or  climate change or China ??
    93 minutes were on health care 
    Justice is on the ballot

  50. Why, are the Democrats doing this. Put pressure on Democrats, I do believe not any of this. Why hasn't the Democrats not supported their President from day one. Because they are corrupt as well! You are probably corrupt as well, no it's immigrants on this that aren't not legal in U.S.. Wondering if you people are true Americans. Sorry if the true Americans don't speak up, so are you a true American. Why don't you investigate the Immigration policies, because your wanting to go with the popularity vote. You are so wrong, are we not going to have true American. You guys need to stop reporting, because you are not true Americans. Because if you go here, it will be devastating, It will be not something you expect, because we have so many Immigrants in our nation. They are trying to hold us hostage in our Nation of true Americans, I don't know why you don't see this. They moved here, but still they have their own religion and community. So they want a better life, but they still bring their religion and way of life into the U.S. Live here learn English, adapt to our ways or go home to your country. I am native American Indian, so you Immigrants that want to live here learn English. Like my great grandmother did to protect her offsprings. Yes I find it offending that you Immigrants do not try to learn English.

  51. It will be the downfall of American government, but true Americans need to step and take back our government. We have so many Immigrants in our country, that want to empower their own culture and are illegal to boot. So why is our government allowing this, true Americans need take back our country and stop letting Immigrants plus Democrats rule. Americans time to step and take your country back, I am true Native American, my grandmother had to learn English so why aren't the Immigrants not learning.

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