8 Fascinating Facial Hair Facts

Are you ready to be fascinated by some
fascinating facial hair facts? Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– Link, you don’t have any facial hair. – Not currently.
– I’ve noticed, but you have had a lot of different
facial hair styles in the past, – In the past.
– but just because you’re not supporting facial hair these days,
I want to make sure that you’re not loosing your connection with facial hair
so I’m gonna drop some facial hair facts up on you and you,
and maybe it’ll cause you to grow – a mustache.
– A chin strap. – A chin strap?
– Yeah. – (laughs)
– It’s like– Can you fascinate me to the point that
a chin strap pops up on my face? – There’s only one way to find out,
– (laughs) but here’s what’s at stake in reality,
these are not easy. We are going to play a fill-in-the-blank
game when I go through these different facts.
I got eight facts. If you get two right,
that’s 25 percent– – You’re gonna learn something.
– I will eat some of my own beard. – (laughs)
– It’s really growing. – All I gotta do is get two out of these?
– If you don’t get two right, you gotta eat some of my beard.
We will mix it with a food product. We have some taffy here that a fan sent in
so we’ll just put some hair on that taffy. – So it’ll take longer to eat.
– So it’ll get stuck inside your gut. – Okay, you wanna cut it now?
– Woah. No, please. – Cut it after? Alright.
– Alright, Link. First question.
Fill in the blank buddy roll. – According to many sources, many sources,
– Like really small sources? Dry beard hair is as strong as blank
when of similar diameter. – Uh–
– Many sources have talked about this. As strong as my wife’s opinion of
Keith Urban. – She has a very strong opinion about him.
– And that is a positive opinion? – It is.
– And she likes Keith Urban. Um, no.
Um– Rope.
(laughs) – (funny voice) Rope.
– Like if a rope was as small as – your hair–
– (buzzer sound) – Wrong.
– What? – It’s copper wire, Link.
– Oh. – Copper wire.
– Copper wire. – Many sources have talked about this.
– I should– – I could have guessed that one.
– Did you know though– – If I would have guessed copper wire.
– You can decrease the strength of hair – by wetting it up to a half.
– I was wondering why it said dry. – Half–
– Wow. I didn’t know that. So that’s why I do shave down here,
and I shave my nape, which I need to do that.
I wet all that first. It makes it weaker and it just
gives into my razor. Hmm. I’ve wet my faces on instinct
before shaving it. – I just didn’t know why I was doing it.
– Because you’re a man. The modern shaving brush has been traced
to France in the 1700’s and was commonly – made with b-b-b-b-blank.
– Um– – What’s an old shaving brush made out of?
– (breathes out) – Commonly
– Uh– Horse Mane. – Horse Hair.
– (buzzer sounds) – Badger.
– Badger hair?! – (crew member laughs)
– Badger facial hair? Now, I don’t know what I should do
because technically, badger hair was the choice,
but the cheaper ones could be made – of boar or horse hair.
– And I knew this. – Okay, Link.
– I kinda knew that it was horse hair – so you gotta give me–
– Okay. Alright. I mean,
I’ll give you a whole point. – I’ll give you a whole point?
– Give me a whole point, man. – You get a whole point.
– (ding sound) Congratulations.
Adding the time together over a lifetime,
a man will spend roughly (high pitched voice) blank blank blank
(normal voice) months shaving. How many months will a man spend
shaving? You shave almost every day,
I think. I also shave every month,
so I’m gonna say every month. (laughs)
Just kidding. I’m gonna say–
I’m not gonna try to do math in my head, I’m just gonna wildly guess
because I’m– – That I have a better chance.
– Okay. Um.
70 years of shaving condensed into a conversion of months.
Uh– – Seven point four months.
– You didn’t have to be that specific. – (buzzer sounds)
– You should have just said– Oop! Five!
(laughs) – It’s five.
– (laughs) – But hey, that’s not bad, I mean–
– I was close. That was pretty close but you get
no points for that. Well I’m a slow shaver,
so for me, – it’s going to be seven point four.
– Do you realize this means I will live approximately five months longer
than you? – No.
– (laughs) I don’t–
Can you connect those dots? Yeah.
All that time you spent shaving. – Oh.
– I was just enjoying life. – Oh.
– So technically, we may die at the same time,
but if I have five months more fun, unless you really enjoy shaving.
Do you enjoy it? Next time I’m shaving,
I’m just gonna call you and put it on – (laughs) You–
– speaker and prove to you that you’re – not doing crap.
– You should do something fun while – You’re sleeping.
– shaving! – (laughs)
– Just do something fun while shaving. – Well I think–
– (low pitched funny voice) I’m not – wasting my life,
– I think– – I’m reading a mag.
– (both laugh) Like a gun?
I think that shaving is fun. (normal voice) No.
Okay. Oh, good! – Then you know what?
– (laughs) – You got a good life!
– Right. – Blank–
– It’s like cutting something grow– – an outgrowth of yourself.
– This one starts with a blank. Blank refers to an abnormal and persistent
fear of beards. Yeah, because that would be abnormal
if you’re afraid of a beard. – You’d be afraid of me.
– (clears throat) Abnormal fear of beards.
Facial hair– – Facialfaliculophobia.
– Hm. – Beardophobia.
– That was so close. – Beardophobia.
– It’s called pogonophobia. – Padagonuphobia.
– Pogonophobia. – Pogono–? What?
– Pogono. – Why?
– You know, my pogono. – (laughs)
– You afraid of that? – Is that what a pogono is?
– You afraid of my pogono, baby? – Don’t talk to baby like that.
– Well, baby, if she’s got pogonophobia,
she will get shortness of breath, rapid breathing, irregular heartbeat,
sweating, nausea, and overall feelings of dreck.
(yelling) Come on, really?! – There’s nothing better than–
– What’s wrong with– – Look at this!
– There’s nothing better than having – a woman vomit into your beard.
– (crew laughs) – Has that ever happened to you?
– (normal voice) Babies have. – Babies have vomited into your beard?
– I’m sure one of my kids at some point. You shouldn’t be hol–
That’s why you never hold a baby – over your beard.
– Woah. I made a mistake once. – Never hold a baby over a beard.
– Ancient Aztecs made their razors – from blank.
– (makes humming sound) – You fill in the blank.
– Sharpened human bones. – (loud exhaling) Wrong.
– (buzzer sounds) – (both laugh)
– Come on, man. Maybe some of them did,
but most of them used volcanic glass, – Link,
– Ooh! – Also known as obsidian.
– Obsidian. That black stuff. – Yeah. Black and smooth.
– It’s super sharp. It’s been made–
The Aztecs used it to make all kinds of things because they didn’t–
They were not forgers of the metals, so they used it to make arrows,
knives, beads, bowls, and razor blades – for shaving.
– What does it say about me that my mind drifted to, “What if I accidentally poked
myself in the eye with this?” and then I thought,
“Well at least it’s gonna be on the – Internet.”
– Well it says I should hold the scissors. – Oh. (laughs)
– That’s what it says right there. – Okay, Link.
– Okay. Give me–
How many more chances do I have? – You have three.
– Okay, okay. Okay,
Ancient Egyptians would shave their – blank when their cat died.
– Um– What would they shave when their
cat died? – (old man voice) Oh, my cat died.
– Their cat. – (both laugh)
– (normal voice) We better shave this – thing before we bury it.
– They don’t– They gotta slide into the afterlife.
A slick cat slides into the afterlife. – Hm. Hm.
– Armpits. – Like from whence he came?
– Head. Woah, what?
You can’t have– But come on,
how many guesses do you get? – Uh.
– All of those are wrong because its – eyebrows.
– (laughs) – Eyebrows!
– (yelling) Aw! – I was about to guess eyebrows!
– This is actually a way that ancient Egyptians showed mourning,
and also it’s a great way to look stupid; to shave your eyebrows.
You really miss them. When you shave them,
you really miss them, – (normal voice) Right.
– so I totally get it. – Right, I’ve seen the edits.
– You can’t shave your eyebrows if you work at Disney Land.
You already knew that if you watch Good Mythical Morning.
Blank grew a beard after an 11-year-old told him it would look good in a letter,
and she told him in a letter, it’s not it would have looked good
in a letter. She told him it would look good,
in a letter. Scarlet Jo Hanson.
Leonardo DiCaprio. – I know he has a beard.
– I’m disappointed that you didn’t get this. Hold on. Alright.
Give me another chance. It’s someone with a famous–
Zach Galifianakis. – (buzzer sounds)
– Abraham Lincoln, man. (yelling) Ah! I knew that!
(normal voice) No I didn’t. – Yeah, ’cause he was so gaunt.
– I was thinkin’ celebrity for some– – A girl sent him a letter.
– (stutters) I– Shoot! He’s famous!
He grows a beard for the same reason I grow a beard;
because we look bad without them! – Me and Abe!
– Alright, so– So I got one last chance and
I have to eat your beard hair. And Link,
you gotta get this. This is a two for one.
You gotta get both– You know what?
If you get either one of these right, – I’ll share hair with you.
– Okay. Okay?
We’ll both eat hair. – Okay.
– If you don’t get it right though, – you’re eating it.
– Okay. It’s believed that 20,000 years ago,
men shaved with sharpened blank and – blankity blanks. – Cavemen?
– 20,000 years ago. Yeah.
There’s caves– Men. – Uh–
– Cavesmen. – Pottery shards and blood.
– (laughs) ‘Cause they didn’t have water back then.
They had to use blood and pottery shards ’cause there’s a lot of that.
You know how archaeologists diggin’ up what?
Pottery shards. – (inaudible) Always got blood on them.
– That’s what they shaved with. No– I–
If I really think hard about this– Animal bones and–
Um– – Three seconds.
– Blood. – (laughs)
– I don’t have anything else. Blood.
Well, Link, it’s clam shells and shark’s teeth,
and technically – Oh.
– shark’s teeth are bones of an animal. – (ding sound)
– So I think I’m gonna – Okay.
– split my hair with you. – Yeah. Alright.
– Just to be a good friend. Cut it outta there.
Cut it outta there, – Oh gosh.
– and lay it on this like a piece – of sushi.
– I can’t see the– I don’t know why we’re–
I can’t even open this. That’s quite a bit here.
I eat my own hair all the time. – Put some on that.
– So this is just like – Oh, really?
– a day’s work for me. Here, let me sprinkle a little bit.
Sprinkle sprinkle. – Oh gosh.
– Here’s to the internet. – Yeah.
– (crew laughs) And the taffy makes it stay
in your mouth. But it covers it up.
Oh, there’s a hair. – Yeah.
– Oh, I got one. – There’s some hair in this.
– I got a free hair. Thanks for learning about facial hair
facts along with me and for liking – and for commenting on this video.
– You know what time it is. Hello, I’m Nicolas from Sweden,
and it’s time to spin the – Wheel of Mythicality.
– Start your day off right with a Good Mythical Morning mug.
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– Prizes in a claw machine. (alien voice) Ooh.
It’s been nice knowing you. – (alien voice) Here it comes.
– There it goes. – The claw is coming down on my head!
– Aw! No! Hey, George! No! It’s been good!
You’ve been a good friend and a buddy and we’ve confided
in each other and my life is over now – because I’m gonna be all alone!
– Huh! I told you those things never work. Yeah,
you’re right. [Captioned by Hayleigh:
GMM Captioning Team]

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