7+ Video Ideas for You to Go ALL IN On & Be Relevant, Respected, & Referred | #TomFerryShow S3:E5

– What stops you from shooting video is what stops you from greatness
in every area of your life. (upbeat music) Welcome to the Tom Ferry Show. I get asked this question all the time, and I’m sure you do, too. Hey Tom, looking back in your career, is there anything you would do differently to further your success? And the answer is 1,000% yes. In 2007, I was on the golf
course with a buddy of mine and a pal of his who happened to work at a little company called Google. When I met this guy, David,
I said, what do you do? And he said, well, if you’ve ever been to the home screen of Google,
I’m in charge of that. I was like, wait a minute, you’re in charge of the
entire home screen for Google? Everything that you
see, what’s coming next? He said, yes, and he said,
tell me about your business. I said, I do real estate seminars, I coach people professionally
and I create content. And the guy from Google
said, you create content? What kind of content do you create? And I said, well, I’m in blogging. And he said, that’s really good. And then I told him that I
had just worked on a deal, are you ready for this? BlackBerry to do audio podcasts in 2007, exclusively for real estate agents. Remember BlackBerry’s, right? And he said to me, podcasts are stupid. Now of course, today, he
probably wouldn’t say that. But in 2007, I had already shot about 60 different audio podcast messages and we were about to go live with this and the guy from Google,
basically the wizard of Google told me, that’s a bad idea. Well, in that moment,
I didn’t feel rejected. I didn’t dejected at all. I said to him, what do you recommend? He said, we just bought
a company called YouTube. Are you familiar with it? When people say to me, Tom,
looking back in your career, what would you have done differently? The answer is really
the answer I would give Candice Decker to this question. – Hey Tom. It’s Candice Decker. My question for you is, should
I continue doing DIY videos or should I go all in and hire a full-time videographer
and content creator? Thanks. – So Candice, in answer to your question, and it’s really what I
want to talk about today, I would have gone all in
and hired a videographer from day one. I would argue that today,
it’s one of the most important things that any agent can do specifically if your desire is to become relevant, respected and referred by a lot of people in your marketplace. Think about it like this. Over the last couple weeks,
we’ve talked about trust, right. How familiarity and frequency
and being your authentic self and bringing relevant content to people in a wide variety of methodologies, whether it’s your database or open houses or geographic farms, what we know today is it’s the power of this, my friends. It’s the power of this. Getting us in front of more
people using the one medium that Google’s telling us
today 88% of all consumers are consuming content in
the form of video today. Think about it. Just three or four years ago
if you went to CNN or Fox News or whatever flavor you
choose for a news channel, or you went to ESPN, we
used to read a lot of blogs. Today when you go to any one of those apps or any one of those
websites, what do you do? You’re consuming video. You’re seeing it, you’re experiencing it, and I would argue my friends,
I want you to do the same. So Candice, for you and for
all my friends out there, I want to talk to you about
creating your own show. So today, I want you to
become the trusted source just like I’ve done in my business by creating your own video
show and displaying it on all the different social networks. So what I’m going to share with you now is a formula for how we’ve done it and then seven or eight
different strategies, different samples of shows that you can do so you can become that trusted source. You can be that one that
they say, I know you, I like you, I understand you, right, and they’ve never even talked to you, but they understand who
you are, what you stand for and what you do, and they select you as their trusted source. That’s what I want from this strategy. So the first thing I’m
going to ask you to do, and you see the five
things there on the screen, is number one, decide
on a theme for a show. And there’s so many different themes, lessons you learned from real estate, here’s everything
happening in our community. We’re going to go into all of them today. Number two, you want to
name your show, right. You see mine, the Tom Ferry Show. My show prior to this
was called Life by Design that I started back in 2010
with the launch of that book. So by naming the show, you’re again creating familiarity in a brand. Number three, going back
to Candice’s question, I recommend finding a
wedding videographer, someone that is used to filming a lot but probably only working on the weekends, which means one day a month
they can absolutely spend six, seven, eight hours
with you helping you create four to five shows that can be
produced every single month, but I’m getting a little ahead of myself. You see number four, it says, set aside one to two days a month, just one day a month in front of a camera and you’re going to create
so much good content and I’m going to tell you everything you’re going to do with it. And then the last thing, number five, is you make sure you
allow that videographer to use their great eye to
edit and produce that content into something of high quality. So Candice, some people say to me, Tom, I kind of love
doing that stuff myself. Chris Kwon, remember, we’ll link up some Chris Kwon stuff here. Chris Kwon’s a great client, a dear friend right here in Orange County, California. Chris loves to get behind the camera and he loves to edit
and he loves to produce. You know what though? He has the skill. I would not recommend at this
point in your career, Candice, if it’s not something that
you have efficiency at, great skills at, if
you don’t outsource it. And I might argue Chris’ love
for it certainly shows up and I look at what my
team’s able to produce. Their love for it also shows up. So you’ve got got to find that. Is it going to be an outsource or are you the kind of person that can
absolutely do it, only you know. Now, those are the basics. Decide the theme, name
the show, and then find that wedding videographer,
which is super easy to do. Then in terms of content,
like what should you cover? People ask me this question all the time. Tom, you always have something
to say on these shows. You seem so natural. Well, it’s because I take
the time to think about you, I take the time to think about
the problems in the market, I take the time to think
about what I could do to further your career,
keep you ahead of the curve, et cetera. I would argue you should do the same. Let’s walk through seven
different types of shows that could help you become
that recognizable force in your marketplace while
providing that thing that everybody talks about, value. Providing value to prospects and people that you already know. So the first show is a very easy one. It’s called a monthly market update. So you might say, here’s
the monthly market update for Orange County,
California, for New York City, for the Lower East Side, for Philadelphia, whatever city you’re in and think about that
from an SEO standpoint. If I’m going to upload
that video on YouTube and every single month for several years I’m going to be doing
a monthly market update where I’m talking about how
many homes are on the market and how many homes have sold and what’s the new average sales price and what’s the sales
price per square footage, how many expireds, et cetera,
and I’m educating my customers just like someone would on the news in two to three minutes max, telling them everything they
need to know to stay informed, to make good decisions and remember thinking of you as the trusted source. So let’s take a look, a quick
example of Becky Barrick, our great client from up in Washington doing it live on Instagram. – Hey everybody. This week on 60 Seconds
with Becky Barrick, let’s talk values in real
estate in western Washington. We are seeing major increases, of course, across the board in all counties. But what’s crazy is Pierce County has seen tremendous growth. We are way above the peak of the, before the market crashed back in ’08. – So that was just a great little taste of what Becky’s doing. If you noticed right there on Instagram, it said that there was 78
views when we burned that copy. Now you might say, oh my goodness, Tom, what if I shot a video like that where I’m educating people on the market and there’s only 78 views? My response to you is,
how long would it take you to knock on the door and
talk to 78 different people? How long would it take
you to make 78 contacts and actually have a
conversation with people? The answer is hours and
hours, and maybe even days. And yet, while Becky is
asleep, 78 people watched that. While Becky was listing
and selling real estate or taking care of her beautiful
family or in her garden, 78 different people recognize
that Becky Barrick knows those two marketplaces and
is sharing the information and that’s exactly what you
want to do on a monthly basis. Let’s look at the second type of show. We call it interviews or
where you’re sharing tips. So you can see there on the slide we want to interview the school principal, a restaurant owner, a coffee
house owner, a local brewery, an architect, a home
builder, your loan officer, and by interviewing all
these people or sharing tips, you get two advantages. First, you’re the educator with the tips. Secondly, you get positive
brand association. So you imagine you interview
the best restaurant in town and the manager is chummy
with you and you two are and ham and an egg
and having a good time talking about how she
started the restaurant, what was the origin, you know,
tell me about your parents, what’s your favorite
meal, and you know what? Everyone that likes that restaurant is gonna have a more
positive association with you because you did the interview. And in the case of the tips,
here’s our great client Kyle Whissel, who by the way, won Video Influencer of
the Year with BombBomb where he talks about all the
best restaurants in his town. Let’s take a look. (rock music) – Where is the Tower of
Babel in East County? We’re here at Happy Time
Mediterranean Restaurant to find it. East County Eats is all about showing you the coolest restaurants
in and around East County. I’m Kyle Whissel with Whissel Realty and this is East County Eats. – Now certainly Candice, you
can see the production quality between those two. Is one better than the other? I would argue they’re both fantastic. Becky, no microphone,
just talking to the camera about what’s going on in the market and Kyle with his sunglasses walking up to this great restaurant,
gonna tell you all about it. Both are highly effective. Now, the third type of show
you want to consider is did you know shows. You know, as a real estate
professional, a loan officer, someone in the escrow business,
the insurance business, you have so many insights and lessons. I would argue that if you’re
not sharing those in some way, shape or form with all of your prospects and all of the people in your sphere, you’re missing the
opportunity to demonstrate your expertise, to
demonstrate your integrity, to demonstrate your
ability to serve clients and solve complex problems. Let’s just take a little
snippet from Tom Toole, one of our great clients in Philadelphia, where he’s educating
people on a specific part of the real estate transaction. (rock music) – Welcome back to Tom’s Take. I’m Tom Toole. He is one of our amazing
team members, Sean Somogyi, and what I love about
working in a team environment is that you get things and you
talk about stuff at meetings and all of a sudden
that sparks another idea from somebody else and then
it turns into something great and it’s collaborative. And that’s exactly what
we’re talking about here when it comes to final walkthroughs. – Again, higher production
quality, fantastic job Tom. You can also see with
the did you know shows, could you do a show that says, did you know you could buy a
home for as little as 3% down, where you’re educating people on what’s happening
with financing options. What about educating
people if the rates drop, that now is the time to refi. What a powerful thing you could do as a real estate professional
to be educating your customers on what’s going on in the market
or in the world of housing, again, making you the trusted source. So let’s look at the fourth type of show. We call these about town. Similar to what you saw with Kyle where you’re showing people restaurants, in this case, you can
talk about everything that’s going on in your area. You could talk about your favorite parks, you could talk about carnivals, festivals, you could talk about new restaurants. The options are so plentiful. What this does though
ultimately is it shows that you’re a part of the community, that you’re connected to the community and you just might be
introducing everyone you know and your prospects that are watching about something they didn’t know about, once again making you the expert. Let’s take a look at what
DJ and Lindsey are doing there in Florida. – Hey everyone, just finished lunch at one of my favorite
restaurants that we eat at probably weekly, is Mi Carnal here off U.S. 1 in Saint Augustine. They are known for their pupusas, which is an El Salvadorian dish, but I typically get the burrito and Lindsey’s always getting
the stuffed poblano pepper. Must check out on the list. If you’ve been here, drop a comment below, let me know what you think. Check you next time. – Now again, you can see with that one, lots of views and it was about food. Now you might say, well Tom,
how do you make the connection between food and real estate? Well, very simple. If you go to any one of these
people’s Instagram pages or Facebook pages, you’re going to see that they’re doing behind the scenes. They’re going to be doing, here’s what’s going on in my town, here’s a recent listing,
here’s a case study. They’re blending all these things together on video with that how’s the market show. Believe me, everyone is going to know that you’re a high powered,
successful business person and you know the local market. So, let’s look at number five. We call it behind the scenes. I love this as an example. The Far Group, what they
do is they actually go into a listing presentation as an example where they’ve now secured the listing and the seller has said,
hey, what do you recommend we do to get the home prepared for sale? Watch this video. – I think what I would do is
maybe grab just a couple more, like maybe even perhaps more white pillows and white pillowcases
just to kind of like, bulk that up and then
fold the blanket back. Something really simple
like that, I think, the pillows actually
would be bigger at the– – Camera. – If you have to paint,
then fill the holes, but just make sure you use a
spackle that has primer in it, otherwise the paint will
flash when you put it on. – Yeah, we’re putting it on actually. I love that. – If you have the time, I think a white on the side would be good. I think it’s nice to have. I think if, I would rather have that there than have nothing there because… – No. – No, I can’t decide. Like, the color scheme goes great. Well, I mean, it’s a kids room. I think everyone will understand that. I think it’s, the nice thing is it still feels like a nice sized room. So I personally would,
Erin, I’d rather have your garage messier and have like, your interior closet space. I’d rather have someone
open a closet and be like, oh, wow, we’ve got all this storage. But yeah, you need like a mirror or like a piece of art on that back wall. – [Woman] Yes. – I love that video because she’s like, you should move the lamp over here. Though I have to say, I was thinking maybe you should change
the color of that wall. What were you thinking? It’s an excellent example
of going behind the scenes in your business, showing
people the real work that you do that no one else knows about
that makes you so special, that makes you that trusted advisor. They know that you go above and beyond, you become the one that
they want to work with. It’s so powerful. The sixth type of video we
call neighborhood tours. Now, I got to give an enormous shout out to a longtime friend of
mine, Christophe Choo, Coldwell Banker, Beverly Hills. Christophe and I, way back in the day, started shooting videos. When he first got introduced to it in 2009 when I started another show, he and I and hundreds of other agents ran out and bought flip video cameras
and started shooting shows. And Christophe will tell
you, he was three years in. Now remember, 2009, 2010, 2011,
and he literally said to me, I have been shooting shows,
Tom, for three years. No one’s calling me and
saying, I want to buy a house. No one’s calling me and
saying, this is unbelievable. And I reminded him, Christophe were early. We were talking about 2009, ’10, ’11. That’s when like Charlie bit my finger and the world famous dancing
videos and cat videos. That’s what was going on on YouTube. Today, YouTube is the second
highest searched website on the planet and most of the
people that are going there are looking for information, not to watch Charlie bit my finger, if you remember that video. So when he started doing Drive Time Tours, you should go to his YouTube
page and check it out, it’s unbelievable. He’d take his phone, he
plugged into his windshield and he would literally drive
through the neighborhood. Well, let’s just take a look. Here’s a classic example of
one of Christophe’s videos. – [Christophe] Hi everyone. It’s Christophe Choo from
Coldwell Banker previews in Beverly Hills. But today, I may or may not
be getting in the gates. I am in the Bel Air area of Los Angeles, an area called Bel Air Crest. It’s supposed to open anyways, and it’s one of our few gated
communities here in Bel Air. We have Bel Air Crest, Bel Air
Place, Stone Ridge Estates. There’s not many, but there’s a few, but this is a really beautiful one and the best gated community
in the Bel Air area. There’s two different sections. We’re going to start off
in the custom home section. – So at this point with that video, you now have six different strategies, six different types of
shows that you can shoot and start publishing on a weekly basis to put out enough content so
the world knows who you are, what you do, and that you really know the real estate business. Let’s take a look at the last one. Number seven. I say you show them the authentic you, and that means it’s you with
your kids, you and your family, you and your spouse, you
and your dog, you at church, you socializing,
contributing, giving back, or just being a goofball. So one tip I recommend when
it comes to a show like this is if you’ve been selling real estate for 10 or 15 or 20 or 30
years, you could do a show called 30 Real Estate Tips
or 30 Real Estate Lessons from 30 Years of Helping
Buyers and Sellers. Now, you might say that’s
a really long title but I want people to understand, I’ve been doing this for a long time and I’ve learned a lot of
lessons and I want to expose them to all of the lessons I’ve learned so they avoid the mistakes, et cetera. Here’s Keri White doing it after 16 years. – It inspired me to launch this series. Part of Keri TV about
15 lessons I’ve learned after 15 years of being in real estate. Yes, I have been selling
condos and homes for 15 years. I worked a little bit
before that in real estate, but as a licensed agent,
and I want to share a little bit about what that takes. You’d probably be surprised to find out that 87% of licensed agents
that get into the business fail. 87%. That’s a huge failure rate. I think most people
would be pretty surprised to know how challenging real estate is. And there’s a whole variety of reasons. So there’s a big myth that
getting into real estate, you just walk around mansions in heels, talking fast with big commissions. There is so much more. It’s very interesting, which
if you’ve been following my series, you know little bit about that or a lot about that. – So you can see that looks like Keri probably just sitting
in her master bedroom, grabbing her phone, hitting
go and sharing her lessons. Again, look at the number of views, the number of people that are checking in to find out what is it she
understands about real estate. And if you follow Keri, who is phenomenal, both as a real estate
professional and in terms of her social media
marketing and brand presence, you get to see all sides of her, her with her new husband,
congratulations Eric, and their life and their
travels and her new listings and her new sales and
her out with her friends. She’s being completely authentic. What you see is what you get. And then when you mix it
in with those 16 lessons and her How’s the Market
show, you really get a sense for who she is as a business professional. Now, what’s funny is people
inevitably say to me, Tom, I’m a little afraid to shoot videos because what if I’m not
as good looking like her or I don’t have that big personality or gosh, what if they look
at me and they don’t like me? My response is always the same. I’d rather put out my most authentic self so if someone doesn’t like it, they find out before they call me. I don’t want to meet with
someone, be me, and have them say, mm, I don’t really like that guy, or I don’t really like that gal. Now, you might say, look,
Tom, I’m so desperate, I want everyone to like me. Well, you might need a
therapist because listen, that never works out. We want to find our tribe,
and that’s what video does. See, just like you’re
watching this show with me, and this is a long show where
I’m providing a lot of value, see, you and I, we’ve
created this bond, right. You’re in my tribe and I’m in yours so you’ll watch my stuff, gain the value you need and go implement. The same thing will happen
when you shoot your show. You’re going to find the
people that know you, like you, trust you, even
if they’ve never met you, and that’s valuable. Let’s take a look at what my
longtime client Phillip does up in Walla Walla, Washington. By the way, this was a
blooper reel he put out just to give you a little snippet of it, setting up season two of his show. Check it out. (upbeat music) Hi, Phillip Provost, Coldwell
Banker First Realtors, and today we’re in beautiful
downtown Walla Walla for another episode of
Walla Walla Wednesdays. Today, we are meeting with– (record scratching) Aw, (beep). Dude, really, come on. It’s cyclery. – [Woman] Cyclery. – Cyclery. – [Woman] Cyclery. – Cyclery. Ugh, dude, really. Wine Valley Comedy, Wine Valley Comedy. Wine Valley Comedy, Wine Valley Comedy. Josh, Matt, Scott, same diff. That was awkward. All right. They’re trying to catch us ridin’ dirty. (speaking gibberish) No, it’s not happening. (laughing) ♪ Oh, yeah ♪ – Dude, I won’t say anything, all right. What’s it called again? – So that’s eight different examples. High quality, low quality, Candice, everything under the sun. The key is I’m going to make the argument that at this point to be
competitive, to stand out, to really become that
recognizable name brand and get it done at the level
of consistency that we want, you should hire a part-time videographer, that wedding videographer
who one day a month you show up, you put on
four different outfits and you shoot your shows,
you let them do their magic and then we do the second part, which is what I’m going
to share with you now. How do we get that content out
to as many people as possible and get as much search
engine optimization, SEO juice, if you will, so
you get more organic traffic and more people following you, and maybe, just maybe like
I’ve had one or two times, a show goes viral on YouTube. And man, is that exciting
when that happens. I wish that for you. So let’s talk about what we do. We call it multi-purposing every show. So here’s what I wrote down. There’s four or five different things you’re going to want to do. The first one is, every video you shoot, you’re going to want to
transcribe the video, which means we’re going to take the text of everything you said and
turn that into a written blog. There’s two websites
that’ll do this for you. Rev.com as you see there,
R-E-V.com, or SpeedScriber.com. These services will again,
transcribe your video and then you can have
that as something you post on your blog, on your website. You’ve certainly seen
my blog at TomFerry.com. If you haven’t, take a look at
it and you’ll see the example where we post the video
and then the written blog describing what’s there. The power of that with
SEO is unbelievable. Number two, you want to get
an audio for an audio podcast. Yes, you took the time to shoot the video. Why not, what they say is, rip the audio or export the audio file from your show and put it out on every one
of the podcasting sites? We recommend you use PodBean
to distribute that podcast on all of the different platforms, giving you as much reach as possible. And again, if you go to
TomFerry.com and you see the Tom Ferry Show, you’re going to see there’s the video like
you’re watching now, there’s the blog, the transcription, and oftentimes we’ll link the audio file that people can listen to there as well, giving the customer the
three different mediums they may enjoy, whichever
is right for them, especially if they’re in
their car as an example, or they just want to
read or watch a video. You give them all three, plus your SEO is going to go through the
roof and that’s what we want. Now, number three, we say
take snippets or video clips and add them to your Instagram. Now, if you’re a longtime follower of me, you’re now saying, wait a minute, this is exactly what we see you do. You shoot a show, Mindset Monday, and then you post it on Instagram. Right. It’s also on YouTube. There’s also an audio file. The Tom Ferry Show is on
YouTube, it’s on TomFerry.com, then we do a shorter version
on Instagram to promote it with a link at the top to
go back to the website. Are you seeing how this all plays out? This is exactly what we’re
doing to get the word out and I want you to do the same. Now, pay real close attention today to having videos over one minute long, maybe your entire show on IGTV. As of right now, Instagram
is getting lots of extra, if you will, views for nothing
just by posting it to IGTV. Clearly, Mark Zuckerberg
wants to make this big and you better jump on it now
and take full advantage of it before the masses are there
because I have a feeling in the future we’ll
have to spend some money to get the kind of views
we’re getting today on IGTV. Number four, I always
recommend also, quote cards. So let’s say you’re doing
your how’s the market show or your behind the scenes show. It could be a photo of you and the mayor or you and your favorite restaurant owner or the person at the local pub, but there was something
that he or she said that really stood out in the interview. That quote could be turned
into a photo with a quote and posted on Facebook, Twitter,
on Instagram as an example, putting it everywhere,
also driving traffic back to the show, back to your videos. Does that make sense? So, long show, I know, but I’ve got some super
important advice for you. I’m actually gonna have
it put up on the screen. This is what I recommend
and what we do as a company to make sure you’ve got a schedule for how you want to put the content out. So you can see there on Monday, someone is uploading the show to YouTube, you’re preparing your
blog, that’s the text, and the video to be
hosted on your website, and you’re creating any and all hashtags. Remember, you can Google
what are the best hashtags right now in my town, and you’re
gonna get all the answers. Remember with hashtag strategies, you can’t use the same
hashtags every time. Instagram, Facebook, and everybody
else will pick up on that and you will not get the hashtag love. Then on Tuesday, we recommend
you email your database the link to your weekly show. Does this sound familiar? I do the same thing. And then add it to your IGTV, the same exact show right
into IGTV on Tuesday. On Wednesday through
Friday, you’re going to post additional clips, quotes,
little snippets of videos, and again, as we’re shooting this show, you can see between 5 a.m. and 8 a.m. gives you really good reach. On Instagram, sometimes
10 o’clock in the morning gives you really good reach, meaning more people will see it, you’ll get more likes and more comments. It’s important that you keep testing and going back to Google to find out what are the best times to
post to get the greatest reach. And then on the daily,
you can see my note there. Certainly you’ve seen this. If you follow me on Instagram
or on Twitter or on Facebook, wherever you are, on YouTube, I am the one that’s making
those comments back. You know, it was once said to me, if you post a piece of
content, post a video, a show like this and
somebody makes a comment and you don’t respond, it would be like someone walking through a cocktail party, seeing you and saying,
hey Sean, how’s it going? You’re doing great man! And you doing this, and just walking away. I would argue my mother
would say that’s pretty rude. So when people make
comments, you need to plan to jump on there, engage, ask
questions, even thank them. Throw up some heart emojis, some of these, a little fist bump, a
high five, some of this, but make sure that you comment back. If you comment back, you’re
now engaging your clients, your prospects, your friends, and you know what you’re really doing? You’re conditioning them
on this is another way that you and I can be in conversation. Man, is that powerful. Now, we covered a lot of ground. I have no idea as I’m shooting this how long this video is going to be. I’m guessing it’s going to be the longest Tom Ferry Show ever. You’re probably going
to want to watch this six or seven times. You’re going to want to
send it to your videographer and say, hey, I just watched this video, just do all of that, right. And boy, what a smart move that would be. If you’re already at the end of this video and you’re still saying to yourself, oh, I just don’t know Tom. I get it. I know you’ve been talking
about video since 2009 and here we are in 2019
and I still haven’t done it because, you know, what about
my hair and are my glasses, you know, do they look right, and what if my little
mini me shows up wrong and what if I don’t like how it looks, and you’re still in your head, I would just argue that what
stops you from shooting video is what stops you from greatness
in every area of your life. What stops you from shooting video stops you from greatness
in every area of your life. Move beyond your limiting beliefs. Express yourself, be your authentic self. Find your tribe, shoot more videos. I don’t care what your hair looks like or how your voice sounds. It doesn’t make a difference
because you know what? The customer’s going to
find out when they meet you and it’d probably be good if
they found out beforehand. Does that make sense? All right. So as we wrap this up, remember always your strategy matters, and now more than ever, your
passion absolutely rules only if you’re shooting videos.

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