7 Style Secrets You Can Steal From David Beckham

7 Style Secrets You Can Steal From David Beckham

David Beckham Style
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In today’s video, gents, I’m sharing with you the seven style secrets you can steal
from David Beckham. Fashion secret number one to steal from David
Beckham, your style can evolve. So, nowadays, when you mentioned David Beckham,
what comes to people’s mind is, wow, he’s one of the most stylish athletes on the planet. But, gents, you need to know this wasn’t always
the case. Let’s go look at the 1990s, let’s look at
the early 2000s. Looking back at these old photos, you can
see a guy that is caught in some of the worst trends of his time period. We’re talking sleeveless shirts, do-rags,
and look at those trousers, incredibly baggy. I get it it’s the 1990s, but, guys, the sagging
trouser look, ah, it’s almost embarrassing to look at. Now, all that being said, David is a class
act, he just laughs at himself and he points out, you know what? I was just trying to go with some of the trends
at the time, a lot of guys were wearing this and I decided to try it out. Gents, if David Beckham can make all these
mistakes and evolve to become the world’s most stylish athlete, what can you do? Yeah. You had a rough start, you’ve never been considered
a stylish guy, but, guys, you can change, you can take steps and you can become the
best-dressed man on the room, the guy that when people look at they’re like, wow, he
means business. I want to get to know this man. Style tip number two to steal from Beckham,
recognize you’re a man and embrace it. So, the year before he had emerged from a
very difficult point in his life, in 1999, he won the Treble and his son was born. It was this year that he realized, hey, I’m
a man. I need to start acting like it. Now, a lot of people think that man’s opposite
is woman. That’s not the case. The opposite of a man is a child. Why? Because a child embodies everything in many
ways that a man is not. And I like how Brett talked about this in
his book, Manvotionals. He actually breaks it into about seven things,
and I think that at this point in David’s life he started to realize, you know what? I need to become a man and part of being a
man is dressing like a man and representing yourself your family everything that you stand
for. The next style secret to steal from Beckham,
know how to dress up. Pop quiz. Have you ever worn a black tie a.k.a. a tuxedo
to an afternoon or morning wedding? Yes or no? Let me know. Did you know that if you’re wearing a tuxedo
before 6 p.m., you are technically in the wrong? Yes. I know it’s an arbitrary rule, but I see weddings
all the time in which the men are wearing tuxedos, but it is daytime. Tuxedos, black tie is evening wear. During the day, you should wear morning dress. So, David Beckham knows this because when
he attended the Royal wedding, he wore the appropriate attire, proper morning dress. Now, it may seem like a small thing, but understand
these rules everything put forth, it’s really about creating ambience and it’s about observing
and paying respect. The next style secret to steal from David
Beckham, know how to put together a timeless outfit. So, a timeless outfit is going to be a set
of clothing that when somebody looks at a picture ten years from now, twenty years from
now, fifty years from now, they’re going to have trouble dating it they’re going to say,
you know what? I can’t tell what time period because it avoids
trends and it focuses in on classic timeless style that really doesn’t change too much. So, if we go to the 2012 Olympic ceremony,
we look at the suit that David’s wearing, you know what? There’s nothing that really stands out, maybe
you could argue, yeah, the collar is a little bit of a contrast there, but overall this
outfit just simply looks good, and that’s what he was shooting for. You know the mistake that so many men make
is they try to overdo it, they try to bring in too much color too much pattern too much
flash. They go for something that you know it looks
like a clown, makes them look cartoonish. No, classic style it simply works because
it enhances your natural body build and it really could make any man look great. And the best part about this is when you buy
classic clothing, it stays in style. So, a suit that fits you well dark navy and
it looks good in 2019, 2020, it will still work for you in the year 2030. Now, speaking of color, let’s talk about the
next style secret which is know how to leverage your natural complexion and colors. So, I want you to look at this 2014 picture
of David Beckham at Wimbledon. Look at that jacket. Why does it work? Well, look at his hair? Do you notice how we’re actually seeing a
match right there? We’ve got that dirty blonde hair with that
mustard jacket. Doesn’t that just pop? Now, notice the other parts of the outfit
are pretty simple. He’s got the dark brown trousers, he’s got
the white pocket square, the white shirt, yeah, the necktie has got, you know, a little
bit of a regimental stripe to it, but overall this is a very simple outfit but he knows
how to leverage the right colors. So, how does a man choose the right colors
for himself? Well, how about you start by looking at which
colors you already naturally gravitate to. For me, there are certain colors. Yes, I like blue. It’s a very safe color and I find that I can
put together a lot of different combinations. And, remember to treat color like a spice. You add too much spice to a dish, you can
overwhelm the dish. You add the right amount, it brings out the
flavors. So, just bring in a little bit of color, it’s
going to grab attention. And, have fun with your accessories. So many different ways out there, just bring
in a little bit of color and experiment. If you’re just getting used to color, again,
just add a little bit. [0:05:06]
The next style secret, Beckham’s hair. Not really a secret though because when you
see the guy his hair is always on point. How does he do it? First up, he’s got a great stylist, he’s got
a great barber. Now, a lot of you guys you’re going to the
cheapest barber, you’re going to the guy you’ve always gone to. How about you change it up? Men, we are creatures of habit and oftentimes
we’re going to the same guy just because we’ve always gone to the same guy. How about you go try somebody new? If you’ve been using a barber, go try a stylist. If you’ve been using the stylist, maybe go
try that retro barber that you’ve been — Next up, Beckham’s not afraid of different
haircuts. So, he’s gone with a buzz, but a lot of times
he’s letting it grow out and we see him doing different things. Nowadays, as he’s gotten a bit older, he’s
gone for a little bit longer styles. So, the pompadour style, this is where you
have a little bit more fun on top and often times you need to use heat and product to
keep it in its proper place. And, speaking of hair products, David understands
that not all hair products are created equal, some are going to have higher hold, some are
going to give you volume, other ones are going to bring in shine. Now, to make this easier for you, I’ve got
a quick chart that you can check out right here. And, as you can see, we’ve tried to make this
simple, but what you want to do is whenever you’re out there buying a product whether
it be a gel whether it be a cream, don’t be afraid to experiment. And, let’s not forget facial hair, Beckham
has experimented with the wide variety of different looks. Some of the more famous he’s gone with the
Van Dyke, he’s also gone with a very trim beard, and let’s not forget just simple stubble. And, if you’ve got facial hair another quick
secret you can steal from David Beckham is to become obsessed with beard oils. So, apparently there’s a story with Victoria
Beckham how she said, you know what? You need to either shave off the beard or
you need find a way to soften up those whiskers. David being a smart man knowing that a happy
wife equals a happy life, he went out and started trying beard oils and just love them,
loves the smell, but he also loves the fact that his wife now likes him being around her
with that softer beard. Now, this next secret I thought was a really
fun one and that is don’t be afraid to imitate. So, yes, even David Beckham sees a show and
really likes the look and decides to go with it. So, apparently he’s doing some work with Peaky
Blinders and he’s been imitating some of their styles even down to the hats. So, in an interview he said he was an East
End scoundrel. He was born and bred in Leytonstone, so he’s
like I might as well have fun with it, right? The point is, gents, look around, find inspiration
and then bring it into your wardrobe. Find something that resonates with you maybe
the kilt is in your heritage, maybe not. I don’t know. But, find a way, guys, to bring these things
into your wardrobe and own the look. So, what video to watch next? Check out this one, The Top 10 Best-dressed
Athletes. And, guys, David Beckham is not on this list,
but on this list I wanted to put together active athletes and I wanted to bring in people
that you maybe haven’t heard of. So, I think you’re going to enjoy this list,
there’s a lot of new people that most of you guys have never even heard about, so go check
out this video. [0:07:49] End of video

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