7 Reasons Girls Think YOU Are UNATTRACTIVE (Backed By Science)!

7 Reasons Girls Think YOU Are UNATTRACTIVE (Backed By Science)!

7 Reasons Girls Think YOU Are UNATTRACTIVE
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In today’s video, gentleman, I’m laying out for you seven reasons why women will find
you unattractive. And you don’t have to take my word for it,
gents, all the information I’m presenting in today’s video, backed up by Science. First up, you smell like her brother or her
dad. Seriously, you don’t want to have a similar
scent to anyone in her family. The fact is human beings still use scent as
a way to actually determine mates. And, women, they’re a lot more in tune with
this than men are. Subconsciously, they are using smell to determine
is this a healthy mate coupling. Now, this comes out of a 2003 study in the
Journal of Experimental Child Psychology. And, what they did is they studied adults
and their ability to pick up smells that are similar to their own. In a nutshell what they discovered is that
women who were turned off when they smelt the odor of a man that was similar in biological
makeup to their own. And, I want to clarify this study focused
on a man’s natural scent, not his choice of fragrance. And, as a bonus point, I do want to emphasize
a man should have a signature scent. This is when your find a fragrance that works
well with your body chemistry. When you wear it, it just augments your natural
smell, you feel great you’re more confident, and women do pick up on this. Now, this next one may or may not surprise
some of you all, but if you earn less than a woman, she will find you less attractive. Now, this is based off a 2015 study in the
Quarterly Journal of Economics and they found that married couples when the woman is earning
substantially more than the man, all of a sudden the happiness levels in the marriage
start to go down, especially with the fact that the woman is still doing the majority
of the work at home. And what this led to and how they measured
whether or not, you know, this is going to end in bad is they looked at divorce rates. And, yes, if she’s earning more than you and
she’s still doing the majority of the household chores, guess what? There’s a very high chance she’s going to
divorce you. And it made sense to me because if you have
a partner and she’s earning a lot more and she’s still having to come home and do all
the dishes take care of everything, well, you know I probably would get rid of that
guy as well. To me what makes a great marriage, a great
partnership, a great relationship is when you’ve got two people that are really clear
in their communication of what they want and they both contribute equally to the relationship. Next up, let’s talk about your presentation
specifically your grooming. So, we surveyed ten women and we asked them
would you date a guy with bad grooming habits. So, the result, nine out of ten said, no,
not ever and the one that did she actually misread the question and wanted to change
her answer. Seriously, gents, I don’t need a study here
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to your door at a great price. Guys, you’re not going to find a better deal
anywhere else. Use that link down in the description. Next up, don’t be too happy. So, this is based off a 2011 study coming
out of the University of British Columbia and they actually examined three different
attitudes that were picked up on with men. They had shame, they had pride, and they had
happiness. Now, what’s interesting, when men were looking
at women, they found happiness to be very attractive, but the opposite was for women
looking at men. And this was very interesting because shame
was higher rated as being attractive than happiness. What they meant by happy was giggling happy
and a bit over the top happy. And I can then see this because there’s nothing
wrong with being, you know, having a smile on your face, but it is something that when
women look at men when it comes to being attractive, they like more of a brooding look of the,
you know, straight strong stern look. If you are overly happy you smile too much. You know if I were to sum it up, don’t look
like something’s wrong with you mentally up there and you’re just, you know, happily
and often everywhere. So, that’s what I would say with this like
be happy, but don’t overdo it. Damn! Gentlemen, be careful with the swear words. So this comes from a 2015 study in the Journal
of Language Sciences. What they find is that women are much less
likely to swear than men are. Basically, women have a larger volume of the
orbital frontal cortex and this helps them keep their emotions a bit more in check, believe
it or not, and, men were more likely to be extreme. And, in fact, that’s when a lot of these emotional
swear words come out. [0:05:12]
The issue here is that if you overuse swear words, you come off as actually less intelligent. And I want to stress overuse. Actually, the use of swear words is perfectly
fine in the right situation. You should reserve the swear words for high
emotional points and instead try to use other words, so you don’t look stupid. The next reason women find you unattractive,
you can’t quit talking about your ex. Now, in the 2018 study in Psychology Today,
they were talking about why a lot of women find this very unattractive. It basically shows that you are distracted
that you are not ready to get into another relationship. Now, I get it that this is a girlfriend or
around your buds and you’re talking about your ex talking about things putting them
out there expressing your emotions, this is a natural way to be able to get over something. But, if you’re out on a date, if this is someone
you want to explore a relationship with, you don’t want to just be unloading on this person
consistently for a long time especially early on in the relationship. They don’t want to view themselves as a therapist,
unless they are a therapist and then, all of a sudden they feel like they’re back at
work. And, gents, let me be clear. I want you to open up and have people you
can be really close with, but when you’re just starting off a relationship, you don’t
want to come off and unload on this person come off as a victim because it’s just going
to make — it just makes you look bad. Next up, gents, false praise. Based off a 2014 study in the Journal of Social
and Personal Relationships, what they found is that whenever somebody gave somebody false
praise and they knew it was false praise, they didn’t ask them to sit on a couch. What happen? People would sit farther away from somebody
that they felt had falsely praised them, was basically almost a making up stuff and it
wasn’t true, it made the person uncomfortable. So, be careful when you’re wanting to impress
a woman. I know a lot of guys like to give a woman
compliments, but make sure they’re sincere. Don’t just make this stuff up, don’t be saying
things trying to put her on a pedestal treat her – view her this perfect princess when
she knows she’s not. A woman wants a man that respects her, but
also isn’t afraid to respect himself and to simply speak the truth. And that’s one of the beauties by the way
of being a well-dressed man is that you actually can give great compliments because you can
pick out the details. You can smell her fragrance, give her a compliment
on that. You can see that, oh, those are really nice
shoes, I like the way they work with the outfit because you pay attention to small details
like that. You pay attention to her jewelry, you give
her sincere compliments. Those are going to win you points. Next up, you’re like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
once you’ve had a few drinks. So, if you’re the kind of guy that can’t hold
your liquor, after a couple drinks you become someone totally different, you need to be
careful because what women pick up on here is that this guy has kind of a split personality,
he’s all over the place and they don’t know what to expect from you. And, to be honest, gents, this describes me. It’s one of the reasons I don’t drink. In the past, after a few drinks I made some
stupid decisions and I ended up in jail – twice. So, nowadays, I’m the sober driver. I’m taking care of my friends make sure everyone
gets home safe. I’m drinking water. The point here is to be careful with substances
that are going to basically take your personality in one direction too far. Because women I know that they’re going to
view this as, this, you know, it may be funny when you’re a bit younger, but when you get
older you realize, hey, this person could hurt me, this person could hurt us unintentionally,
and it is something that you need to keep in check. So, what to watch next, gentlemen? How about this, ten self-destructive obsessions
that guys need to give up. How many of these are you? Yeah, you obsessed with? Find out, guys, in this video, I will link
to it right down in the description. [0:08:46] End of audio

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  2. This chanal is pure propaganda…. Its videos and chanle like this that make school shooters.
    You go out and tell people what is and isnt (witch isnt true) the only one that is true is the the grooming.

    Young boys see this and think this is how they have to be to be happy or get a mate. Witch is again BS.

    Simply put every lid has its pot.

  3. Great video Antonio. Bold of you to admit that you had a problem with alcohol and what you become afterwards. Reminds me to exercise self-control.

  4. Okay self check time:
    1) I have no power on my biological scent but I know my way around perumes,hope that counts

    2) I’m a fresh engineer graduate so for the time being it’s too early to say anything. Good thing I’m a helpful-around-house kinda guy so my future wife can count herself lucky

    3) I make my best effort to have my grooming on point – hygiene,body hair,body odor,teeth,nails,skin all that. I haven’t won the genetic lottery in skin department so there’s room for improvement tho

    4) I‘m told that I have a neutrally broody/rough looking facial expression but I haven’t seen any benefits to that

    5) I don’t usually swear out of context around women

    6) Hell no. Just big hot cup of hell fuckin’ no.

    7) Not the ass kisser sort of person so good for me.

    8) I don’t drink much when outside,in a social setting.I used to,learnt from that.

    So with all these in place,not withstanding my below average face, why the fuck does my dating life is only about as much intersting as a sloth’s daily life is ?

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    Disclaimer: Do NOT try this. There's a 95% chance he will kill you, and a 4% chance you'll turn him on. Either way, it's 99% chance of fail for what you were trying to achieve.

  9. Reason #8 is that it's not you at all, and the disconnect is all her own fault. Either because of her peer group, false expectations fueled by media consumption, emotional immaturity or an overdeveloped sense of privilege — there are a lot of reasons why women would claim that an eligible man isn't "attractive".

  10. Hey, Antonio. Too many rules especially the one about swearing. I guess I might as well go MGTOW.

    I totally like having self respect and not putting them on a pedestal, though.

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  12. I am being treated with medication for clinical depression. I have probably never come across as overly happy. So women flat out told me they don’t like guys who are depressed. It would be like me saying I don’t like women who suffer from allergies.

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  14. my mum earns more than my dad yet divorce never comes up in any discussion it is you Americans and Europeans that have problem with that, and also I don't remember the last time my mum did house chores whenever she does it's only cooking

  15. I use this as a list to fine tune myself for myself but MGTOW is definitely becoming a better choice. I’m starting to see women as a pain in the ass according to society and it’s standards. Fuck this shit, too much !

  16. I gave up booze 10 years ago. Though I was always considered a good drunk. There are people out there who think I am the most hilarious person they have ever met, and more so after a few drinks. After a drink, I would often wake up cringing, asking friends if I made too much of an idiot out of myself. I was assured that I was great and that I should come out for the next drinking session. The thing is, I never enjoyed being drunk. I would become intoxicated too easily and feel ill. It took me days to recover. I would drink to give myself more confidence. Also, just having one drink wasn’t enough for me. If I had one, it would hit me right away and I would want more. Fortunately, I decided to cut out the booze completely and have kept it up to this day. I took steps to build my confidence by taking elocution lessons, drama classes and even participated in a few Shakespeare plays and pantomimes. I would have joined a public speaking group but there isn’t a Toastmasters close to where I live. So I attended various political meetings (some of which I didn’t agree with the views of those in attendance), in order to speak in front of an audience. I am still developing, but I am happy to say I can now get up and sing karaoke, free of alcohol. 🙂

  17. Science can't explain what women want, because women only know what they want on a subconscious level. Women aren't a mystery, most guys are blind and can't read the signs. Stop focusing on science, approach women and evolve by the experience you will gain. I'm sometimes still afraid to approach a woman, even though I already approached some women, but seriously, the fear will never go away completely and that's cool if you can deal with it. I need someone that kicks my ass right now and tells me to approach women again, even though I'm usually the one to kick others asses to motivate them.

  18. I've seen a study that shows swearing more than average means you get seen as more honest and trustworthy than those that don't. As you say, there are limits for attractiveness and perception of intelligence.

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    Unless you’re in the military. Lmaooooo. As a woman I’ve had to make sure to keep my cursing in check even after.

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    Don't go full Sheldon Cooper
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