100 thoughts on “7-Eleven Hot Food Taste Test

  1. In Australia it's generally more bakery stuff, pies (of the meaty variety, as is our way) and sausage rolls and stuff, at least in my area.

  2. Does every state have a QT or is QT the 711 for places without 711? Cause QT sells most of this stuff. (The pizza at QT looks better)

  3. Dear rhet and link my mom hit me with a pillow and i told her im telling you guys that she hates you…………i love you guys…………..she love you guys

  4. Am I sensing a good bit of passive aggressive tension between our two beloved Mythical Beast Gods?!?…….. 😭😢😨💔

  5. So is Good Mythical Morning owned by Rhett and Link or are they hired to host the shows by The channel?

  6. Link's glasses give him a Phil Hartman vibe in this video. The sweater especially reminds me of him in Jingle All The Way.

  7. having worked at a 7-11 for nearly a year… this video is 100% accurate. none of those jokes are actually jokes. they are all true.

  8. You guys have been best friends since like what middle school idk but Rhett can’t take a bite of the same part of the steak and cheese thing that link ate from 😂

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