6 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs 2017

6 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs 2017

Business owners need inspiration
even when they’re on the go. I’m SueB Zimmerman
and today, I’m going to share with you
some of my favorite podcasts that will inspire
you and help you have more success in your business. Today, business owners
are always on the go and that’s why podcasts are
the perfect learning tool. Whether you’re working
out or walking your dog or waiting in line, you
can get expert advice from some of the industry’s
top business experts right in your ear buds. And in my case, my earpods. So if you’re looking for
some business know how, check out these
amazing podcasts. They are some of my favorites. Oh, and at the end,
I’m going to give you my best pro-tip for
listening to podcasts and having the time to hear
all of your favorite ones. First up is Tara Gentile. If you’re ready to get into the
nitty, gritty details of making your business successful,
her podcast, Profit, Power, Pursuit, should be your go to. From time management to
building a productive team, Tara knows what it takes
for small businesses to really succeed. One episode that I find
particularly helpful is her interview
with Melanie Duncan about how you can use
digital marketing to grow your podcast based business. And how you can create a happy,
productive company culture, no matter the size of your team. I also feel somewhat emotionally
connected because I’ve met both of them in person. So if you’re ready to do a
deep dive on what is and is not working in your business,
make sure that you check out Tara’s podcast. Next up, I’m going to show you
my good friend, Chris Ducker’s podcast, Youpreneur. This weekly podcast
series introduces us to some of the top online
business minds and brand entrepreneurs. But it’s not just the
interesting people that makes Chris’ podcast
great for business owners. It’s all about how you can
build, grow, and monetize every aspect of your
business and have fun as you’re building your brand. One episode that
I want to call out is Chris’ awesome
interview with Jeff Rose, a certified financial planner
and CEO of Good Financial Sense. You’re going to love
this conversation about the difference
between marketing and promoting content. And the one thing
entrepreneurs need to focus on when it
comes to their finances. So if you’re looking
for advice about how to get money smart
with your business, give Chris Ducker’s
podcast a try. Added bonus, Chris’
British accent is the best. Next up, I’m going to show you
one of my favorite podcasts for marketing tips. Donald Miller’s
podcast Story Brand, @StoryBrand_ on Instagram. One of the biggest
challenges that entrepreneurs face when starting
their business is getting the
word out and that’s exactly what Donald
teaches you to do. As an author and
a public speaker, Donald has spent his
career helping companies craft and share their
messages and stand out from their competition. Donald knows that it’s not
just about telling people what your business is
all about, but it’s about creating relationships
and memorable marketing messages that will
help you connect with your ideal clients. In fact, my team and I recently
went through his brand story class and was able to apply what
we learned to our new website. If you’re struggling to tell
the story of your brand, I recommend checking
out his interview with professional
storyteller Tricia Ross Burt. Together, they walk you through
the three key principles that you have to include in
brand stories that you tell. Next, if you’re a business
owner looking for more ways to be creative, you
should absolutely check out Chase Jarvis’
podcast, Chase Jarvis Live and you should also be clicking
into his Instagram stories. Because no matter what your
brand sells or creates, building a business is
first about being creative. And there are few
people out there that are really able to
talk about this the way that Chase does as a
professional photographer, videographer, and a
creative business owner. He has built his whole career
with always one thing in mind, it’s to be as
creative as possible. And that’s why every
single conversation that he has on his
podcast, whether it’s with billionaire, Richard
Branson, or philanthropist Glennon Doyle. It’s really about inspiring
you to dream big and build a business that you are
very passionate about. So if you’re looking for
some real inspiration and never settling about
how you can bring your best self to your
business, I recommend checking out Chase Jarvis’
interview with empathy expert Brene Brown. As a New York Times
best selling author, Brene goes deep
as she breaks down the importance of connection
and how we can use our art and creativity to get there. Next up, chances are
that you’ve heard about the creator of this
next podcast, Sophia Amoruso. I had the pleasure of meeting
her when we both spoke onstage at Entrepalooza. And Sophia is a serial
entrepreneur and founder of Girlboss Media. A company that was founded
for women redefining success on their own terms. Sophia is a total
bad ass and I just can’t get enough of her
podcast, Girlboss Radio. On each episode,
she interviews women who are pushing boundaries
and finding success on their own terms. Plus, the lessons
that they learned along the way,
which is really what I enjoy listening to the most. Every episode is phenomenal. But one that I find particularly
helpful for business owners, is her recent podcast
where she sat down with six influential
women who shared what their definition of
success means to them. And it’s not what you expect. So if you think success is
a one size fits all goal, get ready to have
your mind blown and give Sophia’s
podcast a listen. Finally, if you’re
looking towards how you can make long term
wins for your business, you need to check out Michael
Hyatt’s podcast, Lead to Win. Michael knows that having
a successful business isn’t just about the
daily wins but how you structure your business in
the long term to be profitable and grow. As someone who is always trying
to think two steps ahead, I really love his recent
episode about how you can avoid career stagnation. If you’re trying to get
ahead in your business without burning out, Michael
shares some awesome tips about non-negotiable
growth practices that you can put into place
to help you process failure and improve for the future. I know charting out the long
term growth of your business can seem daunting but set
yourself up for success and give Michael’s
podcast a listen. Obviously, I just can’t
get enough of podcasts even when I’m on the go
I love that I can always play these podcast for
instant business advice. And if you’re busy, like me,
here’s a ninja-tip for you. If you’re crunched for
time, speed up your podcasts to 1.5 times. You’ll get the same business
advice that you need and save time, too. Especially when
someone’s talking slowly. Did you like this video? Go ahead and hit thumbs up. Hit it. And hit subscribe. And let me know, what are
your favorite podcasts? I would love to read them
in the comments below. And if you’re looking for ways
to strengthen your business, I have a free video
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in the description below. And I’ll see you
in the next video.

11 thoughts on “6 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs 2017

  1. Thank you for all the podcast tips. 💙😊
    I just listened to this as I made a 1/2 a Rosary. Lol

    I call myself a “wantreprenuer” (thx to Mr. wonderful) right now.

    I like to fill my mind, heart and soul, with motivational (Jim Rohn my fav) health, marketing and Christian speakers.

    While working out, cleaning house, driving, and making Rosaries, I 💙 to feed my mind GREAT advice. I 💙 nothing more than silence as well. It’s crucial to my sanity. I wanna make sure I don’t miss God talking to me. 🙏🏼😇

    I think it’s important that I continually grow so I may impart onto my young children what I learn…. I want a domino effect of love of learning & growing to them.

    I have 5 hours a day to haul butt to get things done as my vocation #1 is motherhood. My children need me present & focus.

    There’s “me” time and “mommy” time. I will not do both.

    Good stuff, Sue. Thank you for ALL you do. 😊


  2. I can always find a good one on Amy Porterfield's online marketing made easy… it's like she wiretaps our company meetings!

  3. Wow, I lov discovering new podcast. It’s like finding gold! Thanks for sharing Sue. My favourites include The Art of Paid Traffic by Rick Mulready, Mind Your Business -James Wedmore and of course Amy Porterfield’s Online Marketing Made Easy!!

  4. I've learned more from podcasts than my entire uni degree. I listen to Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn and
    Social Media Examiner religiously. I also love Lewis Howes (School of Greatness), Melyssa Griffin (Pursuit with purpose) and Social Media Money Makers (Chalene Johnson's son)

    I usually listen on speed 2.0 (if my brain is up to it on the day)

    I'm waiting for the day Facebook lets you listen to video as just audio like a podcast (so you can do other things on your phone while still consuming the content)

  5. Not sure how Gary Vaynerchuk is not on this list. Also recommend Steve Bartlett to anyone who wants be inspired by a young, self-made entrepreneur

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