6 Most Bizarre Kids Shows

6 Most Bizarre Kids Shows

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Let’s show the world what – Mythical Beasts are made of!
– Thanks for being your mythical best. – Kids watch some seriously bizarre stuff.
– Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music playing) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– It’s tough to make kids happy. Trust me. I hang around three of ’em a lot
and you never know what’s gonna please them. – Hmm.
– And TV networks don’t have a clue either as evidenced by years of serving up the
most bizarre and absurd entertainment – Right.
– That sometimes I look over my kids’ shoulder OR look back through the internet… Sometimes I look over my kids’ shoulder,
look back through the internet… – Yes. We’ve gone very deep today.
– …especially into the 80’s, and you find some of the craziest stuff.
It’s like, “I dunno if they’re gonna like this but let’s just make it as weird
as possible and see what happens.” Well these clips that we’re gonna show you
are the answer to what happens. – Starting off with: (high pitched) BooBah!
(normal voice) A British kid’s show, it ran from 2003 to 2006.
– Haven’t seen it. – Link, there’s no better way to explain
it to you than to let you just watch a little bit of it.
– Let’s do it! – (fart noises)
– Whoa! – Yep, they’re farting out of pods.
– Ooh. I dunno – I think those are the BooBahs?
They also fly. – I bet their farts smell good, like fruit.
– (BooBah’s singing) – Look at that, they harmonize.
– A five fart harmony? – Are they singing?
– Yeah, well, they’re humming at least. – That is –
– Look, it gets better. They also do this – watch.
– Psychedelic, man. – (BoohBah’s making fart noises)
– (laughs) – Are they farting?
– (laughing) Yeah, that’s the fart dance, Link. – Are you kidding me?
– They do this, as far as I can tell they really like to fart.
– Is this on loop? Is this like a Vine or? – No, no.
– Is this the actual show? – This is the show, look. Still farting.
– Do they talk? No, they fart a lot though. They do not
talk. They sing and they fart. And then, look, look. End of the day –
this is just like me when I go to bed. – (both laugh)
– I go right down into my turtle neck. Ooh, goodness. I can tell that they ran
that footage in reverse and they ran the farts in reverse too.
– That’s it. That’s BooBah, Link. – That – I don’t think I’m gonna be able to
sleep soundly for at least a week now. – (high pitched) BooooBaaaah!
– I thought the one that I’m about to show you was the creepiest thing, but
because that one was so colorful – Oh.
– I think that’s even creepier than this, but let me know what you think. It starts
off with a mime, so, you know you’re starting off in like a creepy place
– I don’t like mimes. – This is an early 80’s children’s show,
the BBshe (mis-pronouncing BBC) – “The BB-she.”
– (both laugh) – BBC made it for preschoolers.
It was called “Jigsaw” and this mime is called “NoseyBonk.”
– (laughs) Okay. Show – “Here’s NoseyBonk, pottering
around and planting a clue to the whole world.” – I mean look at that mask. He’s planting
a seed. Do I need to tell you that? And from the side his mask isn’t
that creepy. – I’m concerned about his nose,
I feel like he has a problem. – But look at the front, look at that.
And then – he’s growing…. – (both) more noses.
– And he’s happy about it, he’s like “That’s right, I grew six noses,
– (goofy laugh) hey hey, okay!” – Is he happy about growing six noses or
the fact that he’s about to eat your face off or something? Like, I mean is that not…
– I wouldn’t let my children watch that. the scariest thing? Now, I’ve gotta ask
is this a coincidence that the name of the show is “Jigsaw”? And…
– It’s like the horror movie! – And the guy from Saw’s name is “Jigsaw.”
– And he wears a weird mask, right? – I haven’t seen Saw.
– I don’t watch those either. – I’m too afraid to watch the movie Saw
and I’m too afraid to watch any more of NoseyBonk.
– Well, you might be too afraid to watch “E-I-E-I-Yoga” (laughs) from 1996,
a direct to VHS children’s series Teaching kids how to do yoga with a
barnyard theme. Check it out. – “Hi, I’m Yogi Okey-Dokey an d this is my farm.”
– “Cock-a-doodly-doodly-doo! Hahahaha!” – Look at this guy. (laughs)
– (laughs) It’s a Rastafarian rooster. – Looks like you.
Yogi – “Nice pose, Rasta… “Mornin’ How Now, nice hat!”
Rooster – “Yaaaaa ‘mon!” – Listen to this.
Rooster – “You can milk Sister Moo Cow for all the information.”
♪ ( Yogi Okey Dokey is my name-) ♪ – She’s got information. You can milk her.
-Yoga information? – And then the children show up and he
hugs them. Not creepy at all. – Slow your roll on the hugs Yogi.
♪ (Yogi singing in background) ♪ Its a Soccer player! Yogi – “Wow, you feel that wind?”
– He does… Yogi – “Every time I feel a wind like this it
reminds me of something very, very important. It reminds me to breathe!
I think you all know what breathing is.” Cow – “Always remember to breathe!”
– That’s her information? – Yeah.
– They gotta milk her for that? – Yeah, that’s all she ever says.
– What breathing is? Rooster – “Don’t forget to
breathe little yogis!” Rooster & Yogi – ♪ (Vegetables!)
– Outta nowhere, this vegetable song. ♪ (Vegetables, vegetables, vegetables!) ♪
– That’s not yoga. – That’s nutrition.
Kids – “Caw! Caw! Caw!” – This is…Yogi Okey Dokey…
– Are his pants yoga pants or jeans? – They’re jeans, he’s in a barnyard, Link.
– No, they are fake jeans that are yoga pants.
Kids – (making funny noises) – Alright, sign your kids up now.
– This guy should be, he should be doing yoga from a padded cell, not a barn yard set.
Eughh! I liked his hair style though. – The wind really revealed some nice
features on Yogi Okey Dokey’s face. – Shall we Japanese anime?
– We should. – “Shima shima tora no shimajirō” translates
to “striped island tiger shimajiro.” It’s basically a tiger boy that learns all
types of stuff. Including how to use the potty! This should be interesting.
(characters talking in Japanese) He’s got an itch in the booty, dad has an idea.
– Oh, what? Is that a bouncing turd? – No that’s a chocolate bean. With a face on it.
– That toilet has a face on it too. – It’s a smart toilet.
– ♪ (singing in Japanese) ♪ Now, I can only guess that they’re singing
something about getting ready to poop. – This is what my parents did with me.
– Yes. – I remember it vividly.
– Look. – Oh my goodness.
– Piñata! I dunno why there’s a piñata in an anime show.
– Oh no! Come on! Oh no, dad! – (laughs)
– Well, somebody’s gotta wipe the bean off! – (both) Oh my goodness.
– Why did– – (laughs)
– I don’t like a personified turd, though. That makes me feel sorry for it
when it goes away. – But, Rhett he was so happy to go…
– The turd? – …into the swimming pool.
– Oh. Dad looked too happy,
I mean I’ve had to wipe my kids – butts.
– (laughs) – I’ve never smiled while doing it.
– Did you ever do a dance like this? – No, I never danced either.
– But your parents danced like that? – No, Link I was making that up.
– I think that one’s effective, like I want to do number two right now.
– Okay please hold it. (laughs) If you have any idea what kind, if you
wanna know what kind of TV was being made when we were born you have to look no
further than “Bigfoot and Wildboy.” – Oh yeah.
– We’ve actually talked about this a long time ago, like in a Rhett and Link Kast
Live or something. But this still, to this day remains my favorite television show
that I never actually watched other than this one episode that’s on YouTube.
Check it out, Link. – Ooh! There he is.
– Yep. Narrator – “Out of the Great North West comes
the Legendary Bigfoot! Who, 8 years ago, saved a young
child lost in the vast wilderness…” Oh, and what do they call him now?
Narrator – “And raised that child until he grew up to be Wildboy!”
– Yes! Okay. – Watch out for that real man!
– Look at this guy, he’s lunging after Wildboy. Something’s wrong with the man.
He doesn’t have a good lunging technique cause Wildboy’s able to get out of
the way very easily. (Bigfoot screams)
– Is that the language of Bigfoot? – Bigfoot- Look, check this out:
this is how he approaches people. In slo-mo, and then like a rocket.
Like a Bigfoot rocket, Link. – Whoa! That’s quite a leap!
– Look at this, and then he’s just like here I am. – He jumped up that far just to land?
– (laughs) Now I gotta run some more. – She just jumped too.
– Look, listen. – And she jumped.
– Almost as fast as Bigfoot, Girl – “They move almost as fast as Bigfoot!” who only moves in slow motion.
Which is confusing. – Who are they, Rhett? They have nets.
– They’re women from the future. But look, he’s totally thwarted by this net.
-By a blanket? – He’s like ahh, oh my goodness,
I don’t know what to do. – There’s the zombie dude.
– But, cliffhanger. Narrator – “(inaudible) become a gladiator
controlled by these evil women? Will Bigfoot also become the Robot of
the Queen from Another Timezone?” Look it. Look at Bigfoot.
– (laughs) Narrator – “Is there any way the young
Princess can regain her throne and return her city of the future to peaceful rule?
Be with us next week and see, in the exciting conclusion of:
Bigfoot and Wildboy!” The woman to Bigfoot ratio
seems really good in the show. – And that’s one of the great
things about the show. – (laughs) lots of ladies with yellow blankets.
– Scepters – Well those are nets, Link. – No, I think he has a weak…
– You’re thinking nets are blankets, come on – …weakness for yellow blankets it’s like
you drape him with one and he’s like “Ohh!” – Oh he totally knows he could get out of there
he’s just like “Oh, ladies, take me away…” “…it’s gonna be okay, yes.”
– Where was Wildboy by the way when this happened, why didn’t Wildboy come out
and like, poke a hole in the net? – WIldboy doesn’t do anything. He gets saved.
He’s just kinda there. He’s Bigfoot’s son. – Oh.
– He’s Bigfoot’s son. – And those women were from the future?
– Yeah. It’s, and just to let you know I watched the conclusion, they get ’em anyway.
– You watched the whole thing? – Yeah. The women from the future they worked them.
– Oh, the women are okay? I wanna know if Bigfoot’s okay.
– Bigfoot and Wildboy are okay! – Okay, good!
– That’s what I’m talking about. – Okay.
– Follow along. – So, it’s interesting that that gets a
little sci-fi because I’m about to go full sci-fi AND full puppet. Alright?
– Alright. – It is the early 80’s, well it’s not right now
what I’m about to show you is. Um, this is later than the 80’s, an indefinite
period later. I’m talking about time right now. – Oh.
– Or later. Back in the 80’s a team of expressionless
sci-fi puppets defend the planet from attacking aliens led by a wrinkly faced
Boss Lady named ‘Zelda’. – Mhmm.
– I, I did not know you could get so overdramatic while simultaneously being so expressionless.
Watch this edit that we made here of “Terrahawks.” Puppet – “Zero, take your squad to the
site of the energy source and report.” Robot – “Sir,”
Puppet – “And use reasonable caurtion.” – Caurtion? (pronouncing it like the puppet)
– That’s how you say caution. – Caurtion. That’s not a word.
– And that’s his… Puppet – “Hurry up Sergeant Major.”
Robot – “Thank you, Ma’am.” – Thank you “mom?”
– Yeah that’s their son. It’s a – – Whoa!!
– It’s a robot ball. Puppet – “If my theory about the energy
source is correct…” – That’s their son’s head?!
– No, it’s just a robot who goes and does reconnaissance and then a ship gets BIG
out there, it was a small ship, it got big and there’s a…Zelda’s on…
Puppet – “Come on, baby.” – He’s using caurtion. Oh my.
Zelda – “You are coming with me to Mars! And then we’ll take you apart to
see what makes you tick!” – Oh she’s not an android…
Puppet – “You’ve slipped up, I’m only one of nine clones…”
– HA! Gotcha! – Ha ha! I don’t care about my life!
I’m throwing caurtion to the wind! – (laughter) and then look, she…
– Oh, look at this guy. Puppet – “What would you do, 101?”
Robot – “It’s not for us to make decisions.” Puppet – “But you can if you want!”
– (robot voice) You can’t make decisions. We’re robots.
Robot – “The doctor said to stop making decisions.” Puppet – “You’re right of course.”
– (impersonating robot) You made a weird decision to wear those glasses.
Puppet – “101? 101?” – I wish I could move my eyes like that.
Puppet: – “Open fire!” – Ooh.
Puppet – “What have I done?” – What have the producers done?
– (laughs) I am seriously looking into getting some Terrahawk action going on…
– I could get into that! – I’m gonna watch this whole season. Lando
was watching this over my shoulder and of course when he saw Zelda he like, put his
foot up, and it was like covering her face up with his foot – but he still wanted to watch
it with me? So I think that passes the test. – Right, yeah.
– It passes the pre-schooler… – He was showin’ a little caurtion with his foot.
– So, outta all these my vote is for Terrahawks I don’t know if we are voting, but feel
free to do that in the comments. – Well, I would like to bring Bigfoot and
Wildboy back. You can be Wildboy, you know who I’m gonna play.
– Let us know what you think is the most absurd, bizarre, weirdest caurtionary
show for kids that we missed in the comments. – Yeah, and thanks for liking and
commenting and subscribing! – You know what time it is. “I’m Katie!”
“And I’m Andrew!” “We’re from Utah,”
“It’s Miniature Horse Monday!” “And it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality!” – Make sure you’re following us Instagram
that’s @rhettandlink on Instagram. Every Monday over there is Miniature
Horse Monday. – Click through to Good Mythical More! I’ve got
even more completely absurd and bizarre kids shows, complete with clips! For our mutual enjoyment.
If it doesn’t freak us out. Rhett – This just in…a meteor sized meatball crash lands in Italy. – This just in, a meteor sized meatball has
crash landed in Italy. – Local man was quoted as saying,
(bad Italian accent) “Oh! Hey Hey! Look at da meatball! It’s so big! It’s
like a meteor! Ayyy!” – (bad Italian accent) “It’s like the jackpot!”
– “Hey heyyy!” – “We hit the jackpot!”
– (normal voice) Back to you, Jill.

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  1. None of these top Mouse Soup. I only ever watched it at my grandparents’ house and it’s the strangest thing.

  2. Y'all are forgetting about Yo-Gabba-Gabbba! Strange thing is, I used to love that show, and so did my brother. We were weird kids…

  3. When “Ei Ei Yoga” came on, and they were talking about breathing, I kinda went, “……will kids be trying to breathe underwater because of that..?”

  4. Why does Bigfoot and the Wildboy seem like an odd combination of the Million Dollar Man and the Dukes of Hazzard?

  5. I say the whatever this thing is on the cover of this video looks really odd……whst is it a animal? Human Animal hybrid…….beat the hell out me……if he decides to eat a cheeseburger im breaking North…..lol

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