6 Journaling Prompts to Reflect & Reset Your Life πŸ“’

Hey guys! Welcome back to Lavendaire. Today I want to continue this reset, refresh-your-life type
series with a journaling video. I love journaling – you guys know that. And today I want to share some journaling prompts
to help you reflect and reset your life. So it starts with reflecting on how you’ve been doing,
and then reassessing where you are, and then realigning yourself with your values
and where you want to go – all of that. So I also created a worksheet to go along
with today’s video. If you want to get that worksheet, you can
click that link down below to download. You’ll have to enter your email and then
you’ll get a download link to the PDF in your inbox, and then you’ll also be signed up for Lavendaire updates,
which I don’t update that often. So don’t worry, it’s about twice a month, I’d say. So today I’m going to share three
practical journaling prompts and inquisitive, deeper type of journaling
prompts to get you thinking. We’ll start with the practical ones and then we’ll move onto the deeper, open-ended ones. The first journaling prompt is simple: “What are the lessons that I’ve learned in
the past three months?” I love to ask myself this every three months,
every end of the quarter. And it’s about the end of the first quarter–
yeah, we finished Q1 in 2019 already. Anyway, it’s time to reflect on how you’ve
been doing the past three months. Be honest about the mistakes that you made,
any failures that might have happened. And don’t see them in a negative light,
rather in a light where you are taking risks and trying and learning from your mistakes
and your failures. I always tell myself, “If you have a failure,
that just means that you tried.” And if you haven’t had a failure or made any mistakes, that means that you’re playing too safe and
you aren’t trying hard enough, putting yourself out there enough. Also take this time to appreciate all your
wins in the past three months as well, and just appreciate how far you’ve come. We tend to look at how far we have left to go and so we feel not as confident or happy
about where we are now. But if you make a practice to look backwards
and see how far you’ve come, you’ll feel proud of yourself and more motivated
to keep going on in the future. The next journaling prompt is this: “Rate yourself in all the areas of your life
that matter to you.” How are you doing in those areas? Rate yourself from 0 to 10 on how satisfied
you are in that area. You don’t have to do this, but there’s this
self-reflection wheel that helps you get a better visual of how your life looks like,
how you’re doing, visually. The categories are: Wellness, Self, Relationships,
Purpose, Financial, and Creativity. And then within these categories are subcategories
to help you rate your life in more detail. I actually got this exercise from a YouTube
wellness workshop that I went to recently, and I really liked it so I had to share it. But you don’t actually have to do this
self reflection wheel. You can just list it out in your journal,
one after the other. How am I doing in wellness? Finances, creativity, career, purpose? Etc. After you rate yourself on how well
you’re doing in each area, look at the areas that need the most work. Where are you scoring the lowest? For me, it was health because I’ve neglected my physical health
for a while, like not eating well. I got lazy about that. So this month, I told myself,
“Okay, I’m going to make health a priority.” Pick 1-2 areas you want to focus on
for the next month or the next three months, whatever works for you. This is just a really good way to see where
in your life needs some work, because ideally you want to be balanced out in all areas. Balance is never perfect but you can always improve and give yourself more love and care
in the areas that need it. The next journaling prompt is to help you
reprioritize for the next three months. Ask yourself: “What are my priorities for
the next three months?” And then list out all the projects and goals
that you want to achieve. Then you can really reassess: What is most realistic? What is most important for me? Sometimes you do have to declutter your priorities because we want to do so much it’s not physically possible to do all of that at once. You don’t want to spread yourself too thin. Take this time to really, really assess what
is the most important, most urgent, or the most valuable thing that I want to
accomplish in the next three months. And then pick those things. You want to look ahead three months,
and then set that date as the date that you want to have accomplished these goals
or projects by. Then from there, you want to work backwards on setting mini-deadlines for each project
or goal that you have. The reasoning behind that is: If you set a goal
and you don’t have an end date in mind, then you’ll just give yourself forever to accomplish it
and you might never really get to it. So it’s always important to have the end date in mind, which is the timeline that you want to achieve that project or goal. What’s even more helpful is break down,
by either month or every week, what do you want to have finished by
the end of each week? So for me, it’s helpful to work backwards because at the end you want to have
the finished product and then you’ll just logically set those
deadlines going backwards. “Okay, but the second month,
I should have finished this much. By the first month, I should have finished this much,” and then just work it out from there. Hopefully that helps you reprioritize and make an actual action plan to achieve your goals
and projects for the next three months. Alright, so those are the three
practical journaling prompts. And now I want to move on and share three open-ended, more thought-provoking journaling prompts
that you guys should definitely journal too, because I feel like these open-ended ones will help you reveal what’s deeper within you: What do you truly want? How can you realign to what’s valuable and
what’s important to you? The first journaling prompt is: “What would I do if I knew I could not fail?” And this is a good one because if you consider – if failure was not an option,
what would you do with your life? You would just go for the craziest, most fun
things that you would want to go for, because if you can’t fail and you take away that risk, then you would just go for the best thing
that you could ever think of. And this is a fun question to ask yourself because it reveals what would you actually
want to do with your life? What are the true desires you have within
if you weren’t going to give in to the fear of failure or the fear of looking stupid,
fear of embarrassment, or any of that. If there was no failure and you could not fail,
what would you do? Let me know down below in the comments, because I’m curious what you guys are thinking. The next prompt is similar but different: “If I had all the money in the world, what would I do?” If money were not an issue, if you don’t need
to have money to survive, to support yourself, your family, whatever
– what would you do? And this is another one to let yourself dream. Give yourself some time to just think open-ended
and really explore all the possibilities. What would your life look like if money didn’t matter? What would you do? How would you spend your time? What would you want to create out of your life? This is another prompt to help you dig deep
and discover who you truly are inside, what is genuinely valuable to you in this lifetime, what matters when you erase the need for money and the basic foundational needs that we all have. And it could give you ideas on how you want
to spend your life in the future. Alright, the last journaling prompt I’ll share today is: “What are some scary things outside of my
comfort zone that I want to do this year?” And then: “What are some scary things I want
to do in this lifetime?” Think always about how you can
expand your comfort zone because it’s so easy to stay within what’s comfortable,
what’s normal, and what’s safe. But we only grow when we stretch ourselves
and step out of it. You only grow when you get nervous and feel
anxious and a little bit scared, because that’s when you’re pushing yourself
into doing something you haven’t done before. It’s always a good reminder to reflect: What is something that I’ve wanted to do but
I’m scared to do? Something outside of my comfort zone that
I could consider trying to do, trying to push myself. I’m sure there are a ton that you can think of. If not, please share down below for people
who want inspiration or ideas on things they can do outside of their comfort zone. It could be really simple. It could be: going on a photoshoot with a
friend, or learning a new language, or going skydiving, or doing some solo travel. There are tons of things you can do to stretch
outside of your comfort zone. Just another reminder that whatever feels scary to you, that is a clue to where you should go. What I mean by that is not “jump off a cliff”
or anything, but anything scary in terms of going for your dreams or stretching yourself in a way that is helpful
or beneficial to yourself. Alright, that’s it for this video! Let me know if you guys like videos like this
where I share journaling prompts. Leave your feedback down below because I love
journaling and I journal almost every day. And I have a journaling playlist which I’ll link below. I feel like journaling is something so personal and it’s hard to make videos about it because
journaling is just journaling. I sit down and write whatever’s on my mind. Anyway, if you’re new to this, my only tip for you is:
Don’t overthink it and just write. Get out a journal, a pen,
and just write whatever’s on your mind. Journaling has no rules. You don’t have to share it with anyone. It’s just for yourself. And if you want, you can burn it or delete it afterwards. You can even journal digitally, and I know
a lot of people do that. I personally love handwriting. I like it better, but whatever works for you, works. Good luck with your journaling session and
I hope you have an amazing rest of your day. Love you so much. Bye!

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