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  1. Oy been REALLY trying to do this, but goodness it is hard, particularly, I have found now that I work for myself, but thank you for this video, definitely helpful and inspiring. Going to keep trying =)

  2. Curious if you do morning pages on the weekend? I find myself craving it even on weekends just to get my thoughts out in the morning and to be able to move forward with my day

  3. I love this channel! I found Amy's channel years ago when she was called savvy sexy social and have stuck by ever since! I just want to say that to all aspiring entrepreneurs and creatives keep going never give up! Every small channel I used to watch on youtube is now a medium to big size. Same as a morning routine – consistency is key!
    BTW I’m Anna, an aspiring YouTuber who is trying to grow their channel! I only have two videos so far (many more to come) but I would really appreciate it if you could take a look at my channel. In the future I am going to be uploading a variety of entertaining videos to my channel frequently, so it would make my day if you could consider subscribing.

  4. I’ve gotten into the routine of doing about 45 minutes of yoga and then 15 minutes of meditation every morning using the headspace app. But I don’t just get up and start yoga. I make some coffee, drink some water, then take my coffee and my iPad to my yoga mat and pull up a YouTube video, usually GCN. I find drinking coffee while watching some YouTube makes the transition so much easier. I usually save the more intense workouts, running or biking, for after work. It’s really helped me ease into my day instead of being jolted out of bed and going to a 545am spin class or something like that. Love the writing and reading ideas, the brain flow ideas in general. I’ve been struggling to get my brain going early in the morning. I have a hard time finding a comfortable place. I’m not ready to sit at a desk at 6am. Any suggestions?

  5. I have my exam after 2months. I have already started wake up on 5am.but want to be more productive.plz make a video for students morning routine ideas or study hour ideas.

  6. Amazing video, thank you a lot. Especially for the app. It was very interesting to watch it on the day when I got myself up at 5 am, felt more motivated to do the things on my morning list!

  7. I needed this. I've gotten good at waking up at a really obnoxious hour with ease – and I'm like "now what?" and go back to sleep. It's all dark and cold. x_x

  8. I have a very hard time with going to bed late, and still lay in bed thinking. It annoys me so much, and then in the morning I am pokey, mind you that now I am 44 yrs old, I am currently not working due to a back surgery that failed a few yrs ago, and I have always been a very active person. So now my days are so different, but I also am going through some very hard times, dealing with grieving, my Mom just passed in April and my sister passed last yr in May of 2017, and my Mom was just this past April so a yr apart. But I wish I had a regular routine that worked out good to go to bed and get up at the same time everyday, have a nice holiday.

  9. I wanted to like this video, but when – at about half of it – I heard “ideas, ideas, ideas” I had to stop. You need to be more focused, or this will be a waste of time.

  10. I art. I pull out the paints, pencils, and pens and rip into it. If I don't have an immediate idea, I work on art exercises: pen strokes, color mixing, etc. I LOVE it, it really does pull me out of bed when I don't wanna pull myself away from the toastiness!

  11. Instead of connection list… grab your cat and hold it for five minutes forgetting there are other people in the world.
    I am an introvert and every conversation takes stamina points from me by heaps. Unfortunately, I am quite good at working with people and these days, I am constantly surrounded by them – I organize lectures, give lectures myself, do behavioral experiments with people, etc. My main reason for procrastination now is knowing that I'll have to contact another speaker, talk with someone, even call my mother… watching youtube videos alone is a thousand times better than speaking even with my best friends right now, so I have a hard time doing anything else (most of what I should be doing include some ways of contacting people)… Waking in the morning to think about contacting even more people would probably kill me. I would want to never get up again, let alone at 5 am. 🙂

  12. It's horrible for me to use an alarm. Why? I put it off in my sleep 🙈 Plus I have ADHD so lemon water or coffee… yeah that makes me asleep and not wake up

  13. It`s easy to wake up early Amy but it is hard to stay awake after reading or doing such hard work because we definitely feel tired especially if we sleep late in the night.
    I wake up for my prayer in the early morning 5 am then i do my job but it`s so hard to stay awake after 2 hours of my work i feel sleepy and wake up after 3 hours.

  14. Quite creepy that of all the things you've mentioned, morning pages is the only one I'm not doing (yet). Like we LITERALLY have the SAME morning routine.

  15. I work late so 5am is out of the question, but I did wake up at 7am today and I legit felt like a new person.So many hours at my disposal that I wasted before

  16. I really enjoyed this video! I have a love/hate relationship with working out in the morning. It does a good job at keeping me up, but I’m so much more tired than when I work out in the evening. I appreciate your “ideas!” 🙂

  17. One of the best videos on productivity and routine.
    Everything was useful.
    I only don't agree with the "contacts" part.
    I've always been a person who never hesitated to contact people I like and I want to get in touch with.
    Most of them didn't show the love back, so I knew I'm not welcomed.
    This part is completely checked for me.
    The people I care about and who care about me (whom I can count on one hand), we're emotionally close enough for not needing a routine.

  18. I dont work out in the morning because it's my favorite part of the day so I do it at 4:pm its what I look forward to but I dont do it at night because I like to work out outside before it gets dark

  19. I'm so glad I found this channel
    Watching one of your videos is in my morning routine which gets me excited to go through the day❤️

  20. I find your videos very inspiring but you are not right here. It' s a genetic condition whethter you're a morning or a night person. This ideal of being productive 24/7 and optimising ourselves all the time is something society idealises but it's neither healthy nor does it make us happy. When you need all these things to get going in the morning when you don't necessarily have to, it's better to add some more sleep because that's what you probably really need. Everybody is diffferent and it's not responsible to pretend we#re all robots programmed for the same thing.

  21. According to Islam, Muslims must perform Salatul-Fajr which can be performed during a certain period of time ending at sunrise. It takes around ten minutes to perform Salatul-Fajr.
    الحَمدُ لله.

  22. Have you heard of 750words.com? Great for digital morning pages if thats your jam. Not so much if you prefer pen and paper of course which i do but I actually like the typing!! You also get badges for consistency and stamina!! 😍☺️

  23. That's literally why I don't want to wake up early- I feel like I have absolutely nothing to do lol. When in actuality there is a ton of stuff I could be doing. I'm going to start trying to wake up earlier. Thanks for the tips.

  24. I like your ideas a lot, and I will try and see what works for me…. as soon as hell-January (exam month) is over haha.
    I like the idea of making a daily meal plan if there were no time for making a weekly one. Otherwise, the food budget and waste really becomes a mess…
    I also try to be more social, so I love the idea of spending a few minutes thinking about who you miss speaking to and maybe plan a call in the evening to this person to talk or schedule a day to meet for coffee.

    I am a fan of writing 3 goals in the morning that can be both work-related and personal. It can both be 2 work goals, 3 practical house goals, or personal motivating things.

    Personal/Mindful 3 daily goals:
    1) today I want to look people in the eye when they talk
    2) Listen more than i speak
    3) remember to really breathe

    3 daily House Goals:
    1) vacuum the floor
    2) Empty the paper-bin
    3) Hand wash delicate cloth

    3 daily work goals:
    1) Run data through 'SSH software'
    2) Review what the research is about
    3) Visualize the most basic properties of the data and explain them

    Cheers 😀

  25. Starting this tomorrow morning – no matter the time I wake. I think it would be better to stick to the routine even if it's not at 5am each morning. So excited to see the results!

  26. Fuck 5am or 4am, those are for undisciplined losers! It's 3 am that's going to change your life and make you a millionaire!

  27. Love this video. So many great tips and points! I’m excited to keep striving to reach my ultimate kick-ass productive morning (I’ll call it the A+ morning). Right now I’d say my mornings are sitting at a solid C+ when I am able to incorporate any one of these things, or just make time for myself in any way, where I’m not just rushing through getting ready and getting to work. I can personally account for what a difference something as simple as savoring your coffee can be. I notice such a difference in my mindset throughout the day when I’m not rushing through my coffee and/or drinking it on the go.

    I also like to listen to some peaceful music or meditations during my cup of coffee (my introspective time), and then I switch to more upbeat music to get me moving. Music is a great tool for me personally in the mornings. It can really influence my mood and I’ve had some success linking certain styles of music with actions or habits, so now I can “trigger” a more productive morning simply by turning on music I associate with things I want or need to do.

  28. I like waking up early and when i do i feel sleepy and tired the whole day i dont know how to get over this and be a morning person!

  29. I want to wake up earlier but I’m a night owl so instead of 5 I’ll try 8:30 am or even 9 and see how that works out for me. Gotta take baby steps now

  30. As a blogger, I find it funny that she mentioned us wanted to make videos more. I totally agree, but I just somehow feel more comfortable writing, than doing videos, so I stick with it, but she is right about that. Love your videos. They keep me motivated, and help inspire my writings. Oh, and 5 A.M is way too much for me. The best I can do now is 6.

  31. I was had problem for wake up early. Until I downloaded the app call BARCODE! You set this with your toothpaste barcode or something it’s in the bathroom or kitchen. And this make you get out from the bed and scan this for the alarm 🚨 turn off😁

  32. I love spending time with God in the morning. I also love doing yoga and mediation. I also started to journal. I write how u feel, a list of what I would like to do today, 5 things im grateful for, a small part and 5 things like I am beautiful I am smart ect. I always ended it with love me. I also like giving myself the first hug. It sounds silly but before I give love out I love myself first. Trust me it makes me feel good and happy just to be me. Xxx

  33. Thank you so much for being so real about waking up early. So many people make it seem so simple and like they never struggle or fail at it. Me and my anxiety thank you for being honest about what kind of expectations to have!

  34. I hate the actual "waking up" part but, once I'm up nothing sets my day off better than praying out loud and spending some time with God. For me that would replace writing my thoughts down and meditation I guess. Either way I can definitely relate to needing that peace and brain dump in the morning.

  35. Hi, exactly this happened to me today!!!!!! I woke up at 6 a.m. (I'm doing 6 a.m. first, then I'll try 5 a.m.), and thought: why should I get up, what am I going to do??? And fell back asleep. I'll try these ideas tomorrow to use my early and alone hours to do something productive. Thanks so much!!!!!!

  36. I've commented before that I've been trying to get up at 5 AM each day. Today I did, but I still felt really tired and accidentally fell back asleep for about an hour. But, maybe I needed it. Who knows. I try not to do that of course, but some days I cheat. From now on though, thanks to these ideas I'm gonna try to do even better!
    My goal is to: 1. Water. 2. Write. 3. Meditate. 4 Move. 5. Paint or draw because I want to do more of that daily, being an artist, 6. The quote thing sounds cool. Might try that. 7. The Coffee Time! 8. Read.
    That's gonna be my plan for now. Hopefully I actually do it tomorrow. That'd be cool. I know it probably won't change over night but hey, I can dream.
    Also desert during that time? Yes please! Sugar is a great wake up ingredient… lol just jokes guys. Just jokes. Besides I get enough of it with coffee. 😀

  37. I started writing in a daily journal I picked up at Target. It's a Knock Knock product called "How I Am Working on Me" and it is basically a page a day. Very short. I do this with my morning coffee. I have found this really sets my tone for the day and reminds me of my goals.

  38. A great reason is to watch the sunrise – and you can pair it with your 'move your body'/exercise 🙂

  39. What if the person on your list is an ex BFF and you miss them but the last time you reached out they still didnt let go of what they felt was an issue… do you just give up

  40. I love your channel. You are helping me so much to develop the habits I need to do this things I want to do. Thank you for this video … I’m struggling right now to get up at 5am but I need to do it for the next couple of weeks to have enough hours in the day to do all that needs to be done.
    Thank you x

  41. I literally am watching this at 5:30 since I have been up at 1:00am. And can’t sleep. I honestly don’t even know how this happened because I normally wake up at 9:00am. 😩😩😩😩

  42. I’ve started getting up at 7 rather than 740 (I know big jump huh 🤣) but it’s been really nice to just be up and actually feel good I’m getting ready in the morning and not just going to babysit in my pajamas

  43. I like going for walks at 5 am but by 10am, I'm ready for a nap.

    However, if I take a 20 minute nap at 10am, I usually feel super energized rest of the day

  44. Greatest early morning routine:

    Rise around 5am, meditate 10-15 min, drink tea, smoke a bowl of organic cannabis. <3

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  46. Great tips! It's so important to develop a routine that works for you. I've been waking up at 5 or 6 am for a long time and I've definitely seen an increase in productivity and have more of a sense of accomplishment in my daily life. Cheers!

  47. If You Ever Did Fall Asleep The Night Before, That Is…
    That's Not Me…
    It's 5:20 Am Right Now.
    Haven't Went To Sleep Yet..

  48. This is literally what Natalie‘s outlet and you’re wearing the same shirt she wore in the video how to wake up at 5 AM

  49. Everything was going great until "meditation", I'm just tired of this whole world pushing into it and to me meditation is weird, boring and stupid. But that's just my opinion. I just wish I can find a blogger who is not talking about meditating and yoga since I not only do not believe in that but am a bit againts this asian ideas colonization of the world. Just for that I might pass this vid without a like and I'll keep looking for only scientific strategies

  50. In my country, school starts at 6am so I have to get up at 5am and I don't have a problem with that lol 😂😴😴

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