64 thoughts on “50 YouTube Algorithm Qs Answered in 6 Min

  1. It’s not that I don’t make good videos. My videos are real, about what’s going on in the bahamas . Most people like Fiction then reality .

  2. Very helpful and honest as hell which is hard to find just be honest and not sugar coat don't spare my feelings I love this video

  3. insightful video. these are very similar questions i get by people on Instagram. who woulda thought they would be so similar

  4. Excellent fast paced informational video about YouTube. Thanks for sharing your honest answers. Have a great day.

  5. Great video!👍 These questions are the same I get at every speaking engagement or business presentation, doesn't matter what industry or medium (YouTube, broadcast, print, direct mail, email, newsletters, trade shows, promotions, etc.). AND the answers are always there same 😀

  6. Thank you for another amazing video. Your videos helped me to grow my channel within 3 month. I got 2k subs along with watch time of 2300 hours, which is super amazing. Plus, my demographics are from 22+ countries which is fantastic. Thank you again

  7. I am recording videos of mall shows. It gives me many views for those recordings only not on my tutorial and tech videos.

  8. Great rapid-fire Q&A. A little confused about Home Page answer on Q26 re: Traffic Sources. I understand that having a great homepage is important, but how would you get people to your homepage for that to become the traffic source?

  9. Very to the point..case and point..basically of ur content is. Good. You be growing …..if it sux. Go get a job at McDonald s
    .be done with it…!

  10. Enjoyed the rapid fire feel of this one! Super insightful, and full of great tidbits concerning the ever-changing YT algorithm

  11. I've been on YouTube since 2012 and I became consistent not that long ago. Just being sorta consistent is important to getting bigger and i have seen consistent and great growth because of it.

  12. Anyone has a tip for 'Top 10' style of videos?
    I can't thing of anything I'm doing wrong, but the growth is still missing

  13. This is very interesting and should appeal to others with all these great Q&A. That may benefit everyone's Channel and growth.

  14. Brain just melted!! Too much great info too fast!!! Especially when you watch everything at 3x speed 😉

  15. Yes just getting started with things, My head is going in 14 different directions. Should have e a video up in about a week. having trouble editing my video. Great information. I save it and can go back at a slower pace to let it soak in better. Thanks Tim

  16. Some great answers in this. I'm somewhat confused, though. "Think about doing more with Homepage and suggested videos". But how?? Care to explain?
    Also, can I just ask anyone to check my latest cinematic cosplay video? I mean, wouldn't it be rude to just ask?

  17. Great quick fire! Care to elaborate on your answer to question #18 where you suggested "doing more with home page and suggested videos" How?

  18. Tim, some people write "We love getting fan mail" and they give a P. O. Box. Is this a marketing strategy, or do they actlually enjoy reading the fan mail?

  19. "Why does YouTube hate me?!" That one killed me! 😂Love the style of this video. Great value at a rate that some of us gold-fish brains can digest easily. ♥ (Although the other stuff is GREAT too. Always quality stuff from Tim )

  20. Awesome video! So much value in a short period of time. Great meeting you at VidSummit Lennon! Thanks Tim and crew for value as always!

  21. Sooooo, I should not use Google Adsense to promote my channel?
    I've been trying to make my videos interesting but, YouTube has been changing way too much.

    And I also feel like promoting my videos on social media is starting to deteriorate and I still can't get enough traction.

    Also, before you tell me. Yes! Yes I have learned about some good tips from the YouTube Creator Academy! But I still can't get my channel to work with the new methods on this site since they changed everything including the tags.

  22. Wow, this was fantastic. I don't use the thumbs function, but had to give this one a thumbs up. Thanks. This is the kind of video that I like to watch. I just unsubscribed from one channel because of their constant embedded advertisements about their own products and services. It takes them one minute of video before they even get to the subject of their video.

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