Hey guys welcome to my channel in this video I’m gonna give you top 50 English phrases that you can use in your everyday life So if you are just about to embark on your journey to an english-speaking country, you can totally use this Phrases if you have been learning English for a while and you want to resume learning This is the best video to start with so let’s go 50 phrases in English in hopefully 10 minutes Phrase number one this is another way to ask. How are you? How is it going? How’s it going? So you meet someone and you time how is it going? Phrase number two when you haven’t seen somebody for a while you tell him a long time no see So that means that you haven’t seen this person maybe weeks or months a long time no see phrase number three if you want to ask you what have you been doing You ask what have you been up to so what was going on in your life? What have you been up to raise them before if everything is going? Well you can just answer can’t complain Everything is really cool. Can’t complain next phrase somebody tells you something and you haven’t really mentioned it in the Conversation like they guess somehow that you have a new job, and you ask him. How do you know? Where did you get the news like how do you know if somebody tells a cool joke you can tell that’s a good one That’s a great joke so the phrase is that’s a good one If you want to thank somebody you can say it’s very kind of you Thank you so much for doing that that’s very kind of you it is very Kind of you if somebody was trying to help you, but couldn’t reach the result you can say. Thank you anyway It doesn’t matter, but thank you anyway. Thank you for your effort. No Thank you anyway, and another phrase that I use in my email sometimes when I haven’t asked for a person I ask and then I say in the end Thank you in advance, which means that I really hope that you’re gonna. Do it some thanking you in advance Thank you in advance if somebody made a mistake, and he’s really Upset about it. You can just say no worries. Don’t worry No worries, which means don’t worry about it. It’s fine. No worries imagine You came home and there are all of your friends sitting on your couch And you’re like what’s going on in here like what are you doing here? What is going on if you didn’t catch something or it didn’t understand the person you can always ask did I get you right? And then go ahead and explain where you got did I get you right? If you ask somebody not to be upset not to cry you can say don’t take it to heart Don’t take it to heart like seriously don’t be so upset don’t take it to heart Another way to ask if you didn’t catch a part of a phrase you can say I didn’t catch the last word I’m sorry Can you repeat it because I didn’t catch the last word if he wants somebody to repeat the whole phrase again You can say sorry. I wasn’t listening because maybe you were busy Maybe you were talking on the phone and somebody was talking to you, and you’re like. Oh my god. Sorry I wasn’t listening. Can you repeat it? I’m sorry. I wasn’t listening another phrase that I use all the time It doesn’t matter like don’t worry if you drop your coffee all over me. It’s like it doesn’t matter. I’ll be fine I’m going to laundry anyway It doesn’t matter if you want to wish somebody luck And I always do that you can say fingers crossed and you cross the fingers like that fingers crossed another phrase that Americans use is Oh bad that explains it and The situation is you didn’t get something and then you get an extra effect, and you get it And you’re like oh that that explains it that explains it Another way to tell the person to not be upset is you can say things happen like it’s okay Things happen do not be upset if you don’t have the name of a person you want to talk to him You can say sorry to bother you you know you see Somebody’s busy you can always say sorry to bother you and then you can go ahead and ask Sorry to bother you If you are in the middle of something in somebody’s asking you something you can say oh You’re in the middle of something and somebody somebody’s asking you to do something you say, I’m sorry I’ll be with you in a minute I’ll be with you in and then you resume doing something and you say where were we? Like when did we stop where were we and you have to repeat it because what it’s the sound that somebody some people mistake with B So this is a great way to practice where were we again if you’re in the middle of a conversation? and you didn’t get what the other person was saying you can say you were saying and with a question mark Which means which prompts the person to repeat once again? You were saying If somebody got a job of his dreams of whatever you can say Lucky you or somebody got into the university of their dreams like lucky you this is a way of congratulating the person lucky you or like just Emphasizing that he’s lucky lucky you another way to say that you’re really angry is to say I freaked out like I was so angry I Freaked out this is super angry. Oh, this is like almost crazy. I freaked out Another phrase that native speakers use is good for you and this could be both positive and negative when you say I got promoted and if they say good for you like congratulations and Sometimes if you say like I’m leaving this place. They’re like good for you It would be better without you and this is a negative meaning so really listen to the intonation If something surprises you you can also say you gotta be kidding me like oh my god I cannot believe it you gotta be kidding me To tell somebody to smile and to be happy you can always say cheer up cheer up If you want somebody just sound like crying and complaining about something that is not happening you can say come I’m you can do it I? Come on. You can do it You can pass the TOEFL you can pass the GMAT you will get it come on. You can do it If somebody is doing really well, you can tell them keep up the good work keep up the good work Like be as good as you are and keep up the good work continue being Another phrase is colloquial, and this is what Americans say. That’s lit which means that’s amazing Many Americans said in California. Oh that’s lit and you probably heard it in songs That’s lit if somebody is successful after failures, so you can say there you go I told you you’re gonna make it there you go If somebody’s asking you if you’re tired And you want to say you’re not tired at all you can say not a bit nah. I want to continue I’m not tired not of it when somebody is asking you Are you sure and you’re pretty sure you can say there is no room for that? There is no room for doubt in America if you want to SMS somebody or send them a message you say text to text so I’ll text you means I will send you a message through whatsapp or a Telegram or messenger of whatever using I’ll text you Again to cheer somebody up to tell them to not be upset you can say it’s not worth it Like why are you crying? It’s not worth it. You’re so much better than the problem You are crying about it’s not worth your tears. It’s not worth it I personally love the phrase you rock which means you’re amazing. Oh my god. You rock you rock? No, you’ve done an amazing job. You rock if somebody’s not working really well, and you want them to work harder You can say you should go an extra mile Which means like work harder you should go an extra mile Another way to say the very same thing you can say step up your game like work harder work better Step up your game. If somebody’s crying and doesn’t want it. It sinks you say pull yourself together Like literally take yourself and pull yourself together stop working stop crying pull yourself together. Hey calm down yourself together another phrase that I love you sold me because sometimes people describe their trip or somebody they bought and they describe it is so well And they’re like I want to buy the same thing and I tell them you sold it you sold me I wouldn’t buy this Alright, you sold me if you’re not interested in the conversation. You’re like sitting you can say I could not care less This is so boring. I’m not interested. I couldn’t care less if Somebody’s asking you something and this is a really easy decision for you like somebody tells you take my 1 million dollars And you say this is a no-brainer. I’ll take it. This is a no-brainer means It’s a really easy decision for you if you’ve done something wrong and you admit it you can say I screwed up Yes guys. I know. I’m sorry. I screwed up. This is my mistake. I screwed up I screwed it up if you want somebody to work instead of me you can say can you cover me like can you work instead of me while I’m seeing my friend Can you cover me it’s time to leave and guys I’d better be going which means I should go already It’s you know. It’s actually 1 9 p.m.. Right now. I’d better be going another way to say goodbye I can say take care, which means take care of yourself. I’ll see you later Take care. I don’t know what day is it when you’re watching this video, but if it’s Friday for example weekend You can say thank heavens is Friday or think heavens said Saturday weekend discovery I’m so happy this was it guys 50 phrases in English Let me know if this was helpful by liking this video and commenting below if you know any more cool phrases. That would be great There’s a red button over there somewhere Subscribe to this channel to not miss my new videos. I love you guys. Thank you so much for watching this bye

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