100 thoughts on “50 COMMON ENGLISH PHRASES

  1. Thank you so much. Lovely are you for abundant facial expressions. You inspired me. I see a soul that is amazingly free. You rock!

  2. It was cool.
    I don't speak English very well and don't understand all. But you are awesome.

  3. U've stepped up my english and i'm like fallen for you..yep it's another phrase for ya.. u'r beautiful & a good teacher..

  4. To be honest. I enjoy watching your video. Because it's the better way to inproved my skill of learning English language.

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  6. .ไป..เทียว..ดี.กาว.วว..ดู..น้อง.ทำ.งาน.ดี..ไอ.เริ..ยู…โอ.เคคคค.เอา

  7. Way to go linguamarina!! I appreciate this it was refreshing to hear phrases that i totally had forgotten!!
    Thanks a million!!

  8. This is really helpful to me i have watched this video 10 times and now i have memorized these phrases thank you.. You solved my lot of confusions .. I'll never gonna miss your video.. Stay blessed 😍

  9. Woah,they are very useful phrases in day to day conversation. Thanks & hopefully we will get some useful stuff like this.

  10. It seems to me that you're very much like actress Anne Hathaway! Nice to look at you because you have a beautiful smile!😊

  11. Hey there , i personally like your vedio . You are all amazing and happy . Keep doing up your good work . Lots of love from india

  12. mam thnx a lot again……being an average speaker it would help me a lot to inculcate eng lessons from u

  13. I could finally see a mistake from you. 🙌😂 it fostered me because I saw you were perfect in a learned language and I am not in mine(2nd language), so you make mistakes in the third one at least. 😂❤

  14. if you were my teacher, I’d be expert of anything you teach. I love the energy, love and effort you put into these videos. Thanks a million !

  15. On the road
    • On the rocks
    • I'm broke
    • Money hungry
    • Workaholic
    • Cost an arm and a leg
    • Sleep on it
    • I screwed up
    • Can you cover me?
    • It's raining cats and dogs

  16. Hi, marina. Thank you for this video. It is very useful. I'm your number one fans. I love all your videos.

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