100 thoughts on “50 AMAZING Facts to Blow Your Mind! #138

  1. 7:35 So do I. I write and draw with my left hand, but I use my mouse with my right hand, including to do 3D modeling and digital paintings. I also play guitar as if I were right-handed and throw with my right hand.
    Also, I am one inch shorter than Lebron James, who is one inch shorter than Larry Bird.

  2. Chess can not be banned from Islam by a Cheikh. They lead prayers, have a deeper knowledge of Islam of course but they don’t have a link between humans and God directly (unlike priests who marry, baptise people and so on for them to be β€œβ€β€β€accepted in Heaven””””), the only Islamic « lawsΒ Β» had been written and everything can be found in Hadith or Quranic text (words of God, the Prophet (sws) and/or his companions)!!! hope y’all get that

  3. Can someone please put a clove of garlic into a bag than your foot into it.

    I would like to know if you can taste it.

    For research.

  4. hey Western people and Americans regarding that toilet paper subject. in other cultures toilet paper used to dry yourself not to clean your self so to you all who is just using toilet thinking you are clean !!! No you are not and you still stink as hell down there ( WOMEN DID YOU HEAR THAT ) sorry but it is the truth someone has to tell you that !! WASH YOUR SELF than dry by using toilet paper .

  5. Still have to say it. Thank you knowledge whale for sticking with us. Keep hitting us with those flippers. ~slap. slap.~

  6. #22 I've always said, that I totally prefer Jack In The Box's tacos over Taco Bell's. Taco Bell's tacos don't even come close.

  7. That explains the unusually stringent security he had with him in Portland, OR. We ran into him and his guards on the street before one of his band's shows.

  8. Enmity!!! You rock!!!!! Hardly anyone I know could use that word..especially in the correct context!!!! Kudos!!!

  9. Well done, handsome Knowledge Whale. 😏😎❀

    EDIT: tries to comment while watching video "OH NO, I MISSED SOME…" rewind

  10. Hey Matt! We, my hubs and I, just want to let you know that you look really good and healthy! Happier is a better word for it. We are glad to see you looking great again! Regards, The Showalters

  11. So you make mention of the Army & show a Marine. Also it's not tear gas as most people know it. Having served in the Army with a 11B MOS I know first-hand.

  12. I would expect that the gay identifying AI only used video to detect gays. If so that is amazing. Also a little scary as that tech could be horrible in the hands of anti LGBT countries

  13. I kind of hate your thumbnails. I'm also realizing you mispronounce words which proves you understand very little about what you talk about.

  14. 1. Coaches are probably more negative if the team plays worse than average in the first half. If the teams does average in the secpmd half that is a improvement. Statustustians call this "regression to the mean". Source: DaniΓ«l Kahnemann.

  15. Walks up to AI

    Man: β€œAm I gay?”
    AI: β€œYou are not gay”

    Walks up to black tv host

    Man: β€œHello, good evening”
    Black tv host: β€œWhy are you gay?”
    Man: β€œWho says I’m gay?”
    Black tv host: β€œYou are gay”

  16. Okay, no joke this time. Here in The Netherlands there's a YouTuber who a few years ago published a book called "1000 excuses." for pretty much everything.

    138 x 50 facts is 6900 (!) facts so far. Not counting Fact Maniac That would give you almost 7 volumes of books with 1000 facts each (!) Ever thought about that?

  17. Aaaaaaaaaannndddd, WE’RE BACK!!!!

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