5 Tips on Getting Started with Audiobooks

5 Tips on Getting Started with Audiobooks

Hi There,
this is mrinal once again And welcome to RTT video cast. In today’s video
I will show you how to get started with Audiobooks. Or basically,
how to consume information in form of listening instead of reading it. Now, it’s one of those video,
that comes from my own personal experience and observation
so even if you don’t find it helpful immediately, chances are —
It’ll definitely help you in long term. So let’s get started —–
Ok, Now before we start
Let’s us first see Why should one
listen to stuff instead of reading it? And well,
there are couple of reasons to doing it. Like — #1 Speed
Listening to Audiobooks or blog post is quicker You can consume more information in less time.
For instance — An average 300 pages book
(which usually people finish in a month) is only 5 hours long when you convert it in
audiobook. #2 Convenient
Listen to stuff is a lot more convenient Than reading it,
Especially in the odd places. For instance,
it’s hard to read your fav book; while driving or in a public transport
but listening to them; it’s much more practical. And then there are many other things like
— You can but 1000’s of Audiobook in your
phone But that’s not possible for the physical
books. Now off course
you can’t apply these method everywhere. There are things,
which are only meant to be read and not listen but still, for most of the stuff, this technique
works So let’s see how to do it — Tip #1 Use Pocket So, let’s say,
you want to listen to a well researched- lengthy blog post
then you can easily do that with the pocket app Simply save that article
in your pocket account and use the TTS feature in
The pocket mobile app to listen to it. Obviously, the audio is going to be robotic,
and you may not enjoy it at first. but with time you’ll come to peace with
it and start appreciating the content instead. And guess what,
you can do the same thing to any Ebook as well.
Just find a way to temporarily publish it on web
Using sites like Blogger and wordpress And then use the pocket app, like you would
normally do. Tip #2 LibriVox Say you decided to try Audiobooks
But you don’t want to spend money up front So in such cases, you can try librivox It’s online community
To find free Audiobook. Which are usually the books under public domain. Now what type of books are in public domain? Well, any book which is older than 120 years
from today; or after 70 years of the Author’s death;
Will automatically, falls under public domain. And yes, i know this is too old
but trust me, if you look you can find some hidden gems. For instance-
What I like to do is; I go through this
‘Popular Public Domain Books list’ on Goodreads
and when I like something like this — adventure of sherlock holmes
series then simply look for it on Librivox.
And BTW, I really enjoy the sherlock series by ruth
golding You should definitely check that out. And the good part is —
in its smartphone app; you can either listen to them online
or even download them for offline use. It’s also has a sleep timer
and playback speed option, which is nice. TLDL; a free audiobook app
with some very good collection of books, Highly recommend to beginners. Tip #3 Try the Web Now, incase you are looking for latest audiobooks
But can’t afford them right now, Then you can try — YouTube or SoundCloud. All you need is basic
Google fu. Most of them are questionable upload
and don’t stay there for long. But, if you want to grab them quickly,
checkout this subreddit — like — AudioBooksonYouTube Now, once you take them offline,
you can start listening to it On a dedicated Audio Books apps
I prefer — Smart Audiobook player And unlike the normal music player app
this Audiobook player have bigger controls screen, sleep timer and
speed control etc. And remember,
Don’t forget to support the Author. You can do that by spreading good words
about their book on social media Or buy a physical copy when you can afford
it. Tip #4 Podcast Now, podcasts are little different from audiobooks, Consider them like a blogs
but with audio. Or like a radio show,
where two experts are discussing an interesting topic. However, finding right podcast
is much difficult then find a text based blog. And this is why you will need a repository
(or an App), where you can find all the podcast in one
place. Some popular ones are
itunes, podcast addict or pocket cast etc. So, once you open these apps,
you can choose from several genre that interest you
and subscribe to them. Similar to what you do with YouTube videos Now, when they upload a new episode you can
listen to them. It also has sleep time and playback speed
option— which you will see in almost every audiobook
type app. Finally, if you are getting started with podcast
spend some good time, finding the right channel one for you
Or, you may find it boring and eventually quit it. #4 Audible Now, even if you don’t listen to audiobooks.
I am pretty sure you have heard of audible before, Apparently,
They have the biggest collection of Audiobook Recorder by some of the best voice artist
in the industry. But this also comes with a nifty price— You can buy audiobooks from audible
just like you a regular book from a bookstore, or you what most people do is,
i.e. subscribe to their service for 15$ a month
and then they can listen to one free book every month. The Audible mobile app has all the essential
feature like speed timer, changing playback speed
and bigger controlling screen while you are driving
You can also listen to your books offline. And yes,
whatever you buy from Audible, is yours to keep, forever.
Just like you do with a physical book. But is it worth it? Well, I have been an Audible subscriber for
a year now, and it’s true that their service is quite
expensive. However, if you are hardcore reader
then you already know, that spending money on the books is the best investment
ever. Well this is all for now; I recently read the
autobiography of elon musk by ashlee vance and it was awesome. So, if you looking for something inspiring
but also realistic than check it out
I highly recommend this one. And, If you sign up using my affiliate link
then you can read this book (or any 1 book) for FREE
and then if you like it, continue the service or cancel anytime in the first month
You won’t be charged anything. So, go ahead and sign up for audible now
This way, you get a free book
and also the chances to support this channel. That said,
let me know what your fav books are in the comment below
and subscribe to this channel to see more tech tips and tricks for better
like So this is all for now,
it’s mrinal signing OFF and like always thanks for watching.

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  1. I am a subscriber of ur channel when u had just 2000 subs.I see ur gradual growth.Keep it on.Best of luck for ur 30000 subs☺☺☺

  2. Hi Mrunal..You are simply Great..!!! All of ur articles and videos are really very informative and essential. I had learned a lot of things from you. Thank you very much and best of luck..Keep it up..!!!
    I have one question, is there any way to listen audio books in Indian language like Hindi or Marathi. On desktop or Mobile.

  3. I have saved 100s of articles on my Pocket account & too lazy to read them.I am going try the text To speech feature to "Read" them.

  4. Very useful tips my man, I had been using my music player previously and It bugged me a lot to have to find the correct time every time from like a 6 hour audio track.

  5. Warning if don't use credit because you haven't finished book you lose it. As result you have to wait intel next credit is given to you if got 14.95 a month that price is in dollars. that why some go for 12 credits plain where you can use credit when you need it and not worry about losing a credit if don't use it by end of month and got wait intel next one given to you I learned this first hand. 12 credits at once is 149 US dollars no more worries about losing credit because not ready get next book. You other use credit given you each month and note there expiration on each credit meaning got intel certain date use each credit. In simple words use it or loss it.

  6. I like audible I have it for almost year. However not for everyone I think people should look at different services see who has best selection which meets there taste in audio books.

  7. once I paid for my audio book with my sisters account and now after completion of 3 months in audible.com for 1 credited directly took money from my sisters account what can I do to remove my account details from there

  8. Hi Mrinal I like ur clip it's just awesome, a small help from you, I m really interested to sell audio books online can you guide me how can start selling, how to create books n sell, please help me

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