5 Things I Wish I Knew In My Early 20’s (Animated)

I remember when I was in my teens my mum used to say to me “time speeds up the older you get Tim. So make every single second of your life count” And I took little notice of her and I continue to mess around I continue to take drugs and I continue to waste my life And all of this did not make sense until I finally hit my 20’s early 20’s, mid 20’s and late 20’s I’m now going on to. I agree it happens so fast it feels like yesterday for example I was 20 Now I’m 26, there are 5 key lessons I have learned from hanging around with the worlds most successful people and reinventing my life and business in the process that I want to share with you right now. These are the 5 key lessons I wish I knew in my early 20’s It would’ve accelerated my success in life and business that’s for sure and so my hope by the end of today’s video is you make every second of your life count! Trust me you’ll be gone in a blink of an eye. Going on to the first point Your pursuit of finding purpose, clarity and passion is what’s preventing you from having it I can’t tell you how many days, weeks if not months I spent trying to figure out what is my purpose? What is my calling? What I’m clear about? The irony was, I knew what I wanted to do as well and yet I allowed this excuses negative voice get the better of me I have a deep passion for example for wanting to be an entrepreneur and yet allowed people around me to dictate who I was and who I’m gonna become It wasn’t until one day I begun to tune in to my heart and take action it became a reality deep inside you know what you want to do and that’s why it’s important to follow your heart and take action right now! Get in the game! You do not gain clarity from thinking about it You get clarity from actually doing it Number 2, you will never please everybody so quit now Listen there are so many people I’ve come across who’ve got a big need to do something great and yet they put that dream down. Why? Because their parents said so some people out there, they only go out there and actually live their life even for example approach somebody they found attractive and yet they don’t. Why? Because the judgement of other people. How long are you gonna let this little negative voice get the better of you? Begin to live life for yourself not other people. Going on to the third point is one bite at a time despite what you hear in the media Success does not happen overnight It happens from the process of repeating the thing every single day until you go through from a dabbler to a master As Michelangelo once said, he said “If only people knew what it took for me to reach mastery it wouldn’t seem so wonderful after all.” Every single person you look up to have spent years behind the scenes mastering their craft One bite at time allows you to finally reach your dream It doesn’t happen overnight and there would be hurdles. The question is are you gonna do whatever it takes to make it happen? One bite at a time. Continue to do great every single day. Going on to the fourth point How you do anything is how you do everything! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come across people who say to me “Tim I hate my job, I hate my 9-5, I wanna get into my own business” and the moment I analyzed their behavior on a day to day basis when they are at work immediately shows me exactly how much of a successful entrepreneur they will become They wont. Why? Because what you have to realize is if you can’t give it your all in somebody’s else’s business How do you expect to give it your all in your own business? And I know what you are thinking and probably thinking “but Tim this would be why I enjoyed to do but listen there are gonna be days where you don’t enjoy. Actually creating your business and launching your business and running your business so what are you gonna do then? If you cannot give it your all on a day to day basis good luck for the rest of your life. Don’t chase something that’s mythical on your mind thinking one day I’m gonna have the motivation The motivation comes now and the real grind and hustle starts right now. Go all in every single day cause this is the mentality that you’re gonna carry forward when you’re finally in your own business The final point is ask for help I want you to realize that you do not know everything and you never will, I never well. Because the moment you stop growing is the moment you start dying and if you believe that you’ve now suddenly got to yourself to a level where you know everything about life and business that’s the moment you are burying yourself in early grave. You have remain as humble student in your life learning about mindset, learning about business, learning about whatever areas of life you wanna master and constantly educating yourself constantly grown more and being humble enough to put your hands up and say “Hey I don’t know that!” Instead of trying to look smart, put your hands up and say I don’t know because that’s the moment help will arrive When the student is ready to learn, the teacher will truly appear. Those are the 5 key lessons I wish I knew when I was in my early 20’s and as you now begin to begin a new in your life I hope that you take this points on board. How lifely to share this video with your loved ones, your friends because hopefully it will inspire them to become more in the process as well. And if you enjoyed this video, be sure to click that like button and comment below in regards to any questions you may have And as always Insider, follow your heart my friend and take action! And make the rest of your life a life that’s truly worth living! Go create the life you’re born to live my friend! See you on the next video. Speak soon.

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