5 Signs that Your Work Place is Toxic (And it’s Time to Quit)

5 Signs that Your Work Place is Toxic (And it’s Time to Quit)

hey insider let me ask you a quick
question do you ever feel like your workplace is toxic do you ever get into
work and you’ve got that feeling in your heart that your time is up in a sense
that you want to do something else maybe you wanna go create your own business
now maybe you wanna jump into a whole different career if so before you make
that decision today I’m gonna share with you five sure science that your work
place may be toxic right now and one of the things I’ll say before I’ve revealed
these five signs is remember most of your life will be spent working so
bearing that in mind if you don’t love what you do you’re gonna spend most of
your life dissatisfied unhappy and I’m sure that’s the last thing you want so
you’ve got to ask yourself are you gonna just sit on this plain pain and just not
take action because if so you’re gonna live a miserable life the choice is
yours and so if your workplace falls under these five categories of five
signs I want this to be a wake-up call for you today so make sure to pay close
attention especially to the final point without further ado let’s go on the
first sign it doesn’t feel h2h do you ever feel that feeling when you’re at
work you feel like one of those robotic checkouts that you’re now seeing in
grocery stores you feel like your manager treats you like a freakin robot
go do this go do that hey have you done this yet checking up on you you just
feel like you’re not a human being what hatred stands for is human to human I
believe today the best businesses that grow at a rate that we’ve not seen
before they grow because people want today transparency people are driven
today not by just company just wanted to make blow money people are driven today
by companies that have got a core why companies that’s actually designed to
help people not just take load of money from people isn’t that true now if your
manager doesn’t make you feel like your human being what like you’re not you
don’t give you’re not gonna give it everything you’ve got and that’s why the
first sign is you don’t feel like you’re in a h2h business and that is the first
sign so ask yourself do you feel like that right now do you feel like you’re
your robot or do you feel like you’re really connected with your
manager let’s go on to the second sign which is you get bullied now I’m not
talking about joking around bullying right that’s fine just a little joking
around you’re just kidding the sarcasm that’s okay every now and then isn’t it
I’m talking about when your managers make you feel small now let me ask you
can you resonate with this how when you begin a new job you’re like inspire
you’re like ready and you’re ready to climb up the ranks right you just drew
driven in that sense but then if you’re on the wrong position or wrong job or
wrong business sometimes the managers they literally
make you feel so small they bully you until you feel like I have to stay
because I’ve got no other option you feel like sometimes your bosses even
implying that subconsciously how they say you know what if you want to go if
you were to go anywhere else you probably would be lucky to find a job or
you’re so special to be in this position you’re so lucky I’ve picked you if you
get any of those subconscious signals from your manager you’ve got to be
really begin to question whether or not you’re in the right job right now and
I’m not doing this so you make a rational decision because at the end
they your life is for you to live but what I’m saying is if you aren’t
satisfied and you feel like yeah actually I just don’t really get along
with your manager you gotta really ask yourself when is now the right time for
you to make that bold decision because if you look at any great leaders what do
they all have in common their ability to make bold decisions so ask yourself in
regards to second sign is that true for you does it does it ring a bell now
let’s go on to the third sign it’s in regards to complaining do you ever feel
like when you get to work everybody around you in your environment in your
workplace complain every single day when the weather’s hot they’re complaining
the weather’s too hot when the weather’s cold they complain it’s too cold they
never seem to be satisfied when the customers come in to to you know be
served they’re just saying or back chatting behind customers and you feel
the need to gossip as well about the customers about the managers about their
bad weather because you’re in the contagious environment of gossiping of
negativity of complaining and one of the problems were complaining
is this complaining is almost like holding a garbage magnet that attracts
garbage meaning garbage in garbage out every single day right if you’re working
9-5 job monday to friday think about it most of your life will be filtering
garbage other people’s shit on a day to day basis so you come home wanting to
work you’re on in your own business or do something that’s fun with your loved
ones but you’re drained mentally drained not so much physically drained because
of other people’s shit and all of that negativity if that’s something you can
resonate with that is a sure sign by the way that’s the third sign that it is a
toxic workplace now let’s go on to the fourth sign which is poor communication
now let me ask you right now do you feel like your manager is giving you that
great communication in regards to you feel like you know that inner workings
of the company or do you feel like they hide information from you not in regards
to for example private information that they should only be sharing with CEO but
it feels like to you that they’re holding back information that you should
know because maybe they’re just so protective of their position and maybe
they’re coming from a scarcity mindset themselves that they don’t want to share
other stuff just in case you get their position do you ever feel like like that
or do you ever feel like for example they’re holding back something from you
and they’re not communicating well therefore you’re making mistake because
they haven’t communicated you with with total transparency if so that has a
fourth sign you gotta ask yourself right now does this resonate on any
level you feel like there’s bad communication in your workplace
therefore you’re finding yourself you constantly tripping up because you just
you’re just lacking that clarity that you want in order for you to thrive and
work up the ranks because that’s a fourth sign ask yourself does that
resonate now let’s go on to the final sign the fifth sign is the most
important you can feel in your heart you can feel it in your heart you know I
believe your intuition knows it just knows you you look at any great
entrepreneurs any great legends what do they say they don’t say follow
your head and going to it what do they say follow
your intuition follow your gut Steve Jobs the legend Steve Jobs he’s often
heard saying how you cannot connect the dots looking forwards you can only
connect the dots looking backwards so you have to trust what will happen will
happen for a reason and I want you to realize this if you’ve got a gut
intuition as some sort of heart feeling now screaming out to you to just take
that leap of faith you’re gonna ask yourself when is now
the right time because that is a fifth sign if your heart is saying so and you
can feel any heart it’s time to take action and of course this is down to you
but these are the five signs that your workplace is toxic so you’ve got a
decision to make do you change the environment you’re in or do you stay in
there and be full of possible regrets in the future make the wise decision
yourself is your life to live after all but I hope you found this video helpful
if you believe other people would benefit your loved ones even colleagues
or friends would benefit be sure to share it with a couple of your friends
because I believe life is all about giving as a great thing saying goes give
more of what you want the more you give the more you shall receive and be sure
to like this video if you like this video and comment below in regards to any
questions feedback you may have and as always insider follow your heart my friend and
take action and let’s go create a life you’re truly born to live I’ll see you
on the next video soon take care

100 thoughts on “5 Signs that Your Work Place is Toxic (And it’s Time to Quit)

  1. boss: I don't want you to over extend yourself.
    me: thanks
    during meetings
    boss: complains about numbers without checking root cause

  2. I've worked in a few places where the people were awful human beings.

    The first job I ever had there was someone behaving like they were superior in every way over me. I had to interact with her constantly and she constantly put me down and bossed me about, when she had no authority over me in terms of job roles. The manager was completely uninterested in being there or helping anyone either. I found alternative employment.

    Later on I had a job where it was within local government, but the section I was in there were only three of us working in that room: The manager, the supervisor below him and then there was me, the 'technician'. The supervisor was completely toxic to everyone, always talking about people behind their backs in a derogatory manner and was completely two-faced, and the manager was a completely alpha-male aggressive, and overly sexually agressive type. We were supposed to help people in the council offices to get documents printed and designed. I stuck that one out for 3 years…

    There have been many examples of horrible places to work that I ended up in, including the place that was a haven for neo-nazis, and I'm so not on the same page as them. The list goes on…

  3. So true on every single one. I'm only still their for the insurance, for an issue that I've been dealing with since before starting it, that's it. Doctors keep sending me from one to another when I know what it is.

  4. "Today, the best businesses that grow at a rate that we've not seen before, they grow because…" they employ robots. LOL

  5. Number 4 is deff something my manager does but uses it against you. When it's there job to speak to you if they feel your performance is lacking in any area or especially to the point they purposely dont say anything maybe even lie to you so they can use it against you. To me that is a personal attack an not a professional manager act at all

  6. You feel dread on the way to work, less communication, your a robot to them. They are just micromanaging. I can't stand if I step a foot into the place without screaming I hate this place inside my head! No respect from the customers or staff

  7. Damn, my heart is calling me to quit the same job after I quit it the first time. I went back cause the manager changed only for the worse in my opinion. Feels really bad now.

  8. Good video! Another GREAT resource on the topic is a piece titled The Hatchet Man's Playbook – a LOT of eye-popping, non-obvious stuff!

  9. My boss told me that i am useless & has started pointing out all of my mistakes, she never motivates me or give me new ideas on how to work on it, she just says improve it. I wanna leave this job so bad !! :'(

  10. This was great! My job was 4 of these. But I have question I was started at the bottom even though i had experience. I took the job bc my boss promised a raise soon as i was on my own. Never happened so I waited a year to ask for a raise and was turned down and told ask again in 6 months. My review was great although he said keep learning and we will see in 6 months. Would you stay if this happened to you?

  11. I have only been at my job for 3 weeks and nobody speaks to me.. my boss never talks to me but tells my coworker to tell me things.. I do not like that!!!

  12. Everyday i walk into my job unhappy, Unmotivated, and mentally drained. Im worried that if i quit my job, their wont be anything else for me.

  13. This poped into my Youtube feed today. And its so crazy cuz I quit my job today(Walked right out in middle of the work day) ! The Old lady(coworker) at work screaming "he is trying to roll over my foot !!!" I wouldn't run over a coworkers foot with anything let alone something that weighs more than 100lbs. And the boss just plays Oblivious, she says "Well this place is only as strong as you are". Worked their for almost year and got absolutely nothing from it. All the KEY 5 things he talked about are dead ringers for my work place.
    Now I gotta struggle to find something new…

  14. I cut back on the amount of time I spend at the toxic environment. Funny thing is, I still desire to cut back more. Space has given me more clarity.

  15. Another warning sign is that you’re constantly reminded of how disposable you are and that you’re expected to be a punching bag for your customers. An environment where the “customer is always right,” ideology takes precedence over an employee’s well-being radiates toxicity.

  16. Automotive jobs are toxic I’ve been in the automotive industry for years and I honestly say everyone I’ve met is basically there for a paycheck. And you constantly get pushed with threats and guilt trips.

  17. If you don’t get along with your manager you might as well quit because it will only get worse not better.

  18. 99 percent of bosses are too rich and lazy to care. The only way you get rich employers to care and compete for our services is to tax them 90 percent and use those tax dollars to educate bosses on how to be better bosses

  19. Want to quit my toxic boss. But you know what else is toxic? Not having money to pay bills and support my family. So… toxic boss, it is!

  20. I took a huuuge pay cut to get out of a toxic workplace. It's a shame bc i loved it for so long, it didn't even feel like a job.

  21. When I read the reviews of my job, people were raving about how fun and happy it was. And yet, when I joined, I got yelled at for picking up a fallen dress outside of my section. Fucking toxic.

  22. You looks like Elon Musk. I know you probably not hearing this 1 time. Yes you original one . Video thumbs up.

  23. I’m in Banking where all I do is get cussed out all day over things that are out of my control and I feel like every day I walk into work I’m walking into a Coffin the stress is so suffocating to the point where I don’t even want to get up to go to work the next day next week next month but I feel like I’m stuck with no way out

  24. I quit my job yesterday. I felt very underappreciated and the company would promote employees that would kiss ass and the good employees who work hard were not being promoted.

  25. the communication part hit the nail on the head. that's exactly what just happened to me a few days ago. i am so over it. before i leave a job physically, i always leave mentally first. thank you for this video.

  26. honestly this the best post i have ever encountered on social media…..I have been put down at my place of work, i mean i have been seen as nothing….which is my basic of wanting to resign

  27. Had a great part-time maintenance job that changed hands.Took over by all woman staff hell on earth my days are numbered.

  28. This video is so true, had a interview for a new position can't wait to quit still on probation ! Nice Rolex which model is it

  29. Some people are so toxic. They bringing up their personal problems and bring it to work. It effecting everyone. This happen everyday.

  30. I need y'll help. What should I do? I want to leave my job desperately. My manager is cool and there's no communication issue, he's cooperative. But, i don't like the work. I don't enjoy the work. This work is making me a procrastinator. I hate doing this work plus I think my salary is not enough, which is why I want to quit more. So yeah, but the problem is I don't have any other lined up neither do I have any cash, just a little bit saving, maybe worth a two month's expence. I have to pay rent and bills I can't afford to be completely unemployed but I want to leave this one, it stops me from doing hardwork and I never want to give my best. Also I'm afraid what if after leaving I get in to a job where my manager bullies or insults me. My this manager is very helpful, but when it comes to salary, I get disappointed.

  31. I’m putting in my two weeks notice this Monday. I spoke to one of my coworkers about it last night and she told me everyone’s been quitting lately and when I leave there will be no one left but the Manager and Assistance Managers and I’m honestly not even surprised. My job is toxic and treats it’s PT employees like their slaves.

  32. Thank you so much! I really needed to hear that! I was in a toxic work environment and they let me go after almost 3 years. Before i had lost my job, that is exactly how I felt day in and day out. I wanted out so bad but now i am left jobless, trying to file for unemployment for the first time in my life and i know what i want to do, there are just so many road blocks that keep popping up. I do believe that everything happens for a reason, i just need to find out what that is in this scenario. But thank you so much, i feel much better now knowing that its all going to be okay and it will work out, its all just part of the Process and I need to trust it!

  33. I quit my part time jobs and i start my businesss, good decision on my part, toxic environment and people around you.for now fixing my self from 3 yrs toxic jobs.

  34. Thank you, I needed this! I went to school for about 3 – 4 years for a diploma I knew wasn't working for me. I wasted $17,398.77 of my own money. When I graduated I got into my career. I knew this wasn't probably the job for me but I stuck with it because I wanted to give it a chance but primarily gain experience. I get shitted on every day, work hard, and the pay is shitty. Now I'm over a year and it's driving me nuts! I spend every night thinking about ways to get out of work the next day, I go to bed late because I don't want the night to end, I think about ways I can hurt myself to get out of work. I decided that I can no longer do this. Next month I completely finish paying for school and in September I will be quitting my job. I can't wait because it's draining counting down the days! it's a little better knowing it's ending though. I don't know what I want, but I do know what I don't want.

  35. I like this show alot!, becuz, i m in this situation now… I m very frustrated and angry like a beast! Please, i need help with this issues, Very Appreciated.

  36. I quit from my job because I anticipated evil, I really felt it strong in my spirit for so long… I prayed concerning it, and God told me to quit. There is a way that seems right unto a man, put at the end is destruction. (Proverbs 14:12).

  37. I got a bulid in system to filter those 5 toxic signs because we are in perfect humans .. do I accept my manager feedback of course because it will help me to develop .. positive attiude is a key to thrive no matter how disrespected you feel at work or at home or anywhere else in the world .. brave ones are those who fight negativity.. I was born a fighter that's why I never quite any challege in life 💓🇦🇪

  38. I've always struggled with anxiety and depression, but now it's worse than ever. It's my first job, but I'm crying almost every week. Can't go on much longer. My self esteem has never been lower – but I still hope I'll find a new job soon…

  39. I’ve been in a toxic work environment going on four years now! I’m so tired you guys. I’ve applied for other jobs but no luck. I’m still applying tho. I’m drained emotionally and physically. I’ve had to argue and fuss soo much at this job. It’s unorganized, it’s dramaful. I need advice and help

  40. I work retail. The coworkers and managers there are so toxic it's working my last nerve. Between the ongoing whining, cry baby fest from fulltime workers (particularly) and managers being overly micromanaging to new company changes, I'm at my rope. My workplace is so gross and dark I'm thinking seriously about leaving it but I don't want to because I want to keep my insurance. Nevertheless thanks for the video.

  41. I was able to land a job three months after my board exams and I thought I will be able to enhance my skills and gain more experience in a nice environment because I did my 2 mos internship under their institution. In my first week, I was welcomed and they taught me what I needed to memorize and do. But, bcoz it was my first time I had mistakes, and we had a meeting tackling all about the employees mistakes, not our goals that month. I was shocked, we had to pay if we made mistakes, my seniors complained about this and that (even in cleaning!) and not a single 'good job' from any of them. I was stressed, I cried everytime I'm alone. They backstabbed others and I don't have a choice but to go along with them to survive. Yes, in my workplace, I was surviving as if I'm in a dangerous safari. I thought, this may be natural b'coz you can find this anywhere in the world. But I guess, I can't really go with their own convictions. I'm still praying, hoping that I can be guided to the right path, not stressing myself and crying myself to sleep in a workplace that slowly kills my kindness. Thank you for this video, It makes me realize many things and makes me want to decide to sometimes, 'give up' and find a better one.

  42. I work in a small office of 10. I have a coworker with severe Asperger's who throws tantrums and performs ritualistic behaviors all day; another coworker is a drama queen with constant financial issues who is always borrowing money, mooching people's lunches and telling us about her pending eviction notices; there's another sales guy who generally just shows up to work when he feels like it. The Marketing Manager works 20 hrs part-time and has been running the same sales promos for three years. I've tried again and again to block this stuff out but quite frankly, I've lost all respect for the "management" that allows this nonsense on a daily basis. Giving my two weeks notice Monday. I have a job lined up and I want my sanity back.

  43. I got to my current position by accident because HR got my resume mixed up. But the manager told me that no experience was not required and if I would give it a try. So I said yes. The first few months it was hard. I had a hard time working with her. She was very demanding, she humiliated me, accusing me of not doing something which I already did (did not apologise at all). She made me feel so small. But after 6 months everything got better (not her) because I pushed myself to be better at the job. Our working relationship got better after her dad got hospitalised and I helped her out and asked her not to worry about work as I’m in the office. We became more like friends. But few days ago she humiliated me again in front of a lot of people. I was shocked. I was so upset I wanted to cry. So now I’m thinking of moving on. It’s time.

    My manager likes attention a lot, takes credit for things (I do). She always has strong opinion during conversations so I find it quite hard to talk to her. She always need to win for some reason.

  44. I have been victim of such Situation at My work place
    and your video is very much
    Matching to my Past Experience
    Very Poor Communication was
    there between the Superior &
    Myself because my superior
    Expected all of the employees
    to be very much Responsible for
    Each & every small Job which
    Was Assigned to us I mean to
    Say that we were not expected to
    Speak out our Problems with the
    Superior & Colleagues were also
    Not So Co – operative at work Place they Assigned me Works
    Which did not Match my Skills
    also Many a times I was Bullied
    Also Even by Customers who visited our Shop where I was
    Working, most of the Customers
    Were known to the Superiors &
    Were Simply Stubborn Even
    After Explaining the difficulties
    in their Job they were Simply
    Complaining to the Superior
    For Which the Boss Supported
    the Customer even if they were
    Wrong with their views about the
    Job Assigned to The Staff this. Hurted me & I lost my interest
    in my Job and Finally the time
    Came when many employees
    Were Fried & Fired for No reason
    & finally since three months i
    am Jobless & at home Resting
    In Peace.

  45. Currently looking for a new job, clique at work, favoritism, no one takes their 15 min break anymore due to being told that they took longer than 15 min, the work itself is fine, but the environment has change dramatically.

  46. Hi
    I came here searching for the reason to quit my job and I found 5 reasons to quit my job 🙂

    Actually its affecting I am a manager in an oil sector company and I give my 110% everyday to finish off my tasks for the day

    The actual problem is I report to owner of the company which makes my job lot more hell I am a mediator between my team and owner they both don't resolve it at their end and I try hard to calm things down both sides and let the work done. Another problem is the team which I have is not much educated and inexperienced which iy s another feather in the all troubled job I have. I joined this company 9 years ago and I literally i worked my ass off and since 4 years I am at a managing position but now over a year its getting on my nerves cos of the negativity which is prevailing and is getting worse as days passing by I am getting frustrated I have mood swings I don't have any social life I am unable to take care of my health I think its high time I quit this job and move on before I get hospitalized with hypertension.

    I would appreciate any valid suggestions from you guys


  47. To much negativity, everyone talks bad about each other. I feel like I do to much and noone ever notice it. A simple good job, a pat in the back a thank you would be great. I want to be around positive people.

  48. It is sad how many people get mentally abused in their workplace and nobody does anything about it. Humanity, are you still existing?

  49. Thank u for this video . Im quitting on Monday I’m miserable customer/ patient service is draining and people treat u like garbage . Life is too short to be so unhappy 🙁 move on. There’s always another job ! 👍

  50. I have been made aware of some horrible lies spread about me and I don't know how much longer I will be able to take it. The situation is making me ill. I like my job, but the environment has turned people against me. No longer do I feel welcome, and that was apparent before this situation came to head. Guess it's time, fam…

  51. Some Managers are very Cunning, Deceitful and Manipulative. They'll talk Infront you as very caring and supportive, but behind the scenes, they'll carry on with their secret agendas and stab you to the Higher Level Management. Some of them are so busy to retain their own position, which will make them to do WHATEVER it takes, even they want you to fall apart…
    Not to forget, crictisize and gossipping about you to other co-workers, subordinates, superiors…
    Well, I'm not saying every workplace should be perfect…it can have a little bit of cons… However, there's a tolerance level…If it goes beyond to an extent, than should look for something new….

  52. I work with production machines, yesterday the owner of the business started giving me hell because his machine wasn’t working correctly, he doesn’t get his machines serviced regularly, he was telling me to call him if there are any issues., but he never gave me his number. It’s like he was blaming me for his broken machinery.

  53. Sign #6… you drive two hours on a Saturday to spend the day at a seminar that puts you in teams to make up a cheer about checking accounts.

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