5 Italian Podcasts You Need to Listen to (2016)

5 Italian Podcasts You Need to Listen to (2016)

Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel!l So, it’s been a long time since I
last date a sit-down video like this. In this video we’re talking about like 5
Italian podcasts that you need to listen to. So I will talk in English in this video
and i hope you won’t get mad at me for doing that. Ok, so let’s start. All of these five
podcasts you will find on iTunes and they are free to download. You don’t have
an excuse not to listen to these podcasts because they’re free! You can just head
over to iTunes and download them. Alright, so let’s start with the first one.
The first one is “Parole di Storie” and it’s the easiest one because… uhm… I would
recommend that beginners listen to this. They read famous children’s stories and…
So for example “Pinocchio”, “The Beauty and the Beast”, etc. So you already know these
stories, right? You know what goes on in the story. So, you just have to listen to
it in a different language and I think that’s a great way to start when you
already know something but you listen to it in a different language. Tt’s like you
understand already! I don’t know if that makes sense, but… Then I have a great one,
which is called “Radio Feltrinelli”. Radio Feltrinelli is basically
the radio station which is owned by Feltrinelli, which is an Italian publishing
house. They publish books, they publish CDs, DVDs, etc. So, what what will you
listen to if you download their podcasts? You will listen to authors’ interviews
or authors talking about their books. Like, they sometimes have authors talk
about current affairs, so they have authors uhm tell their opinions about something that
has happened like or is a social phenomenon or something like that. So
it’s great if you want to listen to authors talk about their books or if you
just want to listen to an interview in Italian of course and
that’s really cool, I mean, I listen to this podcast quite often and it’s really
interesting. Then, another one is “Pausa Caffè” and it’s not about food it’s not about coffee, it’s about social
media, blogs, and new technologies. So, if you’re really into these topics, I think
you should really go and listen to their podcasts because they’re great. You can
get an insight on how Italians use social media and you can also learn
vocabulary about, like, how to talk about social media in Italian or how to talk
about blogs, new technologies, etc. Then another one, it’s called “Ad Alta Voce” and you can listen to novels like, there are classics of Italian
literature on there so I really suggest you go there and listen to it. Another cool one is “Digitalia.fm”.
Now, this is really interesting because their podcasts are about how social
media and new technologies affect society, politics, education, and lifestyle.
It’s kind of… I don’t want to say difficult, but I would recommend it to
advanced learners, or intermediate, if you feel like it, just go ahead! But I would
recommend it to advanced learners. Thank you so much for watching! I hope you found this video very useful and if
you have questions, comments or thoughts or you just… Feedback! Of course! Or if you
want to say hi, just leave a comment below this video ok? Thank you so much again and I’ll talk
to you very soon. Bye bye!

41 thoughts on “5 Italian Podcasts You Need to Listen to (2016)

  1. Thank you so much I've been trying to find podcasts. I would also recommend 140 caratteri, una settimana di spettacoli. Each episode is only 7 min so I relisten a couple times to make sure I understand everything.

  2. Ciao, Lucrezia! Dopo aver ricevuto la cittadinanza italiana l'anno scorso ho deciso di cominciare ad imparare l'italiano qualche mese fa per poter andare studiare in Italia l'anno prossimo! Riesco a capire bene l'italiano ma non ho ancora il livello di cui ho bisogno per frequentare un corso in italiano. Ho seguito le lezioni di OneWorldItaliano ma ho appena finito di guardare tutti i video pubblicati e non so come proseguire. Quale corso/libro mi consigli? Grazie per il tuo canale, mi aiuta molto 🙂

  3. Hi Lucrezia!! I'm Joyce from Brazil and I love your channel because I'm learning english and Italian together 🙌🎉 I Will return to Italy again speaking much better! 😁 💞

  4. Your videos are incredibly helpful. Your English is also superb. In the spirit of helping you as you are helping us, the word 'author' has heavy emphasis on the first syllable and a light touch on the second!

  5. Parole di storia is really good I have listened before. They speak slowly and the stories are familiar so even if you can't understand well, you still can follow the story line.

  6. Hi Lucrezia! Thanks, this was very useful and informative. I'll definitely check out those podcasts. I can recommend the "Overcast" app for podcasts – all but one of the five podcasts that you mention in this video are available on Overcast. Grazie mille – stai facendo un ottimo lavoro !!! 👍

  7. thank you for next interesting film. I'm wondering if I can listen to these podcast having Samsung with Android? I've tried download them but it seems that Itunes is dedicated only for Apple;-(

  8. There are many factors in studying Italian online . One plan I discovered which successfully combines these is the Hartlyn Language Lessons (look for it on google) definately the most incredible resource that I have ever seen. Look at all the super info .

  9. Ciao Lucrezia! Ci sono altri? Mi piacciono podcasti con narrazione unica, o cose come arte, musica, e il cibo. Grazie !!

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