5 Helpful Apps for Yarncrafting

5 Helpful Apps for Yarncrafting

Hey, Siri, do you like to knit? Siri: Actually I
prefer crochet. Shira: Well then you better stay tuned because there’s an app for that! With smartphones that you can keep your
calendar, address book, and photo albums in your pocket. Why not keep your
patterns there too? With iBooks or other PDF readers, you can save digital
patterns directly to your phone which means you’ll always be prepared to get a
few more stitches in no matter where you are! The days of tally marks on a scrap
of paper are over! Update your row counter to the 21st century with one of
the many counting apps out there. You’ll love knowing exactly where your row
counter is and having access to it on the go. That’s one less thing for you to
carry in your project bag. No measuring tape? No problem! The measure app which
now comes standard on iOS uses augmented reality to measure your project. Just
point your phone at the project, tap a start point and an end point and tada!
You can see how far you’ve knit or crocheted. How cool is that?! Your hands might be busy but that
doesn’t mean that your work in progress has your entire attention. There are
plenty of apps to keep you entertained while you’re stitching. With your
favorite podcast app or audiobook service you can jump into a great story
or learn something new. Or stay up to date on this channel with the YouTube
app! Do you ever shop for yarn without a
particular project in mind? Who doesn’t. But how many balls should you buy? Turn
to Stashbot. This handy app helps you estimate how much yardage you’ll need
for everything from hats to socks to sweaters. Just input the size and average
gauge and it automatically shows you how many yards or meters you should purchase.
So there’s no need to leave that yummy skein on the shelf. Do you use technology
when you’re knitting and crocheting? Which apps do you use for crafting? Leave
them in the comments so we can check them out!

17 thoughts on “5 Helpful Apps for Yarncrafting

  1. I use a app called Stash2Go It allows me to take ravelry.com with me on my tablet. I have accsess to my account that has all my saved patterns, projects, yarn stash and other things. It's a swiss army knife for yarn work.

  2. I use the Free version of KnitCompanion. A highlighted line keeps your place on the pattern and it has 4 row counters!

  3. You guys used to have a good app. I had it on my old iPhone 3. It was so much easier to search for your patterns and different yarns. In fact I remember that the new yarns would first come up on the app before the website! So I always felt like I was ahead of the game. So sad it’s gone.

  4. I use the free version of Row Counter. You can get it on google play store. it allows you to import digital patterns directly to the app and provides you with a couple of row counters as well as the ability to write comments on particular rows in case you changed the pattern in any way. I like it so much that I might even upgrade to the paid version!

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