5 Benefits of Starting Your Own Podcast

5 Benefits of Starting Your Own Podcast

Ileane Smith dot com. Today I wanna talk to you
about the benefits of podcasting. Have you ever thought about podcasting? Have you
ever wondered if podcasting is something that would be right for you well here are some of the benefits that
I’ve experienced as a podcaster and that I’ve seen others also enjoy. My daughter she also
has a podcast. So my podcast is Ms. Ileane Speaks just like this YouTube channel. And my daughter she just started a new podcast her name is Nikki, and her
podcast is called Better Than Success. So with that let me get right to some of
the benefits I would like to start off with personal development. Personal
development in the sense that you’re as you’re up as you’re preparing for your
podcast you’re researching you’re learning your craft you should always be podcasting
about something that you have an area of expertise but as you develop the content
for your podcast you’re also going to be expanding your knowledge and your expertise
in that area. S that’s where I say it’s personal development there’s also the
interpersonal skills that you’re going to get when you’re appearing on other
shows being interviewed and also when you are having guests on your show and
you’re conducting interviews. So there’s a personal development component
of podcasting and I started off with that as the first benefit because I want this to
be something that you say and see immediate benefits from. It’s very
rewarding to start a podcast and I think it will be almost instant gratification when you’re first podcast is out
there and those episodes are launched and you can tell people ” You want to listen to my
podcast”. So let’s move on to number two Next: Public speaking. Guys who know they say that people have
a fear of public speaking of course I can’t imagine that. But there are some folks
that have a fear of public speaking and even if you don’t have a fear even if
you have like one of those outgoing personalities (such as myself) and you
just want to hone your public speaking skills you want to
be able to talk off the cuff. Such as what I’m doing here now I just have these five points written down. The rest I’m just all coming from you know “off the dome” as I like to say so
you can build those skills because I remember when I used to be so
embarrassed, so afraid and didn’t want to really get up and talk in front of a lot
of people. And I was really young when I came out of my shell but as time went on
and as I would get in front of people and do some public speaking I gained
more and more confidence after I started my podcast! And also with my YouTube even
being on YouTube videos like right now I’m live here for my YouTube channel. I would
probably not do this as well had I not been podcasting since 2010. The next is
that you’re going to have larger more loyal audience. Because with podcasting
people began to what do they always say in marketing “Know, Like and Trust you.” Chris Ducker says “Know LOVE and Trust you” Remember those folks are gonna have YOU in their ear buds when they’re
working out, when they’re doing their house work, when they’re on the way to work
driving in the car and so they’re going to have this special kinship with you
that you can’t really get in other mediums especially blogging and all of
that. And even though I LOVE YouTube – YouTube is great – people can multitask when
they’re listening to podcast. So I always recommend to have both things in your
pocket ok so that was number three. We
have: Personal development, Public speaking, and growing a LOYAL audience. Next –
there’s less competition so if you want to stand out in a crowd I gotta tell you
it’s really hard to do that with a blog there are literally millions and
millions of blogs out there but there’s not many the of podcasts. But I gotta tell
you guys people are picking up on podcasting on a daily basis. It’s really to
the point where new podcasts are starting all the time. So you gotta get in there
while the gettin is still good. But in general there’s less competition in the
arena of podcasting then there are with blogging or even with YouTube and live
streaming. Ok the final tip is that you’re going to increase your exposure
It’s a new audience. It’s a brand new audience. Some folks that’s the only way they like to
consume content is through audio and through podcasting. So I encourage you
and here’s what I did just to make sure that folks know how to get their podcast
listed in iTunes I put together a guide and guys look this is a free guide you
do not have to give me your email in order to download this guide. I want to
help you I want you to start podcasting so just go to my website ileanesmith.com/listedinitunes And that’s I L E A N E Smith dot com slash listediniTunes. Keep coming back here subscribe here on YouTube because I have the podcast
which is Ms. Ileane Speaks but I’m also making sure that I do a live stream or
present some type of a screencast tutorial for you here on YouTube as well. I want to see you succeed. If you have any questions if you need help with anything please
just let me know. With that said, take care and I’ll see you next video

15 thoughts on “5 Benefits of Starting Your Own Podcast

  1. Great Vid Ileane! I read your info on where to Host you podcast such as Libsyn. If I use SoundCloud, Can I still get the podcast on iTunes or do you have to use LibSyn or BluBrry? Thanks

  2. Great video Ileane!! Girl you are looking so fabulous. Love the background. I got that mic you recommended for my birthday. Can't wait to try it out!

  3. Doing YouTube videos for the last 2+ years has helped all of our team improve their public speaking and helped them be more confident on camera and in interviews.

    Question for you Ileane. Podcast vs YouTube. iTunes does NOT show up in search while YouTube videos can and do if they are optimized properly. What has been your experience in building your podcast audience vs. building your YouTube audience? We have focused on YouTube for the benefit of SEO/search and have found that for our audience and our goals, we will probably never podcast our content. ~Lany

  4. Thanks Ileane!!! Ya know, I think as a visual learner, I gravitate toward visual mediums for consumption of information and so I've never considered doing one myself. BUT…… I so respect you and so if I ever do think about a podcast in the future, these reasons are great motivators. Thanks! 🙂

  5. Nice vids!

    When you have a revenue , lets say $100, how much wouldl youtube take away from you? or do they?

  6. Ileane: Thanks for listing benefits of podcasting. I have recently been talking about podcasting as a public speaker.

    One extra benefit (if you use Libsyn's service), you could have your own podcast app, so you will be searchable on Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon Android App Store.

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