5 Apps That Make Your Daily Commute Productive

5 Apps That Make Your Daily Commute Productive

chances are that unless you’re really lucky and work from home that you have to commute back and forth every day to get to your job I mean this could be up to six days a week it could be long distances it could really be a pain in the butt too and maybe not even be the most economical or best way for you to get back and forth from that destination so today’s video I’m gonna talk to you guys about five different apps that will help make your life easier and not waste that time going from A to B and then back again also how to find the absolute best route for you to get back and forth from that stuff so let’s check it out so check this out the very first app that we’re going to be taking a look at is one that can help you decide what is the absolute best way to get back and forth from your place of work now thankfully there’s a transit app that is available for both Android and Apple and this app has you completely covered it features trip options for more than 125 cities around the world there are real-time options for traveling by bike by scooter by rail by bus there’s also ride-sharing options all contained within this app using the transit app you can make the most informed decision on how to get to your workplace and back again easily the app is simple to install and use and it’ll get you the information you need without a bunch of fluff I’m sure if you’re like me you have many things that you need to accomplish in your daily life and instead of being idle during your trip time why not get caught up on things I mean even if you’re driving listening to a useful podcast that can make you feel like you’re at least being productive a little bit and a great option for correlating all of your listenable options or for choosing new ones is cast box now cast box also works on Android on the Apple or on the web now what’s cool about cast box for people who are driving is it’s compatible with Android auto apple carplay and sports north now sports North has over a million podcast happening around the world with information on news sports entertainment music and more and if your preferred podcast is in the cloud you can start listening to your podcast on one device and then you can finish it on another the really big thing about cast box is it gives you a choice and an option of all the different casting that’s going on around the world it helps you keep it organized you can schedule things and this way instead of just sitting doing nothing you can listen to something educational and at least feel like you’re doing something many times I found myself in a situation where I really wanted to record what was inspired in my brain but had no way of doing so and then I discovered this app called otter voice notes using auto voice notes you can easily record your voice and your ideas wherever you are this can be used to record meetings with your team to be evaluated later or you can just go over your own voice notes for reference at a later time and expand on your ideas now the otter app offers 600 minutes of free transcriptions every month and this might be even more than you need but it’s great to just have it there whenever you need it so you can access it check out what you’re doing if you’re in a meeting with somebody you can listen to the entire meeting and write down your notes it’s just all in all I think a really easy program to take down your thoughts and your ideas and have them recorded to access whenever you need them your inbox can become overwhelming with so many emails that it’s confusing trying to keep them all in order and manage so you can sort through them without going crazy in the process you guys know what I mean there’s so many emails from so many people from spam to friends to family that it honestly gets hard sometimes to manage them all and keep track to simply take control of your Inbox email by Edison is a lightweight but very powerful tool featuring support for just about every email provider out there it features a nimble interface and a bunch of useful features real-time travel notifications easy unsubscribe features custom swipes using the email by Edison app you can get your email situation under control by the time you finish that first cup of coffee in the morning or tea if your bread every day of our lives we find ourselves in situations where we are having to just multitask multitask multitask and at today’s growing world you may find yourself buried under a to-do list that is just so overwhelming and hard to manage you just get lost now the Microsoft to-do app does just enough to help keep you on track of what you need to do without a hassle the app actually strikes a nice balance between good features and being simple to use you can easily manage what you need to do in the order of importance in a simple app that offers suggestions and can be shared and even integrated with Microsoft’s out Mel email client the best thing I like about this particular app is that will actually give you suggestions of things to do like paying your bills or taking care of your kids and it’ll actually give you suggestions on what order you may want to put these to do things in and the app isn’t so overwhelming or so bulked out that it’s just confusing it’s simple and easy to use and it keeps your to-do lists in a really simple order that is easy to manage and maintain alright tech fans so those are five apps that can really help you with your daily life whether you’re trying to streamline how you get back and forth to your job or you just want to be productive in that downtime all of these apps can help you accomplish those goals now once again like in every video I will have links to all of these different apps down below I wanted to state this in a record this was not a paid video in any way shape or form I just found these particular apps to actually be very easy to use and to implement in my daily life so if you find yourself traveling a lot or just really you’re thinking wow I could be getting to my job a lot more efficiently than I’m doing now check out those apps and try them out they’re all free they don’t cost you any money and who knows you may just find one that helps simplify your life I’m Mel arc you’ve been watching teka tomorrow thanks for being here

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  1. Many people have to make a daily commute back and forth to work so instead of it being down time, why not be productive instead. You can also plan the best way to get back and forth from work by using these apps.

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