5 American/British Podcast Recommendations (with English Subtitles)

5 American/British Podcast Recommendations (with English Subtitles)

Hello and welcome to learn English with Jojo. This video is going to be 5 recommendations
for podcasts. Four of them are American podcasts and one of them is a British
podcast and I think podcasts are a great way to learn new language. It’s a way to
become obsessed with something in the language that you are trying to learn. It’s a way to stay motivated to have something that is routine. Normally these
podcasts episodes come out once a week or once every two weeks so you have
something to look forward to. So I use podcasts in French to learn French, to
keep my French up and I also listen to a few Spanish podcasts even though my
level of Spanish is a little bit too low to really understand what’s going on.
I recommend listening to American podcasts or British podcasts if you’re
learning English if you are already an intermediate speaker. Basically if you
can already understand what I’m saying in this video I think you are ready to
listen to podcasts to enhance your English learning and before I give these
recommendations I wanted to say that all of the podcasts that I’m going to
mention today are in the description so if you don’t feel like continuing to
watch this video you can just click on links and read the descriptions on their
websites and you don’t even need to listen to me talk for another five or so
minutes the first podcast that I want to
recommend to you is The Habitat it’s a new podcast from Gimlet Media; that’s the company of a few of the podcasts that I talked about in my last video of podcast
recommendations and basically it’s about six people who are on a mission a NASA
mission so they’re on a space mission to live together for a whole year in very… a very small space in Hawaii and basically try to mimic what it would be
like to go to Mars together so they’re basically doing an experiment to try to see if six people can work together for a whole year and
it’s not detrimental to their mental health or to the success of the mission
to be in a very small space not really able to go outside at all except in a
spacesuit anyway let’s continue it’s very good you should listen. It’s a seven
part series and you should listen from episode one and I think you will like it
you can let me know what you think in the comments. The next podcast that I
would like to recommend to you is The Pitch. It’s actually made by the same
company that makes The Habitat and it’s basically… if you’ve seen the show Shark
Tank… I’m not sure if you have because it might only be on American TV but Shark
Tank: basically the idea is that people with startup ideas pitch investors their
idea so that the investors will invest money in their startup and so they can
build a company that way and The Pitch is basically the same thing, probably a
little bit less… a little bit less reality TV so a little bit less drama, a
little bit more interesting in my opinion and it’s… I don’t know maybe I
just really like business? It’s so weird to admit that, that I like business but
that’s just who I am I guess you can listen to any episode, there aren’t
specific ones that are… it’s not in any chronological order, it’s not serialized,
you can pick whatever you want and they’re all they’re all good episodes so… My third recommendation and I’m actually a little bit surprised that I didn’t
recommend this podcast in my last video of podcast recommendations because it’s
one that I love a lot that I’ve been listening to for five or six years to
almost every single episode. It’s the podcast radio lab and basically
the idea is that it’s radio but they’re in a laboratory they’re in a lab and
they make science very very interesting and they talk about what’s on the
cutting edge, what’s new in science, what is going to
change the world in which we live (in) and what to watch out for, what is scary. Recently they actually have been doing more documentaries about policy so about
laws and how they interact with human beings. The most recent episodes are
about our border wall basically that Donald Trump wants to make and how our
policy on immigration and our border between us (The United States) and Mexico has killed
thousands and thousands of people who have tried to come to the United States. It’s pretty heavy so if you’re looking for a lighter tone in podcast maybe try
this one when you’re feeling a little bit, I don’t know, in the mood for it and this
one you can really listen to any episode as long as it’s not one episode in a
series but you can usually tell from the title if it’s part one or part two of a
series otherwise it’s all pretty relevant. The fourth recommendation I
have for you is very different from the other ones, it’s not a narrative podcast
or a documentary podcast. It’s actually just two people talking to each other,
two comedians basically talking to each other which is what a lot of podcasts
are it’s just two people talking and it’s called U Up (texting lingo for “Are you up?”) and it’s a podcast about dating and I find it very interesting because I’m someone who goes
on dates with people who uses online dating like tinder and stuff like that
so it’s just interesting to hear their point of view on all that. They answer a
lot of very strange listener emails about situations in people’s lives, very
complicated situations and sometimes it’s a little bit vulgar in its humor
but I think… I find that funny and I think you would like it. I would maybe…
you can listen to any episode I wouldn’t necessarily start from episode 1. It’s a
pretty new podcast so I think the older episodes are maybe a little bit worse
than the newer episodes just because they didn’t know exactly what they were
doing in the first episode but yeah I think I think you should I think you
should listen to it it’s it’s very funny and normally I don’t love comedy
podcasts. I don’t know why… I just… they never… I don’t know not for me, but this
one this one this one’s good. And the last recommendation I have like I
mentioned at the beginning it is a British podcast called The Allusionist
and it’s not The Illusionist it’s The Allusionist, making allusions to other
things basically making references to other things that’s the idea and it’s a
podcast about the English language so I’m basically obsessed with it, I love
the English language obviously I have a whole youtube channel dedicated to the
English language but even if you’re not super interested
in linguistics there are interesting stories on different aspects of the
English language one recent one that I really liked was
episode 76 “Across the Pond,” basically it compared American English and British
English and she invited a linguist who lives currently in England but was
originally born in the United States but has lived in England for 20 years so her
accent is actually very strange its a mix between British and American English
it’s about the relationship between American and in British English and how
a lot of British slang is copied from America and a lot of American slang is
copied from England and how the two cultures interact and how they
interacted back when the United States was started from the colonies and yeah
that’s it for this video I hope it was interesting I hope you at least try to
listen to one of the podcasts that I mentioned yeah I’m gonna try to do this
type of video maybe once every six months because my tastes change every
six months and I discover new podcasts and I get bored of other podcasts so I
think it’s a good good amount of time to refresh this type of video so you can
let me know what you think about that and have a great day and good bye

5 thoughts on “5 American/British Podcast Recommendations (with English Subtitles)

  1. Hi Jojo,

    I'm going to watch these Podcast, I think it's very interesting =)
    it will make me learn more vocabulary ! which is difficult when you live with non-English speakers.


  2. Hi Jojo I've got a question. Im French and im to go to a business school next year and some of my English teachers dont like that we sound so American. But I cant really manage to sound more British. My question especially, is about the 'R' sound at the end of the words. Tell me if im wrong but I have noticed that the British 'R' sounds more like a German one (im learning German too😆) while the American one is more like a 'potato in the mounth' one as you explained in one of your videos. I know your American but do you know if im right for the British one ?? 😅

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